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    THE FAVORITE STOVE AND RANGE COMPANY, Piqua's largest manufacturing plant and the most extensive in Miami County, was established in 1848, by W. C. Davis, under the title of W. C. Davis & Co. This was succeeded in 188l by The Favorite Stove Works Company, which, in turn, was succeeded by The Favorite Stove and Range Company, on July 1, 1888, when the business was removed from Cincinnati to Piqua. The plant in the latter city began to be operated in 1889.

    It is always interesting to record the growth of a great enterprise. When the present company began operating at Piqua, the quarters were all included in a row of buildings that extended over their ground east and west, and another north and south, while now they have rows of buildings, which cover ten acres of ground, and the whole plant is said to be the most complete for its purpose in existence. Employment is afforded from 550 to 600 people. The present officers are: W. K. Boal, president; Stanhope Boal, vice-president; E. W. Lape, secretary and treasurer. The board of directors is made up of the following capitalists: W. K. Boal, Stanhope Boal, E. W Lape, and Jacob Bettmann and Adam Gray, of Cincinnati.

    This plant manufactures only the very best class of stoves and ranges, and shipments are made to all parts of the United States. The universal trade-mark is "The Favorite," and it includes an extensive assortment of both steel and cast iron ranges, cooking stoves, base burners and all styles of heating stoves, together with gas ranges, gas heaters in a great variety of styles, and also furnace boilers and high grade, extra finished, cast-iron hollow ware. The company has branches in a number of large cities, and some fifteen traveling men go out from the Piqua office, covering a wide territory. The company has pronounced advantages in the manufacture of their products, such as the arrangement of their buildings, which do not extend high in the air, thus saving heavy and complicated machinery, while the equipments, in many cases, have been constructed from their own original designs, with a view to their utility. They have excellent transportation facilities, the location of the plant being on the corner of Young and Hydraulic Streets.

    The enlargement of this business has been one of annual growth from the time the plant was located at Piqua. The company has increased its capitalization from $100,000 to $600,000 preferred and $900,000 common stock. This wonderful prosperity not only indicates the superior quality of the products, but also proves that the men who have built up this great industry along the lines of modern business possess unlimited ability and financial stability.

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