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    MARTIN S. BROOKS, farmer; P. O. Troy. Martin S. Brooks is one of the prosperous farmers of Miami Co., and during his lifetime of more than half a century, he has accomplished his share of developing the county which is now an honor to the state; the whole county was, during his boyhood, one vast forest, through which the wild deer and the Indian roamed at will. Generations have passed and gone, and still some of the early settlers are left to tell the story of their hardships. Such are now seen in the persons of Martin and Elvira, his wife. He was born in Miami Co., in 1818, and his wife in 1820. Their marriage occurred March 22, 1842; Elmira was a daughter of Samuel and Milly Pierce, and a sister of John Pierce, whose biography appears in another place. Educational facilities were limited in their days; a log cabin, with a hole left in the side, covered with greased paper to afford sufficient light, was the kind of schoolhouse in which their education was received; Martin's father was born to be lucky, for with an inheritance of nothing but a good physical constitution, he has now a splendid farm, well improved, and an income that keeps himself and his wife comfortable without hard work; during his younger days, he cleared the heavy timber from the present farm, and cut the second ditch that now drains so nicely the land in his neighborhood. Their family consisted of eight children, of whom three are now living-Thomas L., the eldest, born July 27, 1843; Mary J., born April 2, 1845; and Rhoda T ., born June 25, 1849. Thomas was married to Miss Mary A. Richardson and lives in Iowa; Mary J. is the wife of Benjamin Allread and resides in Indiana; Rhoda T. was wedded to Frank M. Perry and they live with her parents on the home farm. Martin and his wife both belong to the Society of Friends; they have ever been noted for their uprightness and exemplary conduct; Mrs. Brooks loves her Bible, and devotes much of her time to the perusal of its sacred pages; we leave them enjoying the comforts of home and friends, and happy in their consciousness of being good and true Christians.

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