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    Marmaduke Coate, deceased; was born in South Carolina in 1738, and came of an illustrious Quaker family of England. In Besse's "Sufferings of the Quakers" and John Whiting's "Persecution Exposed" we find frequent mention of one Marmaduke Coate, of English notoriety, who was again and again arrested for non- compliance with the intolerant requirements of the parish priests; he was one of the faithful Quakers, who suffered imprisonment and proscription during the Quaker persecution of England; for liberty of conscience, he suffered imprisonment at sundry times from 1670 to 1685, with short intervals, in all about fifteen years, one of the longest terms on record. All these persecutions could not move him from his steadfast adherence to the right; he was of Hambridge, Somersetshire, England; he died about 1689, and left, among other children, a son Marmaduke, who married Ann Pole, daughter of Edward and Mary Pole, originally of Wales, but late of Battlehay, near Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, England. Marmaduke was imprisoned at Ilchester, the place of his father's long confinement, in Somersetshire in 1683, for attending a meeting at Gregory Stoke, three miles from Curry Revel which latter place appears to have been his place of residence ; his mother, Edith, was imprisoned at the same time. He immigrated to America, and settled in Hanover Township, Burlington Co., N. J., in 1690; the house which he built was partly constructed of materials brought from England, probably the leaden window-sash, and the 5x7-inch panes of glass. He died Dec. 15, 1729, aged 77, an Elder in the Society of Friends. He reared a family of five children, among whom was William. Our subject was a direct descendant of this William, probably a grandson. He was married to Mary Coppock who passed ten or twelve years of her early life as a captive to Ohio and located in among the Indians. He came to Newton Township in 1806, where his death occurred Sept. 25, 1822, at the age of 84. His children were, in order of birth, Esther, Moses, Henry, Samuel, Sarah, James, William, John and Jesse, from whom have sprung numerous descendants.

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