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    Charles H. Coble. Among the rising institutions of the city of Tippecanoe City, a substantial force is that of the jewelry business conducted by Charles H. Coble. Mr. Coble was born in Ashland county, Ohio, January 25, 1881, a son of Henry and Mary E. (Young) Coble, the father being a blacksmith by trade and for many years one of the reliable and respected residents of Ashland county, where he commanded an excellent business. One of a family of eight children, Charles H. Coble secured his education in the country schools. He inherited his father's mechanical ability, but it was directed in a different direction, and when he was still a youth he began to learn the jewelry business. For eleven years he conducted an establishment of his own at Forest, Ohio, whence he came to Tippecanoe City in 1917. No branch of merchandising is slower in its growth or more conservative than is the jewelry business. Non-fluctuating values are largely responsible for the condition. It follows, therefore, that men engaged in this line of business are naturally of calm and non-speculative minds, reliable as to morals definite in their purposes and not easily led from accustomed grooves. No exception to this conclusion has been found in the career of Mr. Coble , who has built up his business through conservative and strictly legitimate methods and at the same time has gained a position of recognized substantiality in the confidence of his business associates and the public at large. Mr. Coble is a member of the Masonic fraternity and has several other fraternal connections, being also a member of civic bodies, through which he has co-operated with other public-spirited men in advancing the interests of his community. The present Mrs. Coble was formerly Edith N., daughter of  L. A. Disher, of Sycamore, Ohio.

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