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    F. M. BERRYHILL, farmer, and dealer in stock; P. O. Conover; was born in Greene Co., Ohio, June 17, 1838, and is a son of Archibald Berryhill, who was born in Virginia, Oct 2, 1801; his entire life was devoted to farming; in 1812 or 1813, he emigrated to Greene Co., Ohio settling near Bellbrook; he buried two wives, and married a third, with whom he lived until July 7, 1877, when he passed from the staff of life; he was the father of nine children, of whom four are now living. F. M. was raised on the farm and taught the principles of farming by his father, and was given a limited education; upon March 29, 1864, he emigrated to Miami Co., and settled on his present farm in Sec. 7, which consists of 160 acres; when coming here, there were but 50 acres under cultivation; he has since increased the tillable acres to 95, and manifests great interest in his farm pursuits; since his residence in Brown Township, he has held the office of Accessor and others in the vicinity and township. F. M. Berryhill is a descendant of Charles Thompson, one of the first Secretaries of the United States. Upon June 17, 1878, Mr. Berryhill (being from home) was visited by a large concourse of relatives, friends and neighbors from far and near, accompanied by the band of Piqua. Soon after the arrival of the parties, a table 225 feet long was erected, and plentifully filled. At the proper hour for refreshments, the band marched around the table, followed by guests, numbering 517. Rev. F. Berryhill returned appropriate thanks, after which all enjoyed the bountiful repast; after dinner, others arrived, and swelled the number to 635, who made it a day long to be remembered. Feb. 27, 1879, F. M. Berryhill married Miss Mary J. Hill, who was born in this county. They by this union have one son, born Feb. 29, 1880. Mrs. Berryhill is a daughter of Samuel and Eliza Hill.

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