The Stillwater Civil War Roundtable has released an exciting and informative speaker series for the 2014 season.  As president Rex Maggert explained,  “We got off to a disappointing start when our January 21 meeting was cancelled due to the bad weather surrounding that date” the roundtable president said, “but we are definitely going to make up for it with a strong lineup for the upcoming months.”
Rex went on to point out that his group of Civil War enthusiasts, based in Troy, Ohio has had many distinguished speakers and performers in the past.  “We have a unique mix of presentations because we balance our lineup of national authors and experts with appearances from our regular members.  Sometimes we find their presentations just as illuminating and educational.  The key to a strong speaker series is to keep the topics interesting and relevant and we are fortunate to have some experts of our own to rely on for fantastic speeches.”   Past presentations have featured family histories and genealogical connections to the Civil War as well as musical concerts discussions of Abraham Lincoln and the politics of the Civil War era.
“We are not letting up this year either as our topics in 2014 range from slavery to naval battles.”  Rex also points out that we are the only roundtable in the Miami Valley area, “So anyone interested in the Civil War era that live in Dayton, Greenville, or as far south as Warren County are gladly invited to come join us!”
The roundtable meets every third Tuesday of the month (except July and August) at the Troy- Hayner Cultural Center, 301 W. Main St. near downtown Troy.  The April meeting features a dinner meeting on Saturday, April 19 at the United Methodist Church in nearby West Milton, Ohio at 6:00 PM.  Rex explains, “The dinner is moderately priced and will feature a special guest, Harriet Tubman!  Well, it is actually historical re-enactor, Dr. Annette Jefferson, who gives a great performance while dressed as the famous African-American heroine and conductor of the underground railroad.  She will help us journey back in time to her days as a slave and her flight to freedom as well as reminisce about subsequent rescue operations to free other slaves.  We will also have prizes and a silent auction.  It will be a great night.”
The officers and members invite you to join us and attend this interesting speaker series.  Find out why the Stillwater Civil War Roundtable is one of the Miami Valley’s “best Civil War secrets.”
(Please note that regular meetings are at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month, except no meetings in July and August.)
February 18***John Procuniar starts off the 2014 speaker slate as he traces the steps of his ancestor who fought in the 110th Ohio Voluntary Infantry.  A part of Civil War history that is often neglected is the war which raged in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  John, a retired Ohio State Trooper and Insurance Adjuster, will thoroughly investigate that area, with his presentation on the 110th.  John is an active member of the North-South Skirmish Association and is not only familiar with the 110th’s history but the weapons of that era’s foot soldiers.  Come join us as we visit one of Ohio’s more illustrious infantry units.
March 18***John C. Fazio, a retired attorney and past president of the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable, will enthrall the members and guests on an iconic but little-understood battle on the high seas.  His subject, entitled Intrepid Mariners, is the real-life drama of the battle between the Union ship USS Kearsarge and the Confederate raider CSS Alabama in the Atlantic Ocean in front of a crowd of Frenchmen on  the Atlantic coast of France.  Ahoy, members and guests---batten down the hatches for Mr. Fazio’s presentation!
April 19***Our annual event, that every member looks forward to takes place on Saturday, April 19 at the United Church of Christ  (108 S. Main St.) in West Milton, Ohio.  Please join us for an evening of interaction, fun, food, and of course our special guest Dr. Annette E. Jefferson who will deliver the presentation:  I Be Harriet Tubman.  Dr. Jefferson brings to life before us an interactive learning experience, brimming with intimate and historical details of the life of one of America’s most remarkable heroines.  Learn of Tubman’s Civil War experiences as a scout, nurse and spy.  You will probably believe the real Harriet Tubman is there!  (Learn the details of how to get registered for the dinner meeting from our Facebook page at Stillwater Roundtable )
May 20***Something always dear to a Buckeye history buff’s heart is Confederate General John Hunt Morgan’s raid, or at least the major part of the raid over southern Ohio.  Lora Schmidt Cahill and David Mowery published a book entitled Morgan’s Raid Across Ohio:  The Civil War Guidebook of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail.  There is no doubt that our guest speaker Lora Cahill can fill us in on that famous raid and answer any questions that we might have.. Every Buckeye should have this presentation stored in their Ohio info!
June 17***Joe Bellas will be our speaker for this month and the first month after the summer hiatus…September 16.   Bellas is a history teacher at Tippecanoe High School in Tipp City, Ohio.  A past president, newsletter editor and program chair of the roundtable for eight years, he was selected as the Ohio History Teacher  of the year by the Gilder-Lehman Insti-tute; has published articles in the magazine History Teacher and is a re-enactor in the 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment.  He has led over forty student tours of Gettysburg.  In our tra-dition of having members also speak to our group, he has been our guest speaker on numerous occasions on topics ranging from the Trans-Mississippi Theater to Civil War personalities like Dan Sickles and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.  This June, Bellas will go “full speed ahead” in his discussion of the Battle of Mobile Bay – the pinnacle of the career of Admiral David Farragut.  Hopefully the audience won’t “torpedo” Joe’s appearance!
September 16***Joe Bellas will be back to lead us in our annual tradition which tests the audience’s knowledge of Civil War history by staging Jeopardy:  The Civil War!  Come out and join the fun and see how you stack up against our pool of contestants as local enthusiasts and masters of the genre.  Don’t forget to bring your quick reflexes for that buzzer!
October 21***What really happened at Sharpsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862?  The history and drama of the Battle of Antietam, where an unreal number of Americans died in one day, 152 years ago will be presented by our guest speaker, Denny Reiser, a graduate of  Adrian College , and a retired teacher and park ranger that carries on the tradition of the teacher who continues to educate.  He has visited that famous killing field in Maryland numerous times and thoroughly researched it.  Although Antietam is a familiar (and famous) subject we are sure he will present it with his own particular viewpoint.  He will specially highlight an Ohio regiment in which two U.S. presidents served!
November 18***Stillwater Civil War Roundtable schedulers could just insert “TBA” here, but that seems so dry!  We are saving the announcement of this presentation for a later date (hopefully to whet your appetite!)  We have two possibilities we are considering and either one, you can be assured, will be a treat for all!  Stay tuned to our website and newsletter for the “reveal.”
December 16***Have you sometimes wondered what Mary Todd Lincoln experienced in her life after her famous husband was assassinated?  Wisconsin resident Jessica Michna portrays one of the most famous first ladies of American history.  Jessica will make Mary Lincoln come to life before our eyes.  Make sure to arrive early for a front row seat to hear about the many dramatic life of this tragic and misunderstood woman. 
The year 2015***The Roundtable will be adding many other monthly presentations before the year 2014 is over that will be presented in our next year of 2015.   Please stand by for the exciting additions!
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