From Martin Stewart who has published a history of the 71st OVI:

This is a transcription of meeting minutes, Citizens of Casstown, Sept 9, 1861, regarding how to care for families of enlisting soldiers.

Information was included with the 71st OVI letters sent to me by James Paul Johnson of Sun City Center, Florida. Originally found in a trunk in an attic of a farmhouse North of Casstown about 60 years ago by Mr. Johnson and saved by him.

Casstown, O., Sept. 9th, 1861 Evening

According to our agreement the citizens of Casstown and vacinity met in the Baptist Church. The meeting was organized by electing Wm. Hurst president and H. Jackson sect.

Prayer offered by Rev. Wm. McKinny of Troy. Upon request Mr. Ross stated the object of the meeting to be principally to raise funds for the support of the families of the volunteers who have enlisted and who may here after enlist in defense of our government.

On motion of Mr. Ross the chair was authorized to appoint a committee of 3 to get a subscription for the purpose of raising funds for the object aforesaid and suitable resolutions for the consideration of the meeting.

On the motion of Mr. Bahle the members of the committee was extend to five.

The following gentlemen we appointed viz. Dan Knoop, Asa (?) Roger, W. R. Webb, J. C. Knight, and Jacob Murry.

The committee retired for consultation and the meeting listened with great enthusiasm to patriotic speeches made by the following gentlemen.

Rev. W. McKinney, Rev. W. Cheever, Dr. Orr and Mr. Ross, Esq. (?) of Troy.

Martial music call for and performed with ammunition in the true military spirit.

The committee offer the following report which was unanimously adopted viz: Casstown O Sept 9 1861

We the committee present the following for your consideration

Resolve that

1st. We think that the first duty of man is to take care of his wife and then the second duty is to save his country and therefore we severly agree to pledge the sums set to our names for the use of wives and children of the men that join or have joined our army to put down the great rebellion.

2nd. That the money so subscribed shall be paid to a committee appointed by them who contribute to this fund. (That said the committee shall) appoint a treasurer.

3rd. That said committee shall distribute the money as follows: viz. one dollar a week for the wife and 50 cents per week for each child under 12 years of age. If they are under rent, to pay such sum as they (the committee) may see proper.

4th. Any person paying to any of those under pay such things as they stand in need of shall have credit for the same on their subscription at at the discretion of the committee.

5th. The same shall be paid in installments of from one to ten percent as maybe required each month.

6th. The bound shall be Lostcreek Township and as much farther as the committee shall see fit.

7th. The funds raised under the foregoing resolution are intended to be in addition to such sums as may be drawn from the county on the order of county commissioners.

8th. An opportunity given for those who wished to come forward and subscribe. Amount subscribed $889.

The assembly adjourned informally.

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