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    H. F. DOUGLASS, who has been a resident of Troy, Ohio, since 1882, is president of the Troy Carriage Sunshade Company and was one of the founders of the plant. He was born in New York State, where he lived until his removal to Ohio. Mr. Douglass first engaged in the coal business in this city and continued until 1889, when, with Mr. A. G. Stouder, he founded the manufacturing plant of which he is now the head. They began business in a small way, occupying a little room over a cigar factory on South Market Street; but with faith in their enterprise and a close application to business, they made steady progress. They moved from their original quarters to the northeast corner of the public square, and in 1892 began the erection of their first factory building. The main plant now consists of two four-story. brick buildings, 50 x l00 feet, and in another part of the city the company has a third building of equal size. It is one of the important industrial concerns of the city, and has about 150 employees on its pay roll. Mr. Douglass is a man of unusual ability and takes high rank among the business men of Troy.

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