Miami County Marriage 
~~~~~~~ 1807-1865 ~~~~~~~
Letter Q

Quaid, John              McDade, Catharine          1861
Quaid, John              Dade. Catharine M.         1861
Quay, Ellen              Levering, Robart F.        ----
Quick, Timothy           O'Connor, Catharine        1857
Quick, Timothy           O'Conner, Catherine        1857
Quillen, James           Donohoe, Ellen             1864
Quillen, Noah            Hon, Mary                  1857
Quillen, Noah            Keen, Mary                 1857
Quilling, John           Burnes, Elizabeth          1840
Quinlan, ------          Donahue, Ellen             1864
Quinter, James           Studybaker, Fanny          1861
Qurk, Margaret           Croesley, Jeremiah         ---- 

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