June 1, 1985 - December 31, 1985

These obituaries have been compiled for records for persons buried in cemeteries in the county and nearby, such as St. John's Cemetery, New Carlisle Cemetery, Glen Haven Memorial Gardens, Forest Hills Memorial Gardens, Poplar Hill Cemetery and Polk Grove Cemetery.  Records were compiled by: Nellie Hartley, Marjorie Buckles, Barbara J. Hartley and Dorotha Myers for the Tippecanoe Historical Society.  They were loaned to the Local History Library so they would have a copy also. They were copied for the Local History Library of Troy and the Troy Historical Society by Louise Vanover Vore and indexed by Rachel Vore Engle.  The obits did not include date of newspaper or which newspaper and most did not include death dates.

Hopefully you will appreciate the time involved to do this and that you will find what you are looking for.

Surname   Date of Death   Article Title Page     #
Adams, James H.   Jul. 11, 1985   Adams 24
Adams, James H.       James H. Adams 29
Adkins, Alyssia M.       Alyssia M. Adkins 4
Allen, Helen F. (Butter)         6
Allen, Helen F. (Butter)       Helen F. Allen 7
Alspaugh, Lloyd W.       Lloyd W. Alspaugh 16
Anderson, John H.       John H. Anderson 29
Arnett, Joseph H.       Joseph Arnett 10
Bair, Fern E.        Fern E. Bair 22
Barlow, Elmer O. (Tugs)         29
Barnes, Earl W.       Earl W. Barnes 12
Barr, John   May. 26, 1985   John Barr 9
Bashford, Cleda M. (Linda) (Sexton)         3
Bashford, Cleda M. (Linda) (Sexton)         4
Bausch, Marian L.        Marian L. Bausch 9
Bayer, Martha L. (Rogers)       Martha L. Bayer 16
Bayman, William Eugene       William Eugene Bayman 15
Becker, Dr. Robert G.         1
Bennett, Loretta Jane   Sept. 10, 1985     13
Bennett, Loretta Jane   Sept. 10, 1985     14
Bent, Carole J. (Geier)   Oct. 28, 1985     14
Biggs, Albert       Albert Biggs 19
Biggs, Albert   Aug. 18, 1985   Albert Biggs 22
Blodgett, Charles E.         15
Bolin, Brian       Brian Bolin 7
Booher, Marie Wallace   Jun. 7, 1985   Marie Wallace Booher 2
Booher, Marie Wallace       Marie Wallace Booher 2
Bookwalter, William Wilson       William Bookwalter 31
Borts, Orval E.       Orval E. Borts 1
Bowsher, Helen L.        Helen L. Bowsher 30
Brandenburg, Ida E.         10
Bridenbaugh, Mildred M.       Mildred M. Bridenbaugh 28
Brosey, Harry W.   Sept. 29, 1985     13
Brown, Glen "Brownie"       Glen Brown 2
Brown, Glen "Brownie"       Glen Brown 2
Brown, Ivan A.       Ivan A. Brown 10
Brown, Mary U. (Underwood)       Mary U. Brown 24
Brown, Mary U. (Underwood)       Mary U. Brown 24
Brykett, Jacob N.   Aug. 21, 1985   Brykett 19
Brykett, Jacob N.   Aug. 21, 1985   Jacob N. Brykett 31
Buerk, Carl H. Sr.         15
Burlile, Daisy Lucille       Daisy Lucille Burlile 2
Burnside, David L.         15
Burnside, David L.       David L. Burnside 26
Burnside, Ernest       Burnside 5
Burnside, Ernest E.       Ernest E. Burnside 4
Calvest, Grace A.        Grace A. Calvest 11
Carpenter, Gerald L.   Aug. 21, 1985     24
Carpenter, Gerald L. (Jerry)       Gerald L. Carpenter 28
Carre, Carmon Kathleen         14
Chaney, Melvin C.         13
Clark, Mary (Martin)       Mary Clark 7
Clarke, Alice Warner   Aug. 13, 1985     24
Coble, Patty L. (McNinch)         14
Coburn, Mary (Clark)   Sept. 15, 1985     14
Collett, Blaine Jr.       Blaine Collett Jr. 31
Collier, Benson R.       Benson R. Collier 29
Cotrell, Thomas Owen       Thomas Owen Cotrell 17
Cozul, Jessica  Robin       Jessica Cozul 13
Cozul, Jessica  Robin       Jessica Cozul 13
Crick, Eugene M.       Eugene M. Crick 11
Cromer, William R.       William R. Cromer 25
Cruea, Mellie M. (Neves)       Mellie M. Cruea 8
Darner, LeRoy A.       LeRoy A. Darner 1
Davis, Sharon Lee (Nagy)       Sharon Lee Davis 23
Dawson, Alice (Swiger)       Alice Dawson 4
Diedrich, Gertrude (Trudy) (Allen)         14
Draher, Sarah Hollopeter       Sarah H. Draher 17
Dulaney, Merle O.         1
Dyson, Betty J. Cook       Betty J. Cook Dyson 4
Edgerly, Adam Charles       Adam Charles Edgerly 20
Edwards, Dorothy Katherine Sturgeon       Dorothy K. Edwards 13
Eubel, Carl W.   Aug. 8, 1985   Eubel 27
Finehout, Frederick R.   May. 20, 1985   Frederick R. Finehout 21
Fink, Oseola "Pop"       Osceola Fink 24
Fish, Wilbur       Wilbur Fish 14
Fish, Wilbur C.       Funeral Saturday for Wilbur Fish 18
Fowler, Daisy (Brown)       Daisy Fowler 8
Frantz, Delores Jean       Delores Jean Frantz 3
Frantz, Delores Jean         4
Frost, Patricia Ann       Patricia Ann Frost 6
Frost, Patricia Ann (Lehman)         9
Fryman, Dorwyn C.          22
Furlong, Gladys       Gladys Furlong 30
Furlong, Gladys I.    Jul. 19, 1985   Furlong 20
Furlong, Lydia J. (Hapner)       Lydia J. Furlong 10
Genung, Carl F.         13
Geyer, Grace E.         19
Gilley, Bruce         6
Glass, Susie M.        Susie M. Glass 17
Gorrell, Charles G.   Jul. 21, 1985   Charles E. Gorrell, retired banker dies.. 20
Grooms, Bertha L.       Grooms 30
Gullickson, Shelia L (Ludwig)         25
Hamm, Norma Jean       Norma Jean Hamm 29
Hangen, Don E.         2
Hardin, Benjamin (Ben) Sr.         10
Harris, Elisworth J.   Aug. 17, 1985   Harris 27
Harsanyi, Mike L.       Mike L. Harsanyi 5
Harsanyi, Mike L.       Harsanyi 5
Harshbarger, Wilbur "J.W."       Wilbur Harshbarger 30
Hastings, Harry H.       Harry H. Hastings 15
Heaney, Edmond   Jun. 12, 1985   Edmond Heaney 20
Heffner, Jacob A.         20
Heffner, Jacob A.   Jul. 19, 1985   Jacob A. Heffner 21
Hershey, Glen M.       Glen M. Hershey 3
Higgens, Luella M.        Luella M. Higgens 9
Hildgeford, Lee J.   Aug. 2, 1985   Hilgeford 28
Hildgeford, Lee J.       Lee J. Hilgeford 30
Hittle, Treva        Treva Hittle 11
Hoagland, Jack       Jack Hoagland 9
Hobart, Edward A.       Hobart chief dies at 96 19
Hofferberth, Megan Alys         19
Holfinger, Helen Marie        Helen Holfinger 12
Hosley, Joseph       Joseph Hosley 16
Hull, Harriet Zimpher       Harriet Zimpher Hull 8
Huyer, Fred         10
Huyer, Fred       Fred Huyer 11
Hyden, Frank H. (Herb)       Frank H. Hyden 11
Irwin, Lori L. (Wickline)       Lori L. Irwin 16
Jackson, Anna E. (King)         14
Jackson, Joseph J.       Joseph J. Jackson 12
Jacob, Thomas J.       Thomas J. Jacob 16
James, Lula          13
Jay, Wade Lawson       Wade Lawson Jay 28
Jefferson, Wilson C.       Wilson C.Jefferson 8
Jeremie, and Joshua         21
Jess, Jennie E.       Jennie E. Jess 6
Johnson, Amelia Louise          10
Johnston, Clara B.         5
Johnston, Clara B.       Clara B. Johnston 5
Jones, Paul E.       Paul E. Jones 9
Jones, Paul E.         10
Kallen, Katherine       Katherine Kallen 5
Kaser, Helen F. (Hipple)         7
Kennedy, Estelle G.        Kennedy 21
Kindell, Stanley V. (Sam)       Stanley V. Kindell 16
Kister, William O.   Aug. 17, 1985   Kister 27
Kister, William O.       William O. Kister 28
Kniesly, Maude       Maude Kniesly 19
Landis, Maxine       Maxine Landis 5
Lang, Winston C.   Jun. 2, 1985   Winston C. Lang 20
Larck, Walter Earl       Walter Earl Larck 25
Large, Leslie G.        Leslie G. Large 25
Laughman, Bertha B.       Bertha B. Laughman 17
Lavey, Harvey G.       Harvey G. Lavey 1
Lavy, Elizabeth (Gantt)       Elizabeth Lavy 3
Leopard, John E.       John E. Leopard 10
Lindhaus, Henry J.       Henry J. Lindhaus 29
Littleton, Nick         10
Locke, Julia B. (Achs)   Sept. 28, 1985     13
Long, Hazel M.       Hazel M. Long 31
Long, Helen Virginia       Helen Virginia Long 12
Looman, Vanessa (O'Diam), Tim,    May. 27, 1985   The Looman Family  
Lowe, Anna Dean       Anna Dean Lowe 7
Lynch, Benjamin Michael       Benjamin Michael Lynch 23
Lynch, Benjamin Michael       Benjamin Michael Lynch 23
Lynch, Pauline D.         14
Mahaney, Myrtle B.        Myrtle B. Mahaney 11
Mahaney, Myrtle B.          15
Malloy, Dale       Dale Malloy 11
Mangen, Carl William       Carl William Mangen 26
Marker, Ruth A.(Warner)       Ruth A. Marker 1
Marker, Ruth A.(Warner)       Ruth A. Marker 1
Martin, Alfred F.   Oct. 24, 1985     15
Martin, Fredrick K.       Fredrick K. Martin 12
Martin, Theodore J.   Jun. 23, 1985   Theodore J. Martin 27
McCall, Ezekiel W. (Bill) Jr.       Ezekiel W. McCall Jr. 16
McCallum, Arch F.         13
McCullugh, Paul C.       Paul C. McCullugh 15
McIntosh, Elwood         8
Milby, Bryan Edward         4
Millbourn, Frances H.       Frances H. Millbourn 31
Miller, Betty E.        Betty E. Miller 31
Mills, Donald B.       Donald B. Mills 29
Moore, Arthur       Arthur Moore 10
Mote, Harold H.       Harold H. Mote 24
Mote, Harold H.   Jul. 12, 1985   Mote 25
Mullendore, Pat   Sept. 1, 1985   Pat Mullendore 7
Munson, Kathy Sue       Munson 17
Munson, Kathy Sue         18
Munson, Kathy Sue       Crash kills Butler Twp. Woman 18
Munson, Konrad H.         18
Musser, Benjamin F.       Benjamin F. Musser  
Musser, Benjamin F.       Benjamin F. Musser 17
Musser, Dorothea D.        Dorothea D. Musser 17
Niswonger, Marvin L.       Marvin L. Niswonger 23
Nurrenbrock, Helen Ann (Drees)   Aug. 8, 1985   Nurrenbrock 27
O'Byrne, Jackson H. (Jack)   Sept. 29, 1985     14
Osgood, Theodore A.       Theodore A. Osgood 4
Osswald, Hazel V. (Rhodes)         6
Palotas, Julia A.       Julia A. Palotas 27
Parker, Jennie M. (Wells)         13
Patterson, Lawrence S.          22
Peck, Neacie P. (Gose)   Sept. 27, 1985     9
Peck, Neacie P. (Gose)   Sept. 27, 1985     10
Peltier, Paul E.       Paul E. Peltier Sr. 23
Pence, Clarence E.       Clarence E. Pence 11
Perin, Georiga B.        Georiga B. Perin 22
Peterson, Annabelle E.         6
Petry, Norman A.       Norman A. Petry 26
Phillippi, Charles J.       Charles J. Phillippi 12
Phillippi, Charles J.       Charles J. Phillippi 12
Pitsenbarger, Roy F.       Roy Pitsenbarger 16
Pittman, Ernest Lester       Ernest Pittman 11
Pool, Minnie P.       Minnie P. Pool 22
Probst, Ella Ruth          3
Probst, Ella Ruth          7
Reaver, William F.       William F. Reaver 27
Reineke, Clarence       Clarence Reineke 12
Riebesell, Maynard E.         13
Ritter, Edith        Edith Ritter 1
Rohr, Ruth M. (Detrick)       Ruth M. Rohr 22
Rohrer, Ruth M. (Detrick)       Rohrer 18
Rohrer, Ruth M. (Detrick)       Ruth M. Rohrer 22
Roop, Kenneth D.       Kenneth D. Roop 25
Roop, Kenneth D.   Jul. 10, 1985   Roop 28
Salyer, Delia L.         30
Saulters, Florence Maria       Florence Maria Saulters 8
Saylor, Ada   Jun. 17, 1985     19
Saylor, Ada         19
Schapiro, Maurice A.       Maurice A. Schapiro 3
Scheu,  Richard P.   Jul. 12, 1985     2
Schlorman, Dorothy V.   Sept. 10, 1985     14
Schmacker, Evelyn         14
Schultz, Violet L.          2
Schultz, Violet L.    Oct. 4, 1985   Schultz 3
Schwartz, Dawn Michelle       Dawn Michelle Schwartz 12
Sewell, Verle E.         26
Shadoan, Florence Esther (Wolfe)         4
Shadoan, Florence Esther (Wolfe)       Florence E. Shadoan 8
Shaffner, Homer Adolph       Homer Adolph Shaffner 26
Shaner, Martha E. (Welch)         8
Shaw, George B.       George B. Shaw 24
Shawler, Walter W.   Jun. 6, 1985   Walter W. Shawler 25
Shawler, Walter W.       Walter W. Shawler 27
Sheets, Edythe I.    Oct. 10, 1885     10
Shellabarger, Rex        Rex Shellabarger 5
Shellabarger, Rex          5
Shilling, Dorothy M.        Dorothy M. Shilling 9
Sholley, Nellie Marie       Nellie Marie Sholley 9
Shuttleworth, D. O.         14
Sibery, Richard D.         15
Sibery, Richard D.   Aug. 30, 1985   Sibery 21
Sibery, Richard D.         30
Sink, Evelyn M.        Evelyn M. Sink 11
Sipe, Dorothy V. (Moore)   Aug. 21, 1985     19
Slonkowski, Cora Belle (Lavey)       Cora Belle Slonkowski 12
Smith, Alice L. (Moyse)       Alice L. Smith 17
Smith, Margaret (Peggy)       Margaret Smith 3
Smith, Ralph Sr.         17
Snapp, Howard V.       Howard V. Snapp 9
Snowden, Leigh Ann       Leigh Ann Snowden 21
Snyder, Fred       Fred Snyder 20
Snyder, Winifred G. (Betty)         13
Sotzing, Phyllis A. (Tower)       Phyllis A. Sotzing 21
Stewart, L. V.       L. V. Stewart 18
Stocker, John R.         3
Stocker, John R.       John R. Stocker 6
Stormer, Joseph S.         18
Stott, Mabel K. (Eby)         29
Stout, Robert Alan   Aug. 31, 1985   Stout 22
Strobridge, Maxine Ellen Clark         10
Sturtevant, Marilyn LeRue   Sept. 29, 1985   Marilyn Sturtevant 9
Sullivan, Herbert M.       Herbert M. Sullivan 30
Sumner, Kathern R. (Lipps)   Jun. 24, 1985   Sumner 30
Synder, Winifred G. (Betty)         14
Taylor, Evelyn C. (Brandenburg)       Evelyn C. Taylor 28
Thatcher, Hermina (Bratka)   Jun. 18, 1985   Hermina Thatcher 21
Thomas, Ned Francis       Ned Thomas 1
Thompson, Albert M. III         1
Thompson, Elizabeth (Waters)         6
Thompson, Pearl M.       Pearl M. Thomspon 13
Todd, Alice B. (Cromes)       Alice B. Todd 25
Tompson, James S.         14
Traxler, Harold Sr.   Sept. 18, 1985     15
Trusty, Delia M. (Sharp)   Oct. 11, 1985     13
Underwood, Avis B.       Avis. B. Underwood 4
Vance, Palmer E.         15
Vetters, F. G. Edward       F. G. Edward Vetters 26
Vincent, Thomas R.       Thomas R. Vincent 3
Vorpe, Shirley F.       Shirley F. Vorpe 4
Vorpe, Shirley F.       Shirley F. Vorpe 4
Wallen, Benard (Ben) A.   Jul. 12, 1985   Wallen 28
Walsh, John Michael       John Michael Walsh 8
Weaver, Elsie Faye       Elsie Faye Weaver 8
Wells, Louise (Martin)   Oct. 25, 1985   Wells 7
Werling, Goldie M.        Goldie M. Werling 24
Wesco, Joseph R.       Joseph R. Wesco 26
Wesco, Joseph R.       Joseph R. Wesco 26
West, Ruth M.    Jul. 10, 1985     2
Wetzel, Mary E.          6
Whitenack, Joseph Edward       Joseph E. Whitenack 23
Wilson, Billy C.       Billy C. Wilson 11
Winemiller, Harold L.       Harold L. Winemiller 31
Womack, Eilen M. (Bennett)         1
Wood, Eleanor Jacob       Eleanor Jacob Wood 15
Wood, Geneva D. (Davis)         11
Wood, S. Elizabeth       S. Elizabeth Wood 12
Young, Dr. Howard Frances       Howard Frances Young 23
Youngman, Vada M. (Burrowes)         26

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