Founders, Founding Dates of Many Miami County Towns

By Lt. Col. R. E. Pearson

Troy Daily News August 23, 1951

The Miami County fair advertised its 105th annual program this year, and in view of this early start it is interesting to review the founding dates of some of the early towns in the country.

Staunton was laid out by John Smith in August 1806 prior to the separation of Miami County from Montgomery County. West Milton was laid out by Joseph Evans in May 1807. Piqua, originally called Washington, was laid out by John Manning and Matthew Caldwell in August 1807.

Troy was laid out in December 1807; and Greenville, now in Darke County, was laid out by John Devor and Robert Gray in August 1808.

Charleston was laid out by Ignatius Friend, proprietor, in May 1815. Covington (originally called Friendship) was laid out in September 1816 and Dinghamsburg, later in Shelby County, in September of the same year. Hardin, later in Shelby county, was laid out by James Lenox in October 1816.

Nashville, vacated by court decree in 1841, was laid out in August 1820 by David Byrkett and Jacob Sheets. New Jefferson, later a part of New Jefferson, later a part of Covington, was laid out by Robert and William Robinson in August 1828. Fredericktown was laid out by Leonard Eller in September 1828.

Fletcher, 1830

Fletcher was laid out by John H. Wolcott in November 1830, Lena, formerly Elizabethtown, was laid out by Levi N. Robbins in October 1831. Hyattsville, now a part of Tipp City, May 1833. Huntersville, a part of Piqua, was laid out by David Hunter in January 1838.

Brandt was laid out and owned by John and Peter Vorhees and Thomas Dover in March 1839. Victory, later vacated, was laid out by John Brown in May 1839. Clayton was laid out by Jacob Martin in February 1840 and Tipp City (Tippecanoe City) by John Clark in April 1840. Rossville was laid out by William Knowles in March 1841. Cowlesville was started in October 1842 by Samuel Y. Pearson.

Newton, now known as Pleasant Hill, was laid out by Jacob K. Teeter, in September 1843. New Lebanon was started in May 1845 by John Holsapple, George Hatfield, David Longanecker, Joseph B. Carroll, Benjamin Longanecker, David Fetters, Daniel Snyder and John Ditmer.

Alcony 1850

Miami City (Alcony) was laid out by Michael G. Carver, Levi Hart and W. B. Vandeveer in January 1850. Laura was laid out by Riley M. McCool and John W. Sharp, in June 1852.

Conover was laid out by S. G. Brecount in April 1856. West Covington was laid out by J. R. Shuman in June 1869. Redman, now a part of Covington, was laid out by the same J. R. Shuman in February 1877.

Ludlow Falls was laid out by S. B. Smith, in May 1882. Bloomertown was laid out and owned by G. H. Finfrock, A. D. Camp, William Derr, W. W. Sando, Samuel and S. B. Crick in January 1883. Bradford was laid out and owned by D. R. Rice, August 1888. Phoneton was laid out in December 1907.

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