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    WILLIAM BALDWIN, one of Bethel Township's most respected citizens, who now lives retired on his valuable farm of 144 acres, which lies in Sections 30 and 36, was born October 7, 1833, at Gettysburg, Adams County, Penna. His father was William Baldwin and his grandfather was Thomas Baldwin.

    Thomas Baldwin was born in England and when he came to America, settled in Adams County, Penna., and took part in the Revolutionary War, serving for a long time but escaping all injury. His tombstone, as well as that of his wife, may be found in the old Adams County Cemetery. They had three children: William, Rebecca and Jennie.

    William Baldwin spent his whole life in Adams County, Penna., and was a general farmer there. He lived to be seventy-seven years of age. He married Elizabeth Crum, daughter of Peter Crum, and she died in 1840. They had six children, -namely: Thomas, John, Mary, Samuel, Peter and William. They were consistent, members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and were worthy in every relation of life.

    William Baldwin, who bears his father's name, alternated through boyhood and youth in attending school and helping on the home farm. When twenty-one years old he went to Franklin County and spent about six years working by the month on different farms and then reached Miami County and worked for two years in Elizabeth Township. From there he next went to Indiana, where he was engaged in farm work for thirteen years and during this time was married. For six years after marriage he resided in Richmond Indiana; from there went to near Indianapolis and later returned to Miami County, where he purchased his present farm of 144 acres. When he took possession he found the place run down and in need of much improving, and all this he remedied in a few years, enriching the land and carefully looking after its cultivation and either building or remodeling all the farm structures. For some ten years Mr. Baldwin has lived retired from active farm, labor. Living within two miles of Tippecanoe City, he finds plenty of interests to occupy his time whenever overlooking the farm becomes monotonous.

    On December 17, 1862, Mr. Baldwin was married to Miss Emily Chatteman, a daughter of Charles Chatteman, and they have a family of seven children: Elwood, Samuel, Harry, William, Annie, Cora and Effie. In his political views, Mr. Baldwin is a Republican. He has always taken an interest in public affairs in a general way, but he has never consented to hold office.

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