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    GEORGE FAVORITE, the late proprietor of the George Favorite stock farm, which consists of 505 1/2 acres of land in Miami County, 180 acres on which Mr. Favorite lived being situated three and one-half miles northwest of Troy, in Concord Township, 133 acres in Brown Township and the remainder in Concord Township, was one of the most substantial men and progressive farmers and stock raisers of this section of Ohio. Mr. Favorite had the distinction of being the oldest man in Concord Township in point of continued residence, never having lived farther than one mile from his home. He was born in Concord Township, Miami County, Ohio, June 20, 1857, a son of Daniel and Sarah (Eppert) Favorite, and died May 24, 1909. when nearly fifty-two years of age.

    Daniel Favorite was born on the, site of Tippecanoe City, where his father was an early settler and reared a large family, Daniel being one of the older members. Daniel Favorite married Sarah Eppert, a native of Pennsylvania, who died in 1889, aged sixty-seven years, surviving her husband for twelve years. They had eight children: William, Jonathan and John, all deceased; Henry, Elizabeth, now deceased, who was the wife of Casper Longendelpher; Daniel; George; and Albert, deceased. Daniel Favorite was a self-made man, a hard worker all through his active life. Before moving from Tippecanoe City he owned 100 acres of land and when he died he left 344 acres, which he had already divided with his children. His death was somewhat sudden, occurring at the office of his physician, Dr. Harrison, of Covington, July 9, 1877, at the age of sixty-one years. He was a kind, good man and was respected and esteemed by his family and neighbors.

    George Favorite took so much interest in helping his father on the farm that the latter gave him a share in its products from the time he was twelve years old. The father desired the son to go to school but the latter knew he was needed on the farm and took little advantage of his educational opportunities. His first purchase of land was made when he was seventeen years old, when he paid his brother John the sum of $5,500 for eighty acres of the farm on which he afterwards resided, adding more land as he had capital for investment. The George Favorite stock farm is one of the best located and best kept in all this section. Mr. Favorite never had a school education but he was a remarkably well informed man and possessed great business qualities. He traveled over the country when he wanted stock, purchasing at Chicago and other cattle marts. He made his own improvements on his lands, including tiling, fencing and buildings. When he took charge of his home farm he found the land poor and requiring much attention, producing as its best crop forty bushels of corn to the acre, which yield he increased to about ninety bushels. He carried on all his business dealings in a practical way, making use of the best machinery, and adopting many modern methods, the result being that be was more than usually successful.

    In December, 1870, Mr. Favorite was married to Miss Sarah Graham, a daughter of James Graham, and they became the parents of three children: Bert, who married Nora Wilhelm, and has one son, Leonard; Emory, who resides at home and operates the farm; and Laura. Mr. Favorite has given his children many advantages and they are all representative young people of the neighborhood. Mr. Favorite voted with the Republican party but never took any great interest in politics. His death, above recorded, deprived the township of one of its most industrious and worthy citizens.

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