George Boehringer, Covington. Among the business enterprises of Covington, the manufacturing firm, composed of Daniel Face, George Boehringer and Henry Dress, doing business under the firm name of Dodd, Face & Co., deserve more than passing notice. This enterprise was first started in 1871. The present firm took possession in 1878. The factory now is a two-story frame structure 96x36 feet, and is supplied with the necessary machinery for the work in which they are engaged. They employ fifteen to twenty hands constantly, and are turning out and shipping an average of one car-load of stock every week. Mr. Boehringer is the superintendent and manager, and has been connected with the enterprise from its infancy to the present time. He was born in Germany in 1828 ; came to America in 1851 ; spent about four years in Philadelphia working at his trade (house carpenter), then came to Covington and began working at his trade here. Many of the houses in Covington and vicinity are the products of his labor and supervision. His business gradually developed; to his shop was added a saw-mill, then a planing mill, and finally the necessary machinery for the manufacture of hubs, spokes, rims, etc. Finally the saw-mill was sold, and his shop became a hub, spoke and binding factory, which has developed a quite extensive business. Mr. Boehringer has not only been directly connected with the growth and development of this factory, but also of that of the town land vicinity, and he is still an active, enterprising citizen. He was married in Philadelphia in 1852 to Miss Cathrena Haller; they have had nine children, seven of whom are living.

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