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    L. C. and W. L. CRON & CO

    Dealers and manufacturers of furniture, Piqua. There are probably but few of the successful merchants and manufacturers of the city of Piqua who are equal in energy, enterprise and a clear conception of the wants of the public to the firm of L.C. & W. L. Cron & Co., manufacturers of all kinds of plain and fancy house furniture, and also of all classes of office furniture, desks, cases, etc.; this firm has also one of the largest business rooms in the city of Piqua, located at No. 144 Main street, where they have as fine a stock of furniture as any house in this part of the State. L.C. & W. L. Cron & Co. are amply prepared to furnish anything in the undertaking line; they drive a hearse second to none in the city. In 1868, the above business was opened by L. C. Cron, which he managed and carried on until 1869, when he took in his present partners, and the firm's name since has been unchanged; this firm have, for the past eleven years, run their factory to almost its full capacity, and now feel the need of a more commodious, convenient and substantial structure, which is now being erected ; it will, no doubt, be one of the best of its kind in the State; its completion is anticipated during 1880; this factory, though not located in the corporation limits of the city of Piqua, possesses all the advantages of those in the corporation, such as hydraulic conveniences, gas, etc. The gentlemen of this firm are of the most substantial and reliable men in the place.  L. C. Cron, the senior member of the above firm, was born in Piqua Sept. 16, 1836, and was a pupil of the city schools, where he received a good business education; early in life he commenced working under instructions at his present trade, which he has since put to good use, and is now the, master-wheel of the furniture department of Piqua. In 1861, he entered the United States Army, where he spent three years; while in the service he participated in the battles of Cedar Creek, Ft. Petersburg, and many others of less renown, passing through various hardships as a soldier. Since his return to Piqua, he has filled the most important offices of the corporation in which he lives, and is at present Justice of the Peace. The marriage of L. C. Cron and Margaret Ginn was celebrate d Sept. 29, 1859; their children were five in number, viz., George L., born Aug. 27, 1864; died Feb. 15, 1867; Maggie E., born March 12, 1866; Charles L., born Sept. 26, 1867; Jackson C., born June 18, 1869; Albert M., born Dec. 27, 1871; died July 25, 1 878.  Mrs. L. C. Cron was born in Miami Co., Ohio, Sept. 7, 1838, and died Dec. 27, 1873. L. C. Cron married, for his second wife, Marcella Edmonds, of Dayton, Ohio; their marriage was celebrated Aug. 11, 1874; she was born Dec. 4, 1847; they, by this union, had two children, viz., Hattie B., born July 27, 1875, and Minnie A., born Sept. 19, 1878 ; died July 1, 1879.

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