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    THE ATLAS UNDERWEAR COMPANY. This splendid plant is located on three streets, facing on Downing Street and runs along Rundle Avenue to Wayne Street. The building is 300 feet long, has an extreme width of 110 feet and is four stories high in addition to a fine basement. It is a counterpart of one of the buildings of the National Cash Register Company and is built of concrete and first quality of buff pressed brick and is especially planned for the wants and requirements of the underwear business. It is unquestionably the best planned and handsomest underwear plant in the country and is the largest plant in the world devoted exclusively to the manufacture of union suits. The total floor space exceeds 150,000 square feet. It is thoroughly equipped with all the latest up-to-date machinery and has many conveniences for the employees, including a rest and recreation room and a dining room. The general construction of the plant was designed with the idea of giving the many employees the most comfortable working quarters. The business was established in 1899 and the officers are as follows: President, L. M. Flesh; vice-president, Gen. W. P. Orr; secretary, H. E. Sims; treasurer, E. A. Todd.

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