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    ALONZO HARTLEY, proprietor of the Hillside Nurseries and owner of 1,300 acres of farm land, together with a large amount of valuable city realty, has been a resident of Troy for thirty-six years and is a notable type of the self-made business man. He was born in the village of Allentown, Allen County, Ohio, August 1, 1850, and at the age of ten years accompanied his parents to Columbus Grove, Putnam County, where he obtained his schooling. Mr. Hartley learned the tinner's trade at Columbus Grove. Beginning January 1, 1869, he served three years apprenticeship. During the first year his salary was $36.00 per year; during the second, $ 50.00, and for the third year's work he received $75.00. In 1873 he entered into the hardware business at Troy and was so engaged for three years. He first engaged in the tree business in 1883, in the capacity of salesman, and became so interested in this line that he decided to embark in the nursery business for himself. In 1903 he established the Hillside Nurseries, having a plant at Casstown and also one at Troy. At present his Troy plant has a cellar with dimensions of 33 by 63 feet, while a second one is in course of construction, the dimensions of which will be 86 by 105 feet. Mr. Hartley has been an unusually successful business man and this success must be attributed to his own efforts and the possession of natural good judgment and foresight. He says that when he came to Troy it was on borrowed money, and now, in addition to his large business interests, he owns large tracts of land in the farming districts and pays city taxes on thirty-three town lots.

    In 1874 Mr. Hartley was married to Miss Lizzie M. Lewis, a daughter of Edmond Lewis, of Casstown. Mrs. Hartley died March 16, 1904, leaving three children: Mary Lizzie, Alonzo Lewis and Ruth. Mr. Hartley is a Knight Templar Mason and is also a member of the Odd Fellows. Alonzo Lewis Hartley married Lina Yount, June 15, 1904, and they have one daughter, Elizabeth Kyle. They live in Troy.

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