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    James W. Crawmer, who is now engaged in agricultural pursuits in Elizabeth township, was born on the old Dr. Beard farm, in Miami County, November 16, 1851, his father being Michael Crawmer, who is represented on another page of this work. His boyhood days were spent under the parental roof, and while he gave considerable time and attention to the work of the farm, he also enjoyed the sports of childhood and profited by the educational advantages afforded by the common schools of the neighborhood. He remained at home until twenty-six years of age, being associated with his father in the operation of the farm.

    On the 25th Of October, 1877, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Crawmer and Miss Alice Devore, of Champaign county, Ohio, who was born and reared in that locality. For eighteen months after their marriage the young couple resided in Miami City and Mr. Crawmer operated a part of the old homestead. He then removed to his present farm, which had been purchased by his eldest brother, Henry G., who at his death willed it to his father, from whom it was to, go to the father's heirs, for Henry G. died unmarried. Mr. Crawmer, of this review, suffered considerable loss in the burning of the residence which stood upon the place, but with characteristic energy he erected a new dwelling, and now has one of the substantial homes of the neighborhood. He has met other difficulties, including the loss of the new barn, which was completely demolished in a cyclone, the storm also carrying off the chimneys of the house and destroying much of his grain. His loss amounted to several hundred dollars, but with determined purpose he began the work of retrieving his lost possessions, and has been successful in wresting fortune from the hands of an adverse fate. The farm is now in excellent condition, being devoted principally to the raising of grain. It is one of the oldest improved properties in the neighborhood, the house which was burned having been erected seventy-five years ago. It is known as the Kester place, and its neat and thrifty appearance indicates to the passer- by the careful supervision of the owner. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Crawmer has been blessed with one son, Ferdie, who was born September 14, 1879, and is still with his parents. He attends the country schools and is well advanced in his studies. Mrs. Crawmer is a member of the Reformed church at Alcony. In politics he is a Democrat, but seeks not the honors or emoluments of public office, his time being fully occupied with his business interests, which are bringing to him good financial returns.

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