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BOYER Lowell 4-Oct-18 Covington, OH KIA
Pvt. U.S. Army Buried : Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Romagne, France
BRAZILL Orville 6-Jun-18 Bradford, OH KIA
Pvt. U.S. Army Buried : Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Romagne, France
COLE A.B. 27-Sep-18 Bradford, OH
COOL Orville 11-Nov-18 Bradford, OH KIA
DAVIS Ford R. 8-Oct-18 Arcanum,OH
DEITZER Horace A. 10-Oct-18 Troy,OH KIA by shell fire
s/o Mrs. Jacob  Pvt. U.S. Army  38th Inf. Machine Gun Bn. Company
Deitzer, Troy,OH
DEMETRY Anthony 18-Nov-18 Bradford, OH
DOWNEY James E. 6-Oct-18 Piqua.OH
EMSWILER Herman C. 10-Nov-18 Tipp City,OH
Pvt. U.S. Army  Buried-Meuse Argonne American Cemetery Romagne, France
Killed In France
FREIHOFER George J. 25-Oct-18 Piqua.OH
Pvt. U.S. Army  Buried :Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Argonne American
MIA or Buried at Sea  Tablets of the Missing Romagne, France
FUNDERBURG Cloyd D. 6-Aug-18
GANTZ Herschel Bryan 9-Sep-18 Tipp City,OH
GINGRICH Russell A. 12-Dec-18 West Milton,OH
Pvt. U.S. Army St. Mihiel American Cemetery  Thiaucourt, France
GRAHAM George C. 21-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
HENN Frank J. 24-Feb-19 Tipp City,OH
KNIGHT Edward S. 27-Sep-18 Covington,OH
KERR Ralph M. 7-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
LAYMAN John J. 6-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
LURANCE Walter 1-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
Mech. U.S. Army Buried : Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Romagne, France
MAUCHAMER Allen G. 2-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
MILLER James R. 23-Sep-17 Troy,OH
PAULEY Pauley 29-Sep-18 Piqua,OH
PEIRCE Paul 2-Nov-18 Troy,OH
PENCE Grover 12-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
PEQUIGNOT Gus Joseph 8-Nov-18 Piqua,OH
POINCE Russell L. 15-Jul-18 Tipp City,OH KIA
 Tablets of the Missing Pvt. U.S. Army  Meuse-Aisne_Marne American Cemetery  Belleau, France
ROBERTS Clifford J.  19-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
   Body brought home to Troy on 25 July 1921 Riverside Cemetery
ROGER Clifford 29-Sep-18 Pleasant Hill,OH
ROUSSEAU Roscoe R. 13-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
SAVAGE Kenneth L. 18-Dec-18 Piqua,OH
SCHNELL Paul 31-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
SCHMIDT Herman A. 14-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
SILER Fred  2-Aug-18 Troy,OH
SWARTZ Ray 23-May-18 Pleasant Hill,OH
     MIA or Buried at Sea Suresnes American Cemetery , Suresnes, France
     Ship -  MOLDAVIA Tablets of the Missing
THOMPSON Clifford 18-Aug-18 Troy,OH
TODD Floyd W. 2-Feb-19 Troy,OH
son of Flora Todd
TRICK Perry C. 19-May-18 Bradford,OH
WHITE Charles B. 15-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
WHITE Vernon  15-Oct-18 Piqua,OH
Pvt. U.S. Army St. Mihiel American Cemetery Thiaucourt, France
WILLIAMS Frank J. 28-Sep-18 Piqua,OH
 Oise-Aisne American Cemetery  Tardenois, France

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