Miami County Marriage  
~~~~~~~ 1807-1865 ~~~~~~~
Letter C 

C-ap-le, Marua P.        Kelly, William H.          1860
Cabes, Henry A.M.        Jacobs, Laura              1868
Cable, Anna M.           Patty, Mark                ----
Cable, Cyntha A.         Whitmer, Peter E.          1869
Cable, Francis           Maurer, Jonas              1842
Cable, Francis E.        Grubb, Joshua              1869
Cable, George            Bayhere, Rebecca           ----
Cable, Hannah            Mohler, Levi S.            1871
Cable, Hannah R.         Harshbarger, J.D.          1859
Cable, Hannah R.         Harshbarger, J.D.          1859
Cable, Isaac W.          Deeter, Sallie A.          1867
Cable, Jacob             Wenrich, Susanah           1845
Cable, John              Harrison, Tamer            1840
Cable, John              Witmer, Fanny              1843
Cable, Jonathan H.       Brown, Anna M.             1869
Cable, Nancy             Hollopeter, Elijah         1842
Cable, Nannie            Cunkle, Levi J.            1866
Cable, Roland E.         Hill, Elizabeth            1848
Cable, Roland E.         Furnas, Eunice             1850
Caburn, Susanah          Pegg, Charles              1864
Cadawalder, ----         Knife, Sarah               1865
Cadawalder, Sarah Jane   Thompson, Richard S.       1861
Cadawalder. Sarah Jane   Thompson, Richard S.       ----
Cadwalader, Elizabeth A. Hittle, John N.            1867
Caffey, Charles          Everitt, Harriet E.        1865
Caid, Mary C.            Kife, George G.            1864
Cain, Betsey A.          Roderick, Daniel           1842
Cain, David              Bowers, Sarah              1848
Cain, Elizabeth          Tremain, Roswell           1831
Cain, Emily              Seapley, William           1869
Cain, Jacob              Russel, Margaret           1869
Cain, James              Snavely, Relie             1869
Cain, John B.            Bazzell, Paticens          1860
Cain, John R.            Bazzell, Patricia          1860
Cain, Mary               Yoder, Amos                1841
Cain, Mary               Leffel, Jacob              1846
Cain, Mary               Castle, Abraham            1839
Cain, Nancy              McCurdy, Robert            1848
Cain, William            Lefever, Hannah            1839
Cains, Samuel A.         Deweese, Melissa           1855
Cairns, Jame M.          Collins, Samuel S.         1844
Cairns, Maggie F.        Ely, Joshua J.             1860
Cairns, Nancy E.         Brown, James S.            1849
Cairns, Sarah A.         Smeltzer, Ruben K.         1843
Caldwallader, John       Knife, Sarah               1865
Caldwel, Sarah E.        Hughs, George              1855
Caldwell, Ann            Cock, James                1841
Caldwell, David          McClay, Rebecca            1837
Caldwell, George W.      Painter, Elizabeth         1849
Caldwell, James          Martin, Elizabeth Anne     1820
Caldwell, James          Statler, Sarah E.          1849
Caldwell, James H.       Pearson, Eunice M.         ----
Caldwell, James H.       Pearson, Eunice M.         1861
Caldwell, James T.       Amarine, Elizabeth C.      1853
Caldwell, Joseph         Wade, Susan                1866
Caldwell, Nancy          Pearson, Ephraim           1854
Caldwell, Nancy M.       Moore, Joseph              1855
Caldwell, Pinkerton      Houston, Eliza M.          1839
Caldwell, Rebecca D.     Maxfield, G.W.             1859
Caldwell, Rebecca D.     Warfield, G.W.             1859
Caldwell, S.N.           McKinney, Mary J.          1851
Caldwell, Sarah          Kitchen, Henry             1823
Caldwell, Sarah E.       Hughes, George             1855
Caldwell, Stephen        Delap, Elizabeth           1848
Caldwell, Virginia J.    Gray, Thomas R.            1856
Cale, Joseph             Williams, Sarah            1821
Calger, John             Patterson, Eunis           1855
Callaghan, Thomas        Cowely, Catharine          1865
Calpas, Christopher      Fort, Mary                 ----
Calvin, Lewis W.         Flowers, Virena M.         1860
Calvin, Lewis W.         Flowers, Verend M.         1860
Calvin, Silas            Byrkey, Caroline M.        1855
Camble, John             Brown, Betsey              1824
Cameron, Anna M.         Barnhart, Andres           1871
Camfield, Nathan         Goudy, Elizabeth           1853
Camp, Elanor T.          Robinson, Samuel T.        1847
Campbell, Abraham        Luce, Martha               1835
Campbell, Adam           Luce, Judith               1841
Campbell, Adam       (1) Kepper, Elizabeth          1826
Campbell, Adam       (2) Caper, Elizabeth           1826
Campbell, Albert         Wells, Mary Ann            1827
Campbell, Ann            Keyt, Robert M.            1851
Campbell, Anqus C.       Kitchen, Cornelia A.       1872
Campbell, Catharine      Defrees, William C.        1849
Campbell, Cory           McConnell, Elizabeth       1834
Campbell, Daniel         Williams, Anna             1825
Campbell, Delila         Hartman, A.B.              1845
Campbell, Elizabeth      Sawyer, Joseph             1840
Campbell, Elizabeth      Townsley, John             1846
Campbell, Elizabeth R.   Tullis, Sylvester          1857
Campbell, Elizabeth R.   Tullis, Sylvester          1857
Campbell, Emanuel        Luie, Darky Ann            1832
Campbell, Jacob          Hill, Rachel Jane          1865
Campbell, James          Williams, Mary             1836
Campbell, James          Linn, Margaret A.          1860
Campbell, James          Lapin, Elizabeth           1858
Campbell, James          Linn, Margaret A.          1860
Campbell, James          Hill, Rachel Jane          1865
Campbell, Jane           Rogers, Thomas             1817
Campbell, Jane           Brackman, Hiram            1856
Campbell, John           Staufer, Fannie            1871
Campbell, John           Yount, Sarah               ----
Campbell, John           Hughey, Elizabeth          1819
Campbell, John           Brown, Elizabeth           1825
Campbell, John L.        Haney, Nancy Jane          1858
Campbell, Joseph         Gearheart, Sarah J.        1837
Campbell, Joseph B.      Collins, Elizabeth         1853
Campbell, Letta          Delzell, John              1834
Campbell, Lizzie         Kirstine, Christopher      1872
Campbell, Margaret       Ore, Anderson              1850
Campbell, Mark           Lolan, Isabella J.         1857
Campbell, Michael        King, Mary                 ----
Campbell, Phebe          Webster, Hopkins           1829
Campbell, Robert         Phillips, Elizabeth        1871
Campbell, Robert K.      Voorhis, Vianna V.         1857
Campbell, Sarah J.       McCullough, James          1837
Campbell, Stewart        Keller, Elizabeth          1832
Campbell, Stewart        Wells, Catharine           1837
Campbell, William        Mitchell, Mary M.          1849
Campbell, William        Lambert, Margaret          1852
Campton, John F.         Wells, Sophia W.           1832
Campton, Lewis           Miller, Sarah              1856
Campton, Runion          Murphy, Mary               1818
Campton, Sarah N.        Carson, Albert             1844
Campton, W.H.            Dells, Amanda P.           1830
Canader, Elizabeth       Harter, William            1822
Canady, Ellen            Birely, Jerome             1858
Canady, John             Averelt, Catharine         1826
Canady, Sarah            Cartwright, John           1850
Candlep, Rebecca K.      Whitaker, Jonathan M.      1851
Candless, Callie         Bruce, James F.            1866
Cane, Ann                Danes, Samuel              ----
Cane, James              Thompson, Sarah            1819
Cane, Lucus          (1) Moffitt, Martha            1823
Cane, Lucus          (2) Moffitt, Martha            1824
Caner, Susan             Robison, William           1815
Canfield, Daniel         Crandall, Nancy            1865
Cann, Lawrence           Pearson, Susan C.          1864
Canneb, Catharine        Miller, Jacob              1816
Cannon, Catharine        Helvey, William            1834
Cannon, Eva              Mumford, James             1855
Cannon, James            Jones, Jariah              1831
Cannon, Joshua           Helvy, Mary                1842
Cannon, Moses        (1) Bennit, Martha             1818
Cannon, Moses        (2) Bennit, Martha             1818
Cannon, Richard          Brawdrick, Mary            1817
Cansolner, Jacob         Shaw, Rachael              1840
Canton, Israel E.        Morris, Rebecca            1831
Cantrel, Mary C.         Worthington, John          1849
Cantwell, Thomas         Tully, Ellen               ----
Canyers, George P.       Vanhorn, Catharine S.      1864
Capadry, George          Murphy, Delilah            1824
Caper, Elizabeth         Campbell, Adam       (2)   1826
Capron, Hannah           Burch, John                1839
Capron, Louisa           Thompson, John             1844
Capron, Martha           Thompson, Layton           ----
Capron, Nancy            Yount, Joseph              1851
Capron, Sarah            Stanfield, Charles         1872
Capron, Welcome          North, Delany              1819
Caprone, Oliver          Yount, Sarah               1850
Caprone, Welcome         North, Delany              1819
Carbaugh, Samuel         Clevedent, Mary C.         ----
Carbock, Duke            Scudder, Polly             1824
Carey, Amelia            Blackmore, Mark            1852
Carey, Amzi B.           Bowman, Mary E.            1864
Carey, Benjamin          Reiber, Anna               1867
Carey, Edward            Elliott, Harriet C.        1868
Carey, Eliabeth          Webber, Francis            1838
Carey, Eliza A.          Rhodehamel, Jacob R.       1870
Carey, Jacob Y.          Westfall, Jane             1851
Carey, James             Newcom, Mary               1831
Carey, Jeremiah          McClure, Susan             1849
Carey, Joseph F.         McKinney, Eliza A.         1849
Carey, Lewis E.          Davis, Jane E.             1854
Carey, Mary J.           Yates, Charles L.          1854
Carey, Michael           Evans, Margaret            1865
Carey, Phebe             Prilleman, Daniel          1843
Carey, Samuel            Baine, Meriah              1854
Carey, Sarah             Spicer, Samuel S.          1842
Carey, Thomas M.         Johnson, Catharine         1867
Carey, William           Hunt, Mary F.              ----
Carisman, Emeline        Miller, Stephen L.         1850
Cariverre?, Lewis D.     Yeager, Charlotte A.       1865
Carl, James              Pipinger, Barbara          1850
Carle, Margaret          Brackson, Jesse            1828
Carle, Thomas J.         Blue, Catharine            1827
Carles, Clara B.         Vance, Charles H.          1863
Carles, Clara B.         Vance, Charles H.          1863
Carley, Mary        ?    Shilick, Peter             1863
Carll, John              Coppock, Margetia          1819
Carlton, Frank E.        Reynolds, Anna B.          1872
Carman, Benjamin B.      Jenkins, Clementine        1853
Carman, Christian        Margroart, Louis           1859
Carman, Elijah H.        Pence, Amanda              1868
Carman, Jane             Haukins, William           1858
Carmancy, Mary Jane      Brecount, Henry            1861
Carmichael, Philip F.    Arnold, Catharine          1843
Carmon, Eva              Mumford, James             ----
Carmon, Henry            Emrich, Sarah              1861
Carmon, Henry            Emerick, Sarah             1861
Carmon, Jane             Hankins, William           1858
Carmony, Cassandra P.    Boswell, Jacob A.          1863
Carmony, Mary Jane       Brecount, Henry H.         1861
Carmony, Susan M.        Sills, John                1862
Carn, Abraham            Fair, Catharine            1829
Carn, Elizabeth          Russell, George            1826
Carn, James W.           Johnson, Mary C.           1854
Carn, Martha A.          Skillen, William A.        1865
Carnes, Columbus C.      Smith, Nancy A.            1869
Carnes, Sarah            Danrider, John             1854
Carnott, Henry           Barns, Drucilla            1851
Carns, Amanda            Carns, David               1845
Carns, David             Carns, Amanda              1845
Carns, John J.           Jennings, Susannah         1853
Carns, Lenord            Hammer, Sarah              1821
Carns, Samuel A.         Johnson, Emma C.           1865
Carns, Susannah          Harman, David              1848
Caroll, Oliver           Banta, Mary Ann            1856
Carpenter, Alva          Davis, Diana S.            1859
Carpenter, Alva S.       Davis, Dianah S.           1859
Carpenter, C.A.          See, Harriet V.            1855
Carpenter, Eliza         Duncan, Isaac B.           1872
Carpenter, Elmira        Murphy, William            1840
Carpenter, James         Yohe, Eliza                1848
Carpenter, John Ludlow   Ship, Mary Jane            1861
Carpenter, John Ludlow   Ship, Mary Jane            1861
Carpenter, Maria L.      Grover, Constane B.        1856
Carpenter, Rachal        Kirk, Peter                1858
Carpenter, Thomas J.     Hurt, Almira H.            1827
Carpenter, William S.    Young, Julia W.            1867
Carr, Cyrus              Gourley, Caroline          1867
Carr, Elijah             Hilliard, Sarah            1830
Carr, Elizabeth          Virgin, Morilla M.         1847
Carr, H.                 Dunhan, Phebe              1852
Carr, Hamilton           Furnas, Rhoda              1825
Carr, Hannah             Darst, Samuel              1847
Carr, Herman             Bowersock, Margaret        1860
Carr, Hermon             Bowersock, Margaret        1860
Carr, J.H.               Robinson, Martha E.        1871
Carr, Jonathan           Anderson, Jennie           1865
Carr, Joseph             Hilliard, Levinia          1832
Carr, Margaret E.        Rhodes, Joseph H.          1864
Carr, Peter O.           Mock, Sarah                1849
Carr, Rachael A.  (Kerr? Knoop, William           ) 1835
Carr, William            Swales, Mahala             1861
Carr, William            Swales, Mahala             1861
Carr, William            Furrow, Sarah              1869
Carrell, Anna            Pippinger, Theapolus E.    1844
Carrington, Julia        Dubois, William P.         1865
Carrington, Susan B.     Brodbeck, William N.       1872
Carrington, Thomas       Husley, Winfred            1865
Carrol, Sarah Ann        Byron, Bentley             1861
Carrol, Wesley           Mitchell, Margaret         1856
Carroll, Amelia          Lee, Evans J.              1853
Carroll, Angeline        Hahn, Samuel               1859
Carroll, Angeline        Hohn, Samuel               1859
Carroll, Daniel          Donely, Jane               1815
Carroll, James M.        Freeman, Polly             1834
Carroll, Joseph          Ditmore, Rosanna           1840
Carroll, Oliver          Banta, Mary J.             1856
Carroll, Oliver          Stevens, Bethany           1865
Carroll, Oliver          Stevens, Bethany           1864
Carroll, Sallie          Evans, Henry C.            1867
Carroll, Sarah Ann       Bentley, Byron             1861
Carroll, William B.      Daily, Catharine D.        1852
Carson, Aaron            Spencer, Wiley             1834
Carson, Aaron            Spencer, Wiley             1834
Carson, Albert           Campton, Sarah N.          1844
Carson, Ann J.           McClure, Amos D.           1837
Carson, Edwin            Thompson, Matilda          1871
Carson, Floretta         Myres, Robert              1843
Carson, Jennie           Denny, N. Licurgas         1854
Carson, John             Stewart, Grace             ----
Carson, John             Lanston, Clara             1848
Carson, John R.          Burns, Martha J.           1847
Carson, Julia            Levering, B.F.             1862
Carson, Julia            Levering, B.F.             1862
Carson, Katharine        Long, Joseph D.            1827
Carson, Liberty B.       Prugh, Clara Jane          1866
Carson, Margaret         Hubbard, Timothy           1859
Carson, Margaret         Hubbard, Timothy           1859
Carson, Martha Jane      North, Washington I.       1861
Carson, Martha Jane      North, Washington Irvin    1861
Carson, Oliver P.        McKee, Elizabeth A.        1854
Carson, Rebecca          Saylor, Samuel             1842
Carson, Samuel           Cothran, Nancy             1835
Carson, Sarah            Studebaker, Jacob          1830
Carson, Susannah         Beedle, Aaron              1823
Carson, William          Worrelburn, Permelia       ----
Carson, William          Gilmore, Rachael           1832
Carter, Adaline          Delorey, Elijah            1851
Carter, Catharine        Hutcheon, Jonathan         1820
Carter, Charity V.       Pearson, Thomas            1854
Carter, Charles          Henduckson, Nancy          ----
Carter, Eliza            Roy, David                 1827
Carter, Elizabeth        Johnston, Henry F.         1826
Carter, Eunice           Counts, Lewis F.           1872
Carter, Fanny            Stamper, Wilbur            1862
Carter, Fanny            Stamper, Wilbur            1862
Carter, Henry            Fowlis, Ella               1870
Carter, Henry            Buckles, Milly Jane        1855
Carter, Joel             Brelsford, Caroline        1868
Carter, Lydia A.         Hammon, R.P.               1860
Carter, Maria            Yates, Edmund W.           1860
Carter, Maria            Yates, Emanuel             1850
Carter, Mary E.          Hutchens, Josish           1845
Carter, Matilda          Wright, James              1841
Carter, Rachel           Purkisser, Marcus          ----
Carter, Rachel           Manson, James              1813
Carter, Saphronia        Morris, Burton M.          1848
Carter, Sarah            Blevins, William           1861
Carter, Sarah Matilda    Cussard, John H.           1862
Carter, Sarah Matilda    Custard, John H.           1862
Carter, William S.       Simmons, Barbara Ann       1855
Cartner, Daniel          Cox, Nancy                 1829
Cartright, Martha A.     Pohn, Daniel S.            1845
Cartwright, Alexander    McMohon, Charlotte         1848
Cartwright, Betsey       Burch, Joseph              1840
Cartwright, Catharine    McJimsey, William          1842
Cartwright, George W.    Bard, Mary                 1852
Cartwright, James        Chevill, Elizabeth J.      1844
Cartwright, Jane         Riffle, Samuel             1836
Cartwright, John         Peck, Sarah                1837
Cartwright, John         McCumpsey, Mary J.         1839
Cartwright, John         Canady, Sarah              1850
Cartwright, Mary J.      Stirk, Samuel W.           1868
Cartwright, Sarah        Winans, Elias W.           1840
Cartwright, William P.   Barton, Nancy Ema          1856
Carty, Catharine M.      Norton, Thomas             1863
Carver, Alexander B.     Jones, Mariah              1862
Carver, Alexander B.     Jones, Mariah              1862
Carver, Benjamin         Smith, Caroline            ----
Carver, Benjamin         Moore, Matilda J.          1852
Carver, Henry        (1) Sailor, Mary               1825
Carver, Henry        (2) Sailor, Mary               1825
Carver, Jacob            Derr, Nelly                1830
Carver, Michael G.       Davis, Sarah               1836
Carver, Sarah            Smith, Jessa               1830
Carver, Sarah            Hendrickson, John S.       1861
Carver, Sarah            Henrickson, John S.        1861
Carver, William A.       Dye, Lizzie                1867
Carver, Winfield S.      Borchbill, Ella A.         1872
Carver, hannah W.        Haney, William W.          1852
Carvey, Rachael B.       Morse, John W.T.           1851
Carvin, Austin           Manning, Lavina            1853
Carwel, Susan            Harvey, Felix              1846
Cary, Abagail            Jennings, Levi             1838
Cary, Abraham            Manning, Johana            1847
Cary, Benjamin           Winans, Hannah             1826
Cary, Benjamin           Helmich, Mary              1858
Cary, Cephas             Garard, Rhoda              1815
Cary, Cephes             Mendenhall, Elizabeth      1857
Cary, Charlotte          Enyant, William C.         1858

Cary, David              Perry, Sarah Jane          1861
Cary, David              Winans, Betsy              1815
Cary, George             Winans, Rebecca A.         1846
Cary, Isaac              Hudson, Abby               1820
Cary, Jacob              Sloan, Louisa              1827
Cary, Jane               Drain, John                1833
Cary, Johannah           Hair, John                 1850
Cary, John               Williams, Sarah T.         1858
Cary, John               Williams, Sarah Jane       1858
Cary, Nathan         (1) Smith, Mary                1825
Cary, Nathan         (2) Smith, Mary                1825
Cary, Robert             Wells, Mary                1848
Cary, Sally              Hudson, James              1822
Cary, Sarah J.           McConnell, J.B.            1864
Cary, Thomas             Winons, Mary               1819
Cary, Thomas             Rollins, Hetty             1833
Case, Charlotte M.       Johnson, Frank E.          1862
Case, Charlotte M.       Johnston, Frank E.         1862
Case, Sally              Johnston, John             1815
Casey, Ann               Miller, Isriah             1836
Casey, Bridget           Kenedy, Thomas             1856
Casey, Edith             Woods, Thomas              1816
Casey, Mary              Tearn, Michel              ----
Casey, Michael           Section, Honora            ----
Casey, Michael           Section, Honora            1862
Casey, Michael           Evans, Margaret            1865
Casey, Stewart           Johnson, Celia             1866
Casey, William F.        Dugan, Bridget A.          1871
Casey, William T.        Williams, Calista J.       1870
Cashwa, Martin B.        Studebaker, Maria          1856
Casley, George W.        Rogers, Sarah Jane         1866
Casley, Mary             Shilick, Peter             1863
Casley, Mary        ?    Shilick, Peter             1863
Casmony, Cassandra P.    Boswell, Jacob A.          ----
Casmony, Susan M.        Sills, John                1862
Casper, -----            Longendelpher, -----       1865
Casper, Andrew           Lewis, Frances Ann         ----
Casper, Lucinda          Bowdell, James S.          1856
Casper, Margaret         Minnich, George            1857
Casper, Mary E.          Hellman, Benjamin          1850
Casper, Samuel           Bollinger, Susannah        1843
Cassady, George W.       Murphy, Delilah            1824
Cassel, Henry            Thompson, Nancy Ann        1861
Cassel, Henry            Thompson, Nancy Ann        1861
Cassel, John             Harbaker, Sarah Ann        1867
Cassel, John             Ballinger, Susannah        1852
Cassel, Mary A.          Bollinger, John            1871
Cassel, Michael          Walmer, Mary A.            1849
Cassel, Simon            Ingle, Elizabeth           1859
Cassel, Simon            Ingle, Elizabeth           1859
Cassel, Thomas           Evilsizer, Sarah           1856
Cassel, William          Rarick, Lucy Ann           1860
Cassel, William          Ronk, Lucy Ann             ----
Cassell, Benjamin E.     Howard, Martha             1866
Cassell, Lydia E.        Snowbarger, David R.       1870
Cassiday, William A.     Deeter, Catharine          1867
Castard, William         Martin, Mary               1821
Castard, William         Chancy, Margaret           1843
Casteel, Almira          Powell, David              1851
Castelle, Thomas         Shaunessey, Mary           1863
Castle, Abraham          Cain, Mary                 1839
Castle, Catharine A.     Henry, Charles M.          1870
Castle, Daniel W.        Hemer, Mary Elizabeth      1865
Castle, Elizabeth .      Moore, Lewis               1837
Castle, John             Hittle, Lydia              1830
Castle, John Jr.         Moore, Margaret            1845
Castle, Margaret A.      Line, John                 1840
Castle, Polly A.         Beegley, William           ----
Casy, David              Perry, Sarah Jane          ----
Casy, William            Hunt, Mary                 1865
Cathcart, Clara          Worman, James M.           1872
Cathcart, Lovina C.      Licklider, George W.       1872
Cathcart, William        Fryback, Lydia             1846
Cathonn, William         Creeman, Elsey             ----
Catterlin, Amanda        Reisner, James W.          1872
Catterlin, Emma          Hickman, Adam F.           1872
Catterlin, Hannah        Aspinall, Thomas           1858
Catterlin, John M.       Watkins, Lenora A.         1869
Catterlin, Joseph        Rike, Catharine            1852
Catterlin, Mary          McMaken, Calab             1850
Catterlin, Mary J.       Fahnstock, John R.         1871
Catterman, Henry         Rolston, Catharine         1859
Catterman, John          Rolston, Jane              1859
Catterman, John          Ralston, Jane              1859
Catting, Limes           Conklin, Eliza             1821
Causter, Hannah D.       Sherman, James             ----
Cavalt, Jenny            Webb, R.S.                 1859
Cavalt, Jenny            Webb, R.S.                 1859
Cavalt, Jenny            Weber. R.S.                1859
Cavalt, Newton           Haney, Catharine           1859
Cavalt, William H.       Wilson, Susannah           1866
Cavan, Sarah             Hennessy, Patrick          1843
Cavan, Sarah             Hies, James M.             1847
Cavanaugh, George S.     Dick, Sophia E.            1853
Cavanaugh, Johannah      O'Bryan, Michael C.        1861
Cavanaugh, John          Harron, Rebecca            ----
Cavanaugh, Whannah       Bryan, Michael C.          ----
Cavander, Louisa         Jenks, Daniel              1852
Cavany, Mary             McGowen, Patrick           ----
Cavault, Caroline        Wiley, John A.             1866
Cavault, Casena          Garver, Abraham            1863
Cavault, Clementine      Noble, Thomas              1863
Cavault, Eliza J.        Monsen, Josiss S.          1847
Cavault, John Erastus    Smalley, Mary Ellen        1861
Cavault, Lewis           Manson, Eliza              1858
Cavault, Permelia        Robbins, Benjamin          1831
Cavault, Preston         Swisher, Anna              1867
Cavault, Sarah           Sise, Daniel               1853
Cavault, Sarah           Cromer, Nathan             1831
Cavault, Viola           Smith, John W.             1865
Cavault, Viola           Smith, John W.             1865
Cavedish, William        Frantner, Caty             1815
Caven, David             Denmon, Keturah            1829
Caven, David             Frizell, Mary              1851
Caven, George B.         Simmons, Catharine         1852
Caven, J.A.              Winans, A.M.               1856
Caven, John              Ross, Ascmeth              1833
Caven, John A.           Scott, Elizabeth           1823
Caven, Margaret          Pottorf, Solomon           1862
Caven, Margarett         Pottorf, Solomon           1862
Caven, Mary              Runyan, Henry T.           ----
Caven, Mary A.           Suber, William D.          1854
Caven, Melissa           Beal, Alfred               1856
Caven, Sarah             Wiley, John                1829
Cavenaugh, John          Hason, Rebecca             1860
Cavender, Abigail        Lennon, Michael            ----
Cavender, Francse A.     Iddings, Jefferson D.      1872
Cavender, Henry          Herron, Louisa             1854
Cavender, John       (2) Langley, Sarah             1823
Cavender, John Jr.   (1) Langley, Sarah             1823
Cavender, John W.        Heron, Mary                1846
Cavender, Mary           Neal, William H.           1868
Cavender, Mary           Bruce, Garland B.          1834
Cavender, Rachael        Darnold, Henry             1847
Cavender, Rebecca        Cavender, Robert           1836
Cavender, Robert         Cavender, Rebecca          1836
Cavender, Ruth           Nolan, James               1846
Cavender, Samuel         Knick, Rebecca             1836
Cavender, Sarah          Zelcut, Samuel W.          1835
Cavender, Sarah          Larew, Samuel              1840
Cavender, Sarah          Mercer, Samuel             1829
Cavender, Thomas         Tical, Amy                 1820
Cavender, Wesley         Graham, Jane               1832
Cavender, William        Sheek, Elizabeth           1827
Caver, Milton J.         Allen, Rebecca A.          1866
Cavin, Alice A.          Hill, Willis S.            1871
Cavin, David             McKinney, Hester           1822
Cavin, David N.          West, Sarah J.             1869
Cavin, Elizabeth         Mathers, John              1852
Cavin, J.A.              Winans, A.M.               1856
Cavin, James             Plathe, Catharine          1819
Cavin, James M.          Mellinger, Melissa F.      1852
Cavin, James M.          Sayers, Annetta            1868
Cavin, Mary              Rusell, George W.          1856
Cavin, Melissa E.        Boal, Alfred W.            1856
Cavin, Samuel M.         Haney, Mary                1835
Cavoult, Rooda A.        Reeder, Miles              1872
Caw, Ann E.J.            Knife, John                ----
Caw, Eliza J.            Wright, Nathan             1869
Caw, George              Curtis, Mary A.            1843
Caw, George              Wade, Harriet M.           1868
Caw, Margaret            Hicksenhytzer, John J.     1867
Caw, Martha A.           Skillen, William A.        1865
Caw, Sophia              Million, Jacob             1845
Caw, William             Dames, Sarah               1844
Cear, Henry              Bartalman, Catharine       1839
Cecil, Barbara           Wallace, Reuben            1819
Cecil, Barbara           Chaffee, Sidney L.         1849
Cecil, Brrbara           Snider, John S.P.          1852
Cecil, Calven            Gearhart, Nancy            1828
Cecil, Catharine         Hawver, H.A.               1861
Cecil, Catharine         Bryant, Archabald          1838
Cecil, Eleanor           Culbertson, Joseph         1824
Cecil, Elizabeth         Smith, Francis M.          1872
Cecil, Fenton S.         Lefevre, Martha            1869
Cecil, Gateshee          Dill, Harrison             1863
Cecil, Gordon K.         Snider, Priscilla          1852
Cecil, Henry             Mann, Catharine            1845
Cecil, James S.          Garver, Catharine          1825
Cecil, John              Deweese, Electa, Mrs.      1864
Cecil, John G.           Wygale, Elizabeth          1815
Cecil, John S.           McDonald, Mary E.          1865
Cecil, Juliet            Inman, John                1825
Cecil, Letty             Dye, James                 1825
Cecil, Lutecia           Hart, James H. Jr.         1843
Cecil, Martha J.         Wilson, George             ----
Cecil, Martha J.         Wilson, George             1859
Cecil, Mary              Phyne, Andrew              1845
Cecil, Nancy             Clark, Mordical            1846
Cecil, Nancy E.          Lefever, Christian         1853
Cecil, Norrel            Statler, Eleanor           1842
Cecil, Norrel            Britland, Eleanor          1864
Cecil, Polina            Stepheford, Thomas         1832
Cecil, Ruth A.           Robbinson, John C.         1866
Cecil, Steward           Shellenbarger, Margaret    1844
Cecil, Susan             Irons, George              1861
Cecil, Susan             Irons, George              1861
Cecil, Tateshee          Dill, Harrison             1863
Cecil, Virginia          Stewart, William L.        1864
Cecil, Virginia A.       Stewart, William L.        1864
Cecils, Rebecca          Burran, John               1814
Ceiders, Henry           Wellbaum, Mary E.          1867
Cempton, Elis M.         Jenkins, Nancy A.          1853
Cerba, Eliza             Haganbaugh, John           ----
Cerie, Catharine         Mulany, Patrick            1852
Chace, David R.          Harper, Margaret M.        1867
Chaffee, Bnejamin P.     Bogart, Anna               ----
Chaffee, Charles         Hale, Sarah                1859
Chaffee, Charles         Hale, Sarah                1859
Chaffee, Delila          Cottral, Samuel            1866
Chaffee, H.D.            McFarland, Emeline         1859
Chaffee, H.D.            McFarland, Emeline         ----
Chaffee, Jennie          Max, Henry                 1871
Chaffee, Joseph H.       Jones, Mary A.             1845
Chaffee, Julia           Cotral, James              1865
Chaffee, Peny P.         Bogart, Susan              1860
Chaffee, Samuel          Blue, Catharine            1854
Chaffee, Sidney L.       Cecil, Barbara             1849
Chaffee, William         Wallace, Maria J.          1871
Chaffey, Charles         Everitt, Harriet E.        1865
Chaffey, Sarah M.        Smiley, U.S.               ----
Chalmers, George         Washburn, Lucinda          1856
Chamberlain, Ann M.      Sims, Andrew J.            1848
Chamberlain, Rebecca A.  Lane, Jacob Jr.            1838
Chamberland, Eliza Jane  Vance, John                1835
Chamberlanin, Martha M.  Harell, William K.         1853
Chamberlin, James L.     Rollins, Cannie E.         1872
Chambers, Catharine      Vroman, Dorance C.         1849
Chambers, Catharine      Bobbte, Samuel             1851
Chambers, Eli            Puterbaugh, Catharine      1838
Chambers, Elizabeth      Thackeray, James           1848
Chambers, Emory          Ginn, Mary                 1868
Chambers, Henry C.       Hart, Arabella             1870
Chambers, Henry P.       Jones, Meranda             1860
Chambers, Henry P.       Jones, Miranda             1860
Chambers, Joseph         Giesseman, Susanna         1870
Chambers, Samuel         Miller, Harriet            1844
Chambers, Sarah A.       Hilleary, Tillman          1861
Chambers, Sarah A.       Hillery, Dilman            1851
Chambers, Thomas         Lenox, Mary                1819
Champlin, Caroline       Walls, William H.H.        1870
Champlin, Lucinda        Black, Jefferson           1865
Champlin, Mary           Wills, Lewis               1870
Champlin, Nelson S.      Burnside, Anna             1872
Chanberlain, Mary A.     Snyder, David B.           ----
Chancy, Margaret         Castard, William           1843
Chapeze, Hanrietta       Houston, William W.        1846
Chapeze, Rosetta         Ayres, David C.            1844
Chapin, Leonidas         Rose, Amanda M.H.          1855
Chapin, Lorenzo S.       Knight, Nann S.            1861
Chapin, Lorenzo S.       Knight, Nann S.            1861
Chapman, George W.       Ruff, Mary E.              1861
Chapman, George W.       Ruff, Mary E.              1861
Chapman, Jane            Bunker, Henry              1845
Chapman, John S.         Sullenbarger, Margaret J . 1854
Chapman, Susan           Blackford, William         1848
Chapman, Thomas R.       Jones, Anna                1843
Chapmon, Sarah           Post, John S.              ----
Chappel, James           Martin, Sarah Jane         1865
Chappel, R.B.            Routson, Jemima            1861
Chappel, R.B.            Routson, Jemima            1861
Chappel, Robert B.       Barns, Lila A.             1868
Chappeze, Elizabeth      Vanhorn, Thomas B.         1830
Chappeze, Henry          Morrow, Elizabeth          1820
Chappin, Elizabeth       Brendel, George            1856
Chapple, Maria P.        Kelly, William H.          1860
Chase, Daniel N.         Hart, Lizzie K.            1867
Chase, Frances L.        Niles, Lewis F.            1869
Chase, Hiram             --nger, Elizabeth          1838
Chase, Mary Jane         Werts, Wesley M.           1867
Chase, Nancy             Rank, Joseph               1872
Chase, Narcissia W.      Daniels, John F.           1858
Chase, Silas J.          --nsel, Mary E.            1836
Cheeney, Edmond          Bennett, Mary Jane         1862
Cheeney, Edmund          Bennett, Mary Jane         1862
Cheesman, Amanda         Row, Samuel H.             1871
Cheever, Charles W.      Wilson, Harriet            1849
Cheever, Eliza M.        Davis, Simon               1849
Cheever, Ophelia         Hardenbrock, George S.     1870
Cheevers, James S.       Findley, Elvira N.         1832
Cheney, Ira H.           Coates, Nancy A.           1850
Cherolt, Samuel          Neal, Mary Ann             1843
Cherry, Moses            Line, Sarah B.             1864
Chevalier, Charles       Hamblet, Mary              1816
Chevalier, Mary J.       Clark, Garrison            1850
Chevalin, Elizabeth      Blue, Channey              ----
Chevill, Elizabeth J.    Cartwright, James          1844
Chew, James S.           Kirk, Eliza                1851
Childers, Daniel         Smith, Eliza A.            1870
Childers, Henry          Waggoner, Mary             1824
Childers, Henry          Black, Hannah              1860
Childers, James          Day, Mary E.               1859
Childers, Jane           McQuillen, Robert          1815
Childers, John W.        Mote, Mary E.              1851
Childers, Mahala         Weaver, Harrison           1859
Childers, Martha         Winans, Lewis              1826
Childester, George O.    Byrkett, Mary C.           1868
Children, James          Day, Mary                  1959
Childres, Elisha         Kelly, Sarah               1829
Childres, Henry          -----, Hannah              ----
Childres, Mahala         Weaver, Harrison           1859
Childres, Thomas         Perry, Phebe               1820
Childress, Daniel        Weddle, Amanda             1858
Childress, Eliza         Forbes, Ebenezer E.        1857
Childress, Mary Jane     Kendall, James             1856
Childress, Nancy         McDowell, David            1849
Childs, Almira C.        Green, Joseph H.           1865
Childs, Archy            Jefferson, Sarah           ----
Childs, Thomas P.        Eaton, Altezer E.          1840
Chipin, Leonard B.       Knight, Mary Watt          1866
Chisman, Ann             Reas, William              1840
Chisonult, Andrew A.     Blue, Phebe                1837
Chrisman, Martha A.      Hewitt, John               1843
Christ, Abram            Wiltheis, Bertha           1871
Christian, Aaron         Bollinger, Lydia           1866
Christian, Elizabeth     Butsch, Adam               1849
Christian, Harriet       Hissong, Frederick         1864
Christian, Harriet       Hissong, Frederick         1864
Christian, Jacob         Swank, Lucy                1831
Christian, Joseph        Riber, Anna                1848
Christian, Lydia Jane    Hart, Hugh A.              1864
Christian, Lydia Jane    Hart, Hugh A.              1864
Christian, Martha        Beaudon, Amos              1854
Christian, Martha        Bennder, Amos              1854
Christian, Mary Ann      Fulker, Samuel             1857
Christian, Nancy         Sando, Joseph              1867
Christy, Mary            Shellabarger, Isaac        1862
Christy, Mary            Shellabarger, Isaac        1862
Chronenberry, John       Meard, Bridget             1858
Chrowel, Elizabeth       Kepner, Benjmin H.         1861
Chrowel, Michael         Coy, Elizabeth             1828
Chrowl, Daniel M.        Brumbaugh, Margaret E.     1872
Chrowl, Jacob            Hickman, Elizabeth         1847
Chrowl, Jacob            Ullery, Catherine          1866
Chub, Nancy Ann          Overton, John J.           1856
Chubb, Nancy A.          Overton, John J.           1856
Church, Charles F.       Washburn, Caroline         1866
Churchill, Horace        Brown, Rebecca             1835
Ciblinger, Susannah      Steenbarger, Lewis         1815
Cimebright, William      Dunkin, Sarah              1859
Cipra, Joseph            Culbertson, Sena           1824
Cirby, Rebecca           Cochran, Hiram             1835
Cisco, Elizabeth         Hardy, Francis A.          1848
Cise, David              Frazee, Sarah              1869
Cish, Francis            Lenox, Alfred              1840
Citom, Stephen           Depe, Eleanor              1850
Ckipstine, Julianna      Reiber, Mordica            1840
Clace, Katy              Hoffman, Abraham           1862
Clace, Katy  (Miss)      Hoffman, Abraham           1862
Clack, Elizabeth         Smith, George              1868
Clahasey, Thomas         Mason, Catharine           1867
Clap, Eve R.             Cromer, William            1850
Clapp, Isaac             Deeter, Lucinda            1869
Clark, Abraham           West, Catharine            1832
Clark, Alexander         Stewart, Elizabeth G.      ----
Clark, Alice Mariah      Wilcox, William            1864
Clark, Allice Mariah     Williams, Wilcox           1864
Clark, Amanda            Petticrew, William         1872
Clark, Amanda A.         Adams, Albert              1861
Clark, Amanda A.         Adams, Albert              1861
Clark, Amos              Duncan, Esley              1862
Clark, Amos              Duncan, Estley             1862
Clark, Anderson          Kindel, Louisa             1869
Clark, Ann               Harrison, Eli              1858
Clark, Ann               Harrison, Eli              1858
Clark, Ann A.            Hounell, U.G.              1855
Clark, Ann Amilia        Hannell, J.G.              1855
Clark, Anna M.           Sowers, John T.            1867
Clark, Benjamin          Dains, Sarah               1822
Clark, Brant             Mulford, Mary              1845
Clark, Channcey B.       Fuller, Nancy A.           1838
Clark, Chlora A.         Stillwell, Barnet          1851
Clark, Chole P.          Deweese, Joseph R.         1872
Clark, Clarrissa         Conklin, James (Samuel?)   1858
Clark, Clarrissa         Conklin, Samuel (James?)   1858
Clark, Clarrissa         Thompson, Jacob            1832
Clark, Culbertson        Wallace, Sally             1820
Clark, Culbertson        Hendershott, Sarah         1826
Clark, Daniel            Fuller, Sarah Ann          1835
Clark, David             Patterson, Sarah A.        1872
Clark, David             Shtout, Hannah             ----
Clark, David             Dye, Sarah                 1836
Clark, David             Morrow, Margaret           1847
Clark, David         (1) Flowers, Nancy             1824
Clark, David         (2) Flowers, Nancy             1824
Clark, Eliza             Linn, Aaron H.             1836
Clark, Eliza J.          Heston, John P.            1848
Clark, Eliza J.          Statler, Stuart            1864
Clark, Elizabeth         Washington, John S.        1871
Clark, Elizabeth         Darst, Henry H.            1848
Clark, Elizabeth         Broringer, Jacob B.        1835
Clark, Emma L.           Harker, Charles C.         1860
Clark, Emma L.           Harker, Charles C.         1860
Clark, Ezekiel           West, Susan                ----
Clark, Ezekiel           Dabler, Martha             1847
Clark, F.G.              Martin, Mary Ann           1864
Clark, Franklin C.       Fox, Anna                  1868
Clark, Garrison          Chevalier, Mary J.         1850
Clark, George            Harrison, Elizabeth        1855
Clark, George S.         Weathers, Rebecca J.       1846
Clark, George W.         Conover, Ann E.            1866
Clark, Harriet           Long, John L.              1858
Clark, Harriet           Long, John M.              1858
Clark, Harvey            McMartin, Emma A.          1866
Clark, Harvey            Kitchen, Mary J.           1849
Clark, Hattie            Strome, Andrew             1871
Clark, Horatio N.        Mason, Elizabeth           1850
Clark, Isaac             Sout, Sally                1821
Clark, Isabella          Baer, William T.           1863
Clark, Isabella          Baer, William T.           1863
Clark, Issachor          Stewart, Sarah             1851
Clark, Jacob             Tursing, Nancy             1844
Clark, James             Denning, Sarah J.          1843
Clark, James B.          Mitchell, Martha Jane      1861
Clark, James B.          Mitchell, Martha Jane      1861
Clark, James H.          Hilliard, Mary             1858
Clark, James M.          Holderman, Margaret        1857
Clark, Jane              Huggard, Andrew            1839
Clark, John              Rutledge, Elizabeth        1862
Clark, John              Jenkins, Harriet           1818
Clark, John              Freeman, Eliza             1830
Clark, John              Rutledge, Elizabeth        1862
Clark, John G.           Gahagan, Mary              1817
Clark, John R.           Yuler, Harriet A.          1869
Clark, John W.           Hurt, Sarah Ann            ----
Clark, Joseph C.         Irwin, Rebecca             ----
Clark, Levi              Ramsey, Clarinde           ----
Clark, Linna             Perry, Commodore           1847
Clark, Madora R.         McKnight, John K.          1867
Clark, Margaret          Clark, Richard N.          1829
Clark, Margaret Jane     Fair, Cornelius            1861
Clark, Martha            Routzon, Absalom           1846
Clark, Mary              Sheets, Eli                1854
Clark, Mary              Smith, Frederick           1852
Clark, Mary              Collins, David             1829
Clark, Mary B.           McPrerson, William A.      1872
Clark, Mary E.           Goodnow, David W.B.        1868
Clark, Mary E.           Shafford, John W.          1867
Clark, Mary W.           Winans, John C.            1825
Clark, Mary W.           Winans, John C.            1825
Clark, Matie A.          Gercker, Philip            1859
Clark, Matilda           Morrin, William M.         1868
Clark, Merrett           McDowell, Mary             1852
Clark, Mordicai          Link, Lizzie               1867
Clark, Mordical          Cecil, Nancy               1846
Clark, Nancy             Anderson, Joseph           1843
Clark, Nancy E.          Robinson, Samuel K.        1870
Clark, Nathaniel         Williamson, Mahala J.      1853
Clark, Phebe             Brooks, David              1833
Clark, Rebecca A.        Howland, William H.        1842
Clark, Richard N.        Clark, Margaret            1829
Clark, Rofison           French, Mary A.            1840
Clark, Samantha J.       Oyler, William F.          1859
Clark, Samantha J.       Oyler, William F.          1859
Clark, Samuel L.         John, Virginia N.          1852
Clark, Sarah             Rutherford, C.W.           1850
Clark, Sarah E.          Agenbroad, Henry           1862
Clark, Sarah E.          Agenbroad, Henry           1862
Clark, Sarah Jane        Dills, Francis J.          1861
Clark, Sarah Jane        Dils, Francis J.           1861
Clark, Sarah Jane        Kissinger, John P.         1862
Clark, Sarah Jane        Kissinger, John P.         ----
Clark, Thomas            Brnneman, Lizzie C.        1871
Clark, Thomas            Bailey, Nancy              1830
Clark, Thomas            Braco, Caroline            1853
Clark, Thomas            Bowman, Rosannah           1857
Clark, Virginia A.       Alexander, Isaac           1840
Clark, Voorhis           Bowersock, Sarah           1842
Clark, William           Mason, Eliza               ----
Clark, William           Readick, Sarah J.          1855
Clark, William C.        Pollard, Mary              1845
Clark, William F.        Gardner, Francis H.        1863
Clark, William R.        Jorden, Lydia              1847
Clarkson, Charles F.     Gale, Anna M.              1866
Clarkson, James St. J.   Willey, Anna D.            1861
Clarkson, James St.J.    Willey, Anna D.            1861
Clarkson, Joseph H.      Smith, Mary E.             1863
Clary, Elizabeth         Haworth, James             1824
Clary, Elizabeth         Hayworth, James            1824
Clase, Abram             Hawn, Eliza                1865
Class, J.C.              Knight, Rebecca            1856
Class, John C.           Sise, Sallie S.            1866
Clavenger, Thomas        Cromer, Lodena             1850
Clawser, Sarah           Sweaney, Conrad            1845
Clawson, Columbus S.     Fitzgerald, Louisa         1871
Clawson, Huldah          Weaver, Joseph             1830
Clawson, John R.         Stephens, Milley A.        ----
Clawson, John W.         Wilde, Charlotte Ann       1862
Clawson, John W.         Wilde, Charlotte Ann       1862
Clawson, Julia Ann       Blevins, Nathan            1858
Clawson, Lorenzo         Layton, Rhoda H.           1862
Clawson, Lorenzo         Layton, Rhoda H.           1862
Clawson, Mary            Weiler, Jacob              1844
Clawson, Peter           Layton, Jane               1864
Clay, Clem               Randell, Sarah             1859
Clay, Dephina            Green, John B.             1862
Clay, Elizabeth          Royer, David               1855
Clay, Elizabeth          Royer, David               ----
Clay, Isam               White, Katy                1867
Clay, Wyatt C.           Elam, Martha               1871
Claybaugh, Samuel        Clevidence, Mary C.        1856
Clayman, Susanah         Mathews, John K.           1862
Clayman, Susannah        Mathews, John K.           1862
Clayton, Henry W.        Hustler, Stella B.         1872
Clayton, Jesse           Troxel, Maregaret Ann      1865
Cleary, Andrew L.        Cole, Francis              1854
Cleary, Rachael          Penny, Thomas              1825
Clegg, Jesse             Fullum, Phebe              1834
Clegg, Sarah Ann         Horden, Hiram              1830
Clegg, Thomas            Reese, Jane                1859
Clegg, Thomas            Myers, Ellem               1860
Clegg, Thomas            Reese, June                1859

Clegg, Thomas            Myers, Ellen               1860
Clelland, Mary           Daniels, david             1861
Clem, Ann Mariah         Hall, Isaac                1866
Clemens, Polly           Winans, John B.            1823
Clement, Andrew          Kellogg, Margaret Eliza    1866
Clemer, Daniel P.        Ullery, Catharine          1860
Clemins, Bazil           Shadler, Alice             1831
Clemm, John J.           Isenbarger, Elizabeth      1851
Clemm, Perry M.          Arnett, Sarah A.           1858
Clemm, William W.        Hall, Mary A.              1858
Clemmens, Polly          Williams, John B.          1823
Clemment, John           Longenecker, Fanny         1864
Clemmer, Patience        Wagaman, david             1856
Clemmer, Patience        Wogaman, David             1856
Clemmon, Catharine       Shell, George W.           1867
Clemons, John            Freeman, Juretta           1835
Clenall, Laura M.        Whitney, William Beaumont  1854
Clevedent, Mary C.       Carbaugh, Samuel           ----
Cleveland, George W.     Boyer, Mary M.             1840
Cleveland, Persis        Stillwell, Alexander       ----
Clevell, Laura M.        Whitney, William B.        1854
Clevidence, Mary C.      Claybaugh, Samuel          1856
Clifford, Lucretia       Jacobs, Thomas             1839
Clifford, Mary           Airgood, Benjamin          ----
Clifford, Mary           Airgood, Benjamin F.       1861
Clifton, Thomas          Malcom, Mary C.            1854
Clifton, William         -enly                      1847
Cligan, Isaac            Glass, Hannah              1859
Cline, Joshua            Wells, Elizabeth           ----
Cline, Lutetia           Long, Jacob                1865
Cline, Mary Ann          Studabaker, Joseph M.      1873
Cline, Olive             Plack, Adam                1860
Cline, Olivia            Plock, Adam                1860
Clinesmith, Eliza        Baker, Lewis               1852
Cling, Dorcas            Kepper, Samuel             ----
Cling, Marjoran          McClintock, Adam           1815
Clingan, Isaac           Glass, Hannah              1859
Clingan, John            Ramsey, Mary               1829
Clingan, John            Wolat, Margaret            1843
Clingan, Thomas J.       Johnson, Nancy J.          1869
Clingham, Alice          Reeder, Henry W.           ----
Clingham, Jane           Personett, John            1833
Clingham, Jane           Yantis, Samuel             1826
Clingham, Jane           Yontes, Samuel             1827
Clingham, Mahala         Mendenhall, Benjamin       1834
Clingham, Mary           Johnston, Jeshua           1836
Clingham, Mary           Fisher, Jacob M.           1863
Clingham, Sarah S.       Sipe, Jesse                1870
Clinghon, James          Young, Prissocia           1833
Clinging, Joseph         Barlett, Catharine         1851
Clinging, Polly          Meeks, Silas               1820
Clingingpeek, Kilkenny   Eoff, Margaret             1840
Clingingpeel, E.H.       Etter, Eve                 1847
Clingingpeel, John       Thomas, Rebecca            ----
Clinton, Lydia A.        Burns, Mathew              ----
Clippinger, Joseph A.    Minor, Elizabeth           1869
Cloninger, Phillip       Bixler, Rachael            1836
Clop, Susan              Bartholemew, Abner         1844
Closs, J.C.              Knight, Rebecca            ----
Clough, Abraham          Swails, Mary               1830
Clough, Catharine        Wollery, Walker P.         1848
Clough, Elvira           Norris, James A.           1848
Clough, Harrison         Smead, Emily               1854
Clough, John             Swails, Matilda            1826
Clough, Mariah           Oblinger, Wilson           1863
Clough, Mariah           Oblinger, Wilson           1863
Clough, Mark             O'Keef, Honorah            1863
Clough, Mark             O'Keef, Honnosah           1863
Clough, Preston          Westfall, Rebecca          1871
Clough, Trephemiah       Thomas, Jeremiah           1843
Cloy, Clem               Randall, Sarah             1859
Cloyd, James             Noffsinger, Betsey         1814
Cloyd, John              Jester, Rachael            1817
Cloyd, Margaret          McCool, Young G.           1829
Cloyd, Mary              McCool, William C.         1826
Cloyd, William           Elmore, Hannah             1825
Clum, Daniel P.          Ullery, Catharine B.       1860
Clumb, Francis A.        Harkness, Harriet          1867
Clumps, Joseph           Clumps, Katharine          1866
Clumps, Katharine        Clumps, Joseph             1866
Clyde, George C.         Knight, Priscilla          1841
Clyde, Judson            Green, Sarah M.            1862
Clyde, Judson William    Green, Sarah M.            1862
Clyde, Kate              Davis, Solomon S.          1872
Clyde, Libbie A.         Lee, David L.              1868
Clyen, Ingram            Smeltzer, Mary             1829
Clyen, Peter             McJimpsey, Elizabeth       1825
Clymer, Charles          Bowman, Elizabeth          1839
Clymer, Sarah            Metcalf, Amos              1824
Clyne, Elizabeth         Mount, Joseph              1845
Clyne, Elizabeth         Dye, Isaac                 1834
Clyne, Hanah             Deweese, Lewis             1823
Clyne, Isaac             Knight, Elizabeth          1839
Clyne, Letitea           Crone, James P.            1834
Clyne, Minerva           Hurt, Levi Jr.             1836
Clyne, Olley             Long, Joseph               1825
Clyne, Polly             Martin, Joseph             1826
Clyne, Priscilla         Hance, Benjamin            1866
Clyne, Thomas            Wilcox, Sarah A.           1840
Coalbaugh, George        Lundy, Mary A.             1853
Coals, Sarah             Brown, James               1820
Coapsey, Sarah E.        Alexander, Charles W.      1864
Coarter, William         Moore, Abagail             1837
Coat, Mary               Coppock, Harvey            1860
Coat, Mary               Gassett, Smith D.          1866
Coate, Abijah J.         Coate, Mary M.             1867
Coate, Ahijah            Coate, Mary                1868
Coate, Albert            Coate, Susan               1870
Coate, Anna              McCain, William H.         1861
Coate, Anna              McCain, William H.         1861
Coate, Benjamin          Hayworth, Phebe            1830
Coate, Benjamin C.       Coate, Esther              1869
Coate, Caleb             Prill, Catharine           1868
Coate, Elias B.          Penny, Elizabeth B.        ----
Coate, Eliza             Davis, Malcom H.           1864
Coate, Elizabeth         Gilbert, Charles           1872
Coate, Elizabeth         Hayworth, Joseph           1834
Coate, Elizabeth         Thompson, Abia             1871
Coate, Elizabeth         Thompson, Israel           1843
Coate, Elizabeth         Pearson, Christipher       ----
Coate, Elizabeth         Pearson, Christopher       1861
Coate, Ellen             Wilcox, David H.           1871
Coate, Esther            Coate, Benjamin C.         1869
Coate, Esther            Elleman, David W.          1855
Coate, Harrison          Brown, Mary Jane           1861
Coate, Harrison          Brown, Mary Jane           1861
Coate, Heney R.          Williams, Mary C.          1871
Coate, Henry             Fincher, Jane              1820
Coate, Isabel            Johnson, David             1871
Coate, James             Stichter, Sarah            1872
Coate, James             Pearson, Mary Jane         ----
Coate, James             Pearson, Mary Jane         1859
Coate, James             Jones, Emely               1867
Coate, Jane              Jester, David T.           1862
Coate, Jane              Jester, Davis T.           1862
Coate, Jane M.           Coppock, Thomas            1860
Coate, John              Everett, Lucinda           1871
Coate, John              Wright, Sally              1807
Coate, John              Byerly, Patsy              1826
Coate, John J.           Davis, Eliza A.            1860
Coate, John J.           Davis, Eliza A.            1860
Coate, Luranea           Miles, Henry W.            1871
Coate, Martha F.         Miles, Ellwood T.          1867
Coate, Mary              Hoover, Samuel             1828
Coate, Mary              Pearson, Jeremiah          1861
Coate, Mary              Pearson, Jeremiah          1861
Coate, Mary              Coate, Ahijah              1868
Coate, Mary              Coppock, Harvey            ----
Coate, Mary              Coppock, Jesse             1867
Coate, Mary              Beery, Enoch               1870
Coate, Mary Ann          Teague, William            1859
Coate, Mary Ann          Teague, William            1859
Coate, Mary M.           Coate, Abijah J.           1867
Coate, Moses             Brown, Elizabeth           1839
Coate, Nancy             Gassett, Valentine         1867
Coate, Phebe             Ellerman, Isam             1864
Coate, Rachel            Compton, Isaac             1864
Coate, Rachel            Davis, Albert              1859
Coate, Rebecca           Harshbarger, Samuel        1866
Coate, Robert            Hollingsworth, Elizabeth   1853
Coate, Robert            Jones, Elizabeth           1866
Coate, Robert H.         Miles, Vashte E.           1867
Coate, Sampson           Heile, Clara C.            1871
Coate, Samuel            Hellman, Elizabeth M.      1838
Coate, Sarah H.          Hanks, Noah                ----
Coate, Sarah J.          Kerr, John M.              1867
Coate, Sarah J.          Coppock, John              1860
Coate, Sarah T.          Coppock, John C.           1860
Coate, Susan             Coate, Albert              1870
Coate, Thomas            Evans, Louisa              1849
Coate, Thomas E.         Williams, Malinda          1846
Coate, Thomas J.         Stitcher, Amelia           1871
Coate, William           Dunn, Margaret             1827
Coate, William           Bozier, Hepsey             1834
Coate, William           Farner, Rachel             1838
Coates, George           Leavell, Martha            1854
Coates, Henry H.         Cotteral, Susan            1867
Coates, Jennie           Knoop, Mark K.             1871
Coates, Jesse            Johnson, Mary              1809
Coates, John             Rudy, Fanny                1838
Coates, John L.          Bull, Julia A.             1845
Coates, Joseph           Coppock, Elizabeth         1816
Coates, Lemuel F.        Pearson, Rosana            1850
Coates, Lucinda          McCool, Mark A.            1836
Coates, Margaret         Davenport, David S.        1846
Coates, Maria            Hinshan, Richard           1837
Coates, Mary             Beanblossom, George        1817
Coates, Mary P.          Pearson, Horatio           1857
Coates, Mary P.          Pearson, Horatio           1857
Coates, Miles            Brown, Eliza               1846
Coates, Nancy            Barr, Casper               1849
Coates, Nancy A.         Cheney, Ira H.             1850
Coates, Rachel           Dunham, Amos               1813
Coates, Robert H.        Douglass, Laura            1867
Coates, Sarah            Debra, Jacob               1834
Coates, Sarah            Williams, John H.          1847
Coates, Sylvester T.     Wilson, Mary A.            1855
Coates, Thomas           Jones, Susannah            1855
Coates, Wesley           Sigler, Sarah              1834
Coates, William          Conaway, Abagail           1833
Coates, William          Lay, Elizabeth             1865
Coates,, George          Williams, Rachael          1849
Coath, Elizabeth Edine   Hoover, Abraham            1822
Coats, Anne              McCool, Wells              1810
Coats, Catharine J.      Thompson, John             1843
Coats, Elias B.          Penny, Elizabeth B.        1860
Coats, John              Birely, Polly/Patsy        1826
Coats, Rachel            Ramsey, William            1811
Coats, Rebecca           Hanson, Bayille            1818
Coats, Rhoda             Rench, Joseph              1811
Coats, Sarah             Lesiney, William           1838
Coats, Susan             Spillers, Peter            1820
Coats, Thomas            Jones, Susannah            1855
Coats, William           Lay, Elizabeth             1865
Cobaum, John             Myers, Elizabeth           1845
Cobby, Abagail W.        Johnston, Stephen          1836
Cobean, Susan            Rench, Otho D.             1864
Cobern, Nancy            Moore, Mather              1839
Coblentz, Daniel M.      Frederick, Rebecca E.      1865
Coburn, Henry D.         Armatige, Martha           1847
Coburn, Henry D.         Armstrong, Able            1847
Coburn, Henry H.         Hughs, Francis B.          1859
Coburn, Henry H.         Hughes, Frances B.         1860
Coburn, Mariah Jane      Stockwell, Thomas          1863
Coburn, Susanah          Pegg, Charles              1864
Coburn, William          Achuff, Caroline J.        1851
Cochran, Andrew          French, Michel             1862
Cochran, Andrew          French, Michel             1862
Cochran, Hiram           Cirby, Rebecca             1835
Cochron, Martha Anne     Lennon, Uriah B.           1834
Cock, James              Caldwell, Ann              1841
Cock, Joshua C.          Logan, Samantha C.         1848
Cocklin, Margaret        Jenke, William             1865
Codd, Joseph             Rissley, Mary A.           1845
Coddington, Elizabeth    Roberts, Thomas            1858
Coddington, Mary         Roberts, Thomas            1872
Coe, Joseph              Winans, Sarah              1815
Coe, Joseph Collins      McCullough, Mary           1834
Coe, Mary                Stewart, Joseph            1824
Coe, Mary                Stewart, Joseph            1824
Coen, Betsey             Russell, George            1826
Coffer, Harriett Ann     Crawford, Henry C.         1866
Coffield, Mary Ann       Young, John                1857
Coffin, Julius V.        Jones, Sarah E.            1871
Coffin, Mary             Daniels, William M.        1870
Coffing, Elizabeth M.    Burly, Anderson H.         1866
Coffinger, William H.    Layton, Mary J.            1871
Coffle, Elizabeth        Lyset, Gideon              1826
Coffman, Caroline        Millhouse, Isaiah          1866
Coffman, David           Miller, Mary J.            1871
Coffman, George R.       Snider, Serepta            ----
Coffman, George R.       Snider, Serpta             1859
Coffman, Jane            Dull, John                 1840
Coffman, Joseph W.       Hinkle, Margaret Ann       1857
Coffman, Luvina          Keister, John              1863
Coffman, Luvina          Keister, John              1863
Cofield, Jane            Heffner, John              1861
Cofield, Jane            Heffner, John              1861
Colas, John              Fasick, Mary               ----
Colbaugh, John           Price, Mary J.             ----
Colbert, Lydia           Myres, Paul                1853
Colbin, Silas            Byrket, Caroline M.        1855
Colbun, James A.         French, Charloyye          1844
Colby, Hiram             Ashton, Parthena           1850
Colby, Sallie M.         Winslow, Thomas L.         1862
Colby, Sallie M.         Winslow, Thomas L.         1862
Colclasser, David        Bollinger, Sarah           1856
Colclesser, Sarah        Miller, Henry              ----
Coldesser, Mary S.       Rodkey, Joseph S.          1857
Coldren, Hosea L.        Frazee, Mary               1851
Coldren, Hozea T.        Frazee, Mary               1861
Coldwell, Rebecca        Ward, Jonas                1844
Cole, Anna J.            McKee, David H.            1864
Cole, Catharine          Oaks, Daniel               1840
Cole, Clarissa           North, John                ----
Cole, E.P.               Murger, Pamelia H.         1844
Cole, Edward B.          Omay, Rebecca              1848
Cole, Eliza              White, Gabriel             1872
Cole, Elizabeth          Jones, John Wesley         1866
Cole, Francis            Cleary, Andrew L.          1854
Cole, George             Wolf, Sarah Jane           1866
Cole, Henry              Stick, Catharine           1826
Cole, Isaac              Green, Joana               1859
Cole, James              Lee, Colbina               1863
Cole, Jennie             Brown, Tony                1863
Cole, Jenny              Brown, Tony                1863
Cole, Mary               Peck, John                 1833
Cole, Michael            Harris, Anna               1862
Cole, Mitchell           Harris, Anna               1862
Cole, Peter W.           Montaugh, Sidney           1868
Cole, Robert F.          Kelly, Ann                 1840
Cole, Sam C.             Blood, Mary K.             1870
Cole, Samuel             McKinney, Lydia            1821
Cole, Sarah              Martin, Moses              1841
Cole, Susan              Jefferson, Oliver          1862
Cole, Susana             Jefferson, Oliver          1862
Coleleper, David         Bollinger, Sarah           1855
Coleman, Anne            Ross, William              1808
Coleman, Augustus H.     Sheafer, Clara             1854
Coleman, Charles         Evans, Jane                1850
Coleman, Clara           Byrkett, Ahijah R.         1870
Coleman, Clarissa        Williamson, David          1822
Coleman, George E.       Gardner, Carrie H.         1871
Coleman, Horace          Aldrich, Mary L.           1847
Coleman, John            Dickes, Chilihena          1854
Coleman, Maria           Culbertson, Henry W.       1819
Coleman, Martha J.       Lee, Crattick              1862
Coleman, Martha Jane     Lee, Crattick              1862
Coleman, Mary E.         Moss, William Henry        1863
Coleman, Nathan V.       Silbery, Mary              1818
Coleman, Pamnelia H.     Allen, Henry W.            1853
Colepit, Hiram           Dennis, Eliza              1843
Coles, Catharine         Martin, Martin             1863
Coles, Emma              Lee, Paul                  ----
Coles, Jane              White, Willis              1848
Coles, Joanna            Moton, Jacob               1869
Coles, Katharine         Norton, Martin             1863
Coles, Lucy              Meyers, Henry              1869
Coles, Mary              Tate, Samuel               1870
Coles, Theodore E.       Thirkield, Flora           1868
Coles, Thomas P.         Conaton, Mary              1871
Coley, Susan        (Bk) Randolph, Fountain  (Bk)   1868
Colleral, Joseph         Whinhead, Rosalina         1853
Collert, Melena          Myres, Adam                1852
Collins, Addison         Snidaker, Sarah            1850
Collins, Almira          Henman, John               1839
Collins, Bell            Nishwitz, Alvin E.         1864
Collins, Bell            Nishwitz, Alvin E.         1864
Collins, Catharine G.    Truax, William             1828
Collins, Charles C.      Gorman, Matilda Ann        1871
Collins, Cintha A. W.    Potts, Jackson             1841
Collins, Cornelius       Poulson, Elbyann           1862
Collins, Cornelius       Poulson, Elbyann           1862
Collins, David           Clark, Mary                1829
Collins, Debrah          Rollins, John              1845
Collins, Eleanor         Devvaul, Thomas            1825
Collins, Eliza           Helvie, Peter A.           1838
Collins, Elizabeth       Campbell, Joseph B.        1853
Collins, Elizabeth       Abbott, Aaron              1844
Collins, Elizabeth       Adams, Gilbert             1844
Collins, Elizabeth A.    Yount, Harrison            1870
Collins, Emma            Koontz, William            1871
Collins, Frances         Frank, George              1855
Collins, George          Oats, Louisa               1848
Collins, George B.       Shafford, Julian           1840
Collins, George W.       Green, Louisa              1863
Collins, George W.       Green, Louisa              1863
Collins, Hiram           Copper, Mary E.            1860
Collins, Jacob           Fisher, Elizabeth          1825
Collins, James K.        Faquier, Hannah            1841
Collins, James R.        Derhl, Mary S.             1851
Collins, John            Irwin, Margaret            1857
Collins, John            Ship, Julia C.             1863
Collins, John B.         Truax, Elizabeth           1830
Collins, John C.         Prill, Ophelia A.          1862
Collins, John C.         Prill, Ophelia A.          1862
Collins, Jonathan        Smith, Margaret            1841
Collins, Jonathan        Wilson, Amy Jane           1833
Collins, Jonathan Sr.    Bower, Mary A.             1839
Collins, Lemuel G.       Smith, Sarah E.            1867
Collins, Lucinda         Mantonny, Joseph           1856
Collins, Lydia           Cummins, William Jr.       1825
Collins, Mara Jane       Wilson, Amos               1856
Collins, Margaret J.     Wilson, Amos               1856
Collins, Martha A.M.     Leseny, John               1825
Collins, Martha M.       Sanites, Jacob             1818
Collins, Martin          Ptice, Susannah            ----
Collins, Martin R.       Cuther, Nancy              1833
Collins, Martin R.       Burgess, Ruth              1848
Collins, Mary            Linn, Fowler J.            1863
Collins, Mary            Linn, J. Fowler            1863
Collins, Mary C.         Roller, Levi               1854
Collins, Mary V.         Burton, William            1861
Collins, Mary V.         Burton, William            1861
Collins, Matilda A.      Holderman, Jacob W.        1872
Collins, Meliza          Harless, David             1831
Collins, Nancy           Kerr, George W.            1834
Collins, Oscar           Frakes, Susan              1863
Collins, Oscar           Frakes, Susan              1863
Collins, Phebe Ann       Richeson, George           1864
Collins, Rachel          Huggart, Preston           1871
Collins, Samuel A.       Earnhart, Hannah           1864
Collins, Samuel S.       Cairns, Jame M.            1844
Collins, Samuel S.       McDowell, Elizabeth        1851
Collins, Sanford L.      Puterbaugh, Sarah E.       1867
Collins, Sarah           Weddle, John H.            1856
Collins, Sarah           Widdle, John H.            1856
Collins, Susan C.        Herrod, John               1866
Collins, William         Freshour, Susan            1856
Collins, William         Macher, Sarah              1861
Collins, William         Hunsinger, Ann             1863
Collins, William         Rolstian, Elizabeth        1866
Collins, William         Kimble, Martha             1830
Collins, William         Machir, Sarah              1861
Collins, William         Nunsinger, Anna            1863
Collins, William P.      Durham, Mary J.            1843
Collins, William P.      Crookshank, Amanda M.      1859
Collins,Collins, Hiram   Cooper, Mary E.            1860
Colsson, Mary E.         Coppock, Amzi              1868
Coltington, David        Hill, Mary                 1849
Combs, Joseph            Betterton, Mary E.         1854
Combs, William H.        Neal, Jerusha L.           1862
Combs, William H.        Neal, Jerusha L.           1862
Comer, Adam M.           Fremer, Angeline           1844
Comfort,Joanna           Smith, Mathew              ----
Commerford, Mary         Hines, James               1852
Commifort, Johana        O'Neal, Patrick            ----
Commons, David P.        Davis, Sarah               1848
Compton, Anna            Boidenbaugh, Paul          1872
Compton, Isaac           Coate, Rachel              1864
Compton, John W.         Rhodehammel, Anna          1867
Compton, Lewis           Miller, Sarah              1856
Compton, Sally A.        Munsell, A.K.              1855
Compton, Samantha        Landis, Simon              1872
Compton, William         Fox, Rosa                  1870
Conaker, George S.       Johnson, Rolena            1853
Conalay, Patrick         Hanson, Mary               1864
Conant, William          Blue, Rebecca              1822
Conaton, Mary            Coles, Thomas P.           1871
Conaway, Abagail         Coates, William            1833
Conaway, David           Layton, Jenime             1843
Conaway, Eli             McCole, Elizabeth          1831
Conaway, Hezekiah        Knife, Catharine           1834
Conaway, Hezekial        Wall, Ruth                 1851
Conaway, Jane            Curry, Ensworth            1831
Conaway, Louisa N.       Cox, W.B.                  1859
Conaway, Louisa N.       Cox, W.B.                  1859
Conaway, Lydia           Sweet, Michael             1832
Conaway, N.B.            Deeter, Martha             1854
Conaway, N.B.            Banta, J.M.                1857
Conaway, Rachel          Cruea, Samuel              1831
Conaway, Rebecca         Sweet, Michael             1841
Conaway, Rebecca         Smith, Henry               1839
Conaway, Ruth            Barns, Byram               ----
Conconnon, Catharine     Bayless, Elijah            1829
Conconnon, Eleanor       Cory, James H.             1834
Condaller, Pena          Shuber, Peter              1862
Condaon, Stephen         Conley, Mary               ----
Condatler, Bena          Shuler, Peter              1862
Condatler, Laney         Wiseman, Godfrey           1862
Condatter, Laurey        Wiseman, Codgrey           1862
Conday, Rebecca Ann      Brown, G.W.                1863
Condin, Stephen          Marker, Mahala A.          1869
Conell, Rebecca          Keyt, James                1855
Coneny, Lorena A.        Pearson, William L.        1864
Conery, Lorena A.        Pearson, William L.        1864
Conger, Elias            Hadley, Charlotte          1849
Conklin, Ann E.          Wolf, Isaac                1853
Conklin, Anna            Julian, Jacob              1844
Conklin, Catharine       Miller, Samuel             1851
Conklin, Eliza           Catting, Limes             1821
Conklin, Ellen           Small, David               1858
Conklin, Ellen           Small, David               1858
Conklin, Emma            Setterfield, Stephen       1856
Conklin, Evan            Jones, Elizabeth           ----
Conklin, Evan            Fox, Sarah                 1845
Conklin, Ira             Decker, Rachel C.          ----
Conklin, James (Samuel?) Clark, Clarrissa           1858
Conklin, Jane            Rickert, John C.           1851
Conklin, John H.         Parsell, Mary Jane         1838
Conklin, John L.         Allen, Margaret            1843
Conklin, Joseph L.       Allen, Phoebe A.           1837
Conklin, Kesiah          Saunders, William          1849
Conklin, Lavina          Widener, Abraham M.        1859
Conklin, Levina          Widener, Abaslom M.        1859
Conklin, Lydia A.        Morrin, John W.            1866
Conklin, Margaret        Jerike, William            1865
Conklin, Mary            Biteph, Adam               1846
Conklin, Samuel (James?) Clark, Clarrissa           1858
Conklin, Stephen         Jones, Margaret            1854
Conklin, William C.      Worley, Mary E.            1869
Conley, John             Manson, Sarah Jane         1863
Conley, John             Manson, Sarah Jane         1863
Conley, Mary             Condaon, Stephen           ----
Connell, Daniel          Ward, Martha               1848
Connell, Daniel          Sexton, Sarah              1863
Connell, Daniel          Sexton, Sarah              1863
Connell, John W.         Cox, Jane K.               1853
Connell, Thomas          Looney, Ellen              1864
Connelly, Elizabeth A.   Starry, William E.         1867
Connelly, M.W.           Shellabarger, John         1856
Connelly, Mary           Maikznew, George           1856
Connelly, Mary           Markzney, George           1856
Connelly, Mary           Mattox, Franklin           1871
Connelly, Mary Eliza     Shellabarger, John O.      1856
Conner, John             Priest, Amelia             1823
Conner, Mary E.          Bireley, Miller            1855
Conners, John            Oliver, Jane               1869
Connor, Margaret         Connor, Patrick            1867
Connor, Mary             Birely, Miller             1855
Connor, Mary             McCarty, John              1859
Connor, Patrick          Connor, Margaret           1867
Connor, Tobert           Williamson, Elija          1840
Conol, Mary              Hoover, John               1833
Conoter, John            Crawford, Isabella         1832
Conover, A.G.            Lessall, Mary O.           1861
Conover, A.G.            O'Ferrall, Mary            1861
Conover, Adam            Rodgers, Matilda           1845
Conover, Albert B.       Bushnell, Cirena           1870
Conover, Alexander G.    McCorkle, Margaret M.      1852
Conover, Ann E.          Clark, George W.           1866
Conover, Eli             Martin, Susannah           1866
Conover, George W.       Sullivan, Mary             1865
Conover, Isabella        Davis, Jacob               1832
Conover, James L.        Bolden, Elizabeth          1860
Conover, James Y.        Bolden, Elizabeth          1860
Conover, Jane            Moore, Robert              1836
Conover, Jane            Smith, Ebenezer            1835
Conover, John            McFadden, Elizabeth        ----
Conover, John            Redenbaugh, Maria          1835
Conover, Levi            Gephart, Phebe             1847
Conover, Levina A.       West, William              ----

Conover, Levina Ann      West, William              1858
Conover, Maggie          Enbody, George W.          1866
Conover, Margaret        Jones, William H.          1863
Conover, Martha          Lawhead, David             1863
Conover, Martha          Lowhead, David J.          1863
Conover, Rebecca         Jackson, Jacob             1837
Conover, Sallie          Thompson, John G.          1868
Conover, Sarah           McDorman, James            1834
Conover, William         Dormon, Sarah              1838
Conrad, John             Rebholz, Franciska         1863
Conrey, George W.        Robinson, Elizabeth        1868
Consolver, Mary          Davis, Richard F.          1829
Constabel, Melinda       Hendrick, James            1826
Constable, James C.      Lindsey, Nancy             1831
Constable, Jane          Lindley, Daniel            1825
Constable, Mary          Denman, Richard A.         1825
Constable, Sarah         Martin, Wilson             1825
Consuan, Henry           Lower, Mary                1841
Converse, Lewis D.       Yeager, Charlotte A.       ----
Conway, Hesekiah         Rector, Nancy Jane         1867
Conway, Martha A.        Bousman, Israel L.         1852
Conway, Rebecca          Brown, George W.           1863
Conyers, Geprge P.       Vanhorn, Catharine S.      1864
Cook, Adam               Bowman, Catharine          1856
Cook, August             White, Molly               1867
Cook, Eliza              Lee, Washington            1851
Cook, Eliza A.           Wharton, James W.          1836
Cook, Esther             Pettit, Henry J.           1835
Cook, James F.           Stoutemeyer, Delah         1847
Cook, John               Oblinger, Eliza            1845
Cook, John               Elliott, Mary Jane         1857
Cook, Martha             Hill, Henderson            ----
Cook, Martha             Hill, Henderson            1861
Cook, Mary Jane          Kester, Jason              1859
Cook, Rachale            Harter, George             ----
Cook, Sarah              Rockey, George R.          1843
Cool, Elizabeth          Bowman, Henry              1864
Coolidge, Charles L.     Stewart, Mary              1859
Coolidge, Charles L.     Stewart, Mary              1859
Coolidge, Kate E.        Iott, M. Bates             1869
Coon, Amanda J.          Statler, Franklin          1868
Coon, Isaac              Terryl, Mary Ann           1825
Coon, Parmelia           Cramer, Jacob              1834
Coon, William H.         Hawn, Elizabeth            1849
Coonard, John            Rebholz, Franciska         1863
Cooney, Josephine        Warden, Sullivan           1863
Coony, Josephine         Warden, Sullivan           1863
Coop, Joseph             Dickey, Caroline           1854
Cooper, Ashley T.        Hunter, Anna M.            1867
Cooper, Charles          Cromer, Anna               1865
Cooper, David            Rutliage, Mary A.          1859
Cooper, Denman R.        Stratton, Jennie           1871
Cooper, Ermina J.        Rike, John L.              1867
Cooper, George W.        Deeter, Malinda            1859
Cooper, George W.        Deeter, Malinda            1850
Cooper, Jacob L.         Brown, Rachel Ann          1866
Cooper, John             Irons, Ellen               1864
Cooper, John             Sleppy, Mary A.            1858
Cooper, John A.          Sleppy, Mary Ann           1858
Cooper, John A.          Fisher, Malinda            1863
Cooper, Josiah K.        Twiulliger, Minerva        1850
Cooper, Margaret Ann     Ramsbottom, David          1860
Cooper, Mary             Wallace, William           1834
Cooper, Mary E.          Pruden, James K.           1850
Cooper, Mary E.          Collins,Collins, Hiram     1860
Cooper, Phebe Jane       Miller, John N.            1854
Cooper, Rhoda            Leturn, Francis            1807
Cooper, Susannah         Sherrum, William           1840
Cooper, William          Denman, Hannah             1832
Coots, Rachael           Davis, Albert              1859
Coover, Abraham          Pegon, Mary                1835
Copeland, James C.       Frazer, Jerusha E.         1872
Copeland, Jane           Cottingham, William  (1)   1825
Copeland, Jane           Cottingham. William  (2)   1826
Copleon, William         Reeder, Elizabeth          1871
Copp, Charles            Wolf, Sophia               1859
Copper, Mary E.          Collins, Hiram             1860
Coppoc, Lydia            Wright, Isaac K?           1858
Coppock, Aaron           Davis, Lydia E.            1857
Coppock, Aaron C.        Jenkins, Rebecca           1968
Coppock, Abagail         Wright, Nathan             1829
Coppock, Allen           Furnas, Mariah             1865
Coppock, Amanda J.       Snyder, Jefferson          1867
Coppock, Amzi            Colsson, Mary E.           1868
Coppock, Ann             Miles, David E.            1867
Coppock, Anna            Allison, Andrew            1848
Coppock, Anson           Miles, Sarah C.            1865
Coppock, Catharine       Dye, Cornelius             1830
Coppock, Chesley D.      Yount, Mary                1849
Coppock, Cynthia         Haworth, Nathaniel         ----
Coppock, David           McCarter, Florance R.      1870
Coppock, David C.        Miles, Emeline B.          1855
Coppock, David S.        Rutlige, Mary A.           1859
Coppock, David S.        Enyart, Sarah Jane         1863
Coppock, David S.        Enyart, Sarah Jane         1863
Coppock, Debora          Mills, Samuel              1843
Coppock, Eleanor         Hall, William              1835
Coppock, Elijah          Mote, Mary D.              1836
Coppock, Elisha          Alexander, Julia           1835
Coppock, Elizabeth       Pearson, Westley           1828
Coppock, Elizabeth       Rumburg, Garret            1857
Coppock, Elizabeth       Coates, Joseph             1816
Coppock, Elizabeth       Cox, Pelag                 1854
Coppock, Elwood          Yount, Sarah B.            1868
Coppock, Eunice          Brandon, Samuel H.         1861
Coppock, Eunice A.       Brandon, Samuel H.         1861
Coppock, Eunis B.        Miles, Alexander C.        1868
Coppock, Hannah          Brown, James               1828
Coppock, Harvey          Coat, Mary                 1860
Coppock, Harvey          Coate, Mary                ----
Coppock, Havilah         Porter, Mary               1868
Coppock, Henry H.        Williams, Isabel           1861
Coppock, Henry H.        Williams, Isabel           1861
Coppock, Ilba            Thompson, Henry            1832
Coppock, Isaac           Richardson, Elizabeth      1823
Coppock, Isaac           Krise, Julia Ann           1833
Coppock, Isaac           Boggs, Harriet J.          1854
Coppock, Isaiah          Thornton, Ann              1839
Coppock, Jacob           Studabaker, Susan          1868
Coppock, James           Huntsman, Jane             1825
Coppock, James           Evans, Eleanor H.          1836
Coppock, James           McConell, Maria            1845
Coppock, Jane            Williams, Michael          1834
Coppock, Jane            Iddings, Andrew Jacoson    1865
Coppock, Jane            Inman, Eli                 1818
Coppock, Jane M.         Coppock, Westley           1866
Coppock, Jesse           Coate, Mary                1867
Coppock, John            Derring, Della             ----
Coppock, John            Littlejohn, Nancy          1808
Coppock, John            Halsey, Hannah             1832
Coppock, John            Neal, Mary                 1832
Coppock, John            Neal, Hannah               1839
Coppock, John            Inman, Susannah            1844
Coppock, John            Stiffler, Eliza A.         1853
Coppock, John            Coate, Sarah J.            1860
Coppock, John C.         Coate, Sarah T.            1860
Coppock, Joseph          Howard, Eunice             1826
Coppock, Joseph          Waggoner, Barbara          1829
Coppock, Joseph          Hall, Meley                1835
Coppock, Joseph R.       Crampton, Matilda          1864
Coppock, Lucinda         Jenkins, Henry C.          1827
Coppock, Lucinda         Jenkins, Henry C.          1857
Coppock, Lydia           Wright, Isaac K.           1858
Coppock, Margaret        Stanfield, Charles         1837
Coppock, Margetia        Carll, John                1819
Coppock, Martha C.       Kunkelman, Urias           1867
Coppock, Mary            Martindale, Alexander G.   1871
Coppock, Mary            Miles, James               1853
Coppock, Mary            Pearson, Jeremiah          1863
Coppock, Mary            Ringer, Jacob              ----
Coppock, Mary A.         Stevens, Austen            1854
Coppock, Mary A.         Martin, Isaac              1849
Coppock, Mary Ann        Stevans, Austin            1854
Coppock, Mary Ann        Waggoner, Jacob            1827
Coppock, Mary C.         Pearson, Jeremiah          1863
Coppock, Matilda         Rudy, Samuel               1828
Coppock, Moses           Wright, Lydia              1872
Coppock, Nancy           Brown, David               1839
Coppock, Philemon        Humphery, Frances          1847
Coppock, Rachael         Pierce, Benjamin           1827
Coppock, Rose A.         Diltz, John S.             1846
Coppock, Sampson         Penny, Elmyra              1851
Coppock, Samuel          Blickenstaff, Delaney      1839
Coppock, Samuel J.       Jones, June                1860
Coppock, Samuel J.       Jones, Jane                1860
Coppock, Sarah           Davis, Lindley             1833
Coppock, Sarah           Muck, Henry F.             1866
Coppock, Sarah           Hoover, Alfred             1833
Coppock, Susanna         Miles, John H.             1871
Coppock, Thomas          Coate, Jane M.             1860
Coppock, Thomas          Jenkins, Maria             1829
Coppock, Thomas          Alexander, Lucinda         1840
Coppock, Westley         Coppock, Jane M.           1866
Coppock, William         Coughren, Eunice           1809
Coppock, William         Harshbarger, Hester        1851
Coppock, Wright          Day, Lydia                 ----
Cops, Nancy              Bollinger, Benjamin        1825
Corbin, Albert G.        Brown, Sarah B.            1872
Corbin, Barbara          Dorsey, David              1860
Corbin, J.H.             Thompson, Susan E.         1870
Corburn, Mariah Jane     Stockwell, Thomas J.       1863
Cord, Francis M.         Karns, John J.             1860
Cordell, James           Smith, Josephine           1869
Cordell, Prisley B.      Pennybacker, Hester E.     1841
Corey, Betsy M.          McPherson, Adam            1836
Corey, Mary              Kiser, Isaac               1868
Corey, Phebe A.          John, Daniel               1851
Coril, Margary           Toles, Lot                 1821
Corlach, James M.        Harley, Maria              1832
Cormar, Christina        Marguit, Lewis             1859
Cormon, Thomas           Hoover, Rachel             1851
Corn, James H.           Robinson, Bertha E.        1867
Cornell, Rachel          Deweese, Samuel            1843
Cornell, Samuel          Wesco, Catharine           1860
Cornell, Samuel          Wesco, Catharine           1860
Corner, John M.          Folknor, Mary Ann          1854
Cornor, John M.          Folkner, Mary A.           1854
Corral, Mary             Hoover, John               1823
Correll, Bayaard         Gale, Sophia R.            1854
Correll, Catharine       Denman, Nathaniel          1850
Correll, Elizabeth       Crepsey, Jacob             1847
Correll, Samuel          Hall, Hester               1844
Correll, Sarah A.        Sharp, John                1848
Correy, David D.         Schell, Jennie M.          1870
Correy, George F.        Dungan, Floretha           1867
Correy, Margaret S.      McCurdy, Samuel            1871
Corrigan, Thomas         Hurley, Winifred           1865
Corse, Perus             VanCleaf, Mary             1859
Corwin, Ichabod A.       Orr, Margaret E.           1862
Corwin, John R.          Miller, Sarah              1834
Cory, Anna               Miller, Isaiah             1863
Cory, David              McCorkle, Margaret H.      1833
Cory, Delila             Morris, Owen D.            1849
Cory, Elizabeth          Hiatt, Eley                1813
Cory, Elnathan           Hier, Susannah             1832
Cory, H.H.               Drury, Sallie R.           1863
Cory, H.H.               Drury, Sallie R.           1863
Cory, James H.           Robison, Rebecca           1855
Cory, James H.           Robison, Rebecca           ----
Cory, James H.           Conconnon, Eleanor         1834
Cory, James M.           Shartle, Rebecca           1847
Cory, John               Wright, Polly              1815
Cory, John D.            Ross, Rachel               1843
Cory, Joseph L.          Nichols, Mary              1855
Cory, Joseph P.          Fearnside, Martha          1844
Cory, Mary               Crawford, Robert C.        1837
Cory, Matilda R.         Kester, Ira                1861
Cory, Nancy              Morris, Owen D.            1839
Cory, Pearson            Hayne, Rhoda               1833
Cory, Rhoda              Smith, James W.            1836
Cory, Shadrack H.        Winans, Deliliah C.        1846
Cory, T.C.               Scarff, M.A.               1846
Cory, T.C.    (m/f?)     Scarff, W.A.    (m/f?)     1846
Cosley, Anna M.          Moody, George F.           1871
Cosley, Callie M.        Houser, Lon C.             1871
Cosley, Marie E.         Hensley, James L.          1870
Cosper, Andrew           Lewis, Francis Ann         1861
Cosson, Martha Jane      North, Washington I.       1861
Costello, Thomas         Shanesy, Mary              1863
Costigan, John           Shehay, Julia              1867
Costigan, William        Riley, Bridget             1872
Coswin, Ichabod A.       Orr, Margarett E.          1862
Cote, Lydia A.           Hammon, R.P.               1860
Cothral, Mary E.         Berger, Reuben C.          1854
Cothran, Esther          Miles, Samuel Y.           1843
Cothran, Hannes          Thomas, Noah               1850
Cothran, Jesse           Iddings, Hannah            1810
Cothran, Nancy           Carson, Samuel             1835
Cothran, Sarah           Reiber, John               1868
Cothron, Alexander       Yoter, Mary                1847
Cothron, James           Inman, Sarah               1845
Cothron, John            Green, Orpha               1836
Cothron, Lucinda         Knox, William              1836
Cothron, Rachael         Kelly, Moses               ----
Cotral, Caroline         Buzzard, John              ----
Cotral, Harriet          Wells, James               1847
Cotral, James            Chaffee, Julia             1865
Cotral, Martha           Aston, John                1871
Cotrel, Ludenda          Wax, Jonathan              1841
Cotteral, Andrew         Whitehead, Mary            1854
Cotteral, Andrew         Paddock, Parmelia          1864
Cotteral, Susan          Coates, Henry H.           1867
Cotteral, William        Freat, Emeline             1867
Cotterman, Andrew        Fuller, Sarah F.           1872
Cotterman, Elizabeth     Russell, James             1852
Cotterman, Harriet J.    Besom, Albert C.           1869
Cotterman, Henry         Rolston, Catharine         1859
Cotterman, Mary A.       Ralston, Andrew W.         1871
Cotterman, Michael       Koons, Sarah               1857
Cotterman, Semore L.     Ralston, Ann               1863
Cotterman, Semore L.     Ralston, Ann               1863
Cotterman, Washington    Baldwin, Roxanna           1867
Cotters, John            Fasick, Mary               1860
Cottingham, Abigal       Brier, David               1859
Cottingham, Caroline I.  Biddle, Thomas M.          1867
Cottingham, Elizabeth    Brun, Samuel               1851
Cottingham, Huston       Bousman, Elizabeth         1856
Cottingham, James        McCullough, Margaret       1827
Cottingham, James        Hartley, Mary E.           1851
Cottingham, Margaret     Russell, George            1852
Cottingham, Mary J.      Anthone, Frederick Jr.     1864
Cottingham, Mary J.      Antone, Frederick Jr.      1864
Cottingham, Mary L.      Oleamart, John             1847
Cottingham, Robert H.    Mahurin, Levina            1843
Cottingham, Sam Y.       Brooks, Lizzie S.          1871
Cottingham, William  (1) Copeland, Jane             1825
Cottingham, William A.   Jones, Henretta            1853
Cottingham. William  (2) Copeland, Jane             1826
Cottoral, Mary J.        Davis, John H.             1868
Cottral, Samuel          Chaffee, Delila            1866
Cottral, Sarah           Guckes, George             1865
Cottrell, Andrew         Whitehead, Mary            1854
Cottrell, Andrew         Paddock, Oarmelia          1864
Cottrell, Chancey        Wstfall, Mary              1841
Cottrell, Chancey        Brown, Betsey              1842
Cottrell, Joab           Brismon, REbecca           ----
Cottrell, Susan          Hammers, George W.         1833
Cottroll, Thomas         Landre, Nancy              1835
Couch, Joshua            Holsapple, Harriet A.      1863
Couch, Joshua            Holsapple, Harriet Amand a 1863
Couch, Sylvester         Greenleaf, Mariah E.       1863
Coughren, Eunice         Coppock, William           1809
Couklen, Emma            Setterfield, Stephen       1856
Coulston, Thomas D.      Gump, Lavina               1867
Coulter, Honora          Harrington, Michael        ----
Coulter, J.D.            Pennybacker, Eliza         1847
Coulter, William         Adams, Cartharine          1844
Counable, Elizabeth F.   Hornaday, Nathan           1848
Countes, Sarah           Hance, William             1818
Counts, Callie R.        Rollin, Leander J.         1865
Counts, David IT.        Lloyd, Rachel              1852
Counts, Elijah           Williams, Mary             1841
Counts, Hannah J.        Wilson, Thomas J.          1848
Counts, Isaiah D.        Wilson, Lettertia          1843
Counts, Isaiah D.        Ayres, Elsey Ann           1855
Counts, J.F.             Peterson, Emily            1852
Counts, Jacob            Houser, Sally              1827
Counts, Jacob            Wilson, Sarah Ann          1839
Counts, John D.          Marshall, Mary             1843
Counts, John S.          Slilivan, Mahala           1835
Counts, Lewis F.         Carter, Eunice             1872
Counts, M.F.             --ex, Isabella             1861
Counts, M.F.             McKee, Issabella           1861
Counts, Susannah         Ramsey, Benjamin           1859
Counts, Sylvester L.     Wilson, Mary Ann           1855
Counts, Wiley            Ziegler, Susannah          1847
Course, Perns            Vancleve, Mary             1859
Courter, Sarah           Moorhouse, Aaron           1823
Courter, Sarah           Morehouse, Aaron           1823
Courtier, Catharine      Prey, Daniel               1834
Couter, Jane             Jacobs, Codwalader         1820
Covalt, Frances J.       Hathaway, Carter D.        1867
Covalt, Hamilton         Ralston, Harriet           1869
Covalt, William A.       Yates, Mary E.             1870
Covalt, William S.       Webb, Maria E.             1855
Covault, Clementine      Noble, Thomas              ----
Covault, Elizabeth       Poque, Cyrus               1868
Covault, Elizabeth       Manson, David              1848
Covault, Erastus V.      Shell, Frances             1844
Covault, Horace P.       Blevins, Sarah             1871
Covault, Isiah J.        Russell, Nancy             1842
Covault, Israel H.       Webb, Louisa               1862
Covault, Israel H.       Webb, Louisa               1862
Covault, John Erastus    Smalley, Mary Ellen        ----
Covault, Levi            Gavra, Nancy               1853
Covault, Lewis           Manson, Eliza              1858
Covault, Lewis C.        Yates, Susannah            18--
Covault, Newton          Harvey, Catherine          1859
Covault, Sally           Manson, David              1810
Covault, Sarah           Cromer, Abraham            1848
Covault, William H.      Knight, Caroline           1862
Covault, William S.      Webb, Maria E.             1855
Covault, William W.      Harvey, Harriet            1836
Covault, Willis H.       Knight, Caroline           1862
Covauly, Margaret E.     Duncan, David E.           1850
Coven, Catharine         Nelson, William B.         1936
Cover, Mary E.           Aley, Amos P.              1866
Covert, Benton           Garver, Sarah              1850
Covert, Hiram            Morse, Sarah               1864
Covill, John             Smith, Mary Ann            1862
Covill, John             Smith, Mary Ann            1862
Cowely, Catharine        Callaghan, Thomas          1865
Cowgill, Loami S.        Beeale, Mary F.            1868
Cowgils, Sarah M.        Lanckton, James C.         1867
Cowles, Henry            Kiefer, Mary Elizabeth     1855
Cowles, Jesse            White, Rachel              1858
Cowley, Nancy B.         Silor, George              1847
Cox, Absalom           1 Summers, Phebe         1   1808
Cox, Absalom           2 Summers, Phebe         2   1808
Cox, Amanda A.           Davis, D. C.               1861
Cox, Amanda A.           Davis, D.C.                ----
Cox, Araminta O.J.       Wolcott, Isaac M.          1871
Cox, Armida A.           Patty, Wilkinson           1855
Cox, Arminia Allis       Patty, Wilkerson           1855
Cox, Bathheba            Hathaway, Abraham          1810
Cox, Benjamin            Lindsay, Mary I.           1853
Cox, Benjamin S.         Sminite, Mellenett         1817
Cox, Catharine           Miller, Miller             1844
Cox, Eleanor             Templeton, John            1825
Cox, Eleanor             Tewfleton, John            l825
Cox, Eliza H.            Howell, Levi               1836
Cox, Elizabeth           Johnson, Samuel            1859
Cox, Elizabeth           Johnson, Samuel            1859
Cox, Elizabeth           Miller, John               ----
Cox, Elizabeth           Wild, Charles L.           1852
Cox, Elizabeth           Nilise, Jefferson          1839
Cox, Elizabeth           Purviance, Levi            1865
Cox, Elizabeth           Purviance, Levi            1865
Cox, Ella C.             Bradley, James W.          1866
Cox, Grizzel             Manning, Enos              1816
Cox, Hannah              Peatts, Jacob              1815
Cox, Hannah              Pratter, Jacob             1814
Cox, Harbe D.            Bear, Barbara              1860
Cox, Harriet             Mitchell, Prisley, K.      1840
Cox, Henry               Thomas, Elizabeth          1825
Cox, Isaac P.            McLaughlin, Nancy Ann      1833
Cox, Isaac T.            Fry, Susannah              1841
Cox, Isabella F.         Montgomery, William C.     1869
Cox, Jane K.             Connell, John W.           1853
Cox, Jeminah             Johnston, Griffin          1823
Cox, John                Hall, Lydia                1853
Cox, John A.             -arnan, Melinda            1853
Cox, Joseph              Weddle, Mary E.            1852
Cox, Joseph W.           Shaw, Emeline M.           1854
Cox, Kitty               Johnston, Andrew           1815
Cox, Martha              Jefferson, Oliver          ----
Cox, Mary                Harris, John D.            1841
Cox, Mary                Shaw, Thomas               1811
Cox, Mary E.             Wrigley, Irwin             1854
Cox, Minerva A.          Iddings, Jefferson         1866
Cox, Nancy               Kimble, Edward             1819
Cox, Nancy               Cartner, Daniel            1829
Cox, Nancy               Davis, Henry               1863
Cox, Nancy               Dickensheets, William      1844
Cox, Nancy Jane          Deweese, Henry C.          1866
Cox, Paul V.             Miover, Mary               1867
Cox, Pelag               Coppock, Elizabeth         1854
Cox, R.N.                Wagner, Elizabeth          1852
Cox, Rachael .           Michael, William D.        1853
Cox, Rachel L.           Michael, William D.        1858
Cox, Richard             Pitts, Matilda             1871
Cox, Samuel              White, Diana               1846
Cox, Sarah A.            Wykoff, Isaac              1855
Cox, Sarah A.            Wykoff, Isaac              1855
Cox, Sarah T.            Rodgers, Charles E.        1846
Cox, Solomon             Thackary, Emarelis         1871
Cox, VanBuren            Stith, Sarah Jane          1863
Cox, W.B.                Conaway, Louisa N.         1859
Cox, W.B.                Conaway, Louisa N.         1859
Cox, Warbe, D.           Bean, Barbara              1860
Cox, William             Skinner, Polly             1834
Cox, William             Blackmore, Hannah J.       1868
Cox, William S.          Duncan, Nancy              1853
Coy, Elizabeth           Neal, George               1869
Coy, Elizabeth           Chrowel, Michael           1828
Coy, John                Rudy, Hannah               1827
Coy, Joseph L.           Nichols, Mary              1855
Crabb, Bazel             Nebon, Catharine           1822
Craft, Laura             Spicer, John L.            1846
Craft, Mary              Irish, Charles             1846
Craft, Michael           Nowlan, Emily              1930
Craft, Milly A.          Yingling, Jacob            1847
Craft, Susan             Spicer, Loyal              1830
Craig, Lucy          (Bk Deshea, Andrew       (Bk)) 1868
Craig, Nancy             Thompson, Matthias         1860
Craig, Nashie            Rollins, William S.        1836
Craig, Rebecca           Funderburgh, Isaac         1862
Crall, Henry J.          Wilson, Clara              1869
Cralty, Eliza Hellen     Jennings, Solomon          1859
Cramer, A.M.             Reed, L.N.                 1857
Cramer, A.M.             Reed, L.N.                 1857
Cramer, Ansel B.         Grossnor, Mary F.          1852
Cramer, Catharine        Keifer, George             1865
Cramer, Eliza J.         Statler, Joseph            1852
Cramer, Henry N.         Haywood, Aurelia M.        1855
Cramer, Jacob            Coon, Parmelia             1834
Cramer, Sarah            Wanes, Simon               1826
Cramer, Sidena E.        Winans, Benjamin F.        1854
Cramer, Sidena Ellen     Winans, Benjamin F.        1854
Cramer, Wilhelmina       Wasserman, John            ----
Craminger, Anna Maria    Deise, John                1860
Crammer, Peggy           Murray, Charles            1811
Crampton, Abraham        Full, Hannah               1836
Crampton, Alonzo         Louthan, Anna E.           1868
Crampton, Byron          Bottorff, Maggie           1867
Crampton, David J.       Hayworth, Elizabeth C.     1861
Crampton, David J.       Hayworth, Elizabeth C.     1861
Crampton, Elisha E.      Stover, Catharine          1857
Crampton, Eliza A.       Johnson, William H.        1844
Crampton, George         Florida, Sarah             1872
Crampton, Isabel         Wood, Jonathan             1840
Crampton, John W.        Lock, Martha J.            1857
Crampton, Joseph         Dickey, Maggie             1865
Crampton, Matilda        Coppock, Joseph R.         1864
Crampton, Rachel         Looker, Ralph R.           1853
Crampton, Sarah A.       Saunder, Benjamin          1840
Crampton, Sarah Elizabet Stanfield, Ancil         h 1864
Crampton, Sarah Elizabet Stanfield, Ancil         h 1864
Crampton, Susannah       Saunders, Jonathan         ----
Crandall, Nancy          Canfield, Daniel           1865
Crandall, Nicholas       Brown, Ann                 1843
Crane, Allie W.          Sheets, Thomas J.          1861
Crane, Allie W.          Sheets, Thomas J.          1861
Crane, Betsey            Delong, Joseph             1822
Crane, Fathetha Jane     Bodkin, Joseph             1835
Crane, Henry             Redinbaugh, Nancy          1825
Crane, Jacob             Deval, Sarah               1864
Crane, Julia A.          Tuttle, Perry B.           1841
Crane, Letitia           DeForrest, Frank           1849
Crane, Mary              Bour, Isaac                1830
Crane, Minerva J.        Hart, Henry B.             1861
Crane, Minerva J.        Hart, Henry H.             1861
Crane, Robert            Boyer, Susan               1830
Crane, Susan             Black, James               1842
Crann, Mary J.           Barr, A.W.                 1851
Crans, Electa            Barney, E.C.               1839
Crant, Catharine         Kitchen, William H.        1859
Crapsey, Levi            Phares, Laura              1870
Crapsey, Lydia A.        Beedle, William            1839
Crapsy, Jacob Jr.        Place, Laura               1859
Crasile, William         Staller, Catharine A.      1836
Crassey, Henry           Shellenbarger, Emma        1866
Cratty, Lydia A.         Kesler, William            1866
Craver, James            Fox, Mary E.               1868
Crawford, Eliza          Kertz, James               1837
Crawford, Elle           Rusk, William F.           1868
Crawford, Harriet A.     Winans, John C.            1872
Crawford, Henry C.       Coffer, Harriett Ann       1866
Crawford, Isabella       Conoter, John              1832
Crawford, Nancy          Scott, William             1842
Crawford, Sarah          Hixon, Joel                1869
Crawner, George W.       Thompson, Manerva          1871

Cray/Croy, Henry W.      Miller, Margaret           1872
Cray, Jacob              Marter, Sophia C.          1869
Cray, Joseph S.          Stine, Elizabeth           1855
Cray, Richard            Robbins, Deborah           ----
Crazier, Sylvester       Hayner, M. Lizzie          1867
Creager, Daniel          Webb, Rachel               1839
Creager, Essias          Dungan, Susan              1840
Creager, Henry           Rarick, Susanah            1839
Creager, Michael J.      Thomas, Motty C.           1863
Creager, Michael J.      Thomas, Molly C.           1863
Creager, Peneman         Bollinger, Margaret        1862
Creamer, Robert C.       Gray, Sarah                1867
Creas, Clarisa           Reeves, John               1829
Creegen, Daniel          McKee, Mary A.             1842
Creeman, Elsey           Cathonn, William           ----
Cregon, Sarah            Blue, John H.              1836
Creighton, Samuel F.     Stockstill, Catharine      1852
Crelten, Mary E.         Singular, Hiram            1858
Creney, David            Pearson, Sarah             1859
Crepsey, Jacob           Correll, Elizabeth         1847
Cress, Andrew            Millian, Mary              1836
Cress, Augustus          McCoole, Mary E.           1868
Cress, George M.         Baltzell, Serilla          1829
Cress, Jacob             Knife, Malinda             1864
Cress, John W.           McCool, Eliza A.           1853
Cress, Mary E.           Sowry, James               1871
Cress, Mary E.           Kessler, Michael M.        1872
Cress, William           McCool, Esther             1862
Cress, William           McCool, Esther             1862
Cretors, Clarence        Bremer, Addicey D.         1871
Creuere, David           Pearson, Sarah             1859
Creveston, Hannah        Ward, George               1829
Creveston, William       McDorman, Jane             1829
Crew, Rachael A.         Roszell, Joseph            1851
Crewy, Thomas            Thomas, Charlotte          1830
Crick, Betsy             Rarick, Jacob              1832
Crick, Peter             Blcck, Elizabeth           1862
Crick, Peter             Black, Elizabeth           1862
Crier, Edward            Wood, Lydia H.             1848
Crigin, Nancy            Stevens, Joshua            1843
Crill, John              Tritle, Mary A.            1839
Crilton, William C.      Nine, Sarah J.             1869
Crimons, Allie           Hally, John                ----
Cripe, David             Studibaker, Leah           1842
Cripman, Mary            Byrkett, Abraham           1832
Crise, Charity           Miller, Silas              1857
Crisman, Daniel          Ferguson, Mary A.          1853
Crisman, Sophia A.       Perkiser, Henry B.         1855
Crist, Abraham C.        Whitmore, Mary             1846
Crist, Elizabeth         Owens, William             ----
Cristy, Joseph       (1) Elmore, Mary               1826
Cristy, Joseph       (2) Elmore, Mary               1826
Crithers, Susan Jane     Wiley, William J.          1839
Critten, George          Stanley, America C.        1854
Critten, Lizzie          Rowe, Francis M.           1871
Critten, Mary            Keefer, Josiah W.          1860
Critten, Willis          Hannan, Mary J.            1852
Crocker, Martin          Espy, Elizabeth            1846
Crocket, Daniel          Pettiford, Jane            1855
Crocket, Susan S.        Karch, William             1841
Crockett, Daniel         Pettiford, Jane            1855
Croesley, Jeremiah       Lusk, Margaret             1862
Croesley, Jeremiah       Qurk, Margaret             ----
Crofson, John M.         Miller, Susan Ann          1863
Croft, David             Whitmer, Catharine         ----
Croft, David             Bollinger, Hannah          1847
Croft, Francis, T.       Rollins, Cyntha Jane       1864
Croft, George            Mohler, Mary               ----
Croft, Hannah            Hartle, Christian          1865
Croft, James             Butts, Sarah               1855
Crom, Mary               Cron, Harvey               1833
Cromer, Abraham          Covault, Sarah             1848
Cromer, Albert           Barley, Rebecca            1866
Cromer, Anna             Cooper, Charles            1865
Cromer, Corelia B.       Ziegenfelder, Frederick L  1868
Cromer, David            Hayhurst, Rebecca          1836
Cromer, Delia M.         Rogers, Firman C.          1871
Cromer, Eliza            Stary, George              1868
Cromer, Eliza Jane       Dye, Mathias               1867
Cromer, Elmathan         Garver, Mary               1848
Cromer, Elrathan         Beer, Caroline             1870
Cromer, Fanny            Bowen, Cornelius           1865
Cromer, Hannah           McKee, Jeremiah            1835
Cromer, Harriet          Morgan, Benjamin R.        1869
Cromer, Harrison         Gaskill, Phebe Ann         1856
Cromer, Jackson          Wiles, Mary                1846
Cromer, Jacob            Esty, Rebecca A.           1845
Cromer, Jane             Mansfield, Dwight George   1864
Cromer, John             Hayhurst, Hannah           1830
Cromer, Lib              Leffel, Henry              1864
Cromer, Lodena           Clavenger, Thomas          1850
Cromer, Mary             Livingston, Jesse C.       1840
Cromer, Mary C.          McDowell, Roswell S.       1860
Cromer, Mary C.          Neff, Walter S.            1865
Cromer, Mary E.          Neff, Walter S.            1865
Cromer, Mary S.          McDonald, Roswell S.       ----
Cromer, Merry A.         Schatter, John             1847
Cromer, Nathan           Cavault, Sarah             1831
Cromer, Owen             Wilart, Sarah              1845
Cromer, Philip           Huntinger, Anna            1871
Cromer, Rachel           Erisman, jacob             1859
Cromer, Samuel           Freeman, Suderna           1839
Cromer, Sarah            Wanes, Simon               1826
Cromer, Thomas B.        Buckles, Margaret Ann      1864
Cromer, W. W.            Woolery, D. F.             1864
Cromer, W.W.             Woolesy, D.E.              1864
Cromer, William          Bowers, Jane               1837
Cromer, William          Clap, Eve R.               1850
Cromes, Miller D.        Evans, Martha J.           1871
Cromin, John             Howard, Bridget            1849
Cromley, Charles F.      Day, Rachael               1852
Cron, Elisa              Mark, Isaac M., Rev.       1847
Cron, Elizabeth          Hughs, Joseph              1825
Cron, Harvey             Crom, Mary                 1833
Cron, Henry              Redinbaugh, Nancy          1825
Cron, Henry              Hamilton, Louise           1866
Cron, John               Brelsford, Martha A.       1870
Cron, John               Tucker, Matilda            1825
Cron, Lucies C.          Gims, Maregaret            ----
Cron, Lucues C.          Ginn, Margaret             1859
Cron, Mary E.            Sheridan, Charles A.       1871
Cron, Sarah              Thomas, John R.            ----
Cron, Sarah              Thomas, John R.            1861
Cron, Susan              Artz, Henry                1847
Cron, W.L.               Feast, Mary F.             1857
Cron, Washington         Wolf, Lavina               1843
Cron, William L.         Day, Annia B.              1852
Crone, Edward L.         Woodward, Sarah Ann        1830
Crone, Elizabeth         Miller, John               1834
Crone, James P.          Clyne, Letitea             1834
Crone, Justus B.         Bodkin, Matilda            1848
Cronenberry, John        Meard, Bridget             1858
Croner, Gustavus         Ketch, Caroline            1860
Croner, Gustavus         Kelch, Caroline            1860
Croner, Mina             Grote, George W.           1872
Crawford, Robert C.      Cory, Mary                 1837
Cronin, Honora           Byrns, Patrick             1856
Cronin, John             Trant, Mary                ----
Crookshank, A.J.         Pry, Mary C.               1862
Crookshank, A.J.         Pry, Mary C.               1862
Crookshank, Albert       Byrkit, Louisa M.          1862
Crookshank, Albert       Byrket, Louisa M.          1862
Crookshank, Amanda M.    Collins, William P.        1859
Crookshank, George W.    Green, Nancy Jane          1867
Crookshank, John         Everts, Phebe L.           1847
Crookshank, John A.      Kerns, Mehah               1847
Crookshank, Liva J.      Karns, John J.             1871
Crookshank, Rebecca A.   Murphy, Silas A.           1858
Crookshank, William J.   Harrod, Martha A.          1853
Cropen, Sarah            Taylor, Jepe B.            1856
Crosby, Sarah            Lain, John                 1823
Crosley, Caroline        Hays, Joseph J.            1869
Crosley, Smith           Cutler, Margaret A.        ----
Crossan, John M.         Miller, Susan Ann          1863
Crossear, Sarah          Tayler, Jesse B.           1856
Crossland, Jacob A.      Millinger, Drusilla        1849
Crosum, Honora           Byrne, Patrick             1856
Crothers, Martha         Robison, Thomas            1839
Crouch, Hiram            Bruck, Julia               1840
Crouder, Dudly           Brown, Martha J.           1856
Crouse, John W.Crouse, HiReese, Mary A.             1948
Crovolt, Madison         Robbins, Mary              1831
Crow, Betsey             Welbaum, Jacob             1842
Crow, Caroline G.        Fagan, Thomas B.           1854
Crow, Joseph S.          Stine, Elizabeth           1855
Crow, Margaret           Hubbert, Thomas            1865
Crow, Mary A.            Brading, Jermiah B.        1848
Crow, Susan              Reeder, Isaac              1856
Crow, William H.         Parker, Katy               1868
Crowd, David             Myres, Rachel C.A.         1854
Crowder, Dudley          Brown, Martha J.           1856
Crowder, Edward          Gillett, Mariah            1861
Crowder, Edward          Gillett, Mariah            1861
Crowder, Johnson         Randolph, Amanda A.        1846
Crowder, Joseph M.       Jefferson, Clarissa Jane   1864
Crowder, Susan           Brown, Isaac               1857
Crowe, Margaret          Hubbert, Thomas            1865
Crowel, Abraham          Million, Catharine         1835
Crowel, Andrew           Harrison, Cinthia J.       1871
Crowel, Andrew W.        Bird, Melinda              1851
Crowel, Daniel           Myers, Julia A.            1837
Crowel, David            Myers, Rachel C. Angalin e 1854
Crowel, Devault          Hollinger, Catharine       1840
Crowel, Elizabeth        Kepner, Benjamin H.        1861
Crowel, John             Fincher, Jane              1829
Crowel, M.S.             Marietta, Susan B.         1860
Crowel, Mary A.          Hahn, Martin S.            1869
Crowel, Salome           Mowery, Newton             1863
Crowel, Samuel           Rarick, Betsey             1832
Crowel, Samuel           Ditmore, Mary E.           1862
Crowel, William          Rave, Lavina               1863
Crowel, William          Rare, Luvina               1863
Crowell, Catharine       Zerbe, Abraham D.          1864
Crowell, Catharine       Brumbaugh, Isaac           1862
Crowell, Catharine       Broombaugh, Isaac          1862
Crowell, Julia A.        Barringer, jacob           1872
Crowell, M.S.            Marrietta, Susan R.        1860
Crowell, Saloma          Dorman, Abram              1859
Crowell, Saloma          Dorman, Abram              1859
Crowell, Salome          Mowery, Newton             1863
Crowell, Salome H.       Olwine, Jacob C.           1866
Crowell, Samuel          Ditmore, Mary E.           1862
Crowell, Sarah           Spillers, Jacob            1829
Crowl, Nancy             Sneir, George              1836
Crowley, Andreus G.      Willbaum, Rosanna          1871
Crowley, Dennis          Shannon, Elizabeth         1865
Crowley, James H.        Lacy, Margaret             1868
Crowley, John            Harding, Bridget           1861
Crowley, John            Harding, Bridger           1861
Croxiers, Josiah B.      McCullough, Nancy          ----
Croy, Adam               Wyatt, Drusilla            ----
Croy, Elizabeth          Marshall, Charles          1846
Croy, Elizabeth          Miller, Levison            1869
Croy/Cray, Henry W.      Miller, Margaret           1872
Croy, John               Deweese, Elizabeth         1847
Croy, John               Riley, Anna                1867
Croy, Mary C.            Garbry, James              1866
Croy, Matilda R.         Kester, Ira                1862
Croy, Nancy              Penkerton, William A.      1843
Croy, Samuel             Richardson, Patty          1828
Croy, Susan              Delong, William            1854
Croy, William            Athey, Ellen               1870
Crozer, Mary             Johnston, Robert           ----
Crozier, Agnes, B.       Reen, Edward C.            1869
Crozier, Brilina         Wiley, Robert              ----
Crozier, F.S.            Jourdon, Juliann           1853
Crozier, Fannie S.       Wilbee, Ed M.              1870
Crozier, John            Bobo, Mary J.              1851
Crozier, Mary J.         Wiley, Francis J.          ----
Crozier, Sarah           Legg, Amos                 ----
Crozier, William J.      Ross, Ann                  1842
Cruckshank, John W.      Wilmington, Hannah         1858
Crue, Benjamin           Finney, Nancy              1827
Cruea, Ann               McConnell, Wesley          1852
Cruea, Ann               Huntsinger, Abraham        1855
Cruea, Anna              Huntsinger, Abraham        1855
Cruea, David             Honeyman, Susan            1867
Cruea, Edwin             Boulden, Anna              1869
Cruea, Enos B.           Stevens, Harriet           1852
Cruea, Enos B.           Ashton, Emma               1859
Cruea, Enos B.           Ashton, Emma   (Aston)     1859
Cruea, Hannah M.         Dunlap, Samuel             1867
Cruea, James             Alexander, Mariah E.       1841
Cruea, John              Vancamp, Nancy             1839
Cruea, John              Sleppy, Margaret           1858
Cruea, Joseph T.         Heckendorn, Mary Ann       1866
Cruea, Maria             Barger, Joseph             1861
Cruea, Maria             Baryer, Joseph             1861
Cruea, Martin            Thompson, Hannah           1867
Cruea, Moses             Friend, Mary Ann           1865
Cruea, Rebecca           Blackburn, Daniel          1856
Cruea, Samuel            Conaway, Rachel            1831
Crued, Elizabeth J.      Rhodehamell, Jacob         1853
Crull, Michael           Amnone, Phebe              1817
Crum, Anna N.            Eichelberger, Daniel A.    1872
Crummel, Margaret        Lander, C.                 1855
Crummel, Margaret        Lauber, C.                 1855
Crunrumfer, Anna Maria   Dine, John                 1860
Cruse, Demetrius A.      Woolsey, Adilia            1864
Cruse, George B.         Filmore, Sasar E.          1865
Cruse, George W.         Slatter, Josephine H.      1868 (Slatter should be Statler)
Cruse, Mary              Landis, Frederick          1856
Cruse, Mina              Wieter, William            1872
Cubbage, John S.         Hardisty, Francis A.       1845
Cufft, Hannah            Hartle, Christian          ----
Culbertson, Acenth E.    Kerr, James                1849
Culbertson, Amanda O.    Miller, Isaiah             1855
Culbertson, Anna Maria   Mayo, H.S.                 1832
Culbertson, C.H.         Stewart, Elizabeth J.      1855
Culbertson, Caroline C   Parsons, Ebenezer          1841
Culbertson, Catharine    Moore, John                1846
Culbertson, Cordelia     Bayless, Solomon           1842
Culbertson, Eliza S.     Barbour, Robert M.         1862
Culbertson, Eliza S.     McBarbour, Robert          1862
Culbertson, Ella         Allen, D.Q.                1866
Culbertson, Enna S.      Munson, Marvin             1850
Culbertson, Henry D.     Sowers, Hannah             1866
Culbertson, Henry W.     Coleman, Maria             1819
Culbertson, Hester C.    Grosvenor, Augustus D.     1866
Culbertson, Joseph       Cecil, Eleanor             1824
Culbertson, Joseph R.    Drake, Mary R.             1863
Culbertson, Martha       Largent, Amos              ----
Culbertson, Martha       Dye, William H.H.          1839
Culbertson, Mary         Allen, George              1836
Culbertson, Mary F.      Young, James H.            1870
Culbertson, Mary H.      McClung, Cloyd             1823
Culbertson, Mary J.      Worrell, Samuel H.         1839
Culbertson, Mary J.      Smith, Samuel M.           1865
Culbertson, Nancy        Primer, John               1827
Culbertson, Nancy        McDonald, Archibald        1819
Culbertson, Nancy J.     Kerr, George               1853
Culbertson, Nancy J.     Bilger, James M.           1848
Culbertson, Nancy M.     Curtis, John V.            ----
Culbertson, S.A.         Weakly, H.H.               1861
Culbertson, S.A.         Weakley, H.H.              1861
Culbertson, Samuel       Bates, Eliza               1857
Culbertson, Sena         Cipra, Joseph              1824
Cullen, Elizabeth        Orpret, William            1850
Cullen, Elizabeth        Orpret, William F.         1850
Cullen, Harriet          Buchanan, John             1844
Cullen, John V.          Lutterell, Harriet A.      1850
Cullen, Joseph           Berry, Mary Ellen          1864
Cullen, Margaret         Smalley, David             1852
Cullen, Samuel           -owles, Delila             1849
Cullen, Sarah E.         Smalley, John              1840
Cullertson, Fannie C.    Abbott, Luther I.          1854
Cullin, Eliza J.         Buchanan, James J.         1847
Cullin, Thomas           Tuteral, Elizabeth         1844
Cullin, Thomas           Billings, Sarah            1859
Cullin, Thomas           Billings, Sarah            1859
Culp, Charlotte L.       Smith, Samuel              1856
Culp, Charlotte L.       Smith, Thomas              1856
Culp, Nelson G.          Gahagan, Mahala            1851
Culper, Lucy             Hill, Currin               1865
Culper, Lycy             Hill, Curran               1865
Culver, Orrin            Pierce, Mary               1839
Culver, Samantha J.      Pogue, Alexander           1870
Culverson, Jane          Hooks, Awmon               1847
Cummings, Samuel K.      Pettes, Christena          1850
Cummins, Alexander       Galligher, Margaret        1834
Cummins, Benjamin H.     Jackson, Lizzie            1872
Cummins, Celia Ann       Pery, Garrison             1833
Cummins, John            Sands, Susan               1852
Cummins, Mary            Harker, Jones              1827
Cummins, William         Dollison, Charlotte        1825
Cummins, William Jr.     Collins, Lydia             1825
Cummons, Allie           Holly, John                1860
Cunckleman, Mary         Gauby, Martin              1863
Cunkle, Levi J.          Cable, Nannie              1866
Cunningham, Edith        Day, George                1854
Cunningham, Hattie A.    Bartholmew, Silas C.       1865
Cunningham, Jane         Rigin, Arthur              1850
Cunningham, Josephine    Agenbroad, Horatio         1870
Cunningham, Levina       Jackson, Benjamin F.       1866
Cunningham, Martin       Peirce, Augustus           ----
Cunningham, Martin       Peirce, Angusta            1859
Cunningham, Martin       Peirce, Augusta            ----
Cunningham, Nancy        Kerk, Owen                 1857
Cunningham, Nancy        Kesk, Owen                 1857
Cunningham, Oliver       Mattox, Kate E.            1869
Cunningham, William      Levengood, Barbara         1812
Cunningham, William      McIntosh, Abby             1850
Curay, Nancy             Myres, John H.             1834
Cureston, Henry          Buraem, Sally              1815
Curr, William            Kimble, Elizabeth          1822
Curry, Ensworth          Conaway, Jane              1831
Curry, Robert            Heaton, Rebecca            1846
Curtes, Joseph           Westlake, Mary Jane        1856
Curtis, Aaron B.         Johnston, Bridget          1852
Curtis, Andrew           Hoover, Matilda            1863
Curtis, Andrew           Hoover, Matilda            1863
Curtis, Ann              Wagoner, John F.           1864
Curtis, Aza B.           Drake, Loretta             1848
Curtis, Caroline A.      Reel, William F.           1865
Curtis, Catharine        Price, John G.             1836
Curtis, Cynthia E.       Bodiker, John              1858
Curtis, Daniel           Spencer, Sarah             1840
Curtis, David            Petty, Francis A.          ----
Curtis, David            Lonahaer                   1857
Curtis, David            Donaher, Ellen             1857
Curtis, Dayton           Roderick, Nancy            1840
Curtis, Fetney           Jones, Seebom              1829
Curtis, George           Rike, Julia A.             1858
Curtis, Hannah           Hewitt, Elisha             1832
Curtis, Hiram            Sheetz, Jane               1819
Curtis, Isaiah           Byrkete, Abigal            1860
Curtis, Isaiah           Byrkett, Abigail           1860
Curtis, Jacob            Honeyman, Mary A.          1846
Curtis, James            Byrket, Elizabeth          1811
Curtis, James            Byrkitt, Nancy             1829
Curtis, James M.         Turner, Sarah M.           1873
Curtis, John V.          Culbertson, Nancy M.       ----
Curtis, Joseph           Westlake, Mary J.          1856
Curtis, Joseph           Kinna, Catharine           1866
Curtis, Lemuel           Belston, Anna              1865
Curtis, Mary             Price, William             1831
Curtis, Mary             Waggoner, W.               1833
Curtis, Mary A.          Caw, George                1843
Curtis, Mary J.          Wheelock, Daniel W.        1870
Curtis, Nancy            Ingle, Jacob               1850
Curtis, Noah             Shearer, Olive             1866
Curtis, Oliver           Byrkett, Susanna           1870
Curtis, Samuel           Honeyman, Susan            1839
Curtis, Samuel           Mchaffey, Rebecca Jane     1863
Curtis, Samuel           Belston, Anna              1865
Curtis, Samuel           Mehaffey, Rebecca Jane     1863
Curtis, Sara J.          Williams, C.D.             1855
Curtis, Sarah            Stahl, Davis J.            1872
Curtis, Sarah            Hoover, Henry              1807
Curtis, Sarah            Hoover, Henry              1829
Curtis, Sarah E.         Fenters, George            1867
Curtis, Sarah J.         Williams, C.D.             1855
Curtis, Sarah M.         Bower, Charles             1863
Curtis, Sarah M.         Bower, Charles N.          1863
Curtis, Sarah M.         Bower, Charles W.          1863
Curtis, Solomon          Fees, Susan                1849
Curtis, Susan            Davis, Isaac               ----
Curtis, Susan            Davis, Isaac               1854
Curtis, William          Fees, Ann                  1849
Curtis, William Wiley    Juman, Lorena              1818
Curtise, Joseph          Towly, Mary                1850
Cush, Eliza M.           Thomas, S.H.               1847
Cushing, Elizabeth H.    Penny, Theodore            1841
Cushing, Sarah J.        James, W.F.                1862
Cushing, Sarah J.        James, W.F.                1862
Cushing, William R.      Peterson, Martha Ann       1863
Cushing, William R.      Peterson, Martha Ann       1863
Cushman, Susan           McNeely, William           1868
Cushwa, Ann C.           Bick, William              1852
Cushwa, James            Machael, Eurilla           1866
Cushwa, John F.          Weaver, Barbara            1859
Cushwa, Martin B.        Studebaker, Mariah         1856
Cushwaugh, Frances A.    Jenkins, William           1849
Cushwaugh, John F.       Weaver, Barbara            1859
Cussard, John H.         Carter, Sarah Matilda      1862
Cussins, Oliver          Penny, Mary E.             1871
Custard, John H.         Carter, Sarah Matilda      1862
Custard, William         Martin, Mary               1825
Cuthbertson, Alexander   Allen, Bertha Ann          1856
Cuthburt, Mary A.        Iddings, William           1870
Cuther, Nancy            Collins, Martin R.         1833
Cutler, Catharine        Fagan, Francis A.          1856
Cutler, Elizabeth        Hyatt, John A.             1850
Cutler, Margaret A.      Crosley, Smith             ----
Cutler, William          Deweese, Hannah            1849
Cutler, William A.       Stonlzenbarger, Mary A.    ----
Cutten, James            McClay, Mary A.C.          1847
Cutter, Margaret         Burke, Richard             ----
Cuttin, Mary E.          Singular, Hiram            1858
Cypherd, Margaret Ann    McKee, John                1866

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