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    E. E. EDGER

    E. E. Edgar, one of the leading business citizens of Troy, and treasurer and general manager of the Hobart Manufacturing Com pany, was born at Wilmington, Ohio, November 11, 1870, a son of Rev. George M. and Mary B. (Brindle) Edgar. His father, who was a minister of the Methodist church, was a circuit rider in Miami county and adjoining territory during the early days, and later filled many pastorates. E. E. Edgar secured a public school education and when a youth took employment with the Troy Carriage Sunshade Company, subsequently becoming one of the principal factors in the development and growth of that enterprise. Later, with A. G. Stouder and others, he purchased into the Hobart Manufacturing Company, a full account of which concern will be found in the Troy section of the industrial history of Miami county, in this work. Through his capable management, he has aided materially, in bringing this concern to its present prestige. He is inter ested in the Troy Metal Products Company, an enterprise organized for the manufacture of devices used by the United States Government in prosecution of the war one of its principal products, for, which it received and filled large contracts, being an adapter for use in shells. The concern was originally established at Cincinnati, to insure the securing of ample labor, but was later moved to Springfield, where it is now engaged in the manufacture of metal products. Mr. Edgar is also a director in the Troy National Bank. He married Elizabeth M., daughter of John M. and Anna (Carver) Campbell, and they are the parents of one son, John Campbell. During the period of the World war, Mr. Edgar was active in all local war movements. In this work he was assisted by Mrs. Edgar, who became noted for her tireless efforts in behalf of movements that claimed the attention of patriotic women, a full account of which will be found in the Troy section of this work.

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