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    HON. ALBERT F. LITTLE, mayor of Bradford, Ohio, and the able editor of the Morning Sentinel, a journal which be founded in 1884, is well known in fraternal circles all over the country, and has been particularly identified for years with the order of Red Men. He was born in Logan County, Ohio, in the pleasant town of West Liberty, February 10, 1864, and is a son of John M. and Mary (Jones) Little.

    The late John M. Little was a well known business man of Bradford for a number of years, moving to this place in 1879, entering into the drug business under his own name, and being associated for a time with his son, Albert F. Later he moved to Magnetic Springs, Ohio, and there his death occurred on March 31, 1906. He was thrice married. His first wife, Mary Jones, was accidentally killed in a railway accident, in Logan County, in 1866, and he subsequently married her sister, Eliza Jones, and after the latter's death, married another sister.

    Albert F. Little was but eighteen months old when accident deprived him of his mother, and he was reared to the age of ten years by his aunt and step-mother. He then went to Darke County, where he lived on a farm, about five miles north of Bradford, for five years, in the meanwhile attending the public schools. He was fifteen years old when he came to Bradford and entered the High School, where he was graduated in 1882, one of a class of three members, of which he is the only survivor. For several years he was associated with his father in his drug store before he really embarked in the printing business, toward which his inclinations were directed from early youth. He acquired his first press, a hand press of ancient pattern, by trading an old overcoat, and he began business on this little machine, and has been in the same line of industry from that day to this. In 1884 he purchased a printing plant and established his present news-paper under the name of the Sentinel. Later in the same year he bought out a little journal already in existence, the Independent, and, combining the two, issued the Independent- Sentinel for a number of years. When he found himself prepared to issue a morning edition of his paper he changed the name to the representative one of Morning Sentinel. The encouragement he has received has made it possible for him to provide the people of Bradford with, a first-class newspaper two mornings in the week, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and a constantly increasing subscription list and advertising support, indicates that ere long the issue will be daily. Mr. Little does a large business in the line of job printing, and makes a specialty, to some extent, of printing for fraternal organizations and secret societies all over the United States. He has built up a reputation for journalistic enterprise, and on more than one occasion has performed the feat, dear to every newspaper man, of making a "scoop" and being ahead of his competitors with the news of stirring events. This was exemplified on the occasion of the death of the lamented President McKinley, which occurred at Buffalo at 3:15 a.m., and at 4 a.m. the Bradford Morning Sentinel was offered on the streets with news and details of this calamity. His was probably the first country newspaper in the United States to announce this fact, and the enterprise would have done credit to a metropolitan sheet.

    In 1884 Mr. Little was married at Bradford to Miss Rebecca Halley, who graduated from the Bradford High School as valedictorian of the class of that year. Five children have been born to them, Kenneth, Faith, Carrol F., Russell and Edna. Faith Little graduated from the Bradford High School in 1902, subsequently took a course in music at Otterbein University, after which she was married to H. B. Eller, who is electrician for the Pennsylvania Railroad at Bradford. They have three children, Keith and Lucile and a babe. Kenneth Little graduated from the Bradford High School in 1905, and in the same fall entered the Ohio State University at Columbus, where he was graduated in the spring of 1908. He is engaged in the practice of law in Columbus. He married Miss Cora McCune, a daughter of A. W. McCune, postmaster at Bradford, and they have two children: Delmas and Albert Bernard. Carrol F. Little was graduated in 1907 from the Bradford High School, and is a student at Wittenberg College, at Springfield, Ohio. Russell Little is a member of the class of 1909 at the Bradford High School.

    Mr. Little is one of the eight representatives of the order of Red Men, appointed on account of special preparation for the honor, to the Great Council of the United States. He organized the uniform rank of the order in Ohio, and was the first major general of the Department of Ohio, and is now a retired major-general. At the time of the death of President McKinley he was great sachem of the Ohio Lodge, and he issued the first fraternal proclamation of sorrow over his death. He is also very prominent in the Knights of Pythias, and is past grand representative, and has organized the larger number of lodges in this section. Mrs. Little is past grand chief of the Pythian Sisters of Ohio, and is past representative in the Supreme Temple, which includes the whole of the United States in Pythian work. He is also an Odd Fellow, and has filled all the chairs in the Junior Order of American Mechanics in Ohio. Mr. Little has always found time to be interested in local matters of moment, and at all times has proven himself a citizen in whose judgment and fidelity to the best interests of Bradford all could rely. In 1894 he was first elected mayor of the town, and is serving in that honorable office in his fourth term. In each administration he has given his fellow citizens evidence of his capacity and public spirit, and in each one great strides have been made forward. With his sons, he is an ardent advocate of the principles of the Republican party, and in religious views all are members of the Presbyterian Church. He is a ruling elder in the church at Bradford, and is president of the Darke County Sunday School Association, and is religious director of the Bradford Y. M. C. A.

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