This is listing of file folders in the Subject File Cabinet at the Local History Library

Adams, Dr. Richard N.
ADENA ( Thomas Worthington Home)
Adoptions & Adoptees
Adoptions (How to Research)
African-American & American History Involvement (see Black History)
African-American bibliography 1991 (see Black History)
Agnabraugh - Agenbroad, Daniel
Airplane Crash 1958
Albaugh Reunion 1902 (see Reunions)
Alden, John & Priscilla
All Around Ohio
Allen Co., Indiana (library maps)
Allen Paintings (miniature pictures)
Allen, Augusta & Margaret
Allen, Henry W.  (will of)
Allen, Mary Coleman (miniature pictures)
Allen, Rev. Morrill (Pembroke, Mass.)
Allison, James (letters)
Altrurian Club (history)
American Flag (how to display)
American Heritage Magazine 1982
American Indian Migration Guide
American Indian Research
American Indian Tribes in Ohio (map)
American Indians - A Story of the Shawanoes
American Indians - Greenville 1992
American Indians - Ohio
American Indians - Wyandots
American Indians (Indian Slaves)
American Indians (Miami Co.)
American Revolution Bicentennial Clippings
American Revolution Militia Uniforms
American Revolutionary Soldiers (see Native American)
Anabaptists & Other Separatists
Anderson, Elizabeth - 1830 letter
Anderson, Homer E. (service to City of Troy)
Andersonville Prison (list)
Animal Hospital - Tipp City
Anniversary Photos 1998 (Miami Co. Fair)
Anthrax - Dewitt Fox
Antiques Show - Troy 1978
Appalachians (book - Moving West)
Appleseed, Johnny
Archivists: Troy Historical Society
Arcier, A. Francis (WACO biography)
Armstrong, W.H.  (Piqua Confectioner)
Athens Co., Ohio (letter from Aretas Burch to Matthias Burch)
Auto Accident (I-75 Nordquist 1990 newspaper)
Automobiles (catalog of pictures 1904)
Automobiles (early use in Miami Co.)
Bank (Milton Federal Savings Calendar 1997)
Bank, (1st Troy National 1958)
Banking (history in Troy, V. LeFevre 1950)
Bar Association (Miami Co. Banquet 1901)
Barbee, Wm. (warranty deed to Hurlburt Blackman)
Barn (Knicks Mill in Covington)
Barney, E.J. (Mansion - Dayton)
Bausman, Laurence (U.S. Patent)
Beauty Shops in Troy (price list 1940)
Beck, (Bible Records
Beck, Henry J.  (autobiography 1911)
Beery (School of Horsemanship, Pleasant Hill)
Behm, Parker (downtown Troy)
Bennett (see Deed)
Bennett, Luther Jordan (First Supt. - Miami Co. Schools)
Beside the Stillwater (Index)
Beside the Stillwater (Index)
Bethel Bee Yearbook - 1926
Bible Records (from GAB and other surnames)
Bicentennial Celebration (Northwest Ordinance 1987)
Bicentennial, Troy 1976 (original schedule of events)
Bill of Rights (facscimile)
Black Cat
Black Centennial History 1837-1937 (see Rumley, OH)
Black Community article 1991 (see Rumley, Shelby Co.)
Black History - Civil War (Fleetwood, Christian)
Black History - Piqua 1935 (see McKnight, Albert)
Black History (African-American & American Indian Involvement in the American Revolution)
Black History (African-American bibliography 1991)
Black History (Alberta Parker of Portsmouth)
Black History (American Revolutionary Soldiers)
Black History (article on migration to Dayton)
Black History (article Randolph Freedom Day 1997)
Black History (Bibliography - Allen Co.)
Black History (Civil War)
Black History (Genealogy)
Black History (General Articles)
Black History (General)
Black History (lecture series  on contributions to Science, Medicine, etc.1976)
Black History (list of freed slaves Charlotte Co., VA)
Black History (Manumission Record 1834-1847)
Black History (map of sites in Miami Valley)
Black History (Nothing Free - story of Rossville slaves)
Black History (Quilts - Underground RR codes)
Black History (Randolph Slave Settlement)
Black History (Randolph, John ("Home Reminiscenes" by Powhatan Bouldin)
Black History (Robert Gordon: Gen. Slocum's orderly)
Black History (see Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co.)
Black History (Slave Catchers)
Black History (slave girl deeded from mother to son)
Black History (The Voices of Black Texans - 1993)
Black History (Tony Hall's Resolution - 1997)
Black History (Underground Railroad)
Black History (Underground Stations)
Black History article 1987 (see Jefferson, Isaac)
Black History Bill of Sale 1854 (see Slave Girl)
Black, Captain Samuel (diary)
Blackman, Hurlburt deed (see Barbee, Wm.)
Blizzard (Ohio 1978)
Blue Jay Feather (poetry by Mary Kyle Michael)
Blue, James deed 1881 (see Martin, William P.)
Boak, Jud D.   (Mayor of Troy 1936-1948)
Boese, Carl (Troy Jaycees Award 1972)
Boese, Virginia (will)
Bomgardner, William H.  (diary 1900+)
Boone, Isaac (descendent of Daniel Boone)
Bosserman, Joe (see Cemetery Research)
Bosson Family (see Hill-Powers)
Boston Post Road 1768 (see Tavern, The Golden Ball)
Boulder Inn (on N. 25A Troy)
Bounty Land (Ohio & Kentucky)
Bounty Lands (Revolutionary War)
Bowman Family deeds and wills 1854 (see Helmick-Bowman)
Boyd, John & Mary
Boyer, Lewis (Piqua Chapter DAR)
Bradford (memorial tribute of Rev. Janie Bradford)
Bradford High School - 1891
Bradford, OH (news articles)
Bradford, OH (YMCA article 1983)
Brandt, Joseph (see Murder of Joseph Brandt)
Bravo, Lucia (Community Service Award 1977)
Brecount, C.B. (release of mortgage to W. VanZant)
Brethren Home (retirement home in Tipp City 1998)
Bridge - Broadford and Eldean
Bridge - Eldean
Bridge (Great Miami River lottery)
Bridge Contracts (Miami Co. 1860)
Bridges (River & Canal in Miami Co. - bids 1860)
Broom Corn Plant (clipping)
Brown Co., OH (historical society)
Brown, Cyrus Telford (will clippings)
Brown, Daniel (life insurance policy 1852)
Brown, Henry (indenture to Geo. Combs)
Brown, Wm. & John Wallace (assignees of Wm. Walls)
Brukner (articles on Clayton, Park, Patents, Reflections)
Buckeye: Ohio's famous tree
Buckles (registry of living Buckles family members)
Bumbli, Hi (truant officer and auctioneer 1905-1918)
Burch, Aretas  and Matthias Burch (see Athens Co., OH)
Business & Professional Women's Club (BPW 1953)
Business & Professional Women's Club (BPW 1953)
Butler Co. Census - 1807
Butler Co., Ohio  (1807 Census)
Butterfield, Mary M. (homesteading in Idaho 1907)
Byrkett Reunion 1902 (see Reunions)
Canada (booklet on Tracing Your Ancestors)
Canal (Delphos - Commission)
Canal (hydraulic aquaducts and Lockington Locks)
Canal (Miami-Erie Newspaper article 1998)
Canal (Miami-Erie, S. Pauley)
Canal (Miami-Erie, S. Pauley)
Canal (Miami-Erie, Troy, Miami Co., OH)
Canal (photos, Hobart Bros. A. Catey)
Canal (Sesquicentennial booklet 1977)
Canal Boat ("Splendid of Troy" 1837)
Canal Boat ("The Troy Belle")
Canal Boat (early 1900's)
Canal Boat Captain (see Combs, William)
Canal Boat Lock (handouts)
Canal Historical Archway
Canal, Miami Erie Historic Sites
Canals (Hoosier Canal Culverts 1832-1847)
Canals (Ohio 1873 report)
Canals (Preservation, Southwestern Ohio)
Carey, Maude A.  (original poems)
Carolina, South (Battle of Kings Mountain 1780)
Carolina, South (folklore of early Quakers)
Carroll Co., Ohio (history)
Casstown (1833-1983)
Casstown, OH (150th Birthday Celebration)
Casstown, OH (historic preservation nomination 1983)
Casteele, Dennis (his journey with Oldsmobile)
Casteele, Jim & Sue (newspaper article 1993)
Castle, The (Sidney, Bonnie Colleen)
Cemeteries (Gravestone Art)
Cemetery (Botkins, Mercer Co., OH)
Cemetery (Burks Co., Exeter, PA)
Cemetery (Caesar's Creek, Warren Co.)
Cemetery (Capital Hill, IN, Cambridge City)
Cemetery (Dohner Farm, Randolph Twp, Mont Co, OH)
Cemetery (Earlham, IN)
Cemetery (Harris Creek, AdamsTwp, Darke Co, OH)
Cemetery (Kerr-Drill, North Dayton)
Cemetery (Laws: State of Ohio)
Cemetery (Mad River & Wayne Twp, Mont. Co.)
Cemetery (Miami Co list of cemeteries)
Cemetery (Montgomery Co - atlas of cemeteries)
Cemetery (Mote Cem., Pitsburg, Darke Co., OH)
Cemetery (New Carlisle, Clark Co., OH)
Cemetery (Old Harris Creek, Adams Twp, Darke Co, OH)
Cemetery (Pennsylvania, Clarion Co, lists)
Cemetery (Peters Pike & Swailes, removal of bodies)
Cemetery (Randolph Co, Indiana)
Cemetery (Randolph, Butler Twp, Mont Co, OH)
Cemetery (Sedgwick Co., Kansas)
Cemetery (St. Paris - Glowing Grave Monument)
Cemetery (War Veterans - article Miami Co)
Cemetery (Warren Co - list in inscriptions)
Cemetery (Whys & Why Nots of Tombstone Rubbings)
Cemetery (Worman, Clay Twp, Mont. Co)
Cemetery Research (see Bosserman, Joe)
Cemetery, Butler Co. (Reily Twp., Indian Creek)
Census (1812 Ohio Census - index of taxpayers)
Census (1827 Adult Males in Miami Co)
Census (1850 Census of Prisoners, Indiana State Pen.)
Census (1860 receipts and instructions re: census)
Census (Centinel magazine article 1793)
Census (Guide to Federal Census 1790-1920)
Chaffee Whiskey Trial, Tipp City 1867 (see Hutchins/Chaffee)
Champaign Co ("Scribblings" a bicentennial project)
Champaign Co (book on Lost & Found Architecture)
Champaign Co (Index to History Vol 2)
Chancery Court Records
Chase (family letters)
Chase, Dan (drowning 1911)
Chase, David (1862 Civil War Records)
Chase, David (1864 petition for pension, 2nd Regiment)
Chase, David (letters re: Indians and prospecting for coal in Colo.)
Chase, David (voyage to sea 1851)
Chase, George (American War Records)
Children's Homes & Orphanages in Ohio - 1910
Childs, Rev. T.P. (advertisement 1879)
Christiansburg (Champaign Co., OH)
Christiansburg (Jackson Twp School System 1916-1961)
Chronicle of Misery (R.J.Smallenbarger/JFK)
Chuch (First United Methodist, history)
Chuck-Help-A-Family (see Mattocks, Charles E.)
Church ("Lincoln & The Preachers" 1861-1865)
Church (1916 Baptists Mothers Club)
Church (1st UCC - cornerstone 1905)
Church (Baptist - Old Miami Baptist Assoc)
Church (Bethel Baptist, Clark Co, OH)
Church (Bethel United Methodist, Piqua)
Church (Black Churches - Troy)
Church (Brethren, Troy)
Church (Brush Creek Church of God)
Church (Christian Scientist - Troy)
Church (church conversions - Bradford, Fletcher, Westville)
Church (Church of God, Pleasant Hill, history)
Church (Cove Spring Congregational Church history)
Church (Cove Spring Congregational Church history)
Church (Covington - St. Teresa of the Infant Jesus)
Church (Cyclopaedia of Methodism)
Church (Cyrene AME)
Church (First Baptist, Troy)
Church (First Brethren, Troy)
Church (First Christian - history)
Church (First Christian membership rolls - 1837-1907))
Church (First Lutheran  - history)
Church (First Nazarene - history)
Church (First Presbyterian - 1813)
Church (First Presbyterian history)
Church (First UCC Christmas Walk, 1969)
Church (First United Methodist - history)
Church (Ginghamsburg Methodist - newspaper article 1996)
Church (Goshen Baptist, Greene Co., PA  - 1773-1857)
Church (Grace Baptist, Troy  1945-1958)
Church (Grace Brethren, Troy - history)
Church (Grace Methodist Membership 1982)
Church (Greene St. Meth., Piqua - tower chimes)
Church (Hoffman United Methodist, West Milton)
Church (Hopewell UCC, Pleasant Hill - 1817)
Church (Introduction of Methodism)
Church (Lost Creek Mennonite, PA)
Church (Lost Creek UCC, 1821-1971)
Church (Lutheran, St. John's Evangelical, Dayton 1840-1940)
Church (McKendree Chapel, Eliz. Twp, Miami Co)
Church (New Light Church (early Presbyterian/Cane Ridge)
Church (Old Ludlow Christian Church, Laura)
Church (Old Ludlow, Laura - history)
Church (Origins of Church Denominations - newspaper article)
Church (Pleasant Hill Church of God)
Church (Presbyterian files)
Church (Presbyterian history, Highland Co., OH)
Church (Quaker history - Laura)
Church (Raper Chapel - deed)
Church (Richards Chapel - United Methodist)
Church (St. Boniface, Piqua - 75th Anniversary)
Church (St. James A.M.E. - 1944)
Church (St. John's UCC - history)
Church (St. John's UCC - history)
Church (St. Patrick, Troy - history)
Church (St. Patrick, Troy - history)
Church (Trinity Episcopal - history)
Church (Troy Baptist Temple)
Church (Troy View Church of God)
Church (Union Baptist)
Church (Union Baptist, Stanton Twp, Miami Co)
Church (West Union Christion, West Milton)
Church (Zion Baptist, Troy)
Churches (Archive listings by denomination)
Churches: (Covington) United Presbyterian Church
Cincinnati (1835 prints)
Cincinnati (citizens 1793-1794)
Cincinnati (history booklet)
Cincinnati (panorama)
CISV (history)
City Hall (dedication of New City Hall - 1970)
Civil War - Co. M 41st USVI 1899-1901 (see Soldier Boy)
Civil War - Medal of Honor (see Ross, Marion)
Civil War - Store Cards/Tokens
Civil War (110thOVI)
Civil War (27th reg. -US Colored Infantry)
Civil War (48th OVI)
Civil War (54th & 55th reg. - Mass. Inf.)
Civil War (55th Mass. VI - colored)
Civil War (61st OVI)
Civil War (66th Ill. Infantry - sharpshooters)
Civil War (66th Ill. Infantry)
Civil War (Adam Furnas Diary)
Civil War (Andrew's Raiders)
Civil War (Battle of Shiloh map)
Civil War (Co. I, 61 OVI) see Williams, Daniel W.
Civil War (list of Pensioners - 1883)
Civil War (llth OVI roster)
Civil War (llth OVI, Co. F)
Civil War (Military History of Ohio)
Civil War (Montgomery Co. Indigent Soldiers & Sailors)
Civil War (Ohioans buried at Andersonville)
Civil War (Paul Sarber)
Civil War (Piqua Soldiers)
Civil War (Presentation Weekend - newspaper articles)
Civil War (Regiments of Miami Co.)
Civil War (Shelby Co. Role of Honor)
Civil War (Soldiers & Sailors Convention - 1866)
Civil War (Unit designations)
Civil War (Veterans, collection of letters)
Civil War 110th OVI)
Civil War Battle - 94th OVI from Piqua (see Perryville)
Civil War letters home (see McConnell Letters)
Civil War Records (see Somerville, John F.)
Civl War (llth OVI Regimental Flag)
Clark Co. (Bethel Twp. Maps - 1870)
Clark Co. (Pike Twp. Plat map - 1873)
Clark Co. (Soldiers in the Revolution)
Clark, George Rogers (Campaign against the British)
Clark, George Rogers (Shawnee Campaign of 1780)
Clark, John (letters including Nesbit)
Clubs (4-H in Ohio 1983)
Coate, Caleb (old prescription)
Coleman (family letters 1811-1818)
Coleman Family (Dr. A. Coleman Smallpox Hospital)
Coleman, Asoph, M.D. (estate listing)
Coleman, Augustas (letters to Asa Coleman)
Coleman, Dr. Horace (see Keifer, Dr. George)
Colemlan, Dr. W. 1881 quit claim (see Martin, William P.)
Coles, Walter H.  (Skinner Irrigation)
Collins Family (estate papers 1841)
Columbus (a guide to geneology)
Columbus (library materials for tracing your family)
Combs, William (canal boat captain)
Concord Township (history)
Conestogas (newspaper articles)
Confirming A Place Of Origin (geneology)
Connecticut, Glastonbury (vital records 1690-1854)
Convict Ship "Success" (England felon ship)
Cooper, Daniel C (Dayton 1793-1818)
Coppock House (Philadelphia, PA)
Coppock, John & Sarah Jay (Friends Church MarriageContract)
Corduroy Roads (instructions 1840)
Cosley, Dennis (coverlet weaver)
Cosley, H.A.  (article Troy Wagon)
Cottingham, James (estate)
Counties (information on KY, PA, VA)
Courthouses (Ohio)
Covington (150 yrs - Sesquicentennial Celebration)
Covington (and other villages in Miami Co.)
Covington (articles re: Fire Dept. 1981)
Covington (Ft. Rowdy Gathering 1996)
Covington (G.A.R. Langston Post)
Covington (historical highlights)
Covington (Masonic Lodge)
Covington (Old Fire House - National Register of Historic Places Inv.)
Covington (Rogers Drum factory)
Covington (Savings & Loan History)
Cowgill, Katherine Allen (newspaper article)
Cowlesville (newspaper article)
Cowlesville (newspaper article)
Cox, James K.  (recollections)
Coyle, Alexander T. (poems)
Cress Reunion 1902 (see Reunions)
Croner, Elmer (his gun collection)
Crossing the Plains to Oregon (1852)
Crowl, Devalt (Revolutionary War Soldier)
Culbertson, H.W.  (funeral notice 1878)
Culp, N.C. (deed to Home Savings Assoc. 1896)
Custer's Last Stand (Marshall, Downing, Wall)
Daily Family Bible Records
Dale, Charles A.  (Troy Daily News)
Dams - 1971 (see Miami Conservancy)
DAR (DAR Schools; 1890-1968 programs)
DAR (Greenville 1937)
DAR (Jonathon Dayton Chapter)
DAR (Manual for Citizenship)
DAR (Yearbooks 1988-1996)
Darke Co.  (Census 1820)
Darke Co. - Osgood 1885 (see Murder of Fanny Graham)
Darke Co. (Art Association - 1978)
Darke Co. (Bears Mill - 1974)
Darke Co. (Courthouse dedication 1983)
Darke Co. (Deeds - first two recorded 1816 & 1817)
Darke Co. (Discover Magazine 1990)
Darke Co. (Federal Land Sales  1798-1801)
Darke Co. (Maps - 1857)
Darke Co. (Parks)
Darke Co. (Population and Land Records 1798-1802)
Darke Co. (Shelby & Miami Co. Map history)
Darke Co. (townships and year formed)
Darke Co. (Will Index 1817-1900 & Naturalization Intent 1850-1873)
Darke Co. Pioneer 1795 (see Houss, Henry)
Davidson's Shoe Store (sale bill 1996)
Davies, Dr. Bob on Health Reform (see Wheels of Change)
Davies, Lois ("As I See It"  1983-1989)
Davies, Lois (removal from Child Welfare Board 1965)
Davies, Lois Shilling (Community Service Award 1985)
Davies, Shirley C.  (Community Service Award 1985)
Davis, William (Clark Co. DAR)
Day, Good, Lamme, Epperson (Jaycees 1975)
Dayton & Troy Electric Railway (interurban)
Dayton (Boundaries of Wards 1900)
Dayton (Gem City)
Dayton (historical events)
Dayton (Red Light District)
Dayton (restoration of Old Post Office 1981)
Dayton Art Institute Ball - 1995
Dayton Rifle Co. (1809)
Dayton, Covington,Piqua (Traction Co.)
Dayton, Jonathon (bicentennial 1996)
Dayton, Jonathon (newspaper article )  duplicate
Dayton, Jonathon (newspaper article)
Deaths (in German: Kessler, Paul, Frank, Steil)
DeBold House, Tipp City (picture 1875)
Deed (Dejoncourt to John Knoop & Bennett, Dye, Sayers, Shilling, Tullis)
Dejoncourt (see Deed)
Delaware Co. (land grant 1800)
Delineator, The (catalog 1906)
Denby Cigar Box
Denmark (history & pictures 1956)
Detrick Milling Co. (1901)
DeWeese, Dall  (1857-1928)
DeWeese, Michael quit claim deed (see Helpman, Andrew & Rachel)
Dickson, Samuel quit claim deed (see Humfreville, Harriet)
Dieffenbach, Argus (pamphlet 1967)
Dilbone Massacre
Dinsmore, Penny, Updike, Marr (see Graduates of Yesteryear)
Dinsmore, T.J. (Progress Nursery 1921)
Directory's of Troy and Miami Co. (donated)
Dixie Motel (1993)
DNA (article on DNA testing)
Dobbin (historic Dobbin House, Harrisburg, PA)
Dog House (fire 1995)
Dollison, Silas (discharge papers 1865)
Domesday Book (ie, Doomsday 1986)
Douglas, Melvin (and Helen Gahagen)
Dover, Mass. (founders of the first Parish 1908)
Downing, Marshall, Wall (see Custer's Last Stand)
Drake, William S. - Papers, Military & Estate
Drees Family file (Covington)
Drees, Ned (newspaper article)
Drug Stores (history in Troy 1826-1993
Drury, Harriet (First U.S. Post Mistress)
Drury, Solomon  (Troy house)
Dungan, J. Cameron (Distinguished Citizen Award 1976)
Dungan, J. Cameron (obituary, etc.)
Dunkin, Jesse deed (see Embree, Isaac)
Dunlavy, Judge Francis
Dunlop (James Dunlop & Co., 1819)
Dye (see Deed)
Dye Family (Miami Co. deeds 1851)
Dye, Preston (in appreciation)
Eagles Lodge (history)
Earhart & Thomas Families  (missing 9-25-97)
Early Naval Flag 1800's (see Orbison Flag)
Edgar, Edwin (Director Hobart Mfg. 1904-1941)
Edison State College (info)
Edison State College 1975 (see President's Letter)
Edison, Thomas A. birthplace (see Milan, OH)
Education (American Education Monthly 1868)
Edwards (William Norton - history)
Edwards (William Norton (Edwards School)
Edwards, Mary Kelly (Inanda Seminary, Africa 1869-1969)
Edwards, Mary Kelly (letters from Inanda 1924)
Edwards, William Norris (Norton?) (sermon at funeral)
Eichman, Gus & Edna (President of Kitchenaid)
Eldean (origin of name)
Eldean Bridge (articles)
Electric Railway (see Dayton & Troy interurban)
Electric Railway Dayton & Troy 1901 (see Ritter, H.J.)
Elizabeth Township (historical district)
Elizabeth Township (history)
Elizabeth Township (Homes - newspaper article)
Elizabeth Township (National Register article)
Elks Lodge (history)
Eller, Joseph (land patent from Pres. Andrew Jackson)
Elliot, James (Primitive Ohio - Ft. Greenville 1795)
Elvis Tour (Troy, Nov. 24, 1956)
Embree, Isaac (deed to Jesse Dunkin)
Emerick, Harry (clippings)
Emigrant Trails (East of the Mississippi River)
English Colony Assembly (Rhode Island 1766)
Entertainments (Troy, OH)
Enyeart, Helen (& Beulah Runkle - original music score)
Epperson, Good, Lamme, Day (Jaycees 1975)
Estate Sales (1997)
Evangelical Lutheran Church (see Franklin Co., PA)
Evangelical Lutheran Church, history of (see Franklin Co., PA
Evans, Eli (letter 1864)
Evans, Rachel (estate receipts 1847)
Experiment Farm (history)
Fallen Timbers (Battlefield)
Fallen Timbers (Mad Anthony's Battle)
Famous People (Worlds 1000 Most Influential People 1979)
Farming (Miami Co. 1900's)
Farms (Miami Co. Plat Book & Directory abt. 1950)
Faust, Leo (Attorney, Troy 1990)
Felix, Peter (family history)
Festival (Troy Fine Arts)
Festival Programs (Canal Days, Festival of Nations, Strawberry Festival)
Fifty Plus (magazine 1992)
Fifty Plus (magazine 1993)
Fifty Years of Marriage (Miami Co. Fairgrounds 2004)
Filson, John  (Kentucky biography)
First Estate Document in Miami Co. (LeDuc 1807)
First Troy National Bank 1958 (see Bank)
FISH  (history in Troy)
Flag (Bennington)
Flag (Betsy Ross)
Flag Etiquette
Flash Restaurant (Miami Co. 1933)
Flax (Story of)
Fletcher, OH (150 years celebration)
Fletcher, Robert (Educator Award 1978)
Flood 1913-Oral History of Olive Gillis
Flood, 1889 (Johnstown, PA)
Flood, 1897 (Troy)
Flood, 1898 (Hydraulic history)
Flood, 1913 (Cruse Family in Piqua)
Flood, 1913 (Dayton Pictoral History & Delco Factory Booklet)
Flood, 1913 (Flood Control after)
Flood, 1913 (letter from Lena Earhart Keiser)
Flood, 1913 (letter from Lois Davies)
Flood, 1913 (Miami Valley History)
Flood, 1913 (Pictoral History of the Great Dayton Flood)
Flood, 1913 (Picture Book of Dayton)
Flood, 1913 (Piqua history)
Flood, 1913 (Safety First - Emergency Resevoir Plan)
Flood, 1913 (Troy history)
Flood, 1913 (Troy history)
Food (history of canning)
Forget Me Nots (book gift of Max McDaniel)
Fort Piqua Hotel 1891-1991 (see Hotel Plaza)
Forts, Ohio  (listing of Forts in Ohio)
Fouts (reminiscenses of 1885)
Fox, Dewitt (see Anthrax)
Fox, George Washington (a diary and letters)
Fraas, Richard (1983 Community Service Award)
Francis, Dale Lyman (biographical sketch)
Franklin Co., PA (history of Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Franklin Co., PA (history of Zion Reformed Church)
Franks, John (see Murder of 1817)
Franks, Joseph S.  (Rotary Club Resolution)
Frederick, OH (founded in 1802)
Freedom Train (1975-1976)
Freeman & Fergus (family clippings 1883-1911)
French Family Association
French, Frank (soldiers record and letter from Pres. Taft)
Freshour, Tom  (retirement clippings 1960)
Friends Church (eary settlement in Miami Valley)
Friends Meeting (New Garden - Chester)
Frisbie, Guy (Frisbie Family Association)
Fritz, Dorothy (school records 1933)
Frontier Medicine (Historial handbookk 1966)
Ft. Dearborn Massacre (Wm. Wells & John Simmons)
Ft. Greenville 1795 (see Elliot, James - Primitive Ohio)
Ft. Laurens (dedication of Tomb of Unknown Soldier 1976)
Ft. Loramie (historic information)
Ft. Rowdy Gathering (Covington 1997)
Ft. Rowdy Gathering 1993 (see Small Town Memories)
Ft. Rowdy Parade (Ned Drees Grand Marshal 1999)
Ft. St. Clair (Preble. Co. history)
Fulker, Vivian (resolution Troy Rotary Club 1979)
Fuller, James (expense ledger 1846-1848)
Fulton Farms (gravel pit plans 1993)
Fulton Farms (newspaper articles 1977)
Funerals (funeral advertisement 1800)
Gadsby's Tavern (Alexandria, VA)
Gahaghan, Helen (a 4-act comedy 1927)
Galloway, James & Rebecca (deed 7/1/1811)
Galt House (clipping circa 1876)
Galt House (historical info 1995)
GAR (Coleman Post 1885)
Garfield House (deed 1841)
Garmon, G. Keith (biographical information)
Garst Museum - Darke County
Gates, Jacob (US Land Patent from Pres. James Monroe 1824)
Gazebo (Public Square 1876)
Geauga Co. (Rev. War Veterans Grave Sites)
Gebhart / Gephart (family history)
Gebhart, Alexander (family biography history)
Geiger, Dr. Hezekiah R. (1820-1899)
Geiger, Rev. Andrew M. (biographical sheets)
Geisinger Family
Geisinger, Bruce (see Midshipman, USS WASP - 1814)
Gem City Saver (1994)
Genealogical Research Procedures
Genealogical Scam Letters
Genealogists (Miami Co.)
Genealogy - Interviews, How to Conduct
Genealogy (booklet Creating a Worthwhile Genealogy)
Genealogy (Georgia's Land Lottery System)
Gentile, Don RAF Squadron Leader (see Godfrey, John)
George, W. Bruce (Community Service Award 1997)
Georgia's Land Lottery System (see Genealogy)
Gephart Carpentry Shop (see New Carlisle)
German Ancestors (research book 1982)
German Baptist Brethren (book 1981)
German Baptists (Covington newspaper articles)
German Church Records ("How to Read"booklet)
German Empire (boundary changes)
German Immigrants (Simmendinger Register)
German Names (guide to spelling and procunciation)
German Research (Alsace-Lorraine)
German Speaking Ancestry (researching)
Germans In America (1967)
Germantown, OH  (article on history of 1982)
Germany (aids for research including passenger lists)
Germany (People of the Palatinate 1981)
Gettysburg hero 1863 (see Slyder, Mrs. Josephine Rogers)
Gilbert, Wm. Harvey (musical program 1890)
Gilmore, Helen Russell (Rossville Black History)
Ginn, William (newspaper article 1994)
Girl Scouts, Troy (history by Derry Hartley 1930-1960)
Girl Scouts, Troy (various articles 1930-1979)
Girls Civic League (article 1986)
Godfrey, John (Don Gentiles RAF Squadron Partner)
Good, Lamme, Epperson, Day (Jaycees 1975)
Gorton, John (receipt dated 1761)
Graduates of Yesteryear (Penny, Updike, Marr, Dinsmore)
Graham, A.B. (Memorial Center)
Gray, Martha (Troy Librarian articles)
Great Miami River (booklet 2000)
Green, George (Miami Co. Recorder; land patent Wm. H. Harrison 1885)
Greene Co. (military lands 1825)
Greene Co. (room resouces)
Greene Co. History (various articles)
Greenlee Farm (1904)
Greenville (court documents for plotting of Greenville & Overfield Tavern in Troy 1807)
Greenville (guide to painting of "The Signing of the Treaty of Greenville")
Greenville (old homes past and present)
Greenville (The Treaty City)
Greenville Treaty (Around the Council Fire - proceedings at Fort Greene Ville)
Greenville Treaty (celebrations)
Greenville, Ohio
Gump, Alexander (inventor of combined harvester and thresher 1898)
Haddad, Arthur (Troy Service & Safety Director)
Hake, Harvey (Marshal, Village of Covington, 1917)
Hale, Dr. John  (see Wilderness Doctor)
Hall, Mary (wife of William, tombstone 1850)
Hall, Robert E. (Pres. First National Bankkk 1977)
Hamilton, OH (bicentennial tribute 1988)
Hamilton, OH (will abstracts 1790-1810 & marriage records 1808-1820)
Hamilton, Stephen D. (Community Service Award 1977)
Hancock Co. Genealogical Newsletter 1989
Handwriting Symbols  (old)
Harbaugh, James (obituary 1926)
Harbaugh, Thomas (poems, clippings 1917)
Harding, Warren G. (clippings)
Harrelson, William M. (City Solicitor 1948)
Harrison, Gen. Wm. Henry (Inaugeral Address 1841)
Harr's On the Square (advertisement)
Harter, Dr. (iron tonic article)
Harter, Henry & Catherine (family tree)
Harter, M.C. (voyage to California 1850)
Hartley, Richard S. (Community Service Award)
Hartley, Ruth (collection, report cards, commencement program)
Hartley, Wm. Harrison (family genealogy)
Hartzell Industries (1955-1975)
Harvey, Mrs. Anna (advertisement 1867)
Harvey, Rev. James (Chaplain Civil War)
Hayner Culteral Center (ceiling collapes 2001)
Hayner Distillery (see Timeline Magazine 1999)
Hayner Heritage Exhibit 1997 (see Lutz, John E.)
Haywood, Margaret (obit. 1918)
Health (disease information pamphlets 1953)
Health Dept. (Troy-Miami Co. history)
Helmick-Bowman Families (deeds and wills 1854)
Helpman, Andrew & Rachel (quit claim deed to Michale DeWeese 1862)
Helton, Kerry (special grand jury report re:shooting 1986)
Henne, Carl & John (naturalization papers 1865)
Henne, Leo M. (memoirs)
Hennessey, Katherine (articles Stouder Administrator)
Heraldry (basics for Ancestral Knowledge)
Herr, Hans (1719 house in Lancaster, PA)
Hill, Leonard U. (articles)
Hill-Powers & Bosson families (1830-1840)
Historian (booklet 1993)
Historic Homestead application forms (see Ohio)
Historic Houses (Centerville, OH)
Historic Nomination (Twin Arches Stone Culvert)
Historic Preservation Work (proclamations 1982)
Hite, Isaac (journal 1773)
Hobart Corp - Kitchenaid Inventor (see Johnston, Herbert)
Hobart, Edward A.
Holiday Inn Brochure - 1955
Home Savings Assoc. 1896 deed (see Culp, N.C.)
Honeyman, Benjamin & Mary Jo (indenture to Helmick 1828)
Hook, Thomas E. (Troy City Schools 1919-1947)
Hoosier Genealogist (magazine 1988)
Hopedale Telephone Directory (Quaker City, OH 1975)
Hormell, Charles, Jr. (biography)
Hormell, Charles, Jr. (retirement)
Horn Papers (1765-1795)
Horn, Mary (land patent 1811)
Horsemanship School - Pleasant Hill (see Beery)
Horseshoe Band (Pierce-Iddings 1893-1895)
Horticulture Society (Miami Co. Program 1891)
Hospital (Stouder Memorial booklets 1978)
Hotel Plaza (Fort Piqua Hotel 1891-1991)
Houser, F. Douglass (Rotary tribute 1980)
Houser, Wm. Douglass (Rotary tribute 1981)
Houss, Henry (Darke Co. pioneer 1795)
Howard, Isaac (1784-1865)
Howell, David & Mary (letter 1856)
Howland, John & son Jabez (Mayflower Pilgrims)
Hublee (family chart)
Humfreville, Harriet (Quit Claim Deed to Samuel Dickson)
Hunkins, Eusebia Simpson (musical career)
Hutcheson, George (Sheepskin Deed 1831)
Hutchins / Chaffee (Chaffee Whiskey Trial Tipp City 1867)
Hutchins, Rue Pugh (report on life of 1860-1878)
Iddings, Steve (travels for the World Health Organization)
Idea Factory (619 S. Lincoln St., Troy)
Idea Factory (newspaper article 2005)
Illinois, Jacksonville (Morgan Co. Genealogical Journal 1976)
Indian Battles (Fort Recovery)
Indian Battles (Ohio - Ft. Recovery)
Indian Lake (construction)
Indian Land Cessions (1785-1842)
Indiana (50 years with United Telephone Co. 1931-1981)
Indiana (Delaware Co. marriage licenses)
Indiana (early histories)
Indiana (early wills of Orange Co. 1827)
Indiana (historic Ft. Wayne)
Indiana (Hoosier history)
Indiana (lst Friends Meeting - Richmond, 1950)
Indiana (Randolph Co. Newsletter 1992)
Indiana (regiments of Civil War)
Indiana (Tippecanoe Co. marriage licenses)
Indians of the Old Northwest (see Wayne's Peace)
Industrial Museum (Miami Co. Industry 1902)
Interstate (I-75 newspaper articles 1998)
Interstate (I-75 project notes)
IOOF (Troy Lodge #43 history)
Iowa, Madison Co. (historical information)
Ireland (passenger lists 1815-1816)
Irwin, Archibald (land grant from Samuel McCord 1819)
Irwin, James  (letter from Shippensburg, PA 1816)
Island Outing Club (Treasure Island Constitution & Bylaws1893)
Jackson, Susie McCool (First UCC Bio)
Japan (Takahashi Sister City 1990)
Jay, Eli Allen (Article from Earlham College 1884)
Jaycees (1975 Good, Lamme, Epperson, Day)
Jaycees Awards (1981 articles)
Jeffers, Glenn B. (Superintendent - Troy High School)
Jefferson, Isaac (Black History article 1987)
Jefferson, Thomas (Monticello information and maps)
Jeffryes, James & Ruth (Citizen of the Day article 2000)
Jeffryes, James (Saponi Indian Heritage)
Jenkins, Peter Enright (Jaycees Comm. Service Award 1978)
Jess Family Story (Martion Muter Furnace)
Jewell, Susan Hamilton
John Major, British Prime Minister (see Prime Minister's Roots in America)
Johnston Farm (Col. John -Piqua Historical Society)
Johnston Letters #1 (1809-1811)
Johnston Letters #2 (1810-1812)
Johnston, Col. John (biography articles)
Johnston, Col. John (memorandum bookk 1801-1811)
Johnston, Edward S. (Hobart International 1959)
Johnston, H.L. (biography 1869-1938)
Johnston, Herbert L. (Hobart Corp.  - Kitchenaid Inventor)
Jolly, Linda Lee (Hayner - newspaper article 1995)
Jones, Burton W. & Mrs. (local history 1940)
Jones, William G. (estate 1839)
Jordon, Dr. David (Journal- 1849 trip to Californig)
Junkin, Hattie Meyers Weaver (WACO history)
Jurisdictional History of Ohio's 88 Counties
Katzenburger Theft (article 1995)
Keifer, Dr. George (1851 letter to Dr. Horace Coleman)
Kelly, John & Elizabeth (1868 deed to Overfield)
Kennedy, John F. (1960 newspaper article Memorial)
Kentucky (Bath Co. Marriages 1795-1826)
Kentucky (Guide to Localized History)
Kentucky (map of 1795)
Kentucky (Pulaski Co. Historical Society)
Kentucky (Register - various articles)
Kentucky (Register of Kentucky State Historical Society 1940)
Kentucky (West Central Forms and Records)
Kentucky Archives (request form)
Kentucky Revival (1800-1801)
Kerr, Paul W. (Mayor of Troy- articles)
Kessler, J.W.
Kidder Farm (see Resthaven)
Kincaid - Allen (manuscript collection 1905)
Kincaid, Augusta Margaret Allen (Good Cheer Birthday Book 1840-1919)
Kinder, William Rusk (biographical sketch 1878)
Kinney, Grace (index Tipp City Records 1811-1970)
Kinney, Grace (index to family history Tipp City HS)
Kiser, John (house in St. Paris 1912)
Kitchen Aid Manuel (1936)
Kiwanis Club (numerous articles)
Klein, Paul (50th Anniv. Invitation)
Klopfer Building (Pleasant Hill 1850)
Knerr (1913 Minnesota letter)
Knicks Mill in Covington (see Barn)
Knight Templar Magazine (1977)
Knoop (donation of land 1996)
Knoop Ledger (1803-1811)
Knoop, John (see Deed)
Knoop, John H.(history)
Knoop, Josiah (letter Wittenburg College 1878)
Ku Klux Klan  (1923)
Kumler - Coleman Wedding (1900)
Kuser, George (Africa 1970)
Kuser, R. George (history 1955-1995)
Kyle, Barton S. (articles re: Battle as Shiloh)
Kyle, Barton S. (letter to John McKnight 1837)
Kyle, Thomas B.
Ladies of the Club (Helen Hoover Santmier's Xenia)
Lafayette Blues (photocopy of a Reunion Bulletion 1896)
Lamme, Good, Epperson, Day (Jaycees 1975)
Land Patents (Miami Co. 1804-1852)
Landis Family Bible Records
Landmarks Architecture Memorandum - 1992)
Landownde, Zachery (dirigible Shenandoah disaster 1925)
Lapinsky's (newspaper article 1962)
Larimer, John M. (Jaycees Community Service Award 1973)
Lawyers (booklet on Historic Preservation Lawyers 1984)
Leadership Troy (1989 directory)
Lear, Inc. (Piqua Employment Cards)
Leavelle, James P.  (article Second Lt. A-10 Thunderbolt)
Lebanon (booklet on Historic Lebanon)
Lecture Series (Troy-Miami Co. Library 1975)
Lefever, R.M. (cancellation of mortgage 1888)
Lefevre Land Patents (1812-1827)
Legal Blanks (examples 1935)
Len Cannon Dateline NBC Anchor 1997 (see Mintz, Blair)
Lena - Conover (Class of 1945 50th Anniversary)
Letcher, KY (Heritage News Booklet 1996)
Levell, Richard (land patent Newton Twp., Pres. A. Jackson)
Lewis, Robert P. (bio of Harold Bell Wright)
Lewisburg, OH (Historical Program Book 1968)
Liberty Bonds (employees of Troy Wagon Works 1918)
Library (100 years celebration by Eileen Roney)
Library (Cincinnati Genealogical Resources)
Library (Troy-Miami Co. dedication 1976)
Library of Congress (article on "How to Use")
Light Plant, Troy  (articles and sale info 1969)
Lightning Insurance Policy (issued to Wm. Brown 1890)
Lincoln (J.L. Hill of Fletcher and Pres. Lincoln)
Lincoln (replicas of the Playbill and the Reward poster)
Lincoln Community Center (articles 1939-1954) See Troy Cabinet
Lincoln, Abraham (reenactment of visit to Dayton 1859)
Lindsley, Evangeline (Dayton historian)
Little, Bessie (murder in Dayton article by Roz Young)
Locater, The (Westlake, OH)
Log House Preservative (advertisement for Glid-tone)
Log Houses (newspaper clipping 1977)
Long Lost Friend, The (medical remedies from 1899)
Long, William (DAR marker 1995)
Long, William (Rev. War Patriot article)
Lorain Co., OH (Onstine House in Amherst)
Loramie, Peter (French Trader, Ft. Loramie clippings)
Lostcreek (apprenticeship, bills of sale  1839-1875)
Lostcreek Township, Miami Co., OH (Casstown, etc.)
Lowry (Laury), Fielding (land patent 1813)
Lowry and Smith (research)
Lowry Bros. doctors in Army Medical Corps (see WWII)
Ludlow Falls clippings (see Trains)
Lutz, John E.  (Hayner Heritage Exhibit 1997)
Macy Family Newletter - 1986
Mad Anthony's Battle (see Fallen Timbers)
Maier, William H. (newspaper articles)
Maier, William W. (A Sketch of His Life - 1099)
Manchester College (Yearbook "Aurora" 1913)
Mann, Isaac (pension papers 1852)
Manning, Lois (Professional Investigator 1993)
Map of Ohio - 1815
Map Thief
Maps (Colonial United States)
Maps (Ohio Trilways to Highways 1776-1976)
Marietta Tour (Riverboat Tour 1988)
Marietta, OH (Birthplace of the Nortwest Territory)
Marr, Penny, Updike, Dinsmore (see Graduates of Yesteryear)
Marriage Laws (Ohio from Northwest Territory to 1997)
Marshall Indian Walk (see Walking Purchase)
Marshall, Downing, Wall (see Custer's Last Stand)
Marshall, Thomas B. (Paper on Human Rights & Liberty)
Marshall's Walk (The Great Marshall Indian Walk - 1737)
Marsh's Supermarket (Birthplace of the Scanner)
Martin, Francois (Francis) (Inventory of Indian Trading Post Fort Greenville 1808)
Martin, Levi (Pension Appication for Revolutionary War Service 1832)
Martin, Wiliam P. (quit claim deed to Dr. W. Coleman 1881)
Martin, William P. (deed from James Blue 1881)
Martion Muter Furnace (see Jess Family Story)
Maryland (Frederick Co. Original Land Grants Map)
Maryland (Hall of Records 1635-1777)
Maryland Soldier (A Revolutionary War Portrait)
Mason, J. Don (various awards)
Massachusetts, Dover (Founders of First Parish) and Allen family
Massachusetts, Hingham
Mast Family - early settlers (see Stillwater)
Mast Family (history)
Mast, John (estate 1832)
Mast, John and Jacob families
Mast, John Sr. (family tree)
Mast, John Sr. and John Jr. (DAR application)
Mast, Joseph R. & Mary Miller (descendents of)
Master Mason Records (1833-1852)
Mast-Waggoner Family Bible (see Waggoner Family)
Mattocks, Charles E. (Chuck-Help-A-Family)
Mayflower Compact (1620)
Mayflower Descendents (Society in Ohio)
Mayflower Pilgrems (see Howland, John & son Jabez)
Mayhew, Elizabeth (last will and testament)
Mayo, Alex H. (letterst to Henry S. Mayo)
Mayor - America's First Woman Mayor 1887
Mayor of Troy 1936-1948 (see Boak, Jud D.)
McCampbell, James R. (indenture to David Orbison 1950)
McClung, Alfred Cookman (Pres. Miami Union Newspaper 1909)
McConnell Letters (Civil War letters home)
McCullough, Charles H. (scrapbook articles 1859-1953)
McCullough, Dr. George (letter re: 1906 REO Runabout)
McCullough, Prof. Caroline (bio 1968)
McCullough, Wm. M. (Congressman from Ohio - articles)
McKendree Society (Cove Springs UCC 1807)
McKnight, Albert (Black History - Piqua 1935)
McKnight, John (1862 letter of referral)
McKnight, John letter 1837 (see Kyle, Barton S.)
Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co. (Black History)
Medical Remedies from 1899 (see Long Lost Friend)
Medicines (Good Old Days)
Meeker, David B. (duplicate)
Meeker, David B. Anderson (articless)
Meeker, Ezra (Ohio's Illustrious Pioneer - 1927)
Melungeons - A Mystery People
Melungeons (Looking at Legends)
Melungeons (to unite in Appalachia 1997)
Melville Academy (catalogue 1837)
Memoranda (Early Settlement Society of Friends - Quaker)
Memorial Day (Covington Observance 1993)
Memorial Day (origin and purpose 1868)
Menke, Orval and Nell - 1967
Mental Health Bulletin - 1947
Merchants (early Troy)
Merck Manual (drugs and chemicals 1899)
Meredith, Wm. J. (statements and tax receipts 1888)
Metcalf, Oscar S. "Jack" (biography 1979)
Meteor Showers (1833 Virginia)
Methodism, Cyclopaedia of (see Church)
Meungeon (Review Essay 1994)
Miami Co. - 1880 (see Name List)
Miami Co. & Shelby Co. Map history (see Darke Co.)
Miami Co. 1998 (see National Archives)
Miami Co. article 1914 (see Slaves)
Miami Co. early use of cars (see Automobiles)
Miami Co. Fair Photos 1998 (see Anniversary Photos)
Miami Co. Industry founded 1901 (see Industrial Museum)
Miami Co. Listings 1994 (see National Historical Register)
Miami Co. Place Names (see Names)
Miami Co. Schools -First Supt. (see Bennett, Luther Jordan)
Miami Co. Stories (see Wright, Terry)
Miami Conservancy (Dams - 1971)
Miami Conservancy (District Board 1935)
Miami Conservancy (Frant M. Stenett)
Miami Conservancy (levee repair 1995)
Miami Conservancy (newspaper articles 1944+)
Miami Conservancy (Proposal for Construction of Dam 1920)
Miami Conservancy District
Miami Conservancy District (Story of 1922)
Miami East (Alumni Banquest - 1973,74,75,76)
Miami Erie Canal (bibliography 2000)
Miami Horticulturalist (newspaper 1890)
Miami Rural Cons. (newsletter 1994)
Miami Union (Troy history 1898)
Miami University (Commencement - 1981)
Miami University (Commencement 1981)
Miami University (Miami Album Sketches - 1981)
Miami University (Museum Echoes - 1949)
Miami University (photo album 1981)
Miami Valley (article "The Changing Valley" 1997)
Miami Valley Frontier Forts - 1910
Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission
Miami Valley Residents - 1799
Miami-Union 1902 (see Routson Reunion)
Michael, Mary Kyle (biography 1995)
Midshipman, USS WASP - 1814 (by Bruce Geisinger)
Migration (Migratory Patterns and Tips)
Migrations (West and Backtracking East - 1984)
Mikesel, Maurice N. (autobiography 1957)
Milan, OH (Birthplace of Thomas A. Edison)
Miles, Frances (biography)
Military - 1899 ("Life of a Soldier Boy" incl. Miami Co. soldiers)
Military (Life of a Soldier Boy 1899)
Military Service (list of war dates and corresponding table of birth dates)
Mill, Hoover Water Wheel Grist Mill (article 1996)
Millenbeck House (Mary Ball, Lancaster, VA)
Miller, E. Irene (1982 Miami Co. History Book)
Miller, Susanna (land patent 1807)
Miller's Grove - Montgomery Co. - Drive-In Theatre
Mills (of Early Miami Co.)
Mills (of Ohio)
Mills (The Great Mill Chase and Tipp Roller Mill)
Mills Brothers (news articles and obits)
Mills, Altman (newspaper articles)
Mills, Water Powered (1968 articles)
Mills, Waterwheel Grist Mill in West Milton (see Waterwheel)
Milton Federal Savings Calendar 1997 (see Bank)
Milton-Union (Student Newspapers 1941)
Milton-Union High School Alumni Album (1883-1967)
Minster, OH (Centennial History 1932)
Mintz, Blair (Len Cannon Dateline NBC Anchor 1997)
Minute Men 1862 (see Squirrel Hunters Discharge)
Mirrophone (picture)
Mischler, James J.  (articles)
Mischler, James J. (articles)
Mitchell, George (hanging in jail 1984)
Mitchell, Mary (article Piqua Historical Society)
Monroe, President James (speech 1818)
Montgomery Co., OH (atlas of townships 1830)
Montgomery Co., OH (booklet on old courthouse)
Montgomery Co., OH (cemetery list with locations)
Montgomery Co., OH (early deeds 1805-1854)
Montgomery Co., OH (Early Settlement 1850)
Montgomery Co., OH (historical records 1984)
Montgomery Co., OH (Real Estate, Perry Twp. 1914)
Montgomery Co., OH (Stillwater Lutheran Church)
Montgomery Co., OH (Supreme Court Records 1804-1807)
Montgomery Co., VA (tax lists 1788)
Montgomery Printing (newspaper article 2004)
Montgomery, Dr. John (Memorial Service, Piqua 1917)
Moody, Dwight L. (Evangelist - article)
Moravians (Salem, NC)
Mormanism (New York magazine 1985)
Morrison-Reeves Library (Wayne Co., IN Genealogy Collection)
Mortality Schedule (Miami Co. 1860)
Mote Family Research (family history)
Mt. Vernon (birds-eye view 1859)
Murder of Fanny Graham (Darke Co., Osgood, 1885)
Murder of John Franks, 1817
Murder of Joseph Brandt
Murders (Unsolved in Miami Co.)
Music (A History of Musical Instruments)
Musical Program 1890 (see Gilbert, Wm. Harvey)
Muskingum River (A History & Guide 1968)
Muzner (Heirs to Charles Urban estate 1910)
Name List (Miami Co. - 1880)
Names (Place Names in Miami Co.)
National Archives (Genealogical Research Pamphlets 1977)
National Archives (Research in Field Branches)
National Historical Register (listings in Miami Co. 1994)
National History Magazine (DAR 1945)
National Military Homes (Soldiers Home - Dayton 1883)
National Register (Hidden Treasures in Miami Valley)
National Register (Miami Co. 1998)
Native American - Research History
Native American (American Revolutionary Soldiers)
Native Americans (Tribes of the Indian Nation)
Naturalization (Declaration of Intent - Miami Co. 1906-1918)
Naturalizations (Declaration of Intent 1918-1930)
Navy (WAVES, WWII Recruiting Manual)
Neal, William (Estate 1808)
Nesbit letters (see Clark, John)
Nesbitt Murder Series - 1980
Netzley, Robert (article Reception 2001)
Neumann (letter from Germany 1848)
New Carlisle (Gephart Carpentry Shop)
New Jersey (Burlington Co. Marriage Records 1686-1800)
New York (early settlements map)
Newberry Township (Fasler's Plat)
Newberry Township (History)
Newberry Township (property owners 1859)
Newton Hall of Fame (newspaper article 1998)
Newton Township (History)
Newton Township (land entries 1800's)
Newton Township (Pleasant Hill Township Bldg.)
Newton Township Building (historic survey 1985)
Niagara Falls (history of Fort Niagara 1929)
Ninety-nine (99) Islands, Miami Co. (deed 1829)
Nixon Inaugeral Program (1969)
Noll, Rev. Marion (Poem, Pleasant Hill Cong. Christian Church 1975)
Nordquist 1990 I-75 accident (see Auto Accident)
North Carolina (Guilford Co. early history)
Northwest Ordinance (fascimile)
Northwest Ordinance (Ohio residents 1799)
Northwest Ordinance (petition to Congress 1799)
Northwest Ordinance (Territorial Papers, V III, 1787-1803)
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Northwest Territory birthplace of (see Marietta, OH)
Oblinger Family (descendent information)
OGS (Newsletter 1972)
OGS Newspapers (1965-1968)
Ohio (application forms for Historic Homesteads)
Ohio (Early Map  1815)
Ohio (Early Views 1981)
Ohio (Guide to State Land Records)
Ohio (Hamilton Co. 1976)
Ohio (It's Heritage)
Ohio (Journey to Ohio in 1910)
Ohio (Map os 1846)
Ohio (Pictorial History 1980)
Ohio (Records and Pioneer Families)
Ohio (Revolutionary War Pension)
Ohio (roster of Professional Historians 1973)
Ohio (Women's Hal of Fame 1978)
Ohio (Wonderfule World of Ohio - 1974)
Ohio Genealogical Research Sources 1987
Ohio Grain Dealers (Centennial History)
Ohio Guide to Localized History (1965)
Ohio Historical Review (various counties)
Ohio Historical Review (various counties)
Ohio Historical Society (Troy meeting 1984)
Ohio Historical Society (various resources)
Ohio History (Early Timeline 1763-1876)
Ohio House of Representatives (1973-1974)
Ohio Land Grants (Early Ohio Residents)
Ohio Land Grants (maps)
Ohio Lands Books
Ohio Map of 1815 (see Map of Ohio)
Ohio National Guard (clothing account of Co. B 147)
Ohio Obituaries and Notes (Greenville Journal 1900-1902)
Ohio Samplers (Schoolgirl Embroideries 1803-1850)
Ohio Tax Records (1810, 1816 Miami Co. & Mont. Co.)
Ohio Wesleyan Female Seminary
Old National Road
Old Trunk, The (play about Colonial Virginia)
Orbison Flag (early naval flag 1800's)
Orbison, David indenture (see McCampbell, James R.)
Orphan Train Remembrances
Orphan Trains, US
Orphanages (history and origin of the State Board of Charities)
Overfield - court documents for plotting of Greenville (see Greenville)
Overfield deed 1868 (see Kelly, John and Elizabeth)
Overfield Tavern (1978 acquisitions)
Overfield Tavern (booklet)
Overfield Tavern (Guide Notes 1985)
Overfield Tavern (misc. articles)
Overfield Tavern (OUT)
Overfield Tavern Museum (article)
Overfield, Benjamin (Estate)
Overfield, Benjamin (Harris Line Survey 1817)
Overfield, Benjamin (signature)
Overfield, John Willis (business ledger 831)
Overseer of the Poor (1839)
Palmer, Richard (copy of land grant 1807)
Parke, Joseph R. (covered wagon story 1820)
Parmer, Richard, copy of land grant 1813)
Patty's Homes in South Carolina
Pauly, Harold A. (articles and tribute)
Pauly, Susan Porter (articles and tribute)
Pearson, Benj. & Esther Furnas (Early Miami Co. history)
Pearson, L.S. (autobiography-Friends Church in Stillwater Valley)
Pearson, Thomas (Revolutionary War tribute)
Pemberton (see Dunkin file)
Pennsylvania (Chester Co. Deeds List 1788-1888)
Pennsylvania (Church Records Kriedersville, Northampton)
Pennsylvania (Dauphin Co. Early Marriages)
Pennsylvania (Early life of Germans)
Pennsylvania (Genealogical Holdins in Pittsburgh Library)
Pennsylvania (Genealogical Research in State Library)
Pennsylvania (Genealogical Society Quartly 1995)
Pennsylvania (Guide to Lutheran Church Records 1729-1972)
Pennsylvania (Johnstown Flood 1889)
Pennsylvania (Lancaster Co. tax lists 1751, 1756, 1757, 1758)
Pennsylvania (map of 1794
Pennsylvania (Maps of County Seats and when created)
Pennsylvania (New Jersey Archives in Troy Local History Room)
Pennsylvania (Sailing of Ship "Submission" 1682)
Pennsylvania Counties (Index to county formation)
Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Committion (Div. of Public Records)
Penny, Updike, Marr, Dinsmore (see Graduates of Yesteryear)
Pereyma, Aka (magazine article 1986)
Perryville (Civil War Battle - 94th OVI from Piqua)
Personal History (How to Write Your Story)
Peters, Kenneth (Troy Safety & Service Director 1948)
Pfister, Rev. Herbert E. (50th year celebration)
Phillips. Loretta Phifer (Jaycees Award 1984)
Phoenix (German Playbill 1888)
Phoneton (news clippings and articles)
Photographers & Genealogy (a history)
Photographers (Miami Co. - 1884)
Photographs (how to maintain and restore)
Photographs (identifying and dating 19th century)
Pickawillany (article on historic marker)
Pickering, Fred (Jimtown School #6, Piqua 1923)
Pickering, Fred (memoris Troy, Piqua, Covington)
Pierson, David W. & Frances Kerr (bible records 1858)
Pig Eye (early town and flour mill 1906)
Pioneer Life in Dayton (John Edgars 1896)
Piqua (1838 Orbison Manuscript Troy & Piqua)
Piqua (1903 State Football Champions)
Piqua (article "Pro-Piqua Focus" 1998)
Piqua (article Plaza Hotel 1991)
Piqua (Atomic Age - 1945)
Piqua (Battle of Pickaway 1780)
Piqua (bicentennial history 1976)
Piqua (Bicentennial Souvenir Book 1976)
Piqua (booklet "From Buggy Whips to Steering Wheels")
Piqua (Chaugauqua 1923)
Piqua (drawing of Clark's attack 1782)
Piqua (early history of Pioneer Woman - DAR)
Piqua (Early Recollections - article 1936)
Piqua (Exerpts from Piqua Gazette 1820-1834)
Piqua (Fort Piqua Hotel Restoration 1997)
Piqua (Heritage Festival 1984)
Piqua (Heritage Preserved - old homes and buildings)
Piqua (Historic changes - article 1990)
Piqua (historic inventory of Rossville Homes)
Piqua (History of Piqua - transportation 1998)
Piqua (newspaper articles on old houses)
Piqua (Sesquicentennial Program 1938)
Piqua (various articles)
Piqua Confectioner (see Armstrong, W.H)
Piqua Confectioner (see Armstrong, W.H.)
Piqua, Battle of (see Springcreek Twp., OH)
Pleasant Hill (Centennial 1966)
Pleasant Hill (Centennial 1966)
Pleasant Hill (Deaths 1910)
Pleasant Hill (Tree Preservation 1998)
Pleasant Hill Cong. Christian Church poem (see Noll, Rev. Marion)
Pleasant Hill Library
Pocohontas Trails Genealogical Society)
Pomeray Family (Edgerton, WI)
Pony Express (history of)
Popes Creek Plantation (Birthplace of George Washington)
Porter, John Francis (awards and accomplishments)
Post Office (history of Miami County)
Postal Service (before stamps)
Pottery (early Ohio)
Powe, Alma Coble
Preble Co. (annual Education Report 1917)
Preble Co. (Harrison Twp. 1815-1859)
Preble Co. (historical homes)
Prentice Ephriam (estate papers 1834)
Presentation Weekend 2000
Preservation - Caring for your Heirlooms
Preservation Material
Presidential Campaign (Ronald Reagan in Troy 1984)
President's Letter (Edison State College 1975)
Price, Samuel (land payment 1820)
Prime Minister's Roots in America (British John Major)
Pritchard, Bud (beekeeper articles 1998)
Prouty, Frank H. (Jaycees Award 1972)
Pudd'n'Head (by Wilson - Troy Opera House)
Pulliam, Martha Cosley (letter written in 1972)
Quaker (Elk monthly meeting 1848)
Quaker (historical collection - Clinton Co.)
Quaker Church (West Branch & Conservative Friends)
Quaker City, OH 1975 (see Hopedale Telephone Directory)
Quaker Families (Immigrant Ancestors in Miami Valley)
Quaker Festival (article 1995)
Quaker Friends (Birmingham, West Chester, PA)
Quaker Friends (Chester Co., PA 1715-1915)
Quaker History (Padgett's Creek meeting, S.C.)
Quaker History of the Monthly Meeting
Quaker Localities (maps PA & NC)
Quaker Newspaper - 1835
Quaker Notes (Newberry Twp, S.C.)
Quaker Record (Friends monthly meeting, Waynesville. OH)
Quaker Records (Berks Co. PA 1755-1886)
Quaker Records (housewives research 1981)
Quaker Society of Friends Early Settlement (see Memoranda)
Quakers (Unity of Spirit Lecture 1963)
Quakers in S.C. (Wateree and Bush River)
Quakers, early folklore (see Carolina, South)
Railroad (Electric-Interurban Dayton)
Railroads (Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton)
Railroads (Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton; Bloomer & Abe 1918)
Railroads (Dayton and Michigan 1868)
Railroads (Early Miami Co.)
Railroads (history Detroit, Toledo, Ironton)
Railroads (local interurbans)
Railroads (Miami Valley timetables)
Railroads (miscellaneous)
Railroads (Springfield's Big Four Depot)
Railroads (track chart 1938)
Railroads (Troy-Miami Co. Railway Historical Society)
Railroads (Underground - Trails to Freedom)
Railroads (Underground by Eliza Harris)
Railroads (Underground in Troy Area)
Railroads (Underground RR home of Samuel Jones)
Railroads (Underground)
Railway (Dayton & Troy Electric 1901 letter)
Railway (Dayton & Troy Electric Photocopy 1927)
Railway (Springfield, Troy, Piqua Electric Railway Co.)
Railway (Underground Railway map of Ohio)
Railway System Map
Randolph Freedom Day 1997 (see Black History)
Randolph Slaves (Freedom Day)
Randolph Slaves (various articles - Miami Co.)
Randolph Slaves in Mercer Co. 1985 (see Black History)
Randolph, Harriet Fitz Diary 1837
Randolph, John (Freed Slaves)
Raper Chapel
Reardon, G. Joseph (Community Service Award 1980)
Reber, Marlen E. ( Troy Safety & Service Director 1968)
Recipes (Pioneer Booklet 1770-1870)
Redmen, Improved Order of
Reed, Forrest (letter Reed-Deeter families)
Reed, Josiah (Civil War Letters 1863)
Refugees (article Vietnamese family 1983)
Regulators, War of (N.C. partial list)
Reibold History (newspaper articles)
Religious Groups (Advent of into Ohio)
Reptile Who Came to Dinner (Ohio Magazine 1994)
Republican Women (Anniversary Calendar 1988)
Republican Womens Club (program 1978)
Research Aid (for British Isles, Europe, US & Canana 1081)
Resthaven (The Kidder Farm)
Reunions (Bykett, Cress, Albaugh - 1902)
Revolution, American (Soldiers buried in Miami Co.)
Revolutionary Soldiers ((new ancestor records)
Revolutionary Soldiers (listing of marked graves)
Revolutionary War (battles fought in West)
Revolutionary War (booklet The Maryland Soldier)
Revolutionary War Pensioners in Miami Co. (census 1840)
Revolutionary War Portrait (see Maryland Soldier)
Revolutionary War Soldier (see Crowl, Devalt)
Revolutionary War Veterans Grave Sites (see Geauga Co.)
Revolutionlary War Pension (see Ohio)
Richland Col, OH (booklet Evangelist & Reformed Church 1951)
Riley-Hinel, Carolyn (pictures)
Rilling, Tom (shoe repair article 1998)
Ritter, H.J. (letter from Dayton & Troy Electric Railway 1901)
Roberson, Monroe (hanging in Greenville 1933)
Robinson, Paul M. (resolution Troy Rotary Club 1980)
Rogers, Josephine (article Battle of Gettysburg)
Roney, Eileen 100 yrs celebration (see Library)
Ross, Marion (Medal of Honor - Civil War)
Rosson, Dr. B.F. (Troy dentist 1873)
Rossville Black History (see Gilmore, Helen Russell)
Rossville Homes historic inventory (see Piqua)
Rossville Museum (articles Springcreek Historical Society 1985)
Rossville Slaves story "Nothing Free" (see Black History)
Rossville, OH (Randolph Slaves in Mercer Co. 1985)
Routson Reunion (1902 Miami-Union)
Rubicon Farm (Patterson Homestead, Dayton)
Rumley, OH (Black Centennial History 1837-1937)
Rumley, Shelby Co. (Black community article 1991)
Runkle, Beulah original music score (see Enyeart, Helen)
Rush, Peter (will 1819 Darke Co., OH Rev. Soldier)
Rutter, James (land patent 1845)
Ryan, Gavin (1919 Christmas Club Book-Troy Nat'l. Bank)
Safford, James Warren (Pres. Troy-Tipp Telephone Co. 1944)
Salvation Army (Miami Co. 1952-1958)
Saponi Indian Heritage (see Jeffryes, James)
Sayers (see Deed)
Sayers, Thomas (land patent 1848)
Sayers, Thomas (letter written in 1812)
Sayers, Thomas (letter written in 1812)
Scanner birthplace (see Marsh's Supermarket)
Scarbrough, Edward (land patene 1851)
Schaeffer, Kenneth & Mary (Mormon Missionaries 1983)
Schlemmer, Robert N. (Jaycees Service Award 1979)
Schools (8th grade test 1895)
Schools (area schools grow-merge article 1993)
Schools (Casstown - early 1920s)
Schools (Covington commencement 1890)
Schools (Early Schoolhouses - Darke Co.)
Schools (Kelley's Island 1964)
Schools (Miami County 1853)
Schools (Miami East 1965 Reunion)
Schools (Miami East 1998)
Schools (Miller School #3, Monroe Twp, 1903-1905)
Schools (Milton-Union 1946-1996)
Schools (Milton-Union Alumni Album 1883-1967)
Schools (Milton-Union Alumni Album 1968-1977)
Schools (National Normal Schools - Warren Co.)
Schools (New Carlisle Commencement 1884)
Schools (Peterson, Staunton twp 1891)
Schools (Peterson, Staunton twp 1899-1908)
Schools (Steele High School, Dayton 1922)
Schools (Tippecanoe Alumni 1840-1990)
Schools (Walnut Grove, Eliz. Twp 1887)
Schuylerite, The (Rushville, ILL Historical Society)
Scott Family (confessions of a highwayman)
Scott Indenture (Hampshire Co., VA 1764)
Scrapbook (Emma Spitler obituaries 1896-1909)
Scudder, Dorothy (the story of a Piqua girl captured by the Indians)
Searchs / Locator (booklet 1994)
Sears Mail Order Houses (list)
Seiler, Toni (Darke Co. historian)
Sertoma Club (list of recipients 1966-1994)
Sesquicentennial, Troy (1814-1964)
Settlement of the Old Northwest (index)
Shakers (Antiques Book 1970)
Shakers in the West (booklet 1962)
Shank, Janet Elaine (ancestral chart)
Shaughnessy, Frank R. (Rotary Club Resolution 1980)
Sheets, Andrew (history of house in Eliz. Twp)
Shelby & Miami Co. Map history (see Darke Co.)
Shelby Co. (Marriages 1824-1829)
Shelby Co. (Roll of Honor - Civil War)
Shelby Co. Children's Home (newspaper article 1995)
Shenandoah dirigible disaster 1925 (see Landownde, Zachery)
Sherwin-Williams Co. (Bicentennial Book)
Shilling (see Deed)
Shilling, Louis O. (Limerick Book 1917)
Ships, USS Constitution (history in War of 1812)
Shott, Peter (gravestone Middletown 1983)
Shotwell, Mary (diary from NJ to KY 1788)
Shull's Road (history near Old Troy Pike)
Sidney, OH (historic bldgs)
Simmendinger Register (see German Immigrants)
Simpson, Lizzie (naturalization papers)
Sinks/Dye/Thomas/Knoop/Coe/Coleman (Troy Early Settlement)
Skating Club (Troy Ice Skating Club 1980)
Skinner Irrigation (Coles, Walter H.)
Slave Girl (Bill of Sale 1854)
Slaves (article Miami Co. 1914)
Slyder, Mrs. Josephine Rogers (hero of Gettysburg 1863)
Small Town Memories (Ft. Rowdy Gatherine 1993)
Smallenbarger, R.J. / JFK (see Chronicle of Misery)
Smith & Barney Engraving (Preserved Smith)
Smith, Banna (Educator of the Year 1977)
Smith, Fred (aka Maurice Frederick Smith history)
Smith, Frederick H. (file missing)
Smith, George L. (Service & Safety Director 1922)
Smith, Horace H. (trust fund)
Smith, Jarod (Administrator Bond 1881)
Smith, Mary (article on postcard collection)
Smith, Preserved (Smith & Barney Engraving)
Smith, R.W. (bridge builder 1868)
Snider, Andrew (newspaper article)
Societies (membership requirements)
Soil Survey (Miami Co. 1916)
Soldier Boy (Life of: Co. M 41st USVI 1899-1901)
Soldiers (War of 1812 buried in Miami Co.)
Somerville, John F. (Civil War Records)
Sotherland Index (memories of Troy, OH  1870-1880)
Sotherland, Richard (reminiscences of Troy)
Spencer, John M. (history of Hobart Mfg. 1954)
Spencer, John M. (history of Hobart Mfg. 1954) duplicate
Spitler (letters to Elizabeth Spitler)
Spitler, Emma (scrapbook)
Spraule-Spraul Family (collection of letters and papers)
Springcreek Historical Society 1985 (see Rossville Museum)
Springcreek Twp, OH (Battle of Piqua; Attack on Ft. Liberty)
Springcreek Twp, OH (Early Settlement booklet 1963)
Springcreek Twp. (Miami Co. History
Springcreek, OH (Architecture 1799-1898)
Springcreek, Twp OH (Article in Newsweek 1983)
Springhill Nurseries (newspaper article 2001)
Squirrel Hunters Discharge (Minute Men 1862)
St. Clair Grocery (adv. Greenville)
St. Lawrence Seaway map
St. Paris, OH (articles 1981)
Stage Coach Driver Tombstone (Ladrick Austin, Clifton, OH 1836)
Staley Farm & Drover's Route (article & map 1878)
Staley's Saw Mill (articles - Bethel Twp)
Star Hatchery Co. (Bluffton, IN 1927)
Staunton Twp. (1910 taxes)
Staunton Twp.(origin of name - Part 1 & Part 2)
Staunton Twp., Miami Co., OH (Staunton Village - history)
Steamships (US & White Star Lines 1917)
Steel Houses
Steil, Winifred Dilbert (TDN info)
Steinmetz (1907 Trojans baseball)
Steinmetz, Raymond D. (recollections of Troy)
Stephey Brothers (tribute 1940)
Sterrett, Frank M. (A History of Miami Co. 1807)
Stillwater (early settlers - Mast family)
Stillwater Prairie Reserve (article 1980)
Stillwater River (history of 1974)
Stillwater River Cottages (article Covington, OH 1981)
Stillwell, Robert (Troy Safety-Service Director 1965)
Stokes, George H. (former Troy Mayor 1973)
Stone Fence - Covington (article 1994)
Studebaker, Sue (history of Quaker Hill house 1797)
Suffolk Horses (early history oldest Draft Breed)
Suggestions for Improving Genealolical Publication (article)
Tadmor, OH (village of)
Tamplin, Charles (Merchant Marine Cadet - Lost at Sea 1943)
Tavern, The Golden Ball (Weston, MA - Boston Post Road 1768)
Taxpayer Census (Miami Co. 1812)
Taylorcraft - 1941 (Cessna 120)
Teacher's Examiners Certificate (1886 - W.E. Widener)
Tecumseh! (historical outdoor drama)
Telephones (early articles)
Telford, Murray (funeral notice 1884)
Telford, Thomas (article 1757-1834)
Tennery, George F. (estate 1812)
Tennessee Mountain Trails (booklet and map)
The Way It Was (an autobiography of Berdenia Martin)
These Many Years (history of Lutheran Church in Delaware, OH)
Thokey, Ernest L. (articles)
Thomas Worthington Home (see ADENA)
Thomas, Abraham (family history)
Through the Eyes of Children (Miami Co. Courthouse Tour 1996)
Tilford - Telford (land grant 1806)
Timeline Magazine 1999 (Hayner Distillery & Wm. Kidder)
Tip Top Canning (newspaper articles 2000)
Tipp Butter Co. Stock Cert. 1893
Tipp City (general infor and map)
Tipp City (Mum Festival 1992)
Tipp City (Mum Festival articles)
Tipp City Business District 1980
Tipp Roller Mill (see Mills, The Great Mill Chase)
Tippecanoe Canal Days (newspaper article 1999)
Tippecanoe Historical Society - Our Lives
Tippecanoe, Battle of (booklet 1983)
Titanic Museum (in Sidney, OH)
Tobacconist (by Ralph May, Piqua)
Tom Thumb (obit of his sister Minnie 1880's)
Tombstone Rubbings (see Cemetery)
Tombstones (commemorative art)
Tornado (articles Tipp City 1936)
Trains (clippings of Ludlow Falls)
Treasure Hunt (Troy High School 1925)
Treaty of Greenville (articles)
TROY  (see #1 file cabinet in main room)
Troy Early Settlement (see Sinks/Dye/Thomas/Knoop/Coe/Coleman)
Troy High School 1925 (see Treasure Hunt)
Troy Historical Society (see Archivists)
Troy Mayor 1936-1948 (see Boak, Jud. D.)
Troy Nat'l. Bank Christmas Club (see Ryan, Gavin)
Troy Opera House (see Pudd'n'Head)
Troy Safety & Service Director 1948 (see Peters, Kenneth)
Troy Wagon Works 1918 employees (see Liberty Bonds)
Troy, Downtown (see Behm, Parker)
Troy-Miami Co. Library Dedication (see Library)
Troy-Miami Co. Library lecture series 1975 (see Lecture Series)
Tucker, Sarah (land patent 1818)
Turner, Reuben (funeral invitation 1813)
Tyrrell, Benjamin (land patent 1822)
U.S. 40 (Dayton Daily News Series 2000)
U.S. Constitution (reprint from World Book Encyclopedia)
U.S. Presidents (family trees)
U.S. Presidents and their wifes
U.S. State Census (annotated bibliography 1948)
Underground (see Railroads)
Underground by Eliza Harris (see Railroads)
Underground in Troy Area (see Railroads)
Underground Railroad (Dayton Daily News series 1997)
Underground Railroad (general information)
Underground Railroad Home of Samuel Jones (see Railroads)
Underground Railway map of Ohio (see Railway)
Underground Trails to Freedom (see Railroads)
Union Co., OH (history 1820-1889)
Union Co., OH (Milford Center Sesquicentennial)
Union Twp. (Bicentennial 1976)
Union Twp. (history of School District #1, 1868)
Union Twp. (History)
Union Twp. (partial 1850 census)
Union Twp., Miami Co., OH (history 1800-1926
Union, OH (Miami Union article & M.E. Church)
United Fund (booklet and clippings)
Updike, Penny, Marr, Dinsmore (see Graduates of Yesteryear)
Upper Miami Valley Families (article 1993)
UVMC (pamphlet 1998)
Van Cleve, Charles L. (High School dedication 1915)
Van Horne, Eliz. (booklet "The Chaplain's Daughter" Piqua 1958)
Van Wert Library (first county library in U.S.)
Vandalia-Butler Historical Society (newsletter 1985)
Varsity Club, Troy High School (history of)
Vaughn, Margaret (Festival of Nationa 1997)
Vehicle Dealer Catalog - 1903
Vencennes ("How Pierre Found His Father", Nicholson 1899)
Verona, OH (Centennial 1853-1953)
Veterans Medical Center, Dayton (information)
Veterans of Foreign Wars (Smith-O'Neal Post #5436)
Victory (village of Bethel Twp.)
Vietnamese Family 1983 (see Refugees)
Virginia & W. Virginia Church Records - 1982
Virginia (books on shelf by County)
Virginia (newsletter 1975 & 1978)
Virginia (Richmond News Leader 1976)
Virginia (Williamsburg (article)
Virginia (Wills before 1799)
Virginia (Yogohenia Co.)
Virginia Surveys & Grant (1774-1791)
Virginia, Glouster (Abingdon Parish 1655-1955)
Virginia, New Market, Shenandoah Co. (Davisburg Church 1785-1845
Virginia, Winchester (Shenandoah Valley)
Von Kessler, George (information)
Vore - Blackburn (Schnell's Photo Studio)
WACO (Aircraft Show 1978)
WACO (Whispering Wings of WWII)
WACO biography (see Arcier, A. Francis)
WACO History(see Junkin, Hattie Meyers Weaver)
Waggoner Family (Waggoner-Mast Family Bible)
Wagner, J. Joseph (Jaycees Dist. Service Award 1979)
Waitman Family Records 1871)
Waldschmidt House (Hamilton Co., OH)
Walker, Randy (Troy Football Player Career-Life)
Walking Purchase (Marshall Indian Walk - PA, 1892)
Wall, Marshall, Downing (see Custer's Last Stand)
Wall, Nancy Bolander (article 1994)
Walls, Wm. Assignees (see Brown, Wm. & John Wallace)
War of 1812 (see Ships, USS Constitution)
War of 1812 (soldiers buried in Miami Co. )
War of 1812 (source documents)
War of 1812 (The Meigs Paper 1812)
War of 1812 (The Meigs Paper 1812)  duplicate
War Veteran of Miami Co. (news article 1992)
Warfield, James (land patent Newberry Twp 1833)
Warren Co., OH (Genealogical Society Newsletters)
Warren Co., OH (resources in Lebanon, OH)
Washington National Monument (solicitation of funds 1860)
Washington Twp. (Miami Co., OH history of)
Washington, George - birthplace (see Popes Creek Plantation)
Washington, George (clippings 1830)
Washington, George (Fredricksburg, VA)
Washington, George (letter to John Caswalder)
Washington, George (visit to Germantown, PA)
Washington's Army at Valley Forge
Washington's Tour to the Ohio (1770)
Water Witching (water divination newspaper clippings)
Waterwheel, Grist Mill (West Milton)
Watson, Joseph (deed Hampshire Col, VA 1764)
Wayne's Peace (Indians of the Old Northwest 1795)
Webb, John & Rachel (Fayette Co. PA 1794)
Wedding Anniversaries - 50th (1996 Miami Co. Fair)
Wells, Dr. Sarah F. (excerpts from "Ten Years Travel Around the World 1885)
West Branch Church & Cemetery (listings in cemetary)
West Branch Monthly Meeting (1807-1907)
West Branch Quarterly Meeting (1807-1957 Sesquicentennial)
West Milton (80 years ago 1913-1993)
West Milton (Bicentennial Pageant 1776-1976)
West Milton (history article 1976)
West Milton (Reflections of our Past II 1982)
West Milton (Sesquicentennial 1807-1957)
West Milton (Student Newspaper 1941)
West Milton (time capsule 1977)
West Milton Civic Club - 1975
West Milton First Newspaper - 1863
West Side News (1889)
West Virginia (County Records at W. Va. University)
West Virginia (Monogahalia Co. wills 1796-1816)
West Virginia (Randolph Co. wills 1788-1836)
Westbrook Development & Annex (Trojan Village Shopping Center)
Western & Southern Legion Cert. (Margaret Burke)
Western College for Women (Oxford, OH - memories 1926)
Western Female Seminary (catalogs)
Western Reserve Historical Society (newsletter - Cleveland)
Wetlands (Miami Valley 1997)
Weybright, Martin (passport 1732)
Wheels of Change (Health Reform by Dr. Bob Davies)
Whisky Rebellion (letter to Bowen & Webb 1794)
White-Out on I75 (Feb. 1990)
Widney, Meinders Obits (1955)
Wilderness Doctor (life of Dr. John Hale)
Will Abstracts (Miami Col 1807-1845 & 1842-1863)
Williams, Capt. E.S. (1903)
Williams, Henry Harrison (diary 1864)
Wilson (LDS micro-fiche index)
Wilson, James Keyes (Architect Gothic Revival - Cincinnati)
Wilson, Robert (deed 1840)
Winters, David, Rev. (Mont. Co. Mt. Zion Church)
Women & The American Revolution DAR - 1974)
Women's Christian Assn. of Troy (history)
Women's Relief Corp. (adv. 1890)
Woodland Cemetery Article (1992)
Worrell, Florence C. (marriage to J.C. Berry 2/13/1866)
Wright Bros. & WPAFB (info)
Wright Field Heritage (photos 1981)
Wright, Harold Bell Biography (see Lewis, Robert P.)
Wright, Mary Ellen (memories West Milton)
Wright, Terry ("Echoes of Miami Valley" stories about Miami Co.)
Write Your Story, How to (see Personal History)
WSU (brochure 1977)
WSU (Miami Co. Records and holdings in archives)
Wurl, Frederick T. (artist)
WWI - 101 Aero Squadron (Flagee Collection)
WWI Movie Program "The Big Parade"
WWI Perils of a Pvt. (Book 1918)
WWI Veteran in Miami Co. (by David Smallenbarger)
WWII Lowry Bros. (Miami Co. doctors in Army Medical Corps.)
Xenia Tornado (1974)
Young, Roz (Dr. Herter's Iron Tonic)
Yount, Barton Kyle (articles)
Yount, Barton Kyle (Lt. Gen. USAF Ret.)
Zinn, Peter (land patent 1820)
Zion Reformed Church, history of (see Franklin Co., PA)
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