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    It certainly speaks volumes for Miami county that so many of her sons and daughters, even to the second and third generations, have maintained their homes and sought prosperity in this rich and favorable section of the state. Among these none stands higher in the public regard than Frank Burkholder, who is now the popular and efficient superintendent of the Troy Buggy Works, a position to which he has attained entirely through his own efforts, his promotion having resulted from his faithfulness and ability displayed in the service of the company.

    Mr. Burkholder was born November 11, 1867, in Concord township, Miami county. In the early 50's, his father, James Burkholder, removed from Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, to Miami county, and was employed at Allen's Mills. He is now spending his declining years in Troy in an honorable retirement from labor, and can look back over the past without regret for opportunities lost. On the breaking out of the civil war he enlisted in the Eighth Ohio Cavalry and faithfully served his country for three years as an honored defender of the starry banner. In Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, he had married Miss Sarah Stine, who departed this life in May, 1893.

    Frank Burkholder, whose name introduces this review, pursued his education in the public schools of Concord township until sixteen years of age, when entered upon his business career as an employee in the factory in which he is now superintendent. The duties assigned him were those of the stock keeper, and by steady, industrious habits and strict attention to business he has gradually risen, step by step, until he is now superintendent. For some time he acted as shipping clerk, for seven years was assistant superintendent and since 1897 has filled his present position. As the years have passed he has also risen in the esteem of the employees and owners of the factory and today he enjoys the high regard and uniform confidence of all those whom he has been brought in contact. When he first entered the employ of the Troy Buggy Company, the output was only about five buggies per week, and now it has grown to about thirty-five hundred per year, which includes every style of buggy or carriage known to the trade. The output has an enviable reputation throughout the nation for the quality of the material used, the excellence of workmanship and the perfection of finish. A specialty is made of pneumatic tire vehicles. The works are supplied with all the latest and best machinery, and a glance over the plant reveals perfect order, system and thoroughness in all departments. Absolute harmony prevails among employees and employers. The foreman of each department is made responsible for the men under him and he engages and discharges all those who work in his department and fixes the wages. There is no interference with his work on the part of superior officers. Mr. Burkholder buys all materials and makes all contracts. The higher officials honor and trust him and among the employees of the factory the general opinion was well expressed by one who said, "Mr. Burkholder is as true as steel." It is this quality that has led to his success.

    On the 7th of January, 1892, Mr. Burkholder was married, at Troy, to Miss Nellie M. Gallagher, a native of this city and a daughter of Patrick Gallagher. Socially he is connected with the Odd Fellows society of Troy, and politically with the Republican party. His advancement has resulted entirely from his own efforts, and the most envious therefore cannot grudge him his success. His unflagging industry, his fidelity to duty and faithfulness to trust have been the stepping stones on which he has risen to the position which is indeed creditable.

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