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    George F. Cron, auditor of the city of Piqua and one of that municipality's best known and highly esteemed citizens, was born on a farm near Piqua, Miami county, April 11, 1854, a son of Washington and Lovina (Wolf) Cron. The country schools of his native locality furnished Mr. Cron with his educational training and as a young man he applied himself to teaching school in Spring Creek township, where he remained for four terms. When he gave up the profession of educator he turned his attention to mercantile pursuits, and for a number of years was connected with various lines of endeavor. During this period he was interested in public affairs and became well known to the people, before whom he eventually appeared as candidate for the office of city auditor. Elected to this responsible post, he displayed such fitness for its duties that he has subsequently been re-elected several times, and is now entering upon his fifth term in that position. Mr. Cron married Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Andrew Jackson Johnson, a well-known Baptist preacher, and to this union there have been born the following children: Arthur B., Lyle C., Raymond J., Gale W., Edgar, Howard and Cora May. Of these children, Edgar served in the United States Army during the recent World war, being attached to the signal corps. Mr. Cron the elder was active in all war activities, having always been public-spirited and patriotic in his citizenship. It is a significant commentary upon the quality of his service that he should have been elected to the city auditorship at different times when Republicans, Democrats and Socialists, respectively, have elected their tickets.

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