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    Elwood Baldwin and the property upon which he resides in Monroe township have developed together, and the evolving of the former from a crude, irresponsible lad into an intelligent and wide-awake exponent of twentieth-century agriculture, is not more pronounced than is the transformation which has come over his present property under his management. Mr. Baldwin was born at Richmond, Ind., December 17, 1864, a son of William and Emily (Chapman) Baldwin. The parents were worthy agricultural people, who passed their peaceful and uneventful lives in the pursuits of the soil, winning and holding the respect and esteem of their neighbors and rearing their seven children to lives of honesty and industry. Elwood Baldwin was given his education in the public schools of his native locality and as a youth was trained by his father, whose assistant and associate he was, in all the arts of agriculture. He proved an apt pupil, both at school and on the home farm, and thus grew to manhood active in mind and sound in body, with practical ideas and an ambitious outlook. He continued to farm in Indiana until about 1885, when, having attained his majority, he left the parental roof and came to Miami county, settling in Monroe township. After being variously located, in 1909 he purchased the old Wright farm comprising fifty-nine acres, and this is his present home. He has a modern estate in every way, and because of the fertility of his land and the able manner in which he directs his operations, he has become one of the well-to-do farmers of his locality. Mr. Baldwin married, December 30, 1891, Emma, daughter of James and Sarah A. (Valis) Smith, residents of Miami county, of the Tippecanoe City vicinity, and to this union there have been born two daughters: Ethel, who is the wife of Clayton Furnace, with the Home Treeplumn Company, of Dayton; and Nellie, the wife of Elmer Motter, architect and mechanical draughtsman with the America Blower Company, of Detroit, Mich. They are the parents of one daughter, Gladys Emelia. Mr. Baldwin is not a politician nor an office seeker, but takes a good citizen's interest in civic affairs, and in both peace and war has been a supporter of worthy movements.

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