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    WILLIAM F. DEETER, superintendent of schools for Newton Township, is a well-to-do farmer and has a fine farm of eighty acres located in Section 2 of That township. He was born in Pleasant Hill, January 30, 1863, and is a son of Samuel R. and Susan (Freshour) Deeter, and a grandson of Jacob Deeter.

    Jacob Deeter was born in Pennsylvania, and at an early age settled at Pleasant Hill, in Miami County, Ohio, which he farmed until his death in 1865. He and his wife were buried at Sugar Grove Cemetery. Her maiden name was Reed. Religiously they were members of the German Baptist Church.

    Samuel R. Deeter, father of the subject of this record, was born in Pleasant Hill, Miami County, Ohio, December 28, 1829, and is now a venerated and respected citizen of Covington. He is living in retirement after a long and useful business career. He was a carpenter and cabinet maker by trade, and in addition followed house moving and undertaking for many years. Religiously he is a member of the Brethren Church, as is his wife. He was married to Susan Freshour, a daughter of George Freshour, and they became parents of the following: Elizabeth, wife of George Mohler, of Circle Hill; Ella, wife of J. W. Pearson, of Covington; Malinda, deceased wife of Samuel McBride; William F.; Jacob E., who married Mary Patty, a daughter of Finley and Lucinda Patty; Callie, wife of W. H. Cassell, of Dayton; Charles S., who married Alice Thayer and resides in Indianapolis, Indiana; Lillian, wife of M. B. Ullery, of Covington; one who died in infancy; and Emma, who died young.

    William F. Deeter attended the schools of Newton Township, and then taught for seven years. In 1889 he rented a farm of his father and followed farming for five years. He then took up teaching for eight years, six years of which were spent in the Covington schools. In 1903 he went to farming for himself, locating on his present farm of eighty acres, where he has continued with unvarying success. The buildings were all standing at the time of its purchase by him, but he has made many other important improvements. He was elected superintendent of the township schools in September, 1905, and in that capacity has done much to bring the schools to a higher plane of efficiency. He also served for a time as a member of the Board of Education.

    September 18, 1887, Mr. Deeter was united in marriage with Miss Emma Fox, a daughter of John and Hannah (Mohler) Fox, and the following was the offspring of their union: one who died in infancy; Calla, who is a teacher in the schools; Pearl, who is in attendance at Covington High School; and Clarence, who attends the public schools. Religiously they are members of the Brethren Church at Pleasant Hill. Politically Mr. Deeter is a Republican, as have been his father and grandfather before him.

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