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    DANIEL LONGENDELPHER, whose fine farm of 168 acres lies in Concord Township, on both sides of the Covington Turnpike Road, about two and one-half miles northwest of Troy, carries on general farming and for many years as also engaged very sucessfully in the horse business. He was born July 23, 1866, on the first farm on which his father settled, in Concord Township, Miami County, Ohio, and is a son of Casper and Elizabeth (Favorite) Longendelpher.

    Casper Longendelpher was born in Germany and was five years old when his widowed mother brought him to America. She came immediately to Miami County, where she later married a Mr. Rose but no children were born to that union. Casper was frequently called by his step-father's name. He remained at home until his marriage and then purchased a farm of forty acres, the same being now a part of the Robert McCurdy farm, which he later sold and bought 120 acres from Samuel Oaks. This second farm was situated about five miles from Troy and there Mr. Longendelpher lived for a number of years. He subsequently acquired other farms and now owns 100 acres adjoining his old home farm, and also the old Scott farm of 143 acres and a comfortable home in Troy, where he now resides, at the age of sixty-nine years. He married Elizabeth Favorite, who died in June, 1905. She was a daughter of Daniel Favorite, one of the pioneer settlers of Concord Township. They had seven children born to them, as follows: Daniel; Sallie; Ida, who married Joseph Sigel; Elizabeth, who married Elmer Fish; Ella, who married John McCurdy; Lillian, who married Lee Thompson; and William, who married Mary Wilhelm.

    Daniel Longendelpher was two years old when his parents moved to the farm on which they resided until they retired to Troy. As he was the eldest son much of the hard work of the farm fell to his lot, his only brother being the youngest of the family. During the winter seasons through boyhood, he attended the district schools but when he was fourteen years of age he did the work of a man. He remained at home and helped his father until he was twenty-one years of age and when he started out for himself it was entirely without capital. He went to work with a will and as he had been trained by a strict father, he knew everything necessary pertaining to the management and development of a farm and also, knowing the value of money, be was able to be careful in its expenditure, investing only when he foresaw adequate returns. This, in a measure, explains why Mr. Longendelpher, although only a middle aged man, has been able to build up a comfortable fortune for himself, with not one dollar of initial help. He has given a great deal of attention to raising fine stock, particularly horses, and he has the right idea, that only the best is worth all the trouble, time and expense that has to be expended. He owns eighteen head of horses on his place and owns five registered mares and two imported mares. Two of his registered stallions are known all through this section. One is "Bud," a four-year-old Percheron Gray, and the other is "Billie Taft," sold for $800 on May 14, to Andrew Deweese, also a Percheron Gray two-year-old, the former weighing 1,600 pounds and the latter 1,400. They are magnificent animals. Mr. Longendelpher bought his present farm in 1900, from Freeman Skinner, and moved on it two years later. In 1901 his buildings burned and he replaced them with the present substantial structures, his comfortable residence being an eight-room house of large size.

    In 1896 Mr. Longendelpher was married to Miss Emma F. Rosenberger, who was born in Virginia, a daughter of Abraham Rosenberger. Their family contains four children, all sons; George, Joseph, Daniel, and Raymond. In politics, Mr. Longendelpher is a Republican and he has frequently been called upon to serve in township offices. At present he is a member of the Concord School Board. During the time he was in the office of road supervisor, the township highways were very carefully attended to. Whatever Mr. Longendelpher does at all he does well, and his thorough-going methods have contributed largely to his own material prosperity.

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