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    Horace Ward was the son of William Buckles and Olivia Ann Kirby. He was born May 22, 1857, in Miami County, Ohio, between Piqua and Conover.

    He was a Northern Baptist Minister. Graduated from Dennison University, Granville, Ohio and Newton Theological Seminary, Newton, Mass, in 1882. He married Lorena Dell Manning, his third cousin, on August 16, 1882. Lorena Dell was the daughter of Letticia Buckles and William G. Manning. Letticia Buckles parents were John Buckles and Mary Northcutt.

    His first pastorate was in Bucyrus, Ohio; moved to Burlington, Kansas, in 1885 where he was pastor of First Baptist Church. Forced to leave the ministry for a time on account of his health he engaged in the insurance business in Garnett and Ottowa, Kansas. While in Kansas he visited among the Indians and was often in the home of Chief Journeycake and his family.

    They moved back to his father's farm in Miami County, Ohio, in 1889. Moved to Lena, Ohio, following year and engaged in grocery- dry goods business with his father. In 1892, they moved to a farm near Dunkirk, Indiana, where they lived eight years. During part of that time he served the Baptist Church as Supply Pastor. In 1900, having regained his health to some extent, he re-entered the ministry, being called to Fostoria, Ohio. From there they went to Madisonville (now Cincinnati) and to Bethel, Ohio. Poor health again forced him to give up preaching and in 1908 they moved to Dayton, Ohio and remained about a year. Again recovered he was called to the Baptist Church, Perry, Ohio, 1909. After three years, his health failing, he bought a five acre farm in Middle Ridge, Madison, Ohio, 1912. During the next three years he operated the farm, raising fruit and vegetables which he took to surrounding towns to sell. He was also Supply Pastor of the Congregational Church in Unionville, near the farm. In 1915, he was re-called by Perry Baptist Church. In 1918, he was called by Jefferson Baptist Church.

    Having suffered a stroke on left side, his throat was affected. In July 1922, he went to Florida to see if that climate would be better for him. He became pastor of a small Baptist Church in Apopka, ten miles south of Orlando, in October 1922. During the next two years he suffered several slight strokes and retired from the ministry, 1924. In May 1925, they returned to Ohio to live in Youngstown where two sons, Horace and Harold lived with their families. He helped them part-time in the Buckles Brokerage Co.

    During the winter of 1925-26, he helped to unite a small country church, Locust Grove, Ohio, near Youngstown. In April 1926, he contracted the flu and suffered a severe stroke which completely paralyzed him and after three days he died at home, April 21, 1926. He is buried in the Buckles Family plot at Perry, Ohio.

              Children of Horace Ward and Lorena Dell Manning:
                   Clyde  Manning Buckles  Photo of Clyde
                   Hugh  William Buckles  Photo of Hugh
                   Robert  Worrell Buckles  Photo of Robert 
                   John  Harold Buckles  Photo of Harold
                   Horace Monroe Buckles 
                   Lettitia Ruth Buckles  Photo of Ruth

    Submitted by Pat Evans, 3932 Halsey Ave, Yuba City, CA 95993.

    Information obtained from records obtained from Lettitia Ruth Buckles, daughter of Horace Ward and Lorena Dell Buckles. Lettitia, "Aunt Ruth" died on 27 January 1997 in Omaha, NE.

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