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    Samuel Knoop, general store, Casstown. As one of the representative business men of Casstown, whose family history is connected with the early settlement of this section of the county, we mention Samuel Knoop, who was born in Casstown Jan. 27, 1840; he is a son of Daniel and Lucy Knoop; Mr. Knoop was born in Miami County Sept. 19, 1806 and Mrs. Knoop born in Pennsylvania June 30, 1809; the grandfather, Benjamin, who was born in Pennsylvania, with his brother, John, were among the first pioneers of Miami County; they located in Staunton, building the block-house and, in the spring of 1798, put their families in it for protection from the hostile Indians. Benjamin, being the father of the first white female child born in the county, of which mention is made in the sketch of William Burton; their ancestry originated in Germany. Daniel and Lucy were the parents of nine children, of whom eight are living, viz., William, now in Missouri; George; Elizabeth, now Mrs. A. Martin; Samuel; Mary C., now Mrs. McPherson; John C., now in Shelby County; David B., and Horace. Daniel, the father, was a carpenter by trade and many of the barns and other buildings were erected by him in this section of the county in that early day. Soon after his marriage, which occurred May 12, 1831, he commenced the mercantile trade in Casstown. As an illustration that "small beginnings" are not to be despised, we would say that he commenced business by the purchase of one kit of mackerel, which he sold; from this, step by step, he increased his stock and sales, both in quality and variety of goods, until he became one of the largest merchants in the section at that day; in connection with his mercantile trade, he became an extensive stock dealer and trader. He was energetic, industrious and patriotic, the latter quality of which was exemplified during the war of rebellion; when, having five sons of an age suitable for military duties, he told them all to go and defend their country. He would have entered the service himself had not his advanced age forbade it. The five sons all entered the service, all returning safely to home and friends with honorable discharges. Mr. Knoop continued his active business life until after the war broke out, when he sold out. On Oct. 1, 1872, he passed away from works to rewards. Samuel Knoop, our subject, remained with his father until the breaking-out of the war, when he enlisted in the 11th O.V.I., being the first man who enrolled his name from this part of the county; after the three months service, he enlisted in the 44th O. V. I., serving altogether three and one-half years, when he received his discharge and returned to his home and friends. He entered as a Private, was promoted to Corporal, then to Sergeant. In 1862, when sick and in the hospital at Lewisburg, Virginia, General Heath, of the Rebel army, opened fire upon the Union forces just at break of day. The cannonading awoke Mr. Knoop, who, grasping his arms, rushed into battle, which proved a quick victory to the Union forces; Mr. Knoop, sick and pale, fought with the energy of a robust soldier, and had the honor to capture one officer and three Privates. For this meritorious conduct, he was offered promotion to Lieutenant, but refused it, as his brother was already holding such office in the same company, and Mr. Knoop declined to have too much honor bestowed upon one family. After Mr. Knoops' return from the army, he engaged as a dealer in nursery stock, which business he followed some ten years; finally locating in Casstown, at his present place of business, and carried on a general merchandise trade, which he has successfully conducted for six years. Here, with pleasure, we have recorded the history of another branch of the Knoop family, whose lives were full of labor and usefulness in the early settlements of this county, and their patriotism exhibited in the defense of their country in its time of danger deserves to be held sacred and worthy of praise by future generations.

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