Miami County, Ohio Genealogical Researchers -- Sponsored by the Computerized Heritage Association

1840 Federal Census of Miami County Ohio

Abstracted from the microfilm by Joseph H. Bosserman,
Covington, Miami County Ohio

The names below are shown in the same order that they were listed by the census taker.

                 Heads of the household from:
          1840 Federal Census Of Miami County Ohio


Zeigler, N.                340  Piqua, Town of         Z246 
Hassend, James             340  Piqua, Town of         H253 
Fraey, George W.           340  Piqua, Town of         F600 
Miller, George N.          340  Piqua, Town of         M460 
Defreese, Joseph           340  Piqua, Town of         D162 
Kelly, P.S.                340  Piqua, Town of         K400 
Dirmnott, Wm. J.           340  Piqua, Town of         D653 
Cobb, Robert F.            340  Piqua, Town of         C100 
Gossin, Henry H.           340  Piqua, Town of         G250 
Harton, Joseph E.          340  Piqua, Town of         H635 
Cruse, Augustus            340  Piqua, Town of         C620 
Hudson, Donoin             340  Piqua, Town of         H325 
Walkup, R.                 340  Piqua. Town of         W421 
See, C.H.                  340  Piqua, Town of         S000 
Miller, A.                 340  Piqua, Town of         M460 
Waterman, Henry            340  Piqua. Town of         W365 
Ragan, Allen               340  Piqua, Town of         R250 
Manning, Ruth              340  Piqua, Town of         M552 
Boursman, Benjamin         340  Piqua, Town of         B625 
French, Daniel             340  Piqua, Town of         F652 
Brown, R.P.                340  Piqua, Town of         B650 
Millspaugh, Henry          340  Piqua, Town of         M421 
French, Simon              340  Piqua, Town of         F652 
Hout, David                340  Piqua, Town of         H300 
Evans, Joseph              340  Piqua, Town of         E152 
Hillyard, John             340  Piqua, Town of         H463 
Davison, John              340  Piqua, Town of         D125 
Manning, E.                340  Piqua, Town of         M552 
French, David              340  Piqua, Town of         F652 
Gillispie, William         341  Piqua, Town of         G421 
Wallis, A.                 341  Piqua, Town of         W420 
Stocker, John              341  Piqua, Town of         S326 
Garrison, Jane             341  Piqua, Town of         G625 
Woods, M.                  341  Piqua, Town of         W320 
Shannon, R.                341  Piqua, Town of         S550 
Kirk, Lewis F.             341  Piqua, Town of         K620 
Place, Johnathan           341  Piqua, Town of         P420 
Place, Daniel H.           341  Piqua, Town of         P420 
Bauseher, Hiram            341  Piqua, Town of         B260 
Todman, Christian          341  Piqua, Town of         T355 
Elliott, William           341  Piqua, Town of         E430 
Young, Robert              341  Piqua, Town of         Y520 
See, Levi                  341  Piqua, Town of         S000 
Runk, W.R.                 341  Piqua, Town of         R520 
Dills, W.C.                341  Piqua, Town of         D420 
King, Chancy               341  Piqua, Town of         K520 
Harter, Ann                341  Piqua, Town of         H636 
Fry, G.B.                  341  Piqua, Town of         F600 
Jackson, Timothy           341  Piqua, Town of         J250 
Wood, Samuel               341  Piqua, Town of         W300 
Saunders, Jacob            341  Piqua, Town of         S536 
Knowles, William           341  Piqua, Town of         K542 
Kelly, Joseph              341  Piqua, Town of         K400 
Wise, William              341  Piqua, Town of         W200 
Jackson, William           341  Piqua, Town of         J250 
Smith, Ezekiel             341  Piqua, Town of         S530 
Foster, Jon.               341  Piqua, Town of         F236 
Fredman, M.                341  Piqua, Town of         F635 
Barnsides, John            342  Piqua, Town of         B652 
Jinks, William             342  Piqua, Town of         J520 
Maston, James              342  Piqua, Town of         M235 
Johns, Thomas              342  Piqua, Town of         J520 
Ragan, Rosey               342  Piqua, Town of         R250 
Little, David              342  Piqua, Town of         L340 
Warner, William            342  Piqua, Town of         W656 
Slanly, John               342  Piqua, Town of         S454 
Johnston, John S.          342  Piqua, Town of         J523 
Morrow, John               342  Piqua, Town of         M600 
Acaff, John                342  Piqua, Town of         A210 
McFarland, Andrew          342  Piqua, Town of         M216 
Rothhaas, George F.        342  Piqua, Town of         R320 
Rothhaus, Frederick        342  Piqua, Town of         R320 
Eglebut, Jno. M.           342  Piqua, Town of         E241 
Hinch, Lewis L.            342  Piqua, Town of         H520 
Maffit, Elizabeth          342  Piqua, Town of         M130 
Carson, James              342  Piqua, Town of         C625 
Rairington, William R.     342  Piqua, Town of         R652 
Tuttle, Denis              342  Piqua, Town of         T340 
Walkup, John               342  Piqua, Town of         W421 
Tamplin, John              342  Piqua, Town of         T514 
Brooks, James              342  Piqua, Town of         B620 
Wennsgs, Stephen           342  Piqua, Town of         W520 
Mitchell, M.G.             342  Piqua, Town of         M324 
Carson, Jno.               342  Piqua, Town of         C625 
Merryweather, B.           342  Piqua, Town of         M636 
Balas, Thomas              342  Piqua, Town of         B420 
Simpson, Martin            342  Piqua, Town of         S512 
Brown, George H.           342  Piqua, Town of         B650 
King, Michael              343  Piqua, Town of         K520 
Dodds, Jno. F.             343  Piqua, Town of         D320 
Dorsey, G.V.               343  Piqua, Town of         D620 
Farrall, Jno. O.           343  Piqua, Town of         F640 
Whisler, I.B.              343  Piqua, Town of         W246 
Clark, Jno. H.             343  Piqua, Town of         C462 
Furrow, A.C.               343  Piqua, Town of         F600 
Furrow, J.G.               343  Piqua, Town of         F600 
Werley, Joseph             343  Piqua, Town of         W640 
Garvey, Jno.               343  Piqua, Town of         G610 
Garvey, William M.         343  Piqua, Town of         G610 
Hunnman, H.D.              343  Piqua, Town of         H550 
Goodwin, G.                343  Piqua, Town of         G350 
Banster, N.                343  Piqua, Town of         B523 
Weweks, D.                 343  Piqua, Town of         W200 
Weweks, D.                 343  Piqua, Town of         W200 
Weweks, D.                 343  Piqua, Town of         W200 
Doods, Samuel              343  Piqua, Town of         D320 
Johnston, Mary             343  Piqua, Town of         J523 
Mough, J.H.                343  Piqua, Town of         M200 
Hamilton, Pagan            343  Piqua, Town of         H543 
Jackson, Thomas            343  Piqua, Town of         J250 
Wiley, Hannah              343  Piqua, Town of         W400 
Harman, Josiah             343  Piqua, Town of         H655 
Lammon, Robert             343  Piqua, Town of         L550 
Lions, Sarah               343  Piqua, Town of         L520 
Lions, Mina                343  Piqua, Town of         L520 
Kalb, Jno.                 343  Piqua, Town of         K410 
Huffman, George            343  Piqua, Town of         H155 
Howe, Robert               343  Piqua, Town of         H000 
Startz, John               343  Piqua, Town of         S363 
Atkenson, William          343  Piqua, Town of         A325 
Willson, Thomas            344  Piqua, Town of         W425 
Hine, William              344  Piqua, Town of         H500 
Cromes, Caroline           344  Piqua, Town of         C652 
Thomas, William            344  Piqua, Town of         T520 
Cox, Nancy                 344  Piqua, Town of         C200 
Bader, Allen               344  Piqua, Town of         B360 
Jones, Caleb               344  Piqua, Town of         J520 
Skinner, Cassner C.        344  Piqua, Town of         S560 
Alexander, Joseph          344  Piqua, Town of         A425 
Lampher, Stephen C.        344  Piqua, Town of         L516 
Davis, Jno.                344  Piqua, Town of         D120 
Ellis, Philip              344  Piqua, Town of         E420 
Duphey, Stephen            344  Piqua, Town of         D100 
Conrad, Stephen            344  Piqua, Town of         C563 
Larremore, Robert          344  Piqua, Town of         L656 
Conrad, D.P.               344  Piqua, Town of         C563 
Larremore, Robert          344  Piqua, Town of         L656 
Adams, Drmas               344  Piqua, Town of         A352 
Young, James               344  Piqua, Town of         Y520 
Hanton, James              344  Piqua, Town of         H535 
Williamson, John P.        344  Piqua, Town of         W452 
Brown, Jno.                344  Piqua, Town of         B650 
Gepson, Samuel             344  Piqua, Town of         G125 
Hadley, James              344  Piqua, Town of         H340 
Cook, Josef                344  Piqua, Town of         C200 
Coburn, James              344  Piqua, Town of         C165 
Sage, Joseph               344  Piqua, Town of         S200 
Momen, Robert              344  Piqua, Town of         M550 
Clanbaker, Jno.            344  Piqua, Town of         C451 
Ingram, Jno.               344  Piqua, Town of         I526 
Bank, George               344  Piqua, Town of         B520 
Green, John                344  Piqua, Town of         G650 
France, Peter              345  Piqua, Town of         F652 
Pette, Samuel              345  Piqua, Town of         P300 
Jacobs, Samuel             345  Piqua, Town of         J212 
Halshuman, J.D.            345  Piqua, Town of         H425 
Dittmer, E.J.              345  Piqua, Town of         D356 
Rodgers, William K.        345  Piqua, Town of         R326 
Davis, John                345  Piqua, Town of         D120 
Batch, Valenlite           345  Piqua, Town of         B320 
Roff, Rilson               345  Piqua, Town of         R100 
Wilson, Thomas             345  Piqua, Town of         W425 
Hoover, Eli                345  Piqua, Town of         H160 
McClay, Samuel             345  Piqua, Town of         M240 
Brooks, Freeman            345  Piqua, Town of         B620 
Harshey, Peter             345  Piqua, Town of         H620 
Grmham, N.                 345  Piqua, Town of         G655 
Rist, William              345  Piqua, Town of         R230 
Nettleship, William        345  Piqua, Town of         N342 
Scott, William             345  Piqua, Town of         S300 
Benntt, B.S.               345  Piqua, Town of         B530 
Starrett, James            345  Piqua, Town of         S363 
Jordan, D.J.               345  Piqua, Town of         J635 
Smith, Robert              345  Piqua, Town of         S530 
Kitchen, Henry             345  Piqua, Town of         K325 
Garden, Samuel             345  Piqua, Town of         G635 
Audyan, P.A.               345  Piqua, Town of         A350 
Audyan, John               345  Piqua, Town of         A350 
Ashton, Daniel             345  Piqua, Town of         A235 
Mason, William             345  Piqua, Town of         M250 
Bennett, Joseph            345  Piqua, Town of         B530 
Sins, Richard              345  Piqua, Town of         S520 
Wood, C.D.                 346  Piqua, Town of         W300 
Smithlap, J.A.             346  Piqua, Town of         S534 
Michell, Thomas            346  Piqua, Town of         M240 
Scudder, Casnnas           346  Piqua, Town of         S360 
Keyt, John                 346  Piqua, Town of         K300 
Loonas, Benjamin           346  Piqua, Town of         L520 
Garden, Jno. W.            346  Piqua, Town of         G635 
Jourdan, David             346  Piqua, Town of         J635 
Alexander, David           346  Piqua, Town of         A425 
Chivers, John M.           346  Piqua, Town of         C162 
Webb, S.D.                 346  Piqua, Town of         W100 
Wright, A.G.               346  Piqua, Town of         W623 
Gaskill, H.                346  Piqua, Town of         G240 
Johnston, George C.        346  Piqua, Town of         J523 
Sewyard, William G.        346  Piqua, Town of         S630 
Rommel, J.                 346  Piqua, Town of         R540 
Druelt, James              346  Piqua, Town of         D643 
Hamilton, Alexander        346  Piqua, Town of         H543 
McCaskill, Margaret        346  Piqua, Town of         M224 
Kitchal, E.                346  Piqua, Town of         K324 
Varian, E.                 346  Piqua, Town of         V650 
Newman, W.L.               346  Piqua, Town of         N550 
Hardenbrook, A.R.          346  Piqua, Town of         H635 
Caddy, H.H.                346  Piqua, Town of         C300 
Osburn, John               346  Piqua, Town of         O216 
McKnight, John             346  Piqua, Town of         M252 
Rollins, John              346  Piqua, Town of         R452 
Gray, B.                   346  Piqua, Town of         G600 
Mitchle, William           346  Piqua, Town of         M324 
Samphear, Paidon           346  Piqua, Town of         S516 
Scudder, James             347  Piqua, Town of         S360 
Brandon, Able              347  Piqua, Town of         B653 
Gordon, John               347  Piqua, Town of         G635 
McLhissay, Elias           347  Piqua, Town of         M242 
Claig, Samuel              347  Piqua, Town of         C420 
Booher, Samuel             347  Piqua, Town of         B600 
Morrow, Thomas             347  Piqua, Town of         M600 
Dunning, A.                347  Piqua, Town of         D552 
Wood, G.W.                 347  Piqua, Town of         W300 
Alexander, Adam            347  Piqua, Town of         A425 
Alexander, Lydia           347  Piqua, Town of         A425 
Caldwell, Mary Ann         347  Piqua, Town of         C434 
Rains, Francis             347  Piqua, Town of         R520 
Harrington, John           347  Piqua, Town of         H652 
King, Samuel               347  Piqua, Town of         K520 
Kyle, James                347  Piqua, Town of         K400 
Corrill, John B.           347  Piqua, Town of         C640 
Riley, W.P.                347  Piqua, Town of         R400 
Howard, Solomon            347  Piqua, Town of         H630 
Alexander, John            347  Piqua, Town of         A425 
Sane, Richard W.           347  Piqua, Town of         S500 
Richards, Richard          347  Piqua, Town of         R263 
Jackson, Jacob             347  Piqua, Town of         J250 
Caldwell, Samuel           347  Piqua, Town of         C434 
Gibson, Levi               347  Piqua, Town of         G125 
Raynor, John               347  Piqua, Town of         R560 
Rlerosure, William         347  Piqua, Town of         R462 
Gaion, Aldah               347  Piqua, Town of         G500 
Rese, Elisha               348  Piqua, Town of         R200 
Bellerton, Benjamin        348  Piqua, Town of         B463 
Young, George              348  Piqua, Town of         Y520 
Dailey, James              348  Piqua, Town of         D400 
Wells, Alfred              348  Piqua, Town of         W420 
Woods, William B.          348  Piqua, Town of         W320 
Biggers, William           348  Piqua, Town of         B262 
Beffis, Sarah              348  Piqua, Town of         B120 
Meeks, John A.             348  Piqua, Town of         M200 
McKnight, Robert           348  Piqua, Town of         M252 
Shuam, Affred              348  Piqua, Town of         S500 
Unreadable #0252           348  Piqua, Town of         U563 
Botterson, Jacob O.        348  Piqua, Town of         B362 
Sawyer, Joseph             348  Piqua, Town of         S600 
Jones, John                348  Piqua, Town of         J520 
Gale, William              348  Piqua, Town of         G400 
Wilson, Nathan             348  Piqua, Town of         W425 

Caldwell, Mathew           348  Washington Twn         C434 
Butler, John               348  Washington Twn         B346 
Dayton, Byram              348  Washington Twn         D350 
Hume, James                348  Washington Twn         H500 
Variam, Eliza              348  Washington Twn         V650 
Kindall, David             348  Washington Twn         K534 
Alan, Joseph               348  Washington Twn         A450 
Davis, William             349  Washington Twn         D120 
Batterson, Isle            349  Washington Twn         B362 
Huos, Joseph               349  Washington Twn         H200 
Herrington, E.             349  Washington Twn         H652 
Derrdoff, Jacob            349  Washington Twn         D631 
Cook, Joseph               349  Washington Twn         C200 
Hartor, Daniel             349  Washington Twn         H636 
Munson, William            349  Washington Twn         M525 
Corrner, Robert            349  Washington Twn         C656 
Smith, Frederick R.        349  Washington Twn         S530 
Regan, John                349  Washington Twn         R250 
Miller, Christopher        349  Washington Twn         M460 
Licke, Henry               349  Washington Twn         L200 
Woling, William            349  Washington Twn         W452 
Conover, Jonathan          349  Washington Twn         C516 
Hardisty, Lena             349  Washington Twn         H632 
Slayliake, Jonathan D.     349  Washington Twn         S442 
Sanders, Daniel            349  Washington Twn         S536 
Gray, Jacob C.             349  Washington Twn         G600 
Ross, Jonathan             349  Washington Twn         R200 
Snivilly, Jacob            349  Washington Twn         S514 
Hand, James                349  Washington Twn         H530 
Noller, Jacob              349  Washington Twn         N460 
Minifitter, Henry          349  Washington Twn         M513 
Johnson, James             349  Washington Twn         J525 
Johnston, Stephen          349  Washington Twn         J523 
Johnston, John             349  Washington Twn         J523 
Adams, Thomas              349  Washington Twn         A352 
Gursney, Chrislty          349  Washington Twn         G625 
Johnston, Stephen          349  Washington Twn         J523 
Grayham, Charles           350  Washington Twn         G650 
Siylor, Henry              350  Washington Twn         S460 
Williamson, Jacob          350  Washington Twn         W452 
Face, Nichalos             350  Washington Twn         F200 
Grant, Squire              350  Washington Twn         G653 
Spratt, Jacob              350  Washington Twn         S163 
Statter, Chrislety         350  Washington Twn         S336 
Statter, George            350  Washington Twn         S336 
McCabe, George             350  Washington Twn         M210 
Elliott, David             350  Washington Twn         E430 
Martin, James              350  Washington Twn         M635 
Brown, James               350  Washington Twn         B650 
Gibson, James              350  Washington Twn         G125 
Robinson, Adam             350  Washington Twn         R152 
McFadden, James            350  Washington Twn         M213 
Morrow, Richard            350  Washington Twn         M600 
Kenworthy, Thomas          350  Washington Twn         K563 
Mitchell, Joseph           350  Washington Twn         M324 
Marvin, George             350  Washington Twn         M615 
Marvin, James              350  Washington Twn         M615 
Martin, David              350  Washington Twn         M635 
Moon, Mathew               350  Washington Twn         M500 
Hensey, Charles            350  Washington Twn         H520 
Alexander, Jacob           350  Washington Twn         A425 
Emerisn, John              350  Washington Twn         E562 
Lane, Thomas               350  Washington Twn         L500 
Hutts, Stephen             350  Washington Twn         H320 
McCullough, Alfred         350  Washington Twn         M242 
Burch, N.                  350  Washington Twn         B620 
Hudlow, John               350  Washington Twn         H340 
Hamilton, Jonathan         351  Washington Twn         H543 
Morris, William            351  Washington Twn         M620 
Everett, Nicholas          351  Washington Twn         E163 
Yougy, Eli                 351  Washington Twn         Y200 
Griffin, Michael           351  Washington Twn         G615 
Billnow, George            351  Washington Twn         B450 
Stillwell, Margaret        351  Washington Twn         S344 
McClay, Wilson             351  Washington Twn         M240 
Moore, Mathus              351  Washington Twn         M600 
Moody, Joseph              351  Washington Twn         M300 
Moody, Robert              351  Washington Twn         M300 
Venaman, G.                351  Washington Twn         V555 
Robison, Joshua            351  Washington Twn         R125 
Moody, J.                  351  Washington Twn         M300 
Venaman, G.                351  Washington Twn         V555 
Robinson, J.               351  Washington Twn         R152 
Morring, Amos              351  Washington Twn         M652 
Creagar, J.S.              351  Washington Twn         C626 
Goodwin, Jacob             351  Washington Twn         G350 
Cleanland, Stephen         351  Washington Twn         C454 
Elliott, Charles           351  Washington Twn         E430 
Bennett, Otho H.           351  Washington Twn         B530 
Elliott, William           351  Washington Twn         E430 
McCarles, Robert           351  Washington Twn         M264 
Saroyer, William           351  Washington Twn         S660 
Dicke, Jonathan            351  Washington Twn         D200 
McCallin, Rachael          351  Washington Twn         M245 
Venaman, James             351  Washington Twn         V555 
Griffin, Samuel            351  Washington Twn         G615 
Venaman, A.                351  Washington Twn         V555 
French, H.                 352  Washington Twn         F652 
McCracken, Jonathan        352  Washington Twn         M262 
Fraseer, Thomas            352  Washington Twn         F626 
Balden, Jane               352  Washington Twn         B435 
Cox, Henry                 352  Washington Twn         C200 
Conover, William           352  Washington Twn         C516 
Ramsey, James B.           352  Washington Twn         R520 
Clark, Hugh                352  Washington Twn         C462 
Cuager, Enis               352  Washington Twn         C260 
Duncan, Catharine          352  Washington Twn         D525 
Conover, Jonathan          352  Washington Twn         C516 
Monrow, Daniel             352  Washington Twn         M560 
Lynn, Jane                 352  Washington Twn         L500 
Drake, Daniel              352  Washington Twn         D620 
Drake, Jonathan            352  Washington Twn         D620 
Bennett, Joseph            352  Washington Twn         B530 
Mitchell, Moses            352  Washington Twn         M324 
Johns, Thomas              352  Washington Twn         J520 
McClay, Thomas             352  Washington Twn         M240 
Caldwell, Rebecca          352  Washington Twn         C434 
Johnston, Matthas          352  Washington Twn         J523 
Thomas, Larkin             352  Washington Twn         T520 
Jackson, Samuel            352  Washington Twn         J250 
Brandon, L.                352  Washington Twn         B653 
Adams, William             352  Washington Twn         A352 
Riley, Henry               352  Washington Twn         R400 
Mitchell, William          352  Washington Twn         M324 
Dodds, R.P.                352  Washington Twn         D320 
Steele, John A.            352  Washington Twn         S340 
Tamalan, Frances M.        353  Washington Twn         T545 
Howe, Edwin                353  Washington Twn         H000 
Scott, James               353  Washington Twn         S300 
Baldne, Lewis              353  Washington Twn         B435 
Scott, Hugh                353  Washington Twn         S300 
Mitchell, Daniel           353  Washington Twn         M324 
Rolston, William           353  Washington Twn         R423 
Burnett, Enoch             353  Washington Twn         B653 
McEntire, William          353  Washington Twn         M253 
McEntire, John             353  Washington Twn         M253 
Lynn, William              353  Washington Twn         L500 
Kyte, Abram                353  Washington Twn         K300 
McEntire, Thomas           353  Washington Twn         M253 
Campbell, John             353  Washington Twn         C514 
McTier, Joseph A.          353  Washington Twn         M236 
McDonald, Benjamin         353  Washington Twn         M235 
Bayman, Thomas             353  Washington Twn         B550 
Moffitt, James D.          353  Washington Twn         M130 
Kyte, James                353  Washington Twn         K300 
Balden, Joseph             353  Washington Twn         B435 
Brandon, Armstrong         353  Washington Twn         B653 
Fox, E.                    353  Washington Twn         F200 
Moffitt, John A.           353  Washington Twn         M130 
Morrow, Milo               353  Washington Twn         M600 
Thompson, Sarah            353  Washington Twn         T512 
Johnson, S.                353  Washington Twn         J525 
Conolly, John              353  Washington Twn         C540 
Widney, Wilson             353  Washington Twn         W350 
Brown, A.                  353  Washington Twn         B650 
Robison, G.                353  Washington Twn         R125 
Widney, John               354  Washington Twn         W350 
Hunter, Joseph             354  Washington Twn         H536 
Hunter, William            354  Washington Twn         H536 
Kindall, Joseph            354  Washington Twn         K534 
Hunter, John               354  Washington Twn         H536 
Levering, Sellson          354  Washington Twn         L165 
Henderson, J.              354  Washington Twn         H536 
Himes, S.                  354  Washington Twn         H520 
Anderson, J.               354  Washington Twn         A536 
Russell, Alix              354  Washington Twn         R240 
Worley, S.                 354  Washington Twn         W640 
Bird, Thomas               354  Washington Twn         B630 
McGee, James               354  Washington Twn         M200 
Davis, Ephraim             354  Washington Twn         D120 
Elsworth, John             354  Washington Twn         E426 
Adams, H.                  354  Washington Twn         A352 
Lucan, Philip              354  Washington Twn         L250 
Bush, Thomas               354  Washington Twn         B200 
McGee, Charles             354  Washington Twn         M200 
Bottle, Adam               354  Washington Twn         B340 
Diley, William             354  Washington Twn         D400 
West, E.                   354  Washington Twn         W230 
Tonsley, Samuel            354  Washington Twn         T524 
Wilcox, E.                 354  Washington Twn         W422 
Baman, George              354  Washington Twn         B550 
Adams, P.                  354  Washington Twn         A352 
Stillwell, A.              354  Washington Twn         S344 
Hammer, Peter              354  Washington Twn         H560 
Hunter, W.                 354  Washington Twn         H536 
Licklider, D.              354  Washington Twn         L243 
Willham, John              355  Washington Twn         W450 
Ramsey, Milo               355  Washington Twn         R520 
McMaken, R.                355  Washington Twn         M252 
Inman, John                355  Washington Twn         I550 
Mitchell, John             355  Washington Twn         M324 
Jackson, Jesse             355  Washington Twn         J250 
Stringfellow, J.           355  Washington Twn         S365 
Taylor, Henry              355  Washington Twn         T460 
Hardesty, L.               355  Washingtom Twn         H632 

Smith, Thomas J.S.         356  Troy, Town of          S530 
Grodvonor, D.              356  Troy, Town of          G631 
Pearson, Joseph            356  Troy, Town of          P625 
Harlan, Joseph             356  Troy, Town of          H645 
Overfield, John W.         356  Troy, Town of          O161 
Copsey, John               356  Troy, Town of          C120 
Rou, Isaac                 356  Troy, Town of          R000 
Hardman, James             356  Troy, Town of          H635 
Misinger, George           356  Troy, Town of          M252 
Fuller, John W.            356  Troy, Town of          F460 
Johnson, William B.        356  Troy, Town of          J525 
John, Joseph R.            356  Troy, Town of          J500 
Cough, John                356  Troy, Town of          C200 
McDonald, Archubald        356  Troy, Town of          M235 
Cottingham, James          356  Troy, Town of          C352 
Brown, George M.           356  Troy, Town of          B650 
Hurst, B.                  356  Troy, Town of          H623 
Vance, L. Jacob            356  Troy, Town of          V520 
Daily, William             356  Troy, Town of          D400 
Corse, George W.           356  Troy, Town of          C620 
Coleman, Asa               356  Troy, Town of          C455 
Salin, Roswell             356  Troy, Town of          S450 
McClung, B.F.              356  Troy, Town of          M245 
Reed, Benjamin             356  Troy, Town of          R300 
Burgess, George D.         356  Troy, Town of          B622 
Dailey, Isaac              356  Troy, Town of          D400 
Ney, Henry                 356  Troy, Town of          N000 
Mayo, Henry S.e            356  Troy, Town of          M000 
Mackey, James H.           356  Troy, Town of          M200 
Elliott, Michell           356  Troy, Town of          E430 
Hart, I.W.                 357  Troy, Town of          H630 
Bruscup, John              357  Troy, Town of          B621 
Skinner, Joseph M.         357  Troy, Town of          S560 
McFarland, John K.         357  Troy, Town of          M216 
Tullis, A.W.               357  Troy, Town of          T420 
Ayres, Isaac               357  Troy, Town of          A620 
Maffitt, John              357  Troy, Town of          M130 
Ingersoll, N.T.            357  Troy, Town of          I526 
Simpson, Benjamin          357  Troy, Town of          S512 
Ayres, Henry P.            357  Troy, Town of          A620 
McCampbell, John M.        357  Troy, Town of          M251 
Brown, John                357  Troy, Town of          B650 
Gardner, Thomas            357  Troy, Town of          G635 
King, James R.             357  Troy, Town of          K520 
Hathaway, Abram            357  Troy, Town of          H300 
Runyan, George W.          357  Troy, Town of          R550 
Norris, Mary Ann           357  Troy, Town of          N620 
Fisher, Jacob B.           357  Troy, Town of          F260 
Powers, B.F.               357  Troy, Town of          P620 
Dunham, David B.           357  Troy, Town of          D550 
Mayo, Asa                  357  Troy, Town of          M000 
Wallis, D.W.               357  Troy, Town of          W420 
Long, John E.              357  Troy, Town of          L520 
Long, John E.              357  Troy, Town of          L520 
Blackman, Hulbert          357  Troy, Town of          B425 
Smiltzer, John             357  Troy, Town of          S543 
Culbertson, Samuel         357  Troy, Town of          C416 
Hyde, John                 357  Troy, Town of          H300 
Simons, George             357  Troy, Town of          S552 
Langdon, Richard C.        357  Troy, Town of          L523 
Morris, Alanson            357  Troy, Town of          M620 
Shidler, John Jr.          358  Troy, Town of          S346 
Hart, R.S.                 358  Troy, Town of          H630 
Stockton, Joseph           358  Troy, Town of          S323 
Love, Lewis                358  Troy, Town of          L100 
Barnett, William           358  Troy, Town of          B653 
Wood, Samuel               358  Troy, Town of          W300 
Hensley, Jefferson         358  Troy, Town of          H524 
PettitStan, John L.        358  Troy, Town of          P332 
Fairfield, M.              358  Troy, Town of          F614 
Deputy, William C.         358  Troy, Town of          D130 
Cottingham, William        358  Troy, Town of          C352 
Patterson, Thomas          358  Troy, Town of          P362 
Parsill, Benjamin S.       358  Troy, Town of          P624 
Culbertson, H.W.           358  Troy, Town of          C416 
Dye, William H.H.          358  Troy, Town of          D000 
Branouff, Richard R.       358  Troy, Town of          B651 
Murray, H.                 358  Troy, Town of          M600 
Plumb, Caleb J.            358  Troy, Town of          P451 
Conklin, John H.           358  Troy, Town of          C524 
Dye, Benjamin Jr.          358  Troy, Town of          D000 
Kieffer, George            358  Troy, Town of          K160 
Dye, C.                    358  Troy, Town of          D000 
Thomas, John M.            358  Troy, Town of          T520 
Rodenbaugh, Peter          358  Troy, Town of          R351 
Bellou, Peter              358  Troy, Town of          B400 
Kitchen, John              358  Troy, Town of          K325 
Irwin, Alexander           358  Troy, Town of          I650 
Bowers, Henry              358  Troy, Town of          B620 
Redpeck, John              358  Troy, Town of          R312 
Carpenter, Elming          359  Troy, Town of          C615 
Hustler, George            359  Troy, Town of          H234 
Vogt, John H.              359  Troy, Town of          V230 
Parsons, John W.           359  Troy, Town of          P625 
Wallas, William T.         359  Troy, Town of          W420 
Cromer, Jno.               359  Troy, Town of          C656 
Baily, Joseph              359  Troy, Town of          B400 
Rinaud, L.G.               359  Troy, Town of          R530 
Neal, Thomas W.            359  Troy, Town of          N400 
Street, John               359  Troy, Town of          S363 
Anderson, Franklin         359  Troy, Town of          A536 
Huggard, Moses             359  Troy, Town of          H263 
Vandergreff, Jessie        359  Troy, Town of          V536 
Stars, Eli H.              359  Troy, Town of          S362 
Summerville, John F.       359  Troy, Town of          S561 
Neal, Thomas Sr.           359  Troy, Town of          N400 
McCullough, John           359  Troy, Town of          M242 
Baker, Thomas              359  Troy, Town of          B260 
Miner, Mary                359  Troy, Town of          M560 
Jackson, Esta              359  Troy, Town of          J250 
Street, Moses              359  Troy, Town of          S363 
Anderson, Thomas           359  Troy, Town of          A536 
Brown, Willima             359  Troy, Town of          B650 
Simpson, Lidia             359  Troy, Town of          S512 
Haragra, Susan             359  Troy, Town of          H626 
Gaghagan, Mahala           359  Troy, Town of          G225 
Green, Sylvester           359  Troy, Town of          G650 
DeCort, Rada John          359  Troy, Town of          D263 
Peck, Isaac                359  Troy, Town of          P200 
Gossonell, Francis H.      359  Troy, Town of          G254 
Irwin, Mary                360  Troy, Town of          I650 
Fumer, William             360  Troy, Town of          F560 
Metcalf, Willam            360  Troy, Town of          M324 
Culbertson, R.H.           360  Troy, Town of          C416 
Nesbitt, Allen             360  Troy, Town of          N213 
Barrett, Thomas S.         360  Troy, Town of          B630 
Enis, Thomas S.            360  Troy, Town of          E520 
Eriswould, John            360  Troy, Town of          E624 
Gerald, Aaron              360  Troy, Town of          G643 
Saundra, Peter             360  Troy, Town of          S536 
Shilling, David            360  Troy, Town of          S452 
Sutherland, Mason          360  Troy, Town of          S364 
Shidler, John              360  Troy, Town of          S346 
Eaton, Z.                  360  Troy, Town of          E350 
McCorkle, H.H.             360  Troy, Town of          M262 
Taylor, John               360  Troy, Town of          T460 
Banning, Richard           360  Troy, Town of          B552 
Swisher, Nicholas          360  Troy, Town of          S260 
Lock, David                360  Troy, Town of          L200 
Fox, Stephen               360  Troy, Town of          F200 
Peak, James J.             360  Troy, Town of          P200 
Smith, Gabriel             360  Troy, Town of          S530 
Mansfield, T.W.            360  Troy, Town of          M521 
Omstead, Losson            360  Troy, Town of          O523 
Thompson, Catharine        360  Troy, Town of          T512 
Sausdale, R.H.             360  Troy, Town of          S234 
Hart, Levi Jr.             360  Troy, Town of          H630 
Tullis, Jno. O.            360  Troy, Town of          T420 
Wheatcraft, Jno.           360  Troy, Town of          W326 
Merideth, Sarah            360  Troy, Town of          M633 
Reese, David               361  Troy, Town of          R200 
Reese, J.M.                361  Troy, Town of          R200 
Vamce, John                361  Troy, Town of          V520 
Brown, James               361  Troy, Town of          B650 
Sleat, William A.          361  Troy, Town of          S430 
Dorwin, P.                 361  Troy, Town of          D650 
Lock, Margaret             361  Troy, Town of          L200 
Merideth, John M.          361  Troy, Town of          M633 
Miers, Samuel              361  Troy, Town of          M620 
Saunders, Johnathan        361  Troy, Town of          S536 
Johnson, Samuel            361  Troy, Town of          J525 
Lee, John W.               361  Troy, Town of          L000 
Max, John C.               361  Troy, Town of          M200 
Miners, Joseph             361  Troy, Town of          M562 
Consay, John               361  Troy, Town of          C520 
Stoddard, Charles C.       361  Troy, Town of          S336 
Spillers, Daniel           361  Troy, Town of          S146 
Abbott, N.                 361  Troy, Town of          A130 
Knoop, Jacob               361  Troy, Town of          K510 
Bruce, James               361  Troy, Town of          B620 
Moon, Joseph               361  Troy, Town of          M500 
Conyers, J.B.              361  Troy, Town of          C562 
Mande, John                361  Troy, Town of          M530 
Barbee, William            361  Troy, Town of          B610 
Hart, John M.              361  Troy, Town of          H630 
Jackson, E.                361  Troy, Town of          J250 
Skinner, A.                361  Troy, Town of          S560 
Spicer, Samuel L.          361  Troy, Town of          S126 
Unreadable #0631           361  Troy, Town of          U563 
Waggoner, Mark L.          361  Troy, Town of          W256 
Lock, Benjamin             362  Troy, Town of          L200 
Mitchell, James            362  Troy, Town of          M324 
Barber, R.R.               362  Troy, Town of          B616 
Bold, John R.              362  Troy, Town of          B430 
Streets, Joseph C.         362  Troy, Town of          S363 
Hathaway, David C.         362  Troy, Town of          H300 
Crookshank, William        362  Troy, Town of          C625 
Spraguas, Daniel           362  Troy, Town of          S162 
Harter, David S.           362  Troy, Town of          H636 
Brevard, Zebulon           362  Troy, Town of          B616 
Brevard, Thomas            362  Troy, Town of          B616 
Gump, John                 362  Troy, Town of          G510 
Kinney, David              362  Troy, Town of          K500 
Orbison, A.M.              362  Troy, Town of          O612 
Stockton, Joseph C.        362  Troy, Town of          S323 
Thompson, David            362  Troy, Town of          T512 
Adams, David               362  Troy, Town of          A352 
Moon, Roswell              362  Troy, Town of          M500 
Brown, H.C.                362  Troy, Town of          B650 
Fanchu, B.                 362  Troy, Town of          F520 
Riley, Z.                  362  Troy, Town of          R400 
Hinkle, Mary               362  Troy, Town of          H524 
Evans, John                362  Troy, Town of          E152 
Daily, Benjamin O.         362  Troy, Town of          D400 
Worrell, Samuel A.         362  Troy, Town of          W640 
Singer, C.W.               362  Troy, Town of          S526 
Brown, Joseph              362  Troy, Town of          B650 
Culbertson, Joseph         362  Troy, Town of          C416 
Underwood, John            362  Troy, Town of          U536 
Picklian, George           362  Troy, Town of          P245 
Filix, Peter               363  Troy, Town of          F420 
Ban, Susan                 363  Troy, Town of          B500 
Harris, Mary               363  Troy, Town of          H620 
Crampton, John             363  Troy, Town of          C651 
Tellford, John G.          363  Troy, Town of          T416 
Perry, Fullenham           363  Troy, Town of          P600 
Daggact, William           363  Troy, Town of          D223 
Thomas, William            363  Troy, Town of          T520 
Jones, Benjamin            363  Troy, Town of          J520 
Ziganfalder, Simon         363  Troy, Town of          Z251 
Morris, Charles Jr.        363  Troy, Town of          M620 
Clark, C.B.                363  Troy, Town of          C462 
Wharton, John              363  Troy, Town of          W635 

Starbuck, A.H.             363  Concord Twp            S361 
Culbertson, William        363  Concord Twp            C416 
Lyons, Abram               363  Concord Twp            L520 
Wells, William             363  Concord Twp            W420 
McDonald, John             363  Concord Twp            M235 
Westlake, John             363  Concord Twp            W234 
Karns, Leonard             363  Concord Twp            K652 
McMillem, George           363  Concord Twp            M254 
Westfall, John             363  Concord Twp            W231 
Montgomery, Robert         363  Concord Twp            M532 
Clough, Abram              363  Concord Twp            C420 
Harly, Henry               364  Concord Twp            H640 
Veniman, John              364  Concord Twp            V555 
McLung, David              364  Concord Twp            M245 
Beedle, Joseph             364  Concord Twp            B340 
Youart, James R.           364  Concord Twp            Y630 
Parker, William            364  Concord Twp            P626 
McCullough, Alexander      364  Concord Twp            M242 
Alexander, Joab            364  Concord Twp            A425 
Cowles, William B.         364  Concord Twp            C420 
Taylor, Jonah              364  Concord Twp            T460 
Gard, Joseph L.D.          364  Concord Twp            G630 
Clough, William            364  Concord Twp            C420 
Wolverton, Thomas          364  Concord Twp            W416 
Green, John                364  Concord Twp            G650 
Youart, James              364  Concord Twp            Y630 
Hurley, William            364  Concord Twp            H640 
Barber, Lowry              364  Concord Twp            B616 
McCain, James              364  Concord Twp            M250 
Shepherd, Joseph           364  Concord Twp            S163 
Moore, Whitmore K.         364  Concord Twp            M600 
Wolverton, Daniel          364  Concord Twp            W416 
Jacobs, Thomas E.          364  Concord Twp            J212 
Gaghagam, William H.       364  Concord Twp            G225 
Dunlap, William            364  Concord Twp            D541 
Tellford, Andrew           364  Concord Twp            T416 
Dills, Frances J.          364  Concord Twp            D420 
Brown, James               364  Concord Twp            B650 
Butler, Stephen            364  Concord Twp            B346 
Kerr, Solomon              364  Concord Twp            K600 
Kerr, Henry                364  Concord Twp            K600 
Miller, Jesse              365  Concord Twp            M460 
Murphy, James              365  Concord Twp            M610 
Brown, Daniel              365  Concord Twp            B650 
McCord, James              365  Concord Twp            M263 
King, John                 365  Concord Twp            K520 
Simmerman, Barnet          365  Concord Twp            S565 
Brand, George              365  Concord Twp            B653 
Price, Samuel              365  Concord Twp            P620 
Kesley, Michael            365  Concord Twp            K240 
Davis, Russell             365  Concord Twp            D120 
Smidtzer, Jacob            365  Concord Twp            S532 
Fowler, John A.            365  Concord Twp            F460 
Wright, Jefferson          365  Concord Twp            W623 
Wright, Elliott            365  Concord Twp            W623 
McCurdy, Edward            365  Concord Twp            M263 
Berryman, G.D.L.           365  Concord Twp            B655 
McDonald, James            365  Concord Twp            M235 
Patey, David               365  Concord Twp            P300 
Wright, Nathan             365  Concord Twp            W623 
Thompson, Moses            365  Concord Twp            T512 
Tusing, Isaac              365  Concord Twp            T252 
Cassell, John              365  Concord Twp            C240 
Green, Sam                 365  Concord Twp            G650 
Williams, Dan              365  Concord Twp            W452 
Bedell, Daniel             365  Concord Twp            B340 
McCaig, James              365  Concord Twp            M220 
Reed, James                365  Concord Twp            R300 
Monger, William            365  Concord Twp            M526 
Orillis, David R.          365  Concord Twp            O642 
Dugan, John                365  Concord Twp            D250 
Shackleford, James         366  Concord Twp            S241 
Tellford, Findly           366  Concord Twp            T416 
Tellford, James            366  Concord Twp            T416 
Robertson, William         366  Concord Twp            R163 
Tullis, Aaron              366  Concord Twp            T420 
Tullis, James              366  Concord Twp            T420 
Tullis, William            366  Concord Twp            T420 
Brough, Frances            366  Concord Twp            B620 
Fox, J.P.                  366  Concord Twp            F200 
Logan, Robert              366  Concord Twp            L250 
Max, William               366  Concord Twp            M200 
T-------, Margaret         366  Concord Twp            T000 
Rodocker, Jacob            366  Concord Twp            R326 
Martin, A.L.               366  Concord Twp            M635 
Turletsl, John             366  Concord Twp            T643 
Julien, Bardon             366  Concord Twp            J450 
Tullis, Stephen            366  Concord Twp            T420 
Bowers, Michael            366  Concord Twp            B620 
Armstrong, Richard         366  Concord Twp            A652 
Hastin, David              366  Concord Twp            H235 
Ross, Enninian             366  Concord Twp            R200 
Peck, Joshus               366  Concord Twp            P200 
Dye, Ann                   366  Concord Twp            D000 
Robinson, Samuel           366  Concord Twp            R152 
Orr, James                 366  Concord Twp            O600 
Kun, Michael               366  Concord Twp            K500 
Lase, William              366  Concord Twp            L200 
Chauch, Hiram              366  Concord Twp            C200 
Kun, Samuel                366  Concord Twp            K500 
Whitecan, James            366  Concord Twp            W325 
Heaton, William            367  Concord Twp            H350 
Syps, John                 367  Concord Twp            S120 
Johnston, John C.          367  Concord Twp            J523 
Sypes, Lanton              367  Concord Twp            S120 
Vanhorn, Joseph            367  Concord Twp            V565 
Griffin, William           367  Concord Twp            G615 
Hall, Peter                367  Concord Twp            H400 
Shackleford, Richard       367  Concord Twp            S241 
Shackleford, William       367  Concord Twp            S241 
Miller, Christley          367  Concord Twp            M460 
Tullis, Aaron              367  Concord Twp            T420 
Cartrell, Thomas           367  Concord Twp            C636 
Lee, Benjamin              367  Concord Twp            L000 
Hart, Wilson               367  Concord Twp            H630 
Gerard, John               367  Concord Twp            G663 
Lee, A.J.                  367  Concord Twp            L000 
Martindale, Samuel         367  Concord Twp            M635 
Youart, William            367  Concord Twp            Y630 
Youart, Ann                367  Concord Twp            Y630 
Gardner, William           367  Concord Twp            G635 
Hart, Charles              367  Concord Twp            H630 
Youart, John               367  Concord Twp            Y630 
Wilson, Jerry              367  Concord Twp            W425 
Thomas, Abram              367  Concord Twp            T520 
Thomas, Abram Jr.          367  Concord Twp            T520 
Purson, Thomas             367  Concord Twp            P625 
Thomas, Samuel             367  Concord Twp            T520 
Sock, Caleb                367  Concord Twp            S200 
Youart, Thompson           367  Concord Twp            Y630 
Mihler, Leroy              367  Concord Twp            M460 
Mosley, Thompson           368  Concord Twp            M240 
Sawyer, Henry              368  Concord Twp            S600 
Harmon, David              368  Concord Twp            H655 
Peck, John                 368  Concord Twp            P200 
Jenkins, Robert            368  Concord Twp            J525 
Wilson, James              368  Concord Twp            W425 
Jenkins, Isaac             368  Concord Twp            J525 
Wilson, James              368  Concord Twp            W425 
Blackman, James            368  Concord Twp            B425 
Ammon, Jacob               368  Concord Twp            A550 
Wilson, Robert             368  Concord Twp            W425 
Atchinson, James H.        368  Concord Twp            A325 
Stanfield, George          368  Concord Twp            S351 
Hammer, Washington         368  Concord Twp            H560 
Crumpacker, Garnet         368  Concord Twp            C651 
Swailes, William           368  Concord Twp            S420 
Brown, David               368  Concord Twp            B650 
Slade, Joseph              368  Concord Twp            S430 
Bailey, Joseph E.          368  Concord Twp            B400 
S--------, Michael         368  Concord Twp            S000 
Kerr, Harvy                368  Concord Twp            K600 
Krise, Daniel              368  Concord Twp            K620 
Robbins, William           368  Concord Twp            R152 
Garber, John               368  Concord Twp            G616 
Robbins, James             368  Concord Twp            R152 
Tullis, Joel               368  Concord Twp            T420 
Murphey, Robert            368  Concord Twp            M610 
Bosson, C.T.               368  Concord Twp            B250 
Bosson, William            368  Concord Twp            B250 
Irving, Jno.               368  Concord Twp            I615 

Shellabarger, Peter        369  Newberry Twn           S416 
Brown, E.                  369  Newberry Twn           B650 
McClenlan, James           369  Newberry Twn           M245 
Grover, George             369  Newberry Twn           G616 
Burns, Daniel              369  Newberry Twn           B652 
Etter, Henry               369  Newberry Twn           E360 
Rudy, Samuel               369  Newberry Twn           R300 
Fager, Jacob               369  Newberry Twn           F260 
Hollopeter, John B.        369  Newberry Twn           H413 
McLane, George A.          369  Newberry Twn           M245 
Faulkner, Jacob            369  Newberry Twn           F425 
Harkside, Ohilip           369  Newberry Twn           H623 
Sanders, J.                369  Newberry Twn           S536 
Sanders, John              369  Newberry Twn           S536 
Williams, Michael          369  Newberry Twn           W452 
Shoemaker, David           369  Newberry Twn           S526 
Regan, Caleb               369  Newberry Twn           R250 
Yingling, Jacob            369  Newberry Twn           Y524 
Snow, George               369  Newberry Twn           S500 
Hench, William             369  Newberry Twn           H520 
Williams, Peter            369  Newberry Twn           W452 
Whitmor, Samuel            369  Newberry Twn           W356 
Gilbert, Levi              369  Newberry Twn           G416 
Craft, Daniel              369  Newberry Twn           C613 
Swisher, Jacob             369  Newberry Twn           S260 
Chaney, Moses              369  Newberry Twn           C500 
Minesh, Dana D.            369  Newberry Twn           M520 
Bailey, John               369  Newberry Twn           B400 
Redick, William            369  Newberry Twn           R320 
Fager, Jacob               369  Newberry Twn           F260 
Elmore, Joseph             370  Newberry Twn           E456 
Young, George              370  Newberry Twn           Y520 
Gilbert, John              370  Newberry Twn           G416 
Coats, Mark                370  Newberry Twn           C320 
Hoover, Samuel             370  Newberry Twn           H160 
Coats, John                370  Newberry Twn           C320 
Pearson, Elisha            370  Newberry Twn           P625 
Thompson, James            370  Newberry Twn           T512 
Arnold, David              370  Newberry Twn           A654 
Thompson, William          370  Newberry Twn           T512 
Christy, Joseph            370  Newberry Twn           C623 
Eller, Abram               370  Newberry Twn           E460 
Coppock, Mathue            370  Newberry Twn           C120 
Bowman, John               370  Newberry Twn           B550 
Minnich, Davis             370  Newberry Twn           M520 
Eller, Joseph              370  Newberry Twn           E460 
Renick, Jacob              370  Newberry Twn           R520 
Rinard, Thomas             370  Newberry Twn           R563 
Miller, Abram              370  Newberry Twn           M460 
Yerty, John                370  Newberry Twn           Y630 
Wise, Samuel               370  Newberry Twn           W200 
Wise, Moses                370  Newberry Twn           W200 
Wise, Jacob                370  Newberry Twn           W200 
Beanblossom, John          370  Newberry Twn           B514 
Bacusore, Jacob            370  Newberry Twn           B226 
Cable, Martin              370  Newberry Twn           C140 
Wenrich, Thomas            370  Newberry Twn           W562 
Gilbert, Thomas            370  Newberry Twn           G416 
Arnold, John               370  Newberry Twn           A654 
Hoover, Isaac              371  Newberry Twn           H160 
Zash, Jacob                371  Newberry Twn           Z200 
Mauchamer, Jacob           371  Newberry Twn           M256 
Mote, Allen                371  Newberry Twn           M300 
Brumbaugh, John            371  Newberry Twn           B651 
Brumbaugh, David           371  Newberry Twn           B651 
Hartell, Frederick         371  Newberry Twn           H634 
Hartell, John              371  Newberry Twn           H634 
Hay, John                  371  Newberry Twn           H000 
Hay, Abraham               371  Newberry Twn           H000 
Frichler, Nichalos         371  Newberry Twn           F624 
Musser, Thomas             371  Newberry Twn           M260 
Lackey, James              371  Newberry Twn           L200 
Martin, Jacob              371  Newberry Twn           M635 
Hoover, Samuel             371  Newberry Twn           H160 
Hoover, Ch.                371  Newberry Twn           H160 
Minton, Jacob              371  Newberry Twn           M535 
Minnich, George            371  Newberry Twn           M520 
Minnich, George            371  Newberry Twn           M520 
Cable, John                371  Newberry Twn           C140 
Freeman, David             371  Newberry Twn           F655 
Shellenbarger, John M.     371  Newberry Twn           S451 
Miller, John               371  Newberry Twn           M460 
Snow, George               371  Newberry Twn           S500 
Aldwin, Abram              371  Newberry Twn           A435 
Etter, George              371  Newberry Twn           E360 
Life, George               371  Newberry Twn           L100 
Craul, Devault             371  Newberry Twn           C640 
Leakman, Ritter            371  Newberry Twn           L255 
Gilbert, Benjamin          371  Newberry Twn           G416 
Whitmor, Samuel            372  Newberry Twn           W356 
Murphy, Samuel             372  Newberry Twn           M610 
Harrison, Beardsly         372  Newberry Twn           H625 
Harrison, Richard          372  Newberry Twn           H625 
McGee, Elijah              372  Newberry Twn           M200 
Root, Christian            372  Newberry Twn           R300 
Fry, Christian             372  Newberry Twn           F600 
Tobias, Michael            372  Newberry Twn           T120 
Everitts, John             372  Newberry Twn           E163 
Hagan, John                372  Newberry Twn           H250 
Craul, Samuel              372  Newberry Twn           C640 
Miers, John                372  Newberry Twn           M620 
Dunham, Ross               372  Newberry Twn           D550 
Childress, Henry           372  Newberry Twn           C436 
Fetter, Samuel             372  Newberry Twn           F360 
Koons, Henry               372  Newberry Twn           K520 
Shaffer, George            372  Newberry Twn           S160 
Petersime, Adam            372  Newberry Twn           P362 
Routson, George            372  Newberry Twn           R325 
Babylon, Daniel            372  Newberry Twn           B145 
Brumbaugh, Jacob           372  Newberry Twn           B651 
Brumbaugh, Henry           372  Newberry Twn           B651 
Stiles, Jonathan           372  Newberry Twn           S342 
Faulkner, George           372  Newberry Twn           F425 
Fetter, Jacob              372  Newberry Twn           F360 
Hay, John                  372  Newberry Twn           H000 
Fetter, Daniel             372  Newberry Twn           F360 
Davis, Z.                  372  Newberry Twn           D120 
Rarick, David              372  Newberry Twn           R620 
Furnas, Jacob              372  Newberry Twn           F652 
Swank, Joshua              373  Newberry Twn           S520 
Swank, Henry               373  Newberry Twn           S520 
Marker, John               373  Newberry Twn           M626 
Finfrock, George H.        373  Newberry Twn           F516 
Oran, John                 373  Newberry Twn           O650 
Make, Jacob                373  Newberry Twn           M200 
McLeakman, John            373  Newberry Twn           M242 
Lime, John P.              373  Newberry Twn           L500 
Finfrock, Peter            373  Newberry Twn           F516 
Waggeman, John             373  Newberry Twn           W255 
Fritzler, Nicholas         373  Newberry Twn           F632 
Hershberger, John          373  Newberry Twn           H621 
Hugh, William              373  Newberry Twn           H200 
Faulknor, Peter            373  Newberry Twn           F425 
Snoddy, John               373  Newberry Twn           S530 
Yorty, Jacob               373  Newberry Twn           Y630 
Templeton, David           373  Newberry Twn           T514 
Templeton, Joseph          373  Newberry Twn           T514 
Patterson, James           373  Newberry Twn           P362 
Buchanan, George           373  Newberry Twn           B255 
Buchanan, James H.         373  Newberry Twn           B255 
Nicholson, Samuel          373  Newberry Twn           N242 
Prontice, John             373  Newberry Twn           P653 
Puntice, David             373  Newberry Twn           P532 
Boweman, John              373  Newberry Twn           B550 
Clay, Charles              373  Newberry Twn           C400 
Perry, James H.            373  Newberry Twn           P600 
McDowell, James            373  Newberry Twn           M234 
Perry, Amos                373  Newberry Twn           P600 
How, Edwin                 374  Newberry Twn           H000 
Sargent, Daniel            374  Newberry Twn           S625 
Brandon, Allison           374  Newberry Twn           B653 
McDowell, Luke             374  Newberry Twn           M234 
Thompson, John             374  Newberry Twn           T512 
Layton, Benjamin           374  Newberry Twn           L350 
Manchester, Richard        374  Newberry Twn           M522 
English, William           374  Newberry Twn           E524 
Duncan, Christian          374  Newberry Twn           D525 
Hollipeter, Mathias        374  Newberry Twn           H413 
Dolan, William             374  Newberry Twn           D450 
Carson, William            374  Newberry Twn           C625 
McClary, John              374  Newberry Twn           M246 
McMackin, John             374  Newberry Twn           M252 
Gerard, Abram              374  Newberry Twn           G663 
Shaffer, Jacob             374  Newberry Twn           S160 
Westover, Amos             374  Newberry Twn           W231 
Hart, F.C.                 374  Newberry Twn           H630 
Battorff, Henry            374  Newberry Twn           B361 
Lindsey, Charles           374  Newberry Twn           L532 
Wallace, Thomas            374  Newberry Twn           W420 
Wallace, John              374  Newberry Twn           W420 
Elliott, John              374  Newberry Twn           E430 
Clark, John                374  Newberry Twn           C462 
Dougles, George            374  Newberry Twn           D242 
Levering, R.B.             374  Newberry Twn           L165 
Grow, John                 374  Newberry Twn           G600 
Southall, Fielding         374  Newberry Twn           S340 
Stanley, John              374  Newberry Twn           S354 
Greenbee, William          374  Newberry Twn           G651 
Willray, Jacob Sr.         375  Newberry Twn           W460 
Murray, Daniel             375  Newberry Twn           M600 
Harrison, John             375  Newberry Twn           H625 
Billingsly, Nancy          375  Newberry Twn           B452 
Adams, Gilbert             375  Newberry Twn           A352 
Fahnestock, John           375  Newberry Twn           F523 
Shellenbarger, Jacob       375  Newberry Twn           S451 
Murray, Jacob              375  Newberry Twn           M600 
Fahnestock, William L.     375  Newberry Twn           F523 
Ullery, Jacob Jr.          375  Newberry Twn           U460 
Ingle, John                375  Newberry Twn           I524 
Rike, John                 375  Newberry Twn           R200 
Kinsinger, John            375  Newberry Twn           K525 
Ingle, Philip              375  Newberry Twn           I524 
McKiney, Thomas            375  Newberry Twn           M250 
Fahnestock, David          375  Newberry Twn           F523 
Hollopeter, Simon          375  Newberry Twn           H413 
Ingle, Adam                375  Newberry Twn           I524 
Fahnestock, William        375  Newberry Twn           F523 
Brown, Eli                 375  Newberry Twn           B650 
Clark, Benjamin            375  Newberry Twn           C462 
Ullery, David              375  Newberry Twn           U460 
Billingsley, James         375  Newberry Twn           B452 
Hollopeter, Mathias        375  Newberry Twn           H413 

Kisler, Frederick          376  Covington, Town of     K246 
Patty, Moses               376  Covington, Town of     P300 
Patterson, John            376  Covington, Town of     P362 
Campbell, James            376  Covington, Town of     C514 
Hillyard, Joseph           376  Covington, Town of     H463 
Dunning, William           376  Covington, Town of     D552 
Shade, Jeremiah            376  Covington, Town of     S300 
Conaway, Eli               376  Covington, Town of     C500 
Hollopeter, Rudolph        376  Covington, Town of     H413 
Knoop, Jacob               376  Covington, Town of     K510 
Nolton, John               376  Covington, Town of     N435 
Hillyard, Reubin           376  Covington, Town of     H463 
Fisher, John               376  Covington, Town of     F260 
Stateman, Jonathan         376  Covington, Town of     S335 
Longenecker, John          376  Covington, Town of     L525 
Kindall, Nelson            376  Covington, Town of     K534 
Orr, Josua                 376  Covington, Town of     O600 
Sowers, Catharine          376  Covington, Town of     S620 
Quay, Noah                 376  Covington, Town of     Q000 
Carmichael, Henry          376  Covington, Town of     C652 
Collins, John              376  Covington, Town of     C452 
Buchanan, David            376  Covington, Town of     B255 
Sowers, John               376  Covington, Town of     S620 
Shaffer, George            376  Covington, Town of     S160 
Lachford, Thomas           376  Covington, Town of     L216 
Rolston, Thomas            376  Covington, Town of     R423 
Leonard, Sarah             376  Covington, Town of     L563 
Hoover, Henry              376  Covington, Town of     H160 
Furnace, Andrew            376  Covington, Town of     F652 
Bicke, Jacob               376  Covington, Town of     B200 
Faulkner, Joseph           377  Covington, Town of     F425 
Lowell, William L.         377  Covington, Town of     L400 
Dunning, Thomas P.         377  Covington, Town of     D552 
Defreese, George C.        377  Covington, Town of     D162 
Worley, Caleb              377  Covington, Town of     W640 
Clark, James               377  Covington, Town of     C462 
Shellabarger, Samuel       377  Covington, Town of     S416 
Leonard, Joseph            377  Covington, Town of     L563 
Belt, Catharine            377  Covington, Town of     B430 
Shellabarger, M.R.         377  Covington, Town of     S416 
Cox, R.N.                  377  Covington, Town of     C200 
Shellabarger, Jacob E.     377  Covington, Town of     S416 
Freeman, Henry             377  Covington, Town of     F655 
Minnich, Adam              377  Covington, Town of     M520 
Ross, John                 377  Covington, Town of     R200 
Orwin, Charles             377  Covington, Town of     O650 
Hollopeter, Elizabeth      377  Covington, Town of     H413 
Hollopeter, William W.     377  Covington, Town of     H413 
Bartmess, Hamilton         377  Covington, Town of     B635 
Diltz, Andrew              377  Covington, Town of     D432 
Lahman, Benjamin           377  Covington, Town of     L550 
Dunham, James              377  Covington, Town of     D550 
Barber, Charles            377  Covington, Town of     B616 
Gross, John                377  Covington, Town of     G620 
Hollinger, Jacob           377  Covington, Town of     H452 

Slusser, Henry             378  Staunton Township      S426 
Slusser, James             378  Staunton Township      S426 
Crigar, M.                 378  Staunton Township      C626 
Crigar, Daniel             378  Staunton Township      C626 
Ely, J.                    378  Staunton Township      E400 
Defreese, Thomas S.        378  Staunton Township      D162 
Miller, Nathan             378  Staunton Township      M460 
Knoop, William             378  Staunton Township      K510 
McNabb, A.M.               378  Staunton Township      M251 
Russell, John              378  Staunton Township      R240 
Windall, Thomas            378  Staunton Township      W534 
Kinbail, E.B.              378  Staunton Township      K514 
Anderson, John             378  Staunton Township      A536 
Woolery, M.                378  Staunton Township      W460 
Brown, Arnold              378  Staunton Township      B650 
Walters, N.                378  Staunton Township      W436 
Smith, Jacob               378  Staunton Township      S530 
McCain, Samuel             378  Staunton Township      M250 
Stewart, Clark E.          378  Staunton Township      S363 
McCurdy, James             378  Staunton Township      M263 
Kern, William              378  Staunton Township      K650 
Hart, William H.           378  Staunton Township      H630 
Hart, Levi                 378  Staunton Township      H630 
Graham, Jesse              378  Staunton Township      G650 
Marshall, John             378  Staunton Township      M624 
Harrison, Isaac            378  Staunton Township      H625 
McCurdy, Samuel            378  Staunton Township      M263 
Marshall, William          378  Staunton Township      M624 
Marshall, Walker           378  Staunton Township      M624 
Enyart, William            378  Staunton Township      E563 
Werts, Mary                379  Staunton Township      W632 
Struble, Philip            379  Staunton Township      S361 
Lambert, Cisocus           379  Staunton Township      L516 
Carr, Mary                 379  Staunton Township      C600 
Maxwell, Thomas            379  Staunton Township      M240 
Orbison, Henry             379  Staunton Township      O612 
Shootz, Oliver             379  Staunton Township      S320 
Rollins, Isaac C.          379  Staunton Township      R452 
Jones, Mark                379  Staunton Township      J520 
French, Ezekiel            379  Staunton Township      F652 
French, David              379  Staunton Township      F652 
Hart, William              379  Staunton Township      H630 
Julian, John               379  Staunton Township      J450 
Julian, William            379  Staunton Township      J450 
Vantile, Oliver            379  Staunton Township      V534 
Gilmon, John               379  Staunton Township      G455 
Bliss, A.C.                379  Staunton Township      B420 
Day, Samuel                379  Staunton Township      D000 
Emliy, C.                  379  Staunton Township      E540 
Defreese, John             379  Staunton Township      D162 
Clark, Joseph              379  Staunton Township      C462 
Riffle, Samuel             379  Staunton Township      R140 
Ewing, Andrew              379  Staunton Township      E520 
Dawin, John                379  Staunton Township      D500 
Counts, Jacob              379  Staunton Township      C532 
Hathway, Abram             379  Staunton Township      H300 
Griswould, Daniel          379  Staunton Township      G624 
Cox, Joseph                379  Staunton Township      C200 
Stewart, Ann               379  Staunton Township      S363 
Gerard, Henry              379  Staunton Township      G663 
Deval, Harrison            379  Staunton Township      D140 
Smith, Israel              380  Staunton Township      S530 
Brant, James D.            380  Staunton Township      B653 
Frizzle, Jno.              380  Staunton Township      F624 
Stover, Philip             380  Staunton Township      S316 
Craft, James               380  Staunton Township      C613 
Campbell, James            380  Staunton Township      C514 
Bayman, Charles            380  Staunton Township      B550 
Ravinscraft, William       380  Staunton Township      R152 
King, Elias                380  Staunton Township      K520 
Woolery, Henry             380  Staunton Township      W460 
Winans, David              380  Staunton Township      W552 
Stinchcomb, David          380  Staunton Township      S352 
Stinchcomb, Stephen        380  Staunton Township      S352 
Austin, Elitha             380  Staunton Township      A235 
Ullery, Adam               380  Staunton Township      U460 
Luch, Urina                380  Staunton Township      L200 
Murphy, Nathan             380  Staunton Township      M610 
Inyart, Thomas             380  Staunton Township      I563 
Rollins, John Jr.          380  Staunton Township      R452 
Knoop, Andrew              380  Staunton Township      K510 
Hutchenson, Andrew         380  Staunton Township      H325 
Yantes, Solomon            380  Staunton Township      Y532 
Snider, A.                 380  Staunton Township      S536 
Knoop, Jno.                380  Staunton Township      K510 
Randall, Catharine         380  Staunton Township      R534 
Ely, J.J.                  380  Staunton Township      E400 
Miller, Jas. Jr.           380  Staunton Township      M460 
How, Mary Ann              380  Staunton Township      H000 
Mitten, Jno.               380  Staunton Township      M350 
Lafever, Christian         380  Staunton Township      L116 
Lafever, Elias             380  Staunton Township      L116 
Miller, James Jr.          381  Staunton Township      M460 
French, Jacob              381  Staunton Township      F652 
Stewart, William           381  Staunton Township      S363 
Brown, Nathaniel           381  Staunton Township      B650 
Stewart, Thomas            381  Staunton Township      S363 
Dye, Fielding              381  Staunton Township      D000 
Eaton, Henry               381  Staunton Township      E350 
Cecil, John                381  Staunton Township      C240 
Heild, Siman               381  Staunton Township      H430 
Harvey, Daniel             381  Staunton Township      H610 
Haywood, Nathaniel         381  Staunton Township      H300 
----------, Robert         381  Staunton Township      -000 
Haywood, Westly            381  Staunton Township      H300 
Harman, Sarah              381  Staunton Township      H655 
Hall, James                381  Staunton Township      H400 
Mills, William             381  Staunton Township      M420 
Dye, Stephen               381  Staunton Township      D000 
Dye, Madison               381  Staunton Township      D000 
Smith, Jacob               381  Staunton Township      S530 
Ullery, Jno. F.            381  Staunton Township      U460 
Spicer, Hayal              381  Staunton Township      S126 
Hacker, E.T.               381  Staunton Township      H260 
Craft, Michael             381  Staunton Township      C613 
Cavender, Jno.             381  Staunton Township      C153 
Cavender, Robert C.        381  Staunton Township      C153 
Duesse, Samuel             381  Staunton Township      D200 
Noland, Richard            381  Staunton Township      N453 
Lupfey, Samuel             381  Staunton Township      L100 
Rolston, William           381  Staunton Township      R423 
Owran, George              381  Staunton Township      O650 
Lightcat, Jos.             381  Staunton Township      L232 
Collins, Nancy             381  Staunton Township      C452 
Forker, Thomas             381  Staunton Township      F626 
Winans, John C.            382  Staunton Township      W552 
Wininys, John T.           382  Staunton Township      W552 
Horner, John               382  Staunton Township      H656 
Eorangham, William         382  Staunton Township      E652 
Horner, Alexander          382  Staunton Township      H656 
----------, Ruth           382  Staunton Township      -000 
Harvert, Robert            382  Staunton Township      H616 
Hanke, John                382  Staunton Township      H520 
Smith, Philip              382  Staunton Township      S530 
Russell, William           382  Staunton Township      R240 
Ayres, John F.             382  Staunton Township      A620 
Winans, Lwis               382  Staunton Township      W552 
Winans, Benjamin           382  Staunton Township      W552 
Yager, Joseph              382  Staunton Township      Y260 
Walters, James             382  Staunton Township      W436 
Yager, James               382  Staunton Township      Y260 
Winans, Richard            382  Staunton Township      W552 
Winans, James              382  Staunton Township      W552 
Murphy, John W.            382  Staunton Township      M610 
Laundry, John              382  Staunton Township      L536 
Gilmore, Daniel            382  Staunton Township      G456 
Langley, Fielding S.       382  Staunton Township      L524 
Webber, Elizabeth          382  Staunton Township      W160 
Duesse, Luies              382  Staunton Township      D200 
Sutton, Elizabeth          382  Staunton Township      S350 
Keagin, William            382  Staunton Township      K250 
Sears, Matilda             382  Staunton Township      S620 
Willard, Joseph            382  Staunton Township      W463 
Langley, B.H.              382  Staunton Township      L524 
Duesse, Hiram              383  Staunton Township      D200 
Patterson, Ralph           383  Staunton Township      P362 
Wycoff, Jacob              383  Staunton Township      W210 
Ammon, John                383  Staunton Township      A550 
Collins, Thomas            383  Staunton Township      C452 
Redenbaugh, John           383  Staunton Township      R351 
Spencer, David             383  Staunton Township      S152 
Rogers, Lwis               383  Staunton Township      R262 
Fox, Thomas P.             383  Staunton Township      F200 
Winnigs, Stephen           383  Staunton Township      W520 
Duesse, James              383  Staunton Township      D200 
Webb, Jesse T.             383  Staunton Township      W100 
Duesse, John               383  Staunton Township      D200 
Smally, Ermina             383  Staunton Township      S540 
Sutton, Clark              383  Staunton Township      S350 
Spicer, Samuel             383  Staunton Township      S126 
Weaon, Peter               383  Staunton Township      W500 
Brown, Thomas              383  Staunton Township      B650 
Bruce, Garland B.          383  Staunton Township      B620 
Stillwell, Joseph          383  Staunton Township      S344 
Stillwell, Daniel          383  Staunton Township      S344 
Rider, Jacob A.            383  Staunton Township      R360 
Shill, Joseph              383  Staunton Township      S400 
Stillwell, Elias           383  Staunton Township      S344 
Blue, Michael              383  Staunton Township      B400 
Hart, James                383  Staunton Township      H630 
Snyder, John               383  Staunton Township      S536 
Werts, Henry               383  Staunton Township      W632 
Noland, Jno.               383  Staunton Township      N453 
Smally, Daniel             383  Staunton Township      S540 
Noland, Fanny              384  Staunton Township      N453 
Westfall, Lavina           384  Staunton Township      W231 
Counts, Eliza              384  Staunton Township      C532 
Sowry, Samuel              384  Staunton Township      S600 
Spencer, Amos              384  Staunton Township      S152 
Furnace, Jeremiah          384  Staunton Township      F652 
Brackus, Henry             384  Staunton Township      B622 
Carr, Jesse                384  Staunton Township      C600 
Webb, Jesse                384  Staunton Township      W100 
Dusse, Joshua              384  Staunton Township      D200 
Sloan, John M.             384  Staunton Township      S450 
Hamlet, Chloe              384  Staunton Township      H543 
Hathaway, Westly           384  Staunton Township      H300 
Miller, Michael            384  Staunton Township      M460 
Rollins, John              384  Staunton Township      R452 
Steward, Andrus            384  Staunton Township      S363 
Venaman, John              384  Staunton Township      V555 
Cline, Ingram              384  Staunton Township      C450 
Dye, Sidny Ann             383  Staunton Township      D000 
Smiltzer, Mary             384  Staunton Township      S543 
Rollins, John              384  Staunton Township      R452 
Wilson, William            384  Staunton Township      W425 
----------, John           384  Staunton Township      -000 
Inyout, Silas              384  Staunton Township      I530 
Dye, William               384  Staunton Township      D000 

Shidler, Thomas            385  Lostcreek Township     S346 
Kemp, Ralf                 385  Lostcreek Township     K510 
Tenenck, L.D.              385  Lostcreek Township     T552 
Talbert, Robert            385  Lostcreek Township     T416 
Harris, William H.         385  Lostcreek Township     H620 
Mitchell, Thomas           385  Lostcreek Township     M324 
Kemp, Levi                 385  Lostcreek Township     K510 
Weaver, Peter              385  Lostcreek Township     W160 
Long, John                 385  Lostcreek Township     L520 
Rearsan, Joseph            385  Lostcreek Township     R625 
Mackrey, Joseph            385  Lostcreek Township     M260 
Fordice, James             385  Lostcreek Township     F632 
Fordice, James Jr.         385  Lostcreek Township     F632 
Tenench, George W.         385  Lostcreek Township     T552 
Westlen, Eligah            385  Lostcreek Township     W234 
Lenarel, I.W.              385  Lostcreek Township     L564 
Day, Frederick             385  Lostcreek Township     D000 
Bray, Isaac                385  Lostcreek Township     B600 
Wert, John                 385  Lostcreek Township     W630 
Cox, George                385  Lostcreek Township     C200 
Cox, Thomas                385  Lostcreek Township     C200 
Robertson, Michael         385  Lostcreek Township     R163 
Buckels, James             385  Lostcreek Township     B242 
Buckels, James Sr.         385  Lostcreek Township     B242 
Gaskill, Stirling          385  Lostcreek Township     G240 
Willgas, Thomas            385  Lostcreek Township     W422 
Willgas, William           385  Lostcreek Township     W422 
Fraker, Moses              385  Lostcreek Township     F626 
Chambers, Malunt           385  Lostcreek Township     C516 
Miller, John K.            385  Lostcreek Township     M460 
Wellhavn, Jacob            385  Lostcreek Township     W415 
Welshance, William         386  Lostcreek Township     W425 
Ore, Samuel                386  Lostcreek Township     O600 
Hart, William              386  Lostcreek Township     H630 
Ralston, Andrew            386  Lostcreek Township     R423 
McKinney, John             386  Lostcreek Township     M250 
Ralston, Barnabas          386  Lostcreek Township     R423 
Stickler, John             386  Lostcreek Township     S324 
Brown, Solomon K.          386  Lostcreek Township     B650 
Yeates, Nelson S.          386  Lostcreek Township     Y320 
McClintock, John           386  Lostcreek Township     M245 
McClintock, George         386  Lostcreek Township     M245 
McGindy, John              386  Lostcreek Township     M253 
Brown, James               386  Lostcreek Township     B650 
Covault, A.C.              386  Lostcreek Township     C143 
Long, William              386  Lostcreek Township     L520 
Layton, Thomas             386  Lostcreek Township     L350 
Hautz, John                386  Lostcreek Township     H320 
Vogler, Jacob              386  Lostcreek Township     V246 
Rossetter, Thomas W.       386  Lostcreek Township     R236 
Cary, John J.              386  Lostcreek Township     C600 
Morris, Allen              386  Lostcreek Township     M620 
Rapp, Barnet               386  Lostcreek Township     R100 
Pence, Paul                386  Lostcreek Township     P520 
Ieingbice, William         386  Lostcreek Township     I521 
Littleton, Solomon         386  Lostcreek Township     L343 
Barken, James W.           386  Lostcreek Township     B625 
Darst, John                386  Lostcreek Township     D623 
Moore, Philip              386  Lostcreek Township     M600 
Hatfield, Samuel           386  Lostcreek Township     H314 
Covault, Mattenson         386  Lostcreek Township     C143 
Stratton, Orang            386  Lostcreek Township     S363 
Miers, Amos                387  Lostcreek Township     M620 
Little, William            387  Lostcreek Township     L340 
Meek, Jesse                387  Lostcreek Township     M200 
Kinley, James              387  Lostcreek Township     K540 
Meek, David                387  Lostcreek Township     M200 
Steinck, C.                387  Lostcreek Township     S352 
Hayhurst, David            387  Lostcreek Township     H623 
Thomas, Mary               387  Lostcreek Township     T520 
Bright, John               387  Lostcreek Township     B623 
Layton, James              387  Lostcreek Township     L350 
Layton, Henry              387  Lostcreek Township     L350 
Hartman, John              387  Lostcreek Township     H635 
Stafford, I.H.             387  Lostcreek Township     S316 
Crampton, Abram            387  Lostcreek Township     C651 
Hance, Willis              387  Lostcreek Township     H520 
Sutton, John               387  Lostcreek Township     S350 
Sutton, James              387  Lostcreek Township     S350 
Sutton, David              387  Lostcreek Township     S350 
Cramer, Hanah              387  Lostcreek Township     C656 
Knight, William C.         387  Lostcreek Township     K523 
Palmer, John               387  Lostcreek Township     P456 
Glass, Mary                387  Lostcreek Township     G420 
Hamilton, John             387  Lostcreek Township     H543 
Whitmer, Henry             387  Lostcreek Township     W356 
Dye, Andrew                387  Lostcreek Township     D000 
Boyd, Ebeneser             387  Lostcreek Township     B300 
Kincade, Isah              387  Lostcreek Township     K523 
Thackry, Jas.              387  Lostcreek Township     T260 
Wilson, John               387  Lostcreek Township     W425 
McCandless, James          387  Lostcreek Township     M253 
Namer, George              387  Lostcreek Township     N560 
Crane, Noah                388  Lostcreek Township     C650 
McCallaugh, William        388  Lostcreek Township     M242 
Wilson, Lewis M.           388  Lostcreek Township     W425 
Northcut, George           388  Lostcreek Township     N632 
Northcutt, Willis          388  Lostcreek Township     N632 
Buckles, John              388  Lostcreek Township     B242 
Collins, James             388  Lostcreek Township     C452 
Ford, Jacob                388  Lostcreek Township     F630 
Martin, James              388  Lostcreek Township     M635 
Garver, Jacob              388  Lostcreek Township     G616 
Wooley, Jamesa A.          388  Lostcreek Township     W400 
Ludlow, Isreel D.          388  Lostcreek Township     L340 
Heflen, David              388  Lostcreek Township     H145 
Patteroff, Henry           388  Lostcreek Township     P361 
Long, Mosses E.            388  Lostcreek Township     L520 
Long, Jame                 388  Lostcreek Township     L520 
Sawyer, Thomas             388  Lostcreek Township     S600 
McKee, William             388  Lostcreek Township     M200 
Homen, Joseph              388  Lostcreek Township     H550 
Long, Thomas               388  Lostcreek Township     L520 
McKee, Solomon             388  Lostcreek Township     M200 
Young, Samuel              388  Lostcreek Township     Y520 
Norris, James W.           388  Lostcreek Township     N620 
Martin, William            388  Lostcreek Township     M635 
Cramer, Elijah             388  Lostcreek Township     C656 
Jones, Abram               388  Lostcreek Township     J520 
Haner, Benjamin            388  Lostcreek Township     H560 
Magers, Asa                388  Lostcreek Township     M262 
Miens, Jacob               388  Lostcreek Township     M520 
Alay, Michael              388  Lostcreek Township     A400 
Lane, Ralph                388  Lostcreek Township     L500 
Icebice, Christian         389  Lostcreek Township     I212 
Cline, Isaac               389  Lostcreek Township     C450 
McDowell, James            389  Lostcreek Township     M234 
Webb, John                 389  Lostcreek Township     W100 
Webb, Lewis                389  Lostcreek Township     W100 
Kissinger, Peter           389  Lostcreek Township     K252 
Moody, Michael             389  Lostcreek Township     M300 
McDowell, Alexander        389  Lostcreek Township     M234 
Hammon, John               389  Lostcreek Township     H550 
Estez, David               389  Lostcreek Township     E232 
Whitehead, Jones           389  Lostcreek Township     W330 
Singer, George             389  Lostcreek Township     S526 
Weatherhead, John          389  Lostcreek Township     W363 
Dodson, John C.            389  Lostcreek Township     D325 
Roades, James C.           389  Lostcreek Township     R320 
Deweese, William           389  Lostcreek Township     D200 
Mitchall, Mitchara         389  Lostcreek Township     M324 
Malston, David             389  Lostcreek Township     M423 
Malston, Allen             389  Lostcreek Township     M423 
Abbott, Amilia             389  Lostcreek Township     A130 
Willard, Daniel            389  Lostcreek Township     W463 
Brown, William             389  Lostcreek Township     B650 
Hiser, Dalial              389  Lostcreek Township     H260 
Leming, Warren             389  Lostcreek Township     L552 
Lattin, Derrich            389  Lostcreek Township     L350 
Singley, William           389  Lostcreek Township     S524 
McDowell, Samuel           389  Lostcreek Township     M234 
Esty, James                389  Lostcreek Township     E230 
Blane, Peter               389  Lostcreek Township     B450 
Branson, Moses N.          389  Lostcreek Township     B652 
Harvey, Henry              389  Lostcreek Township     H610 
Mann, David                390  Lostcreek Township     M500 
Odaffer, John              390  Lostcreek Township     O316 
Cromer, Elnathian          390  Lostcreek Township     C656 
Ullary, Jesse              390  Lostcreek Township     U460 
Cline, Isaac               390  Lostcreek Township     C450 
Puterbaugh, George         390  Lostcreek Township     P361 
Layton, Samuel B.          390  Lostcreek Township     L350 
Isenbice, Peter            390  Lostcreek Township     I251 
Yourtsy, Hugh              390  Lostcreek Township     Y632 
Weble, John T.             390  Lostcreek Township     W140 
Creager, Michael           390  Lostcreek Township     C626 
Creager, Daniel            390  Lostcreek Township     C626 
Creager, William           390  Lostcreek Township     C626 
Houser, David              390  Lostcreek Township     H260 
Turnor, David              390  Lostcreek Township     T656 
McEllhaney, James          390  Lostcreek Township     M245 
Yourtsy, John T.           390  Lostcreek Township     Y632 
Say-----, Gidion           390  Lostcreek Township     S000 
--------, Benjamin         390  Lostcreek Township     -000 
McCrarun, Bean             390  Lostcreek Township     M266 
Knight, Paul               390  Lostcreek Township     K523 
Banton, William            390  Lostcreek Township     B535 
Marshall, Martin           390  Lostcreek Township     M624 
Marshall, Edward           390  Lostcreek Township     M624 
Anderson, J.G.             390  Lostcreek Township     A536 
Knight, William            390  Lostcreek Township     K523 
Weble, Elisha              390  Lostcreek Township     W140 
Weld, Thomas               390  Lostcreek Township     W430 
Brown, Andrew              390  Lostcreek Township     B650 
Clyde, Peter               390  Lostcreek Township     C430 
Bodkin, Charles            390  Lostcreek Township     B325 
Covault, Lewis C.          391  Lostcreek Township     C143 
Sears, A.D.                391  Lostcreek Township     S620 
Esty, Michael              391  Lostcreek Township     E230 

Lock, H.F.                 391  Casstown, Town of      L200 
Sanderson, George S.       391  Casstown, Town of      S536 
McKee, William             391  Casstown, Town of      M200 
Corbley, John C.           391  Casstown, Town of      C614 
Ensminger, Samuel          391  Casstown, Town of      E525 
Knoop, Benjamin            391  Casstown, Town of      K510 
Knoop, Daniel              391  Casstown, Town of      K510 
Snider, George             391  Casstown, Town of      S536 
Frazer, James              391  Casstown, Town of      F626 
Marr, James                391  Casstown, Town of      M600 
Morgan, Elizabeth          391  Casstown, Town of      M625 
Martin, Jasiah W.          391  Casstown, Town of      M635 
Hiskey, Ruben              391  Casstown, Town of      H200 
Crampton, Joseph           391  Casstown, Town of      C651 
Tipley, James              391  Casstown, Town of      T140 
Barnes, William            391  Casstown, Town of      B652 
Wood, John L.              391  Casstown, Town of      W300 
Daring, Joseph             391  Casstown, Town of      D652 

Whitsit, A.                392  Brown Township         W323 
Rolins, John               392  Brown Township         R452 
Johnston, John             392  Brown Township         J523 
Green, Joseph              392  Brown Township         G650 
Calvin, Joshua             392  Brown Township         C415 
Lensey, John               392  Brown Township         L520 
Merritt, Abram             392  Brown Township         M630 
Saunders, Jacob            392  Brown Township         S536 
Taylor, Benjamin           392  Brown Township         T460 
Anderson, T.H.             392  Brown Township         A536 
Knisley, John              392  Brown Township         K524 
Neales, Joseph             392  Brown Township         N420 
Throckmorten, George       392  Brown Township         T625 
Yeants, T.J.               392  Brown Township         Y532 
Lewis, Samuel              392  Brown Township         L200 
McGinley, Michael          392  Brown Township         M254 
Walley, Thomas C.          392  Brown Township         W400 
McKee, I.                  392  Brown Township         M200 
Bowersock, Henry           392  Brown Township         B622 
Kiser, John                392  Brown Township         K260 
Manson, David S.           392  Brown Township         M525 
Brelsford, John            392  Brown Township         B642 
Wright, John               392  Brown Township         W623 
Saryrs, Samuel             392  Brown Township         S662 
Jones, Solm                392  Brown Township         J520 
Earnheart, John            392  Brown Township         E656 
Suber, George              392  Brown Township         S160 
Hill, John                 392  Brown Township         H400 
Willey, Charles            392  Brown Township         W400 
Dorsey, Charles            392  Brown Township         D620 
McQuillon, James           393  Brown Township         M245 
Simes, John                393  Brown Township         S520 
Simmons, William T.        393  Brown Township         S552 
Mathews, David             393  Brown Township         M320 
Anderson, Joseph D.        393  Brown Township         A536 
Allen, S.                  393  Brown Township         A450 
Washington, G.M.           393  Brown Township         W252 
Woolings, George           393  Brown Township         W452 
Shank, Peter               393  Brown Township         S520 
Merritt, Isaac             393  Brown Township         M630 
Merritt, Joseph            393  Brown Township         M630 
Wright, Samuel             393  Brown Township         W623 
Warton, Oliver             393  Brown Township         W635 
Hand, Benjamin             393  Brown Township         H530 
Haney, Joseph              393  Brown Township         H500 
Haney, George              393  Brown Township         H500 
Carver, Mary               393  Brown Township         C616 
Yeants, Amos               393  Brown Township         Y532 
Harri----, Anderson        393  Brown Township         H600 
Mann, James                393  Brown Township         M500 
Losse, Benjamin            393  Brown Township         L200 
Anderson, David            393  Brown Township         A536 
Carter, James              393  Brown Township         C636 
Russell, M------           393  Brown Township         R240 
Simmons, Philip            393  Brown Township         S552 
Gray, A.D.                 393  Brown Township         G600 
Millhouse, John            393  Brown Township         M420 
Houston, Paul              393  Brown Township         H235 
Aheheart, David            393  Brown Township         A630 
Knoop, Michael             393  Brown Township         K510 
Bowersock, Jacob           394  Brown Township         B622 
Hindley, John D.           394  Brown Township         H534 
Ald------, George          394  Brown Township         A430 
Calvolt, Idian             394  Brown Township         C414 
Lane, Peter                394  Brown Township         L500 
Bradford, David            394  Brown Township         B631 
Manning, Clarkson          394  Brown Township         M552 
Flemmon, Caleb             394  Brown Township         F455 
Morgan, William            394  Brown Township         M625 
Moore, Isaac               394  Brown Township         M600 
Stutter, Jacob             394  Brown Township         S336 
Bonheim, Richard           394  Brown Township         B550 
Bellford, Daniel           394  Brown Township         B416 
Bowersox, Benjamin         394  Brown Township         B622 
Munsell, H.W.              394  Brown Township         M524 
Cavin, John A.             394  Brown Township         C150 
Beckingbaugh, John         394  Brown Township         B252 
Stover, Joseph             394  Brown Township         S316 
Simmens, Charles           394  Brown Township         S552 
Baker, William             394  Brown Township         B260 
Simmons, Peter             394  Brown Township         S552 

A--------, George          394  Fletcher, Town of      A000 
Swindler, John H.          394  Fletcher, Town of      S534 
Duer, Charlotte            394  Fletcher, Town of      D600 
Croy, Jacob                394  Fletcher, Town of      C600 
Sewborough, Mr.            394  Fletcher, Town of      S162 
Gephart, H.G.              394  Fletcher, Town of      G163 
Delong, A.G..              394  Fletcher, Town of      D452 
Manson, Martha             394  Fletcher, Town of      M525 
---------, Susannah        394  Fletcher, Town of      -000 
Beckenbaugh, George        394  Fletcher, Town of      B251 
Crane, Samuel              395  Fletcher, Town of      C650 
Mack, George               395  Fletcher, Town of      M200 
Deuman, D.                 395  Fletcher, Town of      D550 
Kiser, L.                  395  Fletcher, Town of      K260 
Whaiton, John              395  Fletcher, Town of      W350 
Duncan, Andrew             395  Fletcher, Town of      D525 
Winans, John               395  Fletcher, Town of      W552 
Maloy, John D.             395  Fletcher, Town of      M400 
Gorsuck, Elijah            395  Fletcher, Town of      G622 
Dukenumeir, J.             395  Fletcher, Town of      D255 
Sabien, C.W.jah            395  Fletcher, Town of      S150 

Merritt, Joseph            395  Lena, Town of          M630 
Furgrson, John             395  Lena, Town of          F626 
Lightfott, G.              395  Lena, Town of          L231 
French, Hiram              395  Lena, Town of          F652 
Kelly, Samuel              395  Lena, Town of          K400 
Taylor, B.                 395  Lena, Town of          T460 
Merritt, A.                395  Lena, Town of          M630 
Alexander, M.              395  Lena, Town of          A425 
Robbins, Levi H.           395  Lena, Town of          R152 

Potts, David               396  Brown Township         P320 
Moser, Jacob               396  Brown Township         M260 
Carey, Thomas              396  Brown Township         C600 
Carey, Richard             396  Brown Township         C600 
Potts, Nancy               396  Brown Township         P320 
Curby, Johnath             396  Brown Township         C610 
Allen, Mondayh             396  Brown Township         A450 
Willis, Andrew             396  Brown Township         W420 
Simmons, Adamw             396  Brown Township         S552 
Simmons, Jacob             396  Brown Township         S552 
Suckey, Samuel             396  Brown Township         S200 
Gauby, Josephl             396  Brown Township         G100 
Gearhart, Daniel           396  Brown Township         G663 
Wilson, Jamesiel           396  Brown Township         W425 
Laughman, Henry            396  Brown Township         L255 
Jones, Ann                 396  Brown Township         J520 
Eyer, Dan                  396  Brown Township         E600 
Heckman, John              396  Brown Township         H255 
Gaskill, A.                396  Brown Township         G240 
Archer, Rachel             396  Brown Township         A626 
Ends, E.                   396  Brown Township         E532 
Slawson, R.                396  Brown Township         S425 
Simes, James               396  Brown Township         S520 
Munsell, A.H.              396  Brown Township         M524 
Howell, S.B.               396  Brown Township         H400 
Howell, D.                 396  Brown Township         H400 
Tomes, D.                  396  Brown Township         T520 
Carter, Joseph             396  Brown Township         C636 
Casian, James M.           397  Brown Township         C250 
Casian, William M.         397  Brown Township         C250 
Munsell, Levi              397  Brown Township         M524 
McDovett, N.               397  Brown Township         M231 
---------, James           397  Brown Township         -000 
Evrott, Josiah             397  Brown Township         E163 
Dean, John                 397  Brown Township         D500 
Bercount, M.W.             397  Brown Township         B625 
Walcott, William           397  Brown Township         W423 
Mathews, John              397  Brown Township         M320 
Johnston, Hiram            397  Brown Township         J523 
Johnston, Giles            397  Brown Township         J523 
Woalcott, John H.          397  Brown Township         W423 
Martin, N.                 397  Brown Township         M635 
Lane, Jacob                397  Brown Township         L500 
Lane, Isaac                397  Brown Township         L500 
Jackson, I.                397  Brown Township         J250 
Hauelan, A.                397  Brown Township         H450 
Jackson, Nathan            397  Brown Township         J250 
Dinsmore, N.               397  Brown Township         D525 
Clark, Clubertson          397  Brown Township         C462 
Boucher, C.                397  Brown Township         B260 
Wakes, Lewis               397  Brown Township         W220 
Davis, B.                  397  Brown Township         D120 
Scott, Samuel              397  Brown Township         S300 
Weeks, John                397  Brown Township         W200 
Marter, H.                 397  Brown Township         M636 
Scott, Samuel              397  Brown Township         S300 
Campbell, Abram            397  Brown Township         C514 
Kephart, George            397  Brown Township         K163 
Baskum, E.C.               398  Brown Township         B250 
Aplegate, G.M.             398  Brown Township         A142 
Simmerman, Jacob           398  Brown Township         S565 
Dukeshire, G.              398  Brown Township         D226 
Cunningham, M.J.           398  Brown Township         C552 
Wiler, I.N.                398  Brown Township         W460 
Ralson, Allen              398  Brown Township         R425 
Bien, G.                   398  Brown Township         B500 
Drake, Smith               398  Brown Township         D620 
Garbey, William            398  Brown Township         G610 
--------, Martin           398  Brown Township         -000 
Drake, Eama                398  Brown Township         D620 
Dunkin, John               398  Brown Township         D525 
Dauk, Henry                398  Brown Township         D200 
Drake, Thomas              398  Brown Township         D620 
Brown, Joseph              398  Brown Township         B650 
Shaw, Macher               398  Brown Township         S000 
Duer, Joshua A.            398  Brown Township         D600 
Bradford, Samuel           398  Brown Township         B631 
Harter, Robert             398  Brown Township         H636 
McClintock, -------        398  Brown Township         M245 
Bradsford, William         398  Brown Township         B632 
Duer, John                 398  Brown Township         D600 
Anderson, Joseph           398  Brown Township         A536 
McVey, H.                  398  Brown Township         M210 
Vanhorn, David             398  Brown Township         V565 
George, James              398  Brown Township         G620 
Ross, Rachel               398  Brown Township         R200 
Drake, Enoch               398  Brown Township         D620 
Graham, William            398  Brown Township         G650 
Drake, Thomas M.           398  Brown Township         D620 

Miller, J.L.               399  Bethel Township        M460 
Starrey, Michiel           399  Bethel Township        S360 
Edwards, Thomas            399  Bethel Township        E363 
Krise, William             399  Bethel Township        K620 
Bears, James               399  Bethel Township        B620 
Mumpart, Henry             399  Bethel Township        M516 
Caen-----, Joseph          399  Bethel Township        C500 
Masters, David             399  Bethel Township        M236 
Mansosan, Hannah           399  Bethel Township        M522 
Cain, ---------            399  Bethel Township        C500 
Cassell, Minor             399  Bethel Township        C240 
Woodana, William           399  Bethel Township        W350 
Masters, George            399  Bethel Township        M236 
Gump, David                399  Bethel Township        G510 
Eagenbroad, Daniel         399  Bethel Township        E251 
Eagenbroad, Daniel         399  Bethel Township        E251 
Siaman, Jacob              399  Bethel Township        S550 
Edwards, John              399  Bethel Township        E363 
Linemans, William          399  Bethel Township        L555 
Linemans, Charles          399  Bethel Township        L555 
Puterbaugh, John           399  Bethel Township        P361 
Dimmit, James              399  Bethel Township        D530 
----------, Benjamin       399  Bethel Township        -000 
Mendinall, John            399  Bethel Township        M535 
Young, John                399  Bethel Township        Y520 
Babb, Daniel               399  Bethel Township        B100 
Dermit, James              399  Bethel Township        D653 
Freeman, Robert M.         399  Bethel Township        F655 
Goble, Aaron               399  Bethel Township        G140 
Unreadable #1739           399  Bethel Township             
Goble, -------- (female)   400  Bethel Township        G140 
Shaffer, George            400  Bethel Township        S160 
Shaffer, Litman            400  Bethel Township        S160 
Shaffer, John              400  Bethel Township        S160 
Lingley, David             400  Bethel Township        L524 
Linley, Johnahan M.        400  Bethel Township        L540 
Kiseman, George            400  Bethel Township        K255 
Singer, George             400  Bethel Township        S526 
McKsiale, John             400  Bethel Township        M240 
Line, Daniel               400  Bethel Township        L500 
Allen, Stephen             400  Bethel Township        A450 
French, William            400  Bethel Township        F652 
Kettroue, George           400  Bethel Township        K360 
Shaffer, Peter             400  Bethel Township        S160 
Sergant, Thomas            400  Bethel Township        S625 
Gaskill, Jacob             400  Bethel Township        G240 
French, Ralph              400  Bethel Township        F652 
Brown, Henry               400  Bethel Township        B650 
Brown, James               400  Bethel Township        B650 
Swagart, Asa               400  Bethel Township        S263 
Sergant, Thomas            400  Bethel Township        S625 
Allen, Edward              400  Bethel Township        A450 
Fuergas, James             400  Bethel Township        F622 
Weaver, John               400  Bethel Township        W160 
Long, Elizabeth            400  Bethel Township        L520 
Long, John D.              400  Bethel Township        L520 
Rogers, Isaac              400  Bethel Township        R262 
Long, Joseph D.            400  Bethel Township        L520 
Canrun, G.W.               400  Bethel Township        C565 
Freeman, John              400  Bethel Township        F655 
French, Ralph              400  Bethel Township        F652 
----------, Sarah          401  Bethel Township        -000 
French, James              401  Bethel Township        F652 
French, Lot                401  Bethel Township        F652 
Ritter, Jacob              401  Bethel Township        R360 
Hausman, David             401  Bethel Township        H255 
Silivan, John              401  Bethel Township        S415 
Hackin, Johanath           401  Bethel Township        H250 
Jacobs, Elias              401  Bethel Township        J212 
Harshbarger, Henry         401  Bethel Township        H621 
Snell, Daniel              401  Bethel Township        S540 
Pateakn, Daniel            401  Bethel Township        P325 
Ulery, John                401  Bethel Township        U460 
Davis, Stephen             401  Bethel Township        D120 
Fry, Jonathan              401  Bethel Township        F600 
Fry, Isaac                 401  Bethel Township        F600 
Hoover, Tulosc             401  Bethel Township        H160 
Davis, Samuel              401  Bethel Township        D120 
Russell, John              401  Bethel Township        R240 
Fry, Joseph                401  Bethel Township        F600 
Factley, John              401  Bethel Township        F234 
Jones, John W.             401  Bethel Township        J520 
Clage, Jessey              401  Bethel Township        C420 
Patterson, Samuel          401  Bethel Township        P362 
McGreen, James             401  Bethel Township        M265 
Alexander, James           401  Bethel Township        A425 
Black, Allen               401  Bethel Township        B420 
Wyatt, Jopha               401  Bethel Township        W300 
--------, William          401  Bethel Township        -000 
Wright, Jacob              401  Bethel Township        W623 
Silivan, Joseph            401  Bethel Township        S415 
Sink, Allen                402  Bethel Township        S520 
Vaneborn, Lisa             402  Bethel Township        V516 
Haywood, Alexander         402  Bethel Township        H300 
Viennan, William           402  Bethel Township        V550 
Youngs, B.F.               402  Bethel Township        Y520 
Wright, Nicholas           402  Bethel Township        W623 
Ma-------, David M.        402  Bethel Township        M000 
Dinsmore, John             402  Bethel Township        D525 
Arnold, Jacob              402  Bethel Township        A654 
Dinsmore, J.D.             402  Bethel Township        D525 
Glasinger, Joseph          402  Bethel Township        G425 
Ellis, Daniel F.           402  Bethel Township        E420 
Shroyer, Jacob             402  Bethel Township        S660 
Crafford, R.C.             402  Bethel Township        C616 
Garman, A.W.               402  Bethel Township        G655 
Hunter, Benjamin           402  Bethel Township        H536 
Crafford, R.C.             402  Bethel Township        C616 
--------, Daniel           402  Bethel Township        -000 
Dixson, Thomas             402  Bethel Township        D250 
Hefner, Michael            402  Bethel Township        H156 
Smith, Levi                402  Bethel Township        S530 
Hefnier, George            402  Bethel Township        H156 
King, Benjamin             402  Bethel Township        K520 
Fleming, J.M.              402  Bethel Township        F455 
Willmantan, Thomas         402  Bethel Township        W455 
Hefner, David              402  Bethel Township        H156 
Seasemore, Jacob           402  Bethel Township        S256 
Wright, N.                 402  Bethel Township        W623 
Dunham, Jacob              402  Bethel Township        D550 
Smith, Levi Jr.            402  Bethel Township        S530 
Whitmore, Jacob            402  Bethel Township        W356 
Rench, Jacob               403  Bethel Township        R520 
Wyatt, Edward              403  Bethel Township        W300 
Wyatt, Josiah              403  Bethel Township        W300 
Jones, Abraham             403  Bethel Township        J520 
Anderson, John             403  Bethel Township        A536 
Mann, David                403  Bethel Township        M500 
Fidler, Noah               403  Bethel Township        F346 
Evans, Mathew              403  Bethel Township        E152 
Anderson, Valentine        403  Bethel Township        A536 
----------, Francis        403  Bethel Township        -000 
Smith, Joseph              403  Bethel Township        S530 
Studebaker, John           403  Bethel Township        S331 
R---------, Thomas         403  Bethel Township        R000 
Young, Daniel              403  Bethel Township        Y520 
Sawyer, Jacob              403  Bethel Township        S600 
Sawyer, John               403  Bethel Township        S600 
---------, Thomas          403  Bethel Township        -000 
Harter, Daniel             403  Bethel Township        H636 
Ross, John                 403  Bethel Township        R200 
Boyer, John                403  Bethel Township        B600 
Studebaker, Alexander      403  Bethel Township        S331 
Studebaker, John           403  Bethel Township        S331 
Shear, Charles             403  Bethel Township        S600 
Detrick, Daniel            403  Bethel Township        D362 
Shroyer, John              403  Bethel Township        S660 
Jacobs, John               403  Bethel Township        J212 
Gearheart, Levi            403  Bethel Township        G663 
Bon-------, Jacob          403  Bethel Township        B500 
Howell, Jacob              403  Bethel Township        H400 
Snell, Jacob               403  Bethel Township        S540 
Meek, Eli                  403  Bethel Township        M200 
Hogalen, Andrew            404  Bethel Township        H245 
Goble, James               404  Bethel Township        G140 
Giseman, James             404  Bethel Township        G255 
Binkley, Samuel            404  Bethel Township        B524 
Danley, Thomas             404  Bethel Township        D540 
Thomas, John               404  Bethel Township        T520 
Bush, Abraham              404  Bethel Township        B200 
Swager, F.                 404  Bethel Township        S260 
Welday, Daniel             404  Bethel Township        W430 
Fulton, James              404  Bethel Township        F435 
Swagart, Jesse             404  Bethel Township        S263 
Allen, Samuel              404  Bethel Township        A450 
Thompson, Hannah           404  Bethel Township        T512 
Grach, Gidian              404  Bethel Township        G620 
Danikan, I.T.              404  Bethel Township        D525 
Elliatt, Joseph            404  Bethel Township        E430 
Reese, J.C.                404  Bethel Township        R200 
Bassett, George            404  Bethel Township        B230 
Miller, James              404  Bethel Township        M460 
Crane, E.L.                404  Bethel Township        C650 
Owen, Ephraim              404  Bethel Township        O500 
Smith, William             404  Bethel Township        S530 
Valintine, Abram           404  Bethel Township        V453 
Martin, Josiah             404  Bethel Township        M635 
Martin, William            404  Bethel Township        M635 
Reese, Robert              404  Bethel Township        R200 
Higerson, Samuel           404  Bethel Township        H262 
Seelcemore, John           404  Bethel Township        S425 
Whitmore, Lorina           404  Bethel Township        W356 
Sniders, William           404  Bethel Township        S536 
Self, James                404  Bethel Township        S410 
Brown, Magdelaney          405  Bethel Township        B650 
Faulder, William           405  Bethel Township        F436 
Casey, Thomas              405  Bethel Township        C200 
Strana, John               405  Bethel Township        S365 
Scroff, Jashua H.          405  Bethel Township        S610 
Studebaker, Benjamin       405  Bethel Township        S331 
Shipley, L.H.              405  Bethel Township        S140 
Haines, Allen              405  Bethel Township        H520 
Cramer, Henry              405  Bethel Township        C656 
Slacktell, Henry           405  Bethel Township        S423 
Stegal, John               405  Bethel Township        S324 
Anderson, James            405  Bethel Township        A536 
Slayler, Charles           405  Bethel Township        S446 
Rell, Hiram A.             405  Bethel Township        R400 
Morsan, John               405  Bethel Township        M625 
Hefley, Jacob              405  Bethel Township        H140 
Hamilton, Alexander        405  Bethel Township        H543 
Rench, Rosell              405  Bethel Township        R520 
Uptograft, Ora             405  Bethel Township        U132 
Stafford, James            405  Bethel Township        S316 
Stafford, Alexander        405  Bethel Township        S316 
McVickers, Alexandra       405  Bethel Township        M212 
McVickers, Archebull       405  Bethel Township        M212 
Ralay, Alijah              405  Bethel Township        R400 
Carson, Moses              405  Bethel Township        C625 
Hotlen, S.R.               405  Bethel Township        H345 
Ganner, David              405  Bethel Township        G560 
Stafford, William          405  Bethel Township        S316 
Miller, Elizabeth          405  Bethel Township        M460 
Staley, David              405  Bethel Township        S340 
Meeks, Bassell             405  Bethel Township        M200 
Jacobes, Caleb             406  Bethel Township        J212 
McVickers, David           406  Bethel Township        M212 
Jones, Thomas              406  Bethel Township        J520 
Merideth, John             406  Bethel Township        M633 
Fielding, David            406  Bethel Township        F435 
Fielding, Michael          406  Bethel Township        F435 
Canfield, David            406  Bethel Township        C514 
Fielding, Robert           406  Bethel Township        F435 
Pierce, Ana                406  Bethel Township        P620 
Louees, Jales              406  Bethel Township        L200 
Shrike, Aaron              406  Bethel Township        S620 
Hutchissan, C.             406  Bethel Township        H322 
Johnston, E.               406  Bethel Township        J523 
Conters, William           406  Bethel Township        C536 
Crawford, J.H.             406  Bethel Township        C616 
Tinnick, Henry             406  Bethel Township        T520 
Brice, A.D.                406  Bethel Township        B620 
Hopkins, Eleheue           406  Bethel Township        H125 
Hopkins, E.H.              406  Bethel Township        H125 
Morros, Charles            406  Bethel Township        M620 
Griswell, Martin           406  Bethel Township        G624 
Morris, Henry              406  Bethel Township        M620 
Mossis, David H.           406  Bethel Township        M220 
Morris, David              406  Bethel Township        M620 
Reedy, Joseph              406  Bethel Township        R300 
Harlas, Jacob              406  Bethel Township        H642 
Johnston, Joseph           406  Bethel Township        J523 
Studebaker, Samuel         406  Bethel Township        S331 
Nutter, Joseph             406  Bethel Township        N360 
Bratlistan, Able           406  Bethel Township        B634 
Bratlistan, Charles        406  Bethel Township        B634 
Crull, William             407  Bethel Township        C640 
Staley, Elias              407  Bethel Township        S340 
Saylor, Philip             407  Bethel Township        S460 
Dean, William              407  Bethel Township        D500 
Saylor, Jacob              407  Bethel Township        S460 
Malland, John              407  Bethel Township        M453 
Ritter, James              407  Bethel Township        R360 
Saylor, John P.            407  Bethel Township        S460 
Hain, John                 407  Bethel Township        H500 
Egenbroad, John            407  Bethel Township        E251 
Martin, Frederick          407  Bethel Township        M635 
Ramsey, Joseph             407  Bethel Township        R520 
Reese, John                407  Bethel Township        R200 
Stafford, James            407  Bethel Township        S316 
Stafford, George           407  Bethel Township        S316 
Lee, James                 407  Bethel Township        L000 
Bunke, William             407  Bethel Township        B520 
---------, Jacob           407  Bethel Township        -000 
---------, William         407  Bethel Township        -000 
Henrick, Samuel            407  Bethel Township        H562 
Reedy, Mary                407  Bethel Township        R300 
Blickenstaff, Christian    407  Bethel Township        B425 
Ward, James                407  Bethel Township        W630 
Clinging, John             407  Bethel Township        C452 
Jacobs, John               407  Bethel Township        J212 
Jacobs, Margaret           407  Bethel Township        J212 
Karnens, John              407  Bethel Township        K655 
Smith, Jacob               407  Bethel Township        S530 
Reedy, Jacob               407  Bethel Township        R300 

Boboo, Garrard             408  Elizabeth Township     B100 
Hubber, Enoch J.           408  Elizabeth Township     H160 
Robison, William           408  Elizabeth Township     R125 
Cecil, John                408  Elizabeth Township     C240 
Kensinger, Enos            408  Elizabeth Township     K525 
Draper, Andrew             408  Elizabeth Township     D616 
Shidaker, John             408  Elizabeth Township     S326 
Sprul, R.A.                408  Elizabeth Township     S164 
Sprul, Samuel W.           408  Elizabeth Township     S164 
Brown, Samuel              408  Elizabeth Township     B650 
Dye, John M.               408  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Mann, Jacob                408  Elizabeth Township     M500 
Ridgely, John              408  Elizabeth Township     R324 
Hardacker, Joseph          408  Elizabeth Township     H632 
French, Asa                408  Elizabeth Township     F652 
Harter, Jacob D.           408  Elizabeth Township     H636 
Enyart, John               408  Elizabeth Township     E563 
Dye, James M.              408  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Dye, Benjamin Sr.          408  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Stattion, Byard            408  Elizabeth Township     S335 
Cottingham, J.E.           408  Elizabeth Township     C352 
Boursman, William          408  Elizabeth Township     B625 
Swager, Hill               408  Elizabeth Township     S260 
Knoop, Abram               408  Elizabeth Township     K510 
Dye, James                 408  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Westfall, Rankin           408  Elizabeth Township     W231 
Titus, Asa                 408  Elizabeth Township     T320 
Cline, Olivr               408  Elizabeth Township     C450 
Cecil, Gorden              408  Elizabeth Township     C240 
Nicklas, Hiram             408  Elizabeth Township     N242 
Ramsey, Allen              409  Elizabeth Township     R520 
Knoop, Catharine           409  Elizabeth Township     K510 
Kyle, Thomas B.            409  Elizabeth Township     K400 
Dye, Jno. C.               409  Elizabeth Township     D000 
North, Michael             409  Elizabeth Township     N630 
Kenady, John               409  Elizabeth Township     K530 
Fosdice, Uriah             409  Elizabeth Township     F232 
Saunders, Thadeses         409  Elizabeth Township     S536 
Blicker, Lewis             409  Elizabeth Township     B426 
Loworn, Joseph             409  Elizabeth Township     L650 
Winters, Lewis             409  Elizabeth Township     W536 
Winters, John              409  Elizabeth Township     W536 
Gump, Ele                  409  Elizabeth Township     G510 
Hampton, Van C. Ham        409  Elizabeth Township     H513 
Lear, William              409  Elizabeth Township     L600 
Row, Henry                 409  Elizabeth Township     R000 
Cavn, Michael              409  Elizabeth Township     C150 
Buckles, David B.          409  Elizabeth Township     B242 
Ullery, Hensey             409  Elizabeth Township     U460 
Cavon, Jacob               409  Elizabeth Township     C150 
Houser, John               409  Elizabeth Township     H260 
Scott, John                409  Elizabeth Township     S300 
Boursman, Leonard Jr.      409  Elizabeth Township     B625 
Boursman, Leonard          409  Elizabeth Township     B625 
Witner, William            409  Elizabeth Township     W356 
Gearhart, John             409  Elizabeth Township     G663 
Jackson, William           409  Elizabeth Township     J250 
Pittet, John               409  Elizabeth Township     P330 
Day, Isaac D.              409  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Maxwell, John              409  Elizabeth Township     M240 
Jones, Jno.                410  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Gearheart, John            410  Elizabeth Township     G663 
Jones, Oliver              410  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Ryle, M.K.                 410  Elizabeth Township     R400 
Sears, Thomas J.           410  Elizabeth Township     S620 
Batts, Reason              410  Elizabeth Township     B320 
Knoop, James               410  Elizabeth Township     K510 
Sears, William D.          410  Elizabeth Township     S620 
Saunders, William          410  Elizabeth Township     S536 
Kaulkin, Christian         410  Elizabeth Township     K425 
Hart, Zenis                410  Elizabeth Township     H630 
Wolf, Ritter               410  Elizabeth Township     W410 
Dye, Isaac                 410  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Stewart, Mary              410  Elizabeth Township     S363 
Enyart, Benjamin           410  Elizabeth Township     E563 
Saylor, John P.            410  Elizabeth Township     S460 
Bich, Elizabthh            410  Elizabeth Township     B200 
Cavin, Patrick M.          410  Elizabeth Township     C150 
Barrett, Mary              410  Elizabeth Township     B630 
Bernett, Mary              410  Elizabeth Township     B653 
Cromer, William            410  Elizabeth Township     C656 
Boohear, John              410  Elizabeth Township     B600 
Yenger, Loony              410  Elizabeth Township     Y526 
Romelsy, Samuel            410  Elizabeth Township     R542 
Haywood, Cyrus             410  Elizabeth Township     H300 
Gragham, Hayash            410  Elizabeth Township     G625 
Green, Jno.                410  Elizabeth Township     G650 
Sawyer, John               410  Elizabeth Township     S600 
Johnston, Joshua           410  Elizabeth Township     J523 
Batoon, James              410  Elizabeth Township     B350 
Harris, Daniel             411  Elizabeth Township     H620 
Linty, Christian           411  Elizabeth Township     L530 
Thompson, Mark             411  Elizabeth Township     T512 
Black, Moses               411  Elizabeth Township     B420 
Duanson, William           411  Elizabeth Township     D525 
Nell, Isaac                411  Elizabeth Township     N400 
Radle, George              411  Elizabeth Township     R340 
Collins, David             411  Elizabeth Township     C452 
Davis, John                411  Elizabeth Township     D120 
Eaeliker, Jacob            411  Elizabeth Township     E426 
Dyke, --------             411  Elizabeth Township     D200 
Harais, Daniel             411  Elizabeth Township     H620 
Pence, Cyrus               411  Elizabeth Township     P520 
Moore, Daniel F.           411  Elizabeth Township     M600 
Hains, J.H.                411  Elizabeth Township     H520 
Day, George W.             411  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Day, John                  411  Elizabeth Township     D000 
Ramsey, William            411  Elizabeth Township     R520 
Ramsey, Lewisiam           411  Elizabeth Township     R520 
Manford, William           411  Elizabeth Township     M516 
McKnight, Robert           411  Elizabeth Township     M252 
Mendenhall, John           411  Elizabeth Township     M535 
Henderson, Steven          411  Elizabeth Township     H536 
Mast, William              411  Elizabeth Township     M230 
Mitchell, Galager          411  Elizabeth Township     M324 
Jones, James               411  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Henderson, Allen           411  Elizabeth Township     H536 
Mast, Alexander            411  Elizabeth Township     M230 
Simes, Alexander           411  Elizabeth Township     S520 
Collins, Jacob             411  Elizabeth Township     C452 
Flinn, John                412  Elizabeth Township     F450 
Jones, Thomas E.           412  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Jones, David D.            412  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Goodwin, Benjman           412  Elizabeth Township     G350 
Hays, Joseph               412  Elizabeth Township     H200 
Albury, James              412  Elizabeth Township     A416 
Cromer, Michael            412  Elizabeth Township     C656 
Harless, James             412  Elizabeth Township     H642 
Harless, David             412  Elizabeth Township     H642 
Raugh, Lucus H.            412  Elizabeth Township     R200 
Montrof, Moses             412  Elizabeth Township     M536 
Montrof, Christian         412  Elizabeth Township     M536 
Statler, Albnos            412  Elizabeth Township     S334 
Shell, D.                  412  Elizabeth Township     S400 
Dick, Henry                412  Elizabeth Township     D200 
Hudson, Isaac              412  Elizabeth Township     H325 
Hunter, Benjamin           412  Elizabeth Township     H536 
Jones, George              412  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Gavon, Michael G.          412  Elizabeth Township     G150 
Cromer, William            412  Elizabeth Township     C656 
Kisinger, Frederick        412  Elizabeth Township     K252 
Brown, Mary                412  Elizabeth Township     B650 
Conyear, Reuben            412  Elizabeth Township     C560 
Stafford, James            412  Elizabeth Township     S316 
Daggait, Reuben            412  Elizabeth Township     D230 
Saylor, John               412  Elizabeth Township     S460 
Armstrong, James           412  Elizabeth Township     A652 
Saylor, Jacob Jr.          412  Elizabeth Township     S460 
Mintus, Lewis              412  Elizabeth Township     M532 
Hair, Lewis                412  Elizabeth Township     H600 
Studebaker, Daniel         413  Elizabeth Township     S331 
Studebaker, John           413  Elizabeth Township     S331 
Conyer, William            413  Elizabeth Township     C560 
Davis, William             413  Elizabeth Township     D120 
Mullett, Daniel            413  Elizabeth Township     M430 
---------, Mary            413  Elizabeth Township     -000 
---------, Valentine       413  Elizabeth Township     -000 
Gearheart, Lewis           413  Elizabeth Township     G663 
Bail, Henry                413  Elizabeth Township     B400 
Ramsey, Nathan             413  Elizabeth Township     R520 
Ramsey, John               413  Elizabeth Township     R520 
Hunter, Henry R.           413  Elizabeth Township     H536 
Shivedker, Michael         413  Elizabeth Township     S132 
Tenrae, James              413  Elizabeth Township     T560 
Bird, William              413  Elizabeth Township     B630 
Scott, John                413  Elizabeth Township     S300 
Mumford, Richard           413  Elizabeth Township     M516 
Stafford, Thomas           413  Elizabeth Township     S316 
Maone, Plesent             413  Elizabeth Township     M500 
Mane, Rusell               431  Elizabeth Township     M500 
Bantell, Isaac             431  Elizabeth Township     B534 
Bantell, John              431  Elizabeth Township     B534 
Simes, Aaron               431  Elizabeth Township     S520 
Dick, Samuel               413  Elizabeth Township     D200 
McDaniel, Samuel           413  Elizabeth Township     M235 
Sealey, John               413  Elizabeth Township     S400 
Warley, John               413  Elizabeth Township     W640 
Armstrong, Elizabeth       413  Elizabeth Township     A652 
Haines, Daniel             413  Elizabeth Township     H520 
Ulrey, Isaac               413  Elizabeth Township     U460 
Drake, Jacob               414  Elizabeth Township     D620 
Baird, Andrew              414  Elizabeth Township     B630 
Little, David              414  Elizabeth Township     L340 
Manford, George            414  Elizabeth Township     M516 
Helvy, S.M.                414  Elizabeth Township     H410 
Ulery, Jacob               414  Elizabeth Township     U460 
Stepleton, John            414  Elizabeth Township     S314 
Shepherd, Abraham          414  Elizabeth Township     S163 
Vandever, Arthur           414  Elizabeth Township     V531 
McKnight, Lewis            414  Elizabeth Township     M252 
Martin, Isaac              414  Elizabeth Township     M635 
Helvie, Adam               414  Elizabeth Township     H410 
Helvie, John               414  Elizabeth Township     H410 
Jones, Jacob               414  Elizabeth Township     J520 
Michell, Howard            414  Elizabeth Township     M240 
Michell, William           414  Elizabeth Township     M240 
Michell, William S.        414  Elizabeth Township     M240 
Michell, George            414  Elizabeth Township     M240 
Mumford, John              414  Elizabeth Township     M516 
Furrow, Margaret           414  Elizabeth Township     F600 
Hewett, John               414  Elizabeth Township     H300 
Clinging, Ruth             414  Elizabeth Township     C452 
Massee, Henry              414  Elizabeth Township     M200 
Rippe, Jane                414  Elizabeth Township     R100 
McClarry, James            414  Elizabeth Township     M246 
Sheets, Isaac L.           414  Elizabeth Township     S320 
Buckles, Evans             414  Elizabeth Township     B242 
Lime, James                414  Elizabeth Township     L500 
M--------, Daniel          414  Elizabeth Township     M000 
Story, John                414  Elizabeth Township     S360 
Collins, Daniel            415  Elizabeth Township     C452 
---------, Mathias         415  Elizabeth Township     -000 
Mann, Peter                415  Elizabeth Township     M500 
Clark, Joseph              415  Elizabeth Township     C462 
Clark, Shepperd            415  Elizabeth Township     C462 
Fuller, Philip             415  Elizabeth Township     F460 
Sears, James               415  Elizabeth Township     S620 
Widner, Abraham            415  Elizabeth Township     W356 
Martin, Hannah             415  Elizabeth Township     M635 
Durst, Joseph              415  Elizabeth Township     D623 
Sleeper, Henry             415  Elizabeth Township     S416 
Yantus, Sarah              415  Elizabeth Township     Y532 

Mal------, George          416  Milton, Town of        M400 
Balinger, John             416  Milton, Town of        B452 
Hays, William              416  Milton, Town of        H200 
Graves, Esepp              416  Milton, Town of        G612 
Stephens, Samuel           416  Milton, Town of        S315 
Shoue, John                416  Milton, Town of        S000 
Patten, Joseph             416  Milton, Town of        P350 
Batestey, Godfry           416  Milton, Town of        B323 
Low, Archabald             416  Milton, Town of        L000 
Yountz, Harvy              416  Milton, Town of        Y532 
Iddings, Johns             416  Milton, Town of        I352 
Miller, John               416  Milton, Town of        M460 
Eoerwright, Daniel         416  Milton, Town of        E662 
Rorek, Michael             416  Milton, Town of        R620 
Hart, John                 416  Milton, Town of        H630 
Nitchwits, George          416  Milton, Town of        N323 
McCann, James              416  Milton, Town of        M250 
Herr, John                 416  Milton, Town of        H600 
King, Abram                416  Milton, Town of        K520 
Morrow, Alexander          416  Milton, Town of        M600 
Johnston, William          416  Milton, Town of        J523 
Jones, Hiram               416  Milton, Town of        J520 
Richardson, William        416  Milton, Town of        R263 
Bixler, Abram              416  Milton, Town of        B246 
Pickering, Burl            416  Milton, Town of        P265 
Davis, Henry               416  Milton, Town of        D120 
Boyd, Andrew               416  Milton, Town of        B300 
Price, William             416  Milton, Town of        P620 
Davis, Samuel              416  Milton, Town of        D120 
Patten, Anna               416  Milton, Town of        P350 
Bauesman, Michael          416  Milton, Town of        B255 
Huffman, Enoch             417  Milton, Town of        H155 
Huffman, Daniel            417  Milton, Town of        H155 
Alexander, William         417  Milton, Town of        A425 
Shepard, Andrew            417  Milton, Town of        S163 
Shepard, Jacob             417  Milton, Town of        S163 
Werts, Henry               417  Milton, Town of        W632 
Miller, Samuel             417  Milton, Town of        M460 
Randall, A.I.              417  Milton, Town of        R534 
Vephart, John              417  Milton, Town of        V163 
Cavert, John               417  Milton, Town of        C163 
McMurry, William           417  Milton, Town of        M256 
Randall, John              417  Milton, Town of        R534 
Beldon, Alonzo             417  Milton, Town of        B435 
Miller, W.D.               417  Milton, Town of        M460 
Clinger, Henry             417  Milton, Town of        C452 
Spencer, Samuel            417  Milton, Town of        S152 
Walling, Laylan            417  Milton, Town of        W452 
Parten, John               417  Milton, Town of        P635 
Claringer, Philip          417  Milton, Town of        C465 
Bebee, C.W.                417  Milton, Town of        B100 
McCarter, Alexander?       417  Milton, Town of        M263 

Mendenall, Nadas           418  Union Township         M535 
Knowles, Barnibas          418  Union Township         K542 
Coat, Jacob                418  Union Township         C300 
Kinsey, Zackers            418  Union Township         K520 
Studebaker, Isaac          418  Union Township         S331 
Young, Adam                418  Union Township         Y520 
Warner, Conrad             418  Union Township         W656 
Kinsey, Henry              418  Union Township         K520 
Finey, Malet               418  Union Township         F500 
Olelinger, Amos            418  Union Township         O445 
Dahman, John               418  Union Township         D550 
Fisher, Isaac              418  Union Township         F260 
Tucker, Jacob              418  Union Township         T260 
Nine, John                 418  Union Township         N500 
Haynes, Samuel C.          418  Union Township         H520 
Nims, William              418  Union Township         N520 
Since, Peter               418  Union Township         S520 
Christian                  418  Union Township              
Harshbarger, Henry         418  Union Township         H621 
Studebaker, Nancy          418  Union Township         S331 
Compton, Henry             418  Union Township         C513 
Abbott, Samuel             418  Union Township         A130 
Abbott, John               418  Union Township         A130 
Kendall, John              418  Union Township         K534 
Olinger, Benjamin          418  Union Township         O452 
Aldrich, Barich            418  Union Township         A436 
Jay, Jesse                 418  Union Township         J000 
Mote, Asa                  418  Union Township         M300 
Pearson, Isaac             418  Union Township         P625 
Haskett, Thomas            418  Union Township         H230 
Mote, John Jr.             418  Union Township         M300 
Mote, David Jr.            419  Union Township         M300 
Richards, Conrad           419  Union Township         R263 
Sleppy, John               419  Union Township         S410 
Sleppy, Jacob              419  Union Township         S410 
Col;cleser, Jacob          419  Union Township         C424 
Warner, Samuel C.          419  Union Township         W656 
Bartmas, Adam              419  Union Township         B635 
Warner, Isaac              419  Union Township         W656 
Bradrick, John             419  Union Township         B636 
Arbaugh, Amos              419  Union Township         A612 
Meshler, Jacob             419  Union Township         M246 
Peck, James                419  Union Township         P200 
Alexander, Katharine       419  Union Township         A425 
Fay, Jacob                 419  Union Township         F000 
Arnat, Jacob               419  Union Township         A653 
Black, Henry               419  Union Township         B420 
Arnet, George              419  Union Township         A653 
Sander, Joseph             419  Union Township         S536 
Weaver, John               419  Union Township         W160 
Arnat, David               419  Union Township         A653 
Bowen, David               419  Union Township         B500 
Knee, David                419  Union Township         K500 
Thomas, John               419  Union Township         T520 
Arnat, Henry               419  Union Township         A653 
Bowen, Henry               419  Union Township         B500 
Frind, Joseph              419  Union Township         F653 
Peck, Peter                419  Union Township         P200 
Peck, John                 419  Union Township         P200 
Smith, David               419  Union Township         S530 
Albaugh, Samuel            419  Union Township         A412 
Jones, Elesho              419  Union Township         J520 
Rodkey. Esther             420  Union Township              
Balingan, David            420  Union Township         B452 
Warner, Henry              420  Union Township         W656 
Studebaker, Daniel         420  Union Township         S331 
Root, Daniel               420  Union Township         R300 
Friend, Jacob              420  Union Township         F653 
Smith, Eli                 420  Union Township         S530 
Arnet, David               420  Union Township         A653 
Root, Jacob                420  Union Township         R300 
Falker, John               420  Union Township         F426 
Carral, Jacob              420  Union Township         C640 
Richards, John             420  Union Township         R263 
Norris, William            420  Union Township         N620 
Snyder, Samuel             420  Union Township         S536 
Pipinger, Cornelaus        420  Union Township         P152 
Albaugh, Zachareah         420  Union Township         A412 
Christian, Philip          420  Union Township         C623 
Welbaum, Jacob             420  Union Township         W415 
Hatfield, Henry            420  Union Township         H314 
Daniels, Uerha             420  Union Township         D542 
Detmore, John              420  Union Township         D356 
Studebaker, Philip         420  Union Township         S331 
Studebaker, Leah           420  Union Township         S331 
Shoak, Jefferson           420  Union Township         S200 
Carns, Isaac               420  Union Township         C652 
Fetter, David              420  Union Township         F360 
Alexander, Amos            420  Union Township         A425 
Hill, Jonas                420  Union Township         H400 
Wright, George             420  Union Township         W623 
Harshbarger, Jonas         420  Union Township         H621 
Yount, Peter               420  Union Township         Y530 
Stephen, Frederick         421  Union Township         S315 
Jones, Henry               421  Union Township         J520 
Davis, Kelly               421  Union Township         D120 
Davis, Samuel              421  Union Township         D120 
Hanks, Noah                421  Union Township         H520 
McDon, Joseph              421  Union Township         M235 
Pemberton, Isaac           421  Union Township         P516 
Ellerman, Enos             421  Union Township         E465 
Snider, Peter              421  Union Township         S536 
Niles, Fanney              421  Union Township         N420 
Davis, Lindsay             421  Union Township         D120 
Root, John                 421  Union Township         R300 
Root, Daniel               421  Union Township         R300 
Hale, Tilley               421  Union Township         H400 
Hal, James                 421  Union Township         H400 
Jay, Patience              421  Union Township         J000 
Wright, Robert             421  Union Township         W623 
Penny, Elijah              421  Union Township         P500 
Hart, Joseph               421  Union Township         H630 
Snyder, Mary               421  Union Township         S536 
Penny, John                421  Union Township         P500 
Penny, Elizabeth           421  Union Township         P500 
Harshbarger, John          421  Union Township         H621 
Harshbarger, George        421  Union Township         H621 
Harshbarger, Abraham       421  Union Township         H621 
Penny, Richard             421  Union Township         P500 
Penny, John Jr.            421  Union Township         P500 
Forkner, John              421  Union Township         F625 
Ditmore, Jacob             421  Union Township         D356 
Penney, Elijah             421  Union Township         P500 
McCool, Michael            421  Union Township         M240 
Capron, William            422  Union Township         C165 
Hunt, Uisah                422  Union Township         H530 
Stiffner, Peter            422  Union Township         S315 
Burch, John                422  Union Township         B620 
Jinks, George              422  Union Township         J520 
---------, John            422  Union Township         -000 
Coppock, Elijah            422  Union Township         C120 
Coppock, John              422  Union Township         C120 
Mote, Elijah               422  Union Township         M300 
Pemberton, John E.         422  Union Township         P516 
Coppock, Moses             422  Union Township         C120 
Hanks, James               422  Union Township         H520 
Davis, Alexander           422  Union Township         D120 
Hall, James                422  Union Township         H400 
Kelly, Elam                422  Union Township         K400 
Hollingsworth, Cyrus       422  Union Township         H452 
Coy, Joseph M.             422  Union Township         C000 
McConnell, John            422  Union Township         M254 
Coppock, James             422  Union Township         C120 
Hall, Anson                422  Union Township         H400 
McCool, Frances            422  Union Township         M240 
Coppock, Thomas            422  Union Township         C120 
Inman, Ahab                422  Union Township         I550 
Thomas, Margaret           422  Union Township         T520 
Roadhamuel, Peter          422  Union Township         R354 
Anthony, Jacob             422  Union Township         A535 
Coppock, William           422  Union Township         C120 
Ellerman, Isrul            422  Union Township         E465 
Ellerman, William          422  Union Township         E465 
Pearson, Robert            422  Union Township         P625 
Pearson, Robert Jr.        422  Union Township         P625 
Davis, Benjamin            423  Union Township         D120 
Davis, John                423  Union Township         D120 
Glunt, Peter               423  Union Township         G453 
Boower, Benjamin           423  Union Township         B600 
Pearson, Benjamin          423  Union Township         P625 
Jones, Walace              423  Union Township         J520 
Coates, Elijah             423  Union Township         C320 
Pemberton, Isah            423  Union Township         P516 
Pemberton, John            423  Union Township         P516 
Coates, Henry              423  Union Township         C320 
Coppock, Benjamin          423  Union Township         C120 
Coppock, Layton            423  Union Township         C120 
Coppock, Isah              423  Union Township         C120 
Ryber, John                423  Union Township         R160 
Coppock, Benjamin          423  Union Township         C120 
Coates, Moses              423  Union Township         C320 
Browen, David              423  Union Township         B650 
Brown, Rachel              423  Union Township         B650 
McConnell, Robert          423  Union Township         M254 
Coppock, Joseph            423  Union Township         C120 
Coates, Samuel             423  Union Township         C320 
Coates, Benjamin           423  Union Township         C320 
Krite, Abram               423  Union Township         K630 
Coates, Miles              423  Union Township         C320 
Pearson, Enoch             423  Union Township         P625 
Coates, Samuel             423  Union Township         C320 
Coals, William             423  Union Township         C420 
Coats, Thomas              423  Union Township         C320 
Coppock, Mary              423  Union Township         C120 
Gillmore, Samuel           423  Union Township         G456 
Wicks, Jno.                423  Union Township         W200 
Neal, Benjamin             424  Union Township         N400 
Pearce, William            424  Union Township         P620 
Mote, Esikil               424  Union Township         M300 
Brown, Iasah               424  Union Township         B650 
Vore, George               424  Union Township         V600 
Jones, Francis             424  Union Township         J520 
Tucker, Jacob              424  Union Township         T260 
Vore, Abraham              424  Union Township         V600 
Field, Benjamin            424  Union Township         F430 
Shepard, John              424  Union Township         S163 
Vore, Peter                424  Union Township         V600 
Kellet, Samuel             424  Union Township         K430 
Friend, William            424  Union Township         F653 
Masters, Samuel            424  Union Township         M236 
Mote, David                424  Union Township         M300 
Kesler, Samuel             424  Union Township         K246 
Hoover, Jesse              424  Union Township         H160 
Mote, Zina                 424  Union Township         M300 
Mote, John S.              424  Union Township         M300 
Mendenall, Joseph          424  Union Township         M535 
Jones, W.A.                424  Union Township         J520 
Waymir, John               424  Union Township         W560 
Pearson, Thomas            424  Union Township         P625 
Mote, John                 424  Union Township         M300 
Westford, John C.          424  Union Township         W231 
Yonce, Philip              424  Union Township         Y520 
Umholts, John              424  Union Township         U543 
Weddle, Jacob              424  Union Township         W340 
Hoover, John               424  Union Township         H160 
Jay, Thomas                424  Union Township         J000 
Hoover, Sarah              424  Union Township         H160 
Fouts, John                425  Union Township         F320 
Yount, Frederick           425  Union Township         Y530 
Warner, Daniel             425  Union Township         W656 
Fulton, William            425  Union Township         F435 
Jones, William             425  Union Township         J520 
Mote, Mareas               425  Union Township         M300 
Daniels, Smith             425  Union Township         D542 
Finney, John               425  Union Township         F500 
Sliegh, Samuel             425  Union Township         S420 
Puterbaugh, George         425  Union Township         P361 
Weaver, John               425  Union Township         W160 
Baker, Christian           425  Union Township         B260 
Dull, John                 425  Union Township         D400 
Jones, Sarah               425  Union Township         J520 
---------, Aaron           425  Union Township         -000 
Coffman, George            425  Union Township         C155 
Harper, Samuel             425  Union Township         H616 
Tharge, Davis W.           425  Union Township         T620 
Wareham, James             425  Union Township         W650 
Reck, Martin H.            425  Union Township         R200 
Maunt, Joseph              425  Union Township         M530 
Kelley, Seth               425  Union Township         K400 
Lilsbee, Joseph            425  Union Township         L421 
Stewart, Joseph            425  Union Township         S363 
Yount, John                425  Union Township         Y530 
Mann, Thomas               425  Union Township         M500 
Yahn, Rosanna              425  Union Township         Y500 
Frants, Henry              425  Union Township         F653 
Honeyman, William          425  Union Township         H555 
Yonce, John                425  Union Township         Y520 
Oaks, Samuel               425  Union Township         O200 
Hammel, William            426  Union Township         H540 
Younce, Joseph             426  Union Township         Y520 
Knife, Jacob               426  Union Township         K510 
Knbife, Michael            426  Union Township         K511 
Ellen, Joseph              426  Union Township         E450 
Younce, George             426  Union Township         Y520 
Lang, Joseph               426  Union Township         L520 
Yount, George Jr.          426  Union Township         Y530 
Haskett, Isaac             426  Union Township         H230 
Alison, Andrew             426  Union Township         A425 
Hoover, Abram              426  Union Township         H160 
Miller, Henry              426  Union Township         M460 
Cintes, Elam               426  Union Township         C532 
Iddings, Benjamin          426  Union Township         I352 
Iddings, Rachel            426  Union Township         I352 
Hoover, Noah               426  Union Township         H160 
Collins, R.                426  Union Township         C452 
Sheeley, Andrew            426  Union Township         S400 
Carver, David              426  Union Township         C616 
Keller, Lewis              426  Union Township         K460 
Yount, John                426  Union Township         Y530 
Bears, George              426  Union Township         B620 
Berley, Jacob              426  Union Township         B640 
McCool, Y.G.               426  Union Township         M240 
Cane, Sophia               426  Union Township         C500 
Rodrick, Michael           426  Union Township         R362 
McCool, William            426  Union Township         M240 
Wag-------, Daniel         426  Union Township         W200 
Sleigh, Charles            426  Union Township         S420 
Smith, John                426  Union Township         S530 
Yount, Jacob               426  Union Township         Y530 
Serres, Andrew             427  Union Township         S620 
Sherrer, Eli               427  Union Township         S660 
Coch, John Sr.             427  Union Township         C200 
Coch, John Jr.             427  Union Township         C200 
Friend, Henry              427  Union Township         F653 
Younce, Susan              427  Union Township         Y520 
Curtiss, James             427  Union Township         C632 
Curtiss, Alexander         427  Union Township         C632 
Curtiss, Samuel            427  Union Township         C632 
Honeyman, Benjamin         427  Union Township         H555 
---------, Samuel          427  Union Township         -000 
Etter, Sally               427  Union Township         E360 
Wheelock, Lymon            427  Union Township         W420 
Vore, Peter                427  Union Township         V600 
Younce, Isaac              427  Union Township         Y520 
R-------r, Jno.            427  Union Township         R600 
Younce, Andrew             427  Union Township         Y520 
Kessler, Henry             427  Union Township         K246 
Bulz, Hiram                427  Union Township         B420 
Miller, John               427  Union Township         M460 
Helmich, Mary              427  Union Township         H452 
Frese-----, Peter          427  Union Township         F620 
Honeyman, Michael          427  Union Township         H555 
Davis, John                427  Union Township         D120 
Mikils, Hery   (sic)       427  Union Township         M242 
Michales, Kisiah           427  Union Township         M242 
Norman, Peter              427  Union Township         N655 
Embre, Moses               427  Union Township         E516 
Sherror, Philip            427  Union Township         S660 
Sherror, Arma              427  Union Township         S660 
Perrce, James              427  Union Township         P620 
Jones, Samuel              428  Union Township         J520 
Hoover, Harvey             428  Union Township         H160 
Langston, Leonard          428  Union Township         L523 
Miller, Zackireah          428  Union Township         M460 
Horner, Jno.               428  Union Township         H656 
Horner, James              428  Union Township         H656 
Gilbert, Dempsey           428  Union Township         G416 
Langston, Lazarus          428  Union Township         L523 
Debra, Henry               428  Union Township         D160 
North, John                428  Union Township         N630 
Johns, John                428  Union Township         J520 
Shepherd, John             428  Union Township         S163 
Norrish, John              428  Union Township         N620 
Burkett, Solomon           428  Union Township         B623 
Long, Thomas               428  Union Township         L520 
Duncan, Isaac              427  Union Township         D525 
Duncan, Jesse              428  Union Township         D525 
Pierce, Samuel             428  Union Township         P620 
Sinks, Henry               428  Union Township         S520 
Brooks, Noah               428  Union Township         B620 
Peirson, Robert            428  Union Township         P625 
Pierson, Moses             428  Union Township         P625 
Pierson, Jno. T.           428  Union Township         P625 
Newman, Samuel             428  Union Township         N550 
Pierson, Jonathan          428  Union Township         P625 
Heager, Michael            428  Union Township         H260
Russell, Isaac             429  Monroe Township        R240 
Chamberland, Abram         429  Monroe Township        C516 
Peirson, Henry             429  Monroe Township        P625 
Collins, William           429  Monroe Township        C452 
Shepherd, John             429  Monroe Township        S163 
Pearson, David             429  Monroe Township        P625 
Pearson, Eli               429  Monroe Township        P625 
Pearson, Samuel            429  Monroe Township        P625 
Pierson, Thomas            429  Monroe Township        P625 
Pierson, Enoch             429  Monroe Township        P625 
Mills, Austin C.           429  Monroe Township        M420 
Shryack, Daniel            429  Monroe Township        S620 
Fisher, Joseph             429  Monroe Township        F260 
Shuley, Adam               429  Monroe Township        S400 
Hurley, John               429  Monroe Township        H640 
Rushwell, James            429  Monroe Township        R240 
---------, William H.      429  Monroe Township        -000 
Collins, Jonathan          429  Monroe Township        C452 
Burger, Rebecca            429  Monroe Township        B626 
Jay, Thomas                429  Monroe Township        J000 
Pierson, Aaron             429  Monroe Township        P625 
Wilson, John               419  Monroe Township        W425 
Miller, John               419  Monroe Township        M460 
Kerr, James                419  Monroe Township        K600 
Miller, John K.            419  Monroe Township        M460 
Thompson, Stephen          419  Monroe Township        T512 
Shellenbarger, Isaac       419  Monroe Township        S451 
Clark, John                419  Monroe Township        C462 
Miller, Jesse              419  Monroe Township        M460
Max, Joseph P.             432  Hyattsville,Town of    M200 
Gump, Simon                432  Hyattsville,Town of    G510 
Julian, Able               432  Hyattsville,Town of    J450 
Wells, William P.          432  Hyattsville,Town of    W420 
Shade, Philip              432  Hyattsville,Town of    S300 
Hays, Samuel               432  Hyattsville,Town of    H200 
Ebert, Hiny                432  Hyattsville,Town of    E163 
Waggoner, John             432  Hyattsville,Town of    W256 
Saunders, Michael          432  Hyattsville,Town of    S536 
Hyatt, H.J.                432  Hyattsville,Town of    H300 
Julian, Tansey             432  Hyattsville,Town of    J450 
Williams, George           432  Hyattsville,Town of    W452 
Turner, John               432  Hyattsville,Town of    T656 
Gump, John                 432  Hyattsville,Town of    G510 
Barger, Christian          432  Hyattsville,Town of    B626 
Huffman, Zebuder           432  Hyattsville,Town of    H155 
Fox, Christian H.          432  Hyattsville,Town of    F200 
Duestr, Thomas             432  Hyattsville,Town of    D236 
Ashworth, George           432  Hyattsville,Town of    A263 
Mitchell, James            432  Hyattsville,Town of    M324 
Cypher, Joseph             432  Hyattsville,Town of    C160 
Baily, William             432  Hyattsville,Town of    B400 
Cutter, Thomas             432  Hyattsville,Town of    C360 
Cypher, Sarah              432  Hyattsville,Town of    C160 
Yager, George              432  Hyattsville,Town of    Y260 
Anderson, Joseph           432  Hyattsville,Town of    A536 
Hyatt, William             432  Hyattsville,Town of    H300 
Smith, Henry               432  Hyattsville,Town of    S530 
Klese, William             432  Hyattsville,Town of    K420 
Suylocke, Peter            432  Hyattsville,Town of    S420 
Johnson, William           432  Hyattsville,Town of    J525
Clark, Levi                433  Monroe Township        C462 
Lafferty, Daniel           433  Monroe Township        L163 
Cramer, Jacob              433  Monroe Township        C656 
Crise, Henry               433  Monroe Township        C620 
Jones, James               433  Monroe Township        J520 
Mause, David               433  Monroe Township        M200 
Peirson, James             433  Monroe Township        P625 
Layton, Joseph             433  Monroe Township        L350 
Theshman, Jacob            433  Monroe Township        T255 
Person, Benjamin           433  Monroe Township        P625 
Pierson, Samuel            433  Monroe Township        P625 
Beck, Jacob                433  Monroe Township        B200 
Karns, Abram               433  Monroe Township        K652 
Dye, John                  433  Monroe Township        D000 
Moore, Samuel              433  Monroe Township        M600 
Layton, Joseph             433  Monroe Township        L350 
Kesler, Reuben             433  Monroe Township        K246 
Banner, John               433  Monroe Township        B560 
Gruncode, George           433  Monroe Township        G652 
Spidell, Joseph            433  Monroe Township        S134 
Ritter, John               433  Monroe Township        R360 
Backett, Abram             433  Monroe Township        B230 
Sheely, Michael            433  Monroe Township        S400 
Blickenstaff, John         433  Monroe Township        B425 
Krits, Christian           433  Monroe Township        K632 
---------, Mathais         433  Monroe Township        -000 
---------, Samuel          433  Monroe Township        -000 
---------, John            433  Monroe Township        -000 
Pugh, Joseph               433  Monroe Township        P200 
Pearson, Isaac             433  Monroe Township        P625 
Pearson, Hiram             434  4onroe Township        P625 
Smith, James               434  Monroe Township        S530 
Pearson, Powell            434  Monroe Township        P625 
Criss, Andrew              434  Monroe Township        C620 
Miller, Jacob              434  Monroe Township        M460 
Jones, Jonathan            434  Monroe Township        J520 
Knife, Jonathan            434  Monroe Township        K510 
Cale, Catharine            434  Monroe Township        C400 
Neal, Henry                434  Monroe Township        N400 
Young, Joseph              434  Monroe Township        Y520 
Kesler, John B.            434  Monroe Township        K246 
Talana, Andrew             434  Monroe Township        T450 
Conklin, Evens             434  Monroe Township        C524 
Sinks, George              434  Monroe Township        S520 
Hoover, Alexander          434  Monroe Township        H160 
Sypes, Joseph              434  Monroe Township        S120 
Flate, David               434  Monroe Township        F430 
Spencer, Thomas            434  Monroe Township        S152 
Spencer, William           434  Monroe Township        S152 
Spencer, Elehew            434  Monroe Township        S152 
Fetters, Joseph            434  Monroe Township        F362 
Johnston, Samuel           434  Monroe Township        J523 
Dilingbaugh, Abram         434  Monroe Township        D452 
Layton, John               434  Monroe Township        L350 
Sherwood, Johnathan        434  Monroe Township        S630 
Blaney, James              434  Monroe Township        B450 
Conway, Samuel             434  Monroe Township        C500 
Neal, John L.              434  Monroe Township        N400 
Ambesose, Henry            434  Monroe Township        A512 
Julin, Jesse               434  Monroe Township        J450 
McCool, Charety            435  Monroe Township        M240 
Haney, Isaac               435  Monroe Township        H500 
Babman, Joseph             435  Monroe Township        B155 
Rodrick, John              435  Monroe Township        R362 
Hollingsworth, Eli         435  Monroe Township        H452 
Curtiss, Hiram             435  Monroe Township        C632 
Curtiss, Dayton            435  Monroe Township        C632 
Duncan, Amos               435  Monroe Township        D525 
Duncan, Samuel             435  Monroe Township        D525 
Duncan, John               435  Monroe Township        D525 
Pearson, Thomas            435  Monroe Township        P625 
Pearson, Noah              435  Monroe Township        P625 
Pearson, Joseph            435  Monroe Township        P625 
Johnston, Samuel           435  Monroe Township        J523 
Jay, John                  435  Monroe Township        J000 
Jay, Samuel                435  Monroe Township        J000 
Pearson, Benjamin          435  Monroe Township        P625 
Masey, Paul                435  Monroe Township        M200 
Masey, David S.            435  Monroe Township        M200 
Younce, Abram              435  Monroe Township        Y520 
Bear, Jackson              435  Monroe Township        B600 
Jenkins, Samuel            435  Monroe Township        J525 
Studebaker, John           435  Monroe Township        S331 
Collins, John              435  Monroe Township        C452 
---------, Jacob           435  Monroe Township        -000 
Gump, George               435  Monroe Township        G510 
Pearson, James             435  Monroe Township        P625 
Miller, John               435  Monroe Township        M460 
Wells, Silas               435  Monroe Township        W420 
Jenkins, Phinas            435  Monroe Township        J525 
Cremen, John               436  Monroe Township        C655 
Fain, Peter                436  Monroe Township        F500 
Collins, Martin R.         436  Monroe Township        C452 
---------, James M.        436  Monroe Township        -000 
Keller, Jacob              436  Monroe Township        K460 
Smith, Henry               436  Monroe Township        S530 
Shoaf, James B.            436  Monroe Township        S100 
Skinner, William           436  Monroe Township        S560 
Pearson, Robert            436  Monroe Township        P625 
Pearson, John              436  Monroe Township        P625 
Cambell, Andrew J.         436  Monroe Township        C514 
Brown, Joseph              436  Monroe Township        B650 
Brown, Isaac               436  Monroe Township        B650 
Ramsey, Ralph              436  Monroe Township        R520 
Skinner, Thomas            436  Monroe Township        S560 
Hilligass, Jonathan        436  Monroe Township        H422 
Jay, W.D.                  436  Monroe Township        J000 
Favorite, Abram            436  Monroe Township        F163 
Favorite, Jacob            436  Monroe Township        F163 
Campbell, Stewart          436  Monroe Township        C514 
Favorite, D.W.             436  Monroe Township        F163 
Haroff, David              436  Monroe Township        H610 
Jones, Frederic            436  Monroe Township        J520 
Rouser, Peter              436  Monroe Township        R260 
Oliver, James              436  Monroe Township        O416 
Blickenstaff, John         436  Monroe Township        B425 
Jenkins, David             436  Monroe Township        J525 
Coppock, James             436  Monroe Township        C120 
Jenkins, Isaac K.          436  Monroe Township        J525 
Fener, Daniel              436  Monroe Township        F560 
Benson, Thomas             436  Monroe Township        B525 
Pearson, Thomas            437  Monroe Township        P625 
Moore, William             437  Monroe Township        M600 
Rife, Alram    (sic)       437  Monroe Township        R100 
Krist, Loeyam  (sic)       437  Monroe Township        K623 
Sanders, Michael           437  Monroe Township        S536 
Toal, Robert               437  Monroe Township        T400 
Smith, Margaret            437  Monroe Township        S530 
Hill, Hosea H.             437  Monroe Township        H400 
McBride, Alexander         437  Monroe Township        M216 
Eppord, Henry              437  Monroe Township        E163 
France, Michael            437  Monroe Township        F652 
Bernett, Mary              437  Monroe Township        B653 
Asi-------, Joseph         437  Monroe Township        A200 
Powell, John               437  Monroe Township        P400 
Wells, Ellison             437  Monroe Township        W420 
Shelby, John               437  Monroe Township        S410 
Kinsfield, David           437  Monroe Township        K521 
Justice, William           437  Monroe Township        J232 
Roberts, Mary              437  Monroe Township        R163 
Loak, William              437  Monroe Township        L200 
Wells, Silas               437  Monroe Township        W420 
Cacks, Daniel              437  Monroe Township        C200 
Harraice, Jesse            437  Monroe Township        H620 
Nickam, Frederick          437  Monroe Township        N250 
Kinsay, Solomon            437  Monroe Township        K520 
Hasriff, Peter             437  Monroe Township        H261 
Studebaker, Adam           437  Monroe Township        S331 
Shellebarger, David        437  Monroe Township        S416 
Trite, George              437  Monroe Township        T630 
Watkins, E.                437  Monroe Township        W325 
Brown, Miles               437  Monroe Township        B650 
Neal, William              438  Monroe Township        N400 
Fenner, Augustes           438  Monroe Township        F560 
Sinks, George              438  Monroe Township        S520 
Masey, John                438  Monroe Township        M200 
Julian, Elizabeth          438  Monroe Township        J450 
Jay, Jobe                  438  Monroe Township        J000 
Stewart, Iskmel            438  Monroe Township        S363 
Coppock, Samuel            438  Monroe Township        C120 
Jester, William S.         438  Monroe Township        J236 
Million, Francis           438  Monroe Township        M450 
Sweet, Michael             438  Monroe Township        S300 
Shaffer, Frederick         438  Monroe Township        S160 
Shaffer, Henry             438  Monroe Township        S160 
Mc-------, William         438  Monroe Township        M200 
Lavy, William              438  Monroe Township        L100 
---------, Otas A.         438  Monroe Township        -000 
Champlin, Henry            438  Monroe Township        C514 
Allen, Nathan              438  Monroe Township        A450 
Fair, Michael              438  Monroe Township        F600 
Lavy, John                 438  Monroe Township        L100 
Skinner, Andrew            438  Monroe Township        S560 
Brown, Abram               438  Monroe Township        B650 
Wills, Silas               438  Monroe Township        W420 
Wells, Wesley              438  Monroe Township        W420 
Skinner, Stephen           438  Monroe Township        S560 
Wells, Samuel              438  Monroe Township        W420 
Wheetstone, Samuel         438  Monroe Township        W323 
Scadden, James C.          438  Monroe Township        S350 
Willcox, N.T.              438  Monroe Township        W422 
Spaulden, Warren           438  Monroe Township        S143 
Collins, James M.          439  Monroe Township        C452 
Rieff, Samuel              439  Monroe Township        R100 
Evans, Joseph              439  Monroe Township        E152 
Evans, Thomas              439  Monroe Township        E152 
Evans, Robert              439  Monroe Township        E152 
Ashman, John F.            449  Monroe Township        A255 
Snider, Henry              439  Monroe Township        S536 
Hastins, Rachel            439  Monroe Township        H235 
Pearson, Samuel Y.         439  Monroe Township        P625 
Shank, Jacob               439  Monroe Township        S520 
Foeulen, John              439  Monroe Township        F450 
Jinkins, Jesse             439  Monroe Township        J525
Ayers, B.                  440  Springcreek Twp        A620 
Covault, William           440  Springcreek Twp        C143 
Houser, Henry              440  Springcreek Twp        H260 
---------, Mary Ann        440  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Houser, John               440  Springcreek Twp        H260 
---------, Aaron           440  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Millhouse, John            440  Springcreek Twp        M420 
Maxwell, John              440  Springcreek Twp        M240 
Gilmore, John D.           440  Springcreek Twp        G456 
Miller, Elias              440  Springcreek Twp        M460 
Winans, Samuel             440  Springcreek Twp        W552 
Aryes, Orfy                440  Springcreek Twp        A620 
---------, John            440  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Williams, Sarah            440  Springcreek Twp        W452 
Williams, Johnathan        440  Springcreek Twp        W452 
Bigger, John               440  Springcreek Twp        B260 
Bigher, John Jr.           440  Springcreek Twp        B260 
Giffen, Mathew             440  Springcreek Twp        G150 
---------, John            440  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Tellforn, William          440  Springcreek Twp        T416 
Smith, Loans               440  Springcreek Twp        S530 
Lyon, John                 440  Springcreek Twp        L500 
Clark, Michael             440  Springcreek Twp        C462 
---------, Andrew          440  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Blue, Uriah                440  Springcreek Twp        B400 
Paten, John I.             440  Springcreek Twp        P350 
Pain, Moses                440  Springcreek Twp        P500 
Pain, Stephen              440  Springcreek Twp        P500 
Mattox, Thomas             440  Springcreek Twp        M320 
Winana, James              440  Springcreek Twp        W550 
French, Isaac              441  Springcreek Twp        F652 
Hitshell, John             441  Springcreek Twp        H324 
Rafull, George             441  Springcreek Twp        R140 
Rodingbaugh, Joseph        441  Springcreek Twp        R352 
Wolf, Elias                441  Springcreek Twp        W410 
Vail, Abian                441  Springcreek Twp        V400 
Robison, Thomas            441  Springcreek Twp        R125 
Robison, Margaret          441  Springcreek Twp        R125 
Whovton, Daniel            441  Springcreek Twp        W135 
Russell, Vinage            441  Springcreek Twp        R240 
Patterson, Samuel          441  Springcreek Twp        P362 
Mattox, Catharine          441  Springcreek Twp        M320 
Mattox, John               441  Springcreek Twp        M320 
Lindly, Daniel             441  Springcreek Twp        L534 
Westen, Happins            441  Springcreek Twp        W235 
Sowers, John               441  Springcreek Twp        S620 
Patterson, William         441  Springcreek Twp        P362 
---------, Joseph          441  Springcreek Twp        -000 
McEntosh, Margaret         441  Springcreek Twp        M253 
Nelson, William B.         441  Springcreek Twp        N425 
Reese, James               441  Springcreek Twp        R200 
---------, George          441  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Bausing, John              441  Springcreek Twp        B252 
Patterson, James           441  Springcreek Twp        P362 
Patterson, James Jr.       441  Springcreek Twp        P362 
Patterson, Robert          441  Springcreek Twp        P362 
Denman, Abram              441  Springcreek Twp        D550 
Krise, William             441  Springcreek Twp        K620 
Denman, Hannah             441  Springcreek Twp        D550 
---------, William         441  Springcreek Twp        -000 
McKinney, Isaac            442  Springcreek Twp        M250 
Snider, Henry              442  Springcreek Twp        S536 
Dixsa, John                442  Springcreek Twp        D200 
Millhouse, Joseph          442  Springcreek Twp        M420 
McKnight, Joseph           442  Springcreek Twp        M252 
Cron, John                 442  Springcreek Twp        C650 
Johnston, Isaac            442  Springcreek Twp        J523 
Deweese, Samuel            442  Springcreek Twp        D200 
Caren, John                442  Springcreek Twp        C650 
Denman, R.A.               442  Springcreek Twp        D550 
Dillbone, John             442  Springcreek Twp        D415 
Lindsay, Samuel D.         442  Springcreek Twp        L532 
Carren, Dania              442  Springcreek Twp        C650 
Winans, John               442  Springcreek Twp        W552 
Wibsten, H.B.              442  Springcreek Twp        W123 
Eldrige, Johnathan         442  Springcreek Twp        E436 
Waulkeep, Sarah            442  Springcreek Twp        W421 
Saymore, John              442  Springcreek Twp        S560 
Dilbone, William           442  Springcreek Twp        D415 
Heltsler, Peter            442  Springcreek Twp        H432 
Heltsler, John             442  Springcreek Twp        H432 
Faeres, Joseph             442  Springcreek Twp        F620 
Waukeep, Margaret          442  Springcreek Twp        W210 
Fence, Retter              442  Springcreek Twp        F520 
Wiles, David               442  Springcreek Twp        W420 
Wiles, James               442  Springcreek Twp        W420 
Randall, William           442  Springcreek Twp        R534 
Heath, John Sr.            442  Springcreek Twp        H300 
McKnight, John             442  Springcreek Twp        M252 
Snodgrass, William         442  Springcreek Twp        S532 
Line, Henry                443  Springcreek Twp        L500 
Sanders, Plench            443  Springcreek Twp        S536 
Clark, Abram               443  Springcreek Twp        C462 
Counts, David              443  Springcreek Twp        C532 
Espy, James                443  Springcreek Twp        E210 
Plunch, Joseph             443  Springcreek Twp        P452 
Knowles, Robert            443  Springcreek Twp        K542 
Fasten, Elijah             443  Springcreek Twp        F235 
Castle, John               443  Springcreek Twp        C234 
Christian, Daniel C.       443  Springcreek Twp        C623 
Austin, Alexander          443  Springcreek Twp        A235 
Lindsey, John              443  Springcreek Twp        L532 
Wood, Steven               443  Springcreek Twp        W300 
---------, Aaron           443  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Rodehammel, Henry          443  Springcreek Twp        R354 
Eveans, Luke               443  Springcreek Twp        E152 
Russell, Elias             443  Springcreek Twp        R240 
---------, Peter           443  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Lee, Elisha Z.             443  Springcreek Twp        L000 
Hilyeard, Charles          443  Springcreek Twp        H463 
Hilyeard, Jefferson        443  Springcreek Twp        H463 
Duffee, Daniel             443  Springcreek Twp        D100 
Mitchiell, David           443  Springcreek Twp        M324 
Bealey, Michael            443  Springcreek Twp        B400 
Widner, Samuel             443  Springcreek Twp        W356 
---------, Stephen         443  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Bowers, Mary               443  Springcreek Twp        B620 
Smith, William C.          443  Springcreek Twp        S530 
Maning, Silas              443  Springcreek Twp        M552 
---------, Peter           443  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Sawyer, Uriah              444  Springcreek Twp        S600 
Bard, William K.           444  Springcreek Twp        B630 
Martin, Benjamin           444  Springcreek Twp        M635 
Chron, Henry               444  Springcreek Twp        C650 
Pegg, Benjamin             444  Springcreek Twp        P200 
---------, Ebenezer        444  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Johnston, David            444  Springcreek Twp        J523 
Dooley, J.A.               444  Springcreek Twp        D400 
Vanpelett, Jacob           444  Springcreek Twp        V514 
Mazxwell, Samuel           444  Springcreek Twp        M240 
Day, Joseph                444  Springcreek Twp        D000 
---------, Joseph          444  Springcreek Twp        -000 
---------, Elias           444  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Blue, John                 444  Springcreek Twp        B400 
Dills, H.B.                444  Springcreek Twp        D420 
Lyans, M.C.                444  Springcreek Twp        L520 
Line, Joseph               444  Springcreek Twp        L500 
Royer, Lewis               444  Springcreek Twp        R600 
Young, David               444  Springcreek Twp        Y520 
Winans, Anthony            444  Springcreek Twp        W552 
Winans, Robert             444  Springcreek Twp        W552 
Creger, Daniel             444  Springcreek Twp        C626 
Peters, William            444  Springcreek Twp        P362 
Frost, William             444  Springcreek Twp        F623 
Frost, Ebemnesor           444  Springcreek Twp        F623 
Evans, Philip              444  Springcreek Twp        E152 
Miller, Abram              444  Springcreek Twp        M460 
Clark, Isaac S.            444  Springcreek Twp        C462 
---------, John            444  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Sayler, Charles            444  Springcreek Twp        S460 
Wiley, William             445  Springcreek Twp        W400 
Richards, Richard          445  Springcreek Twp        R263 
Steel, Thomas              445  Springcreek Twp        S340 
D--------, John            445  Springcreek Twp        D000 
McKinney, Thomas           445  Springcreek Twp        M250 
Kindall, Mason             445  Springcreek Twp        K534 
Ward, Jonas                445  Springcreek Twp        W630 
Lawhead, Lenord            445  Springcreek Twp        L300 
Bonfil, William            445  Springcreek Twp        B514 
McKinney, James            445  Springcreek Twp        M250 
Manning, Enos              445  Springcreek Twp        M552 
McKinney, --------         445  Springcreek Twp        M250 
Randolph, James            445  Springcreek Twp        R534 
Rodgers, Thomas            445  Springcreek Twp        R326 
Cruthers, James            445  Springcreek Twp        C636 
Penebaker, William         445  Springcreek Twp        P512 
Wilson, James              445  Springcreek Twp        W425 
Reese, John                445  Springcreek Twp        R200 
Reed, Francis              445  Springcreek Twp        R300 
McFarland, William W.      445  Springcreek Twp        M216 
McKee, David H.            445  Springcreek Twp        M200 
Millhouse, David           445  Springcreek Twp        M420 
Tablen, Jacob              445  Springcreek Twp        T145 
Hallis, Benania            445  Springcreek Twp        H420 
Gearheart, William         445  Springcreek Twp        G663 
Cambell, James             445  Springcreek Twp        C514 
Denman, Joseph             445  Springcreek Twp        D550 
Denman, --------           445  Springcreek Twp        D550 
---------, Ebenesor        445  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Karens, Joseph             445  Springcreek Twp        K652 
Wiley, John                446  Springcreek Twp        W400 
Wiley, William J.          446  Springcreek Twp        W400 
Wiley, Samuel              446  Springcreek Twp        W400 
Vance, William             446  Springcreek Twp        V520 
Jinkins, George            446  Springcreek Twp        J525 
Tompson, Wallis            446  Springcreek Twp        T512 
Bird, Riley                446  Springcreek Twp        B630 
Heath, John Jr.            446  Springcreek Twp        H300 
---------, Samuel          446  Springcreek Twp        -000 
Gray, ---------            446  Springcreek Twp        G600 
Moffett, Christian         446  Springcreek Twp        M130 
Heath, Jesse               446  Springcreek Twp        H300 
Plamefelh, John            446  Springcreek Twp        P451 
R--------, Michael         446  Springcreek Twp        R000 
Grayham, John              446  Springcreek Twp        G650 
Smith, Zlenian             446  Springcreek Twp        S530 
Smith, Silas               446  Springcreek Twp        S530 
Hilyeard, Joseph           446  Springcreek Twp        H463 
Byerly, David              446  Springcreek Twp        B640 
Peneleaken, Christian      446  Springcreek Twp        P542 
Ripple, Eli                446  Springcreek Twp        R140 
Batterson, Caleb           446  Springcreek Twp        B362 
Russell, Benjamin          446  Springcreek Twp        R240 
Abbatt, William            446  Springcreek Twp        A130 
Jackson, Henry             446  Springcreek Twp        J250 
Snider, Michael            446  Springcreek Twp        S536 
Miller, John B.            446  Springcreek Twp        M460 
Wiley, Samuel C.           446  Springcreek Twp        W400 
Moore, James               446  Springcreek Twp        M600 
Barnes, Joseph             446  Springcreek Twp        B652
West, Caleb                447  Huntersville, Town of  W230 
Keller, Richard            447  Huntersville, Town of  K460 
---------, Thomas          447  Huntersville, Town of  -000 
---------, William         447  Huntersville, Town of  -000 
Clark, Abram               447  Huntersville, Town of  C462 
Cron, Nichilas             447  Huntersville, Town of  C650 
Woods, William             447  Huntersville, Town of  W320 
Hetcheel, William          447  Huntersville, Town of  H324 
Cook, Henry                447  Huntersville, Town of  C200 
Randall, John D.           447  Huntersville, Town of  R534 
Jessep, Ebhwe H.           447  Huntersville, Town of  J210 
Elvey, George              447  Huntersville, Town of  E410 
Clark, Esekill             447  Huntersville, Town of  C462 
Caurtwright, John          447  Huntersville, Town of  C636 
West, Esekill              447  Huntersville, Town of  W230 
---------, James           447  Huntersville, Town of  -000 
Harris, William            447  Huntersville, Town of  H620 
McWilliams, Samuel         447  Huntersville, Town of  M245 
McWilliams, Nathan         447  Huntersville, Town of  M245 
Norris, Daniel             447  Huntersville, Town of  N620 
King, Michael              447  Huntersville, Town of  K520 
Deer, Thomas               447  Huntersville, Town of  D600 
Farelane, William          447  Huntersville, Town of  F645 
Hewes, James               447  Huntersville, Town of  H200 
Readman, David             447  Huntersville, Town of  R355 
West, Thomas               447  Huntersville, Town of  W230 

Lungram, Charles           448  Rossville, Town of     L526 
Harman, --------           448  Rossville, Town of     H655 
Bridge, Josiah             448  Rossville, Town of     B632 
Ross, Mary L.              448  Rossville, Town of     R200 
Blackburn, Joseph          448  Rossville, Town of     B421 
Fountdice, Ezikill         448  Rossville, Town of     F532 
McDowell, James            448  Rossville, Town of     M234 
Borgan, Charles            448  Rossville, Town of     B625 
Wiley, William H.          448  Rossville, Town of     W400 
---------, George          448  Rossville, Town of     -000 
Morehead, Peter            448  Rossville, Town of     M630 
---------, Garner          448  Rossville, Town of     -000 
Moss, Charles              448  Rossville, Town of     M200 
Westerman, Joshus          448  Rossville, Town of     W236 
Ensay, John                448  Rossville, Town of     E520
Furness, Cary              449  Newton Township        F652 
Pierson, Wilkinson         449  Newton Township        P625 
Knouff, Henry              449  Newton Township        K510 
Reese, George M.           449  Newton Township        R200 
Long, Johua                449  Newton Township        L520 
Freeman, Samuel            449  Newton Township        F655 
Perry, William Sr.         449  Newton Township        P600 
Harbaugh, Washington       449  Newton Township        H612 
Deeter, John S.            449  Newton Township        D360 
Matthews, Charity          449  Newton Township        M320 
Perry, William Jr.         449  Newton Township        P600 
Etter, Henry               449  Newton Township        E360 
Kinsey, Joel               449  Newton Township        K520 
Moler, Israel              449  Newton Township        M460 
Shaffer, Michael           449  Newton Township        S160 
Keiser, Joseph             449  Newton Township        K260 
Etter, Michael             449  Newton Township        E360 
Deeter, Daniel             449  Newton Township        D360 
Deeter, Abraham            449  Newton Township        D360 
Dibra, Samuel              449  Newton Township        D160 
Widner, Jacob              449  Newton Township        W356 
Tobias, Christian          449  Newton Township        T120 
McDowell, Luke             449  Newton Township        M234 
Yotter, Lewis              449  Newton Township        Y360 
Deeter, Samuel             449  Newton Township        D360 
Rench, Samuel              449  Newton Township        R520 
Rench, Jacob               449  Newton Township        R520 
Walter, Jacob              449  Newton Township        W436 
Basor, George              449  Newton Township        B260 
Mikesell, William          449  Newton Township        M224 
Dibra, Daniel              449  Newton Township        D160 
Wellbaum, David            450  Newton Township        W415 
Howard, John               450  Newton Township        H630 
Reiber, Henry              450  Newton Township        R160 
Conaway, Cornelus H.       450  Newton Township        C500 
Kesler, Joshua H.          450  Newton Township        K246 
Sleppy, Daniel             450  Newton Township        S410 
Arnold, George             450  Newton Township        A654 
Reiber, Jacob              450  Newton Township        R160 
Deeter, Daniel             450  Newton Township        D360 
Hocker, Emanuel            450  Newton Township        H260 
Jay, John                  450  Newton Township        J000 
Toles, Lot                 450  Newton Township        T420 
Henshaw, Richard           450  Newton Township        H520 
Dibra, Jacob               450  Newton Township        D160 
Coppock, Joseph Sr.        450  Newton Township        C120 
Coates, Henry              450  Newton Township        C320 
Williams, Michael          450  Newton Township        W452 
Hill, John S.              450  Newton Township        H400 
Jay, Elijah                450  Newton Township        J000 
Reed, John                 450  Newton Township        R300 
Overcast, John             450  Newton Township        O162 
Saylor, George             450  Newton Township        S460 
Williams, Henry            450  Newton Township        W452 
Warner, Margaret           450  Newton Township        W656 
Miles, D.                  450  Newton Township        M420 
Johnston, James            450  Newton Township        J523 
McCoy, Benjamin            450  Newton Township        M200 
Miles, James               450  Newton Township        M420 
Warfield, Rebecca          450  Newton Township        W614 
Minnich, Windle            450  Newton Township        M520 
Oler, Abraham              450  Newton Township        O460 
Burkett, Levi              451  Newton Township        B623 
Burkett, Joseph            451  Newton Township        B623 
Gottshall, John            451  Newton Township        G324 
Burkett, John              451  Newton Township        B623 
Marlin, Joseph             451  Newton Township        M645 
Rench, Joseph              451  Newton Township        R520 
Deeter, Abraham            451  Newton Township        D360 
Minnich, George            451  Newton Township        M520 
Saylor, George             451  Newton Township        S460 
Bolinger, Roudolph         451  Newton Township        B452 
Murray, John               451  Newton Township        M600 
Grow, Michael              451  Newton Township        G600 
Martin, Vincent            451  Newton Township        M635 
Meirs, Elizabeth           451  Newton Township        M620 
Lorin, James               451  Newton Township        L650 
Miles, Wade                451  Newton Township        M420 
Howard, Nathaniel          451  Newton Township        H630 
Pierson, Elisha            451  Newton Township        P625 
Deeter, David              451  Newton Township        D360 
Hittle, David              451  Newton Township        H340 
Deeter, Daniel             451  Newton Township        D360 
Deeter, John               451  Newton Township        D360 
Longenecker, Joseph        451  Newton Township        L525 
Dugan, John                451  Newton Township        D250 
Tyser, Cyrus               451  Newton Township        T260 
Barber, Aaron G.           451  Newton Township        B616 
Coppock, Isaac             451  Newton Township        C120 
Iddings, Benjamin          451  Newton Township        I352 
Iddings, Joseph            451  Newton Township        I352 
Green, Isaac               451  Newton Township        G650 
Green, Wilkerson           451  Newton Township        G650 
McCool, Lewis              452  Newton Township        M240 
Patty, David               452  Newton Township        P300 
Risdon, William            452  Newton Township        R235 
Yagan, Moses               452  Newton Township        Y250 
Furness, Joseph            452  Newton Township        F652 
Furness, Rachael           452  Newton Township        F652 
Furness, Robert            452  Newton Township        F652 
Coate, Johnathan C.        452  Newton Township        C300 
Wright, Gabriel            452  Newton Township        W623 
Wright, John               452  Newton Township        W623 
Shepherd, Benjamin         452  Newton Township        S163 
Witty, William             452  Newton Township        W300 
Christ, Daniel             452  Newton Township        C623 
Jay, William               452  Newton Township        J000 
Brand, Daniel              452  Newton Township        B653 
Furness, Martin            452  Newton Township        F652 
McCoy, Hct   (sic)         452  Newton Township        M200 
Relley, Moses              452  Newton Township        R400 
Vanhorn, John              452  Newton Township        V565 
Mills, Samuel              452  Newton Township        M420 
Pierson, Joseph            452  Newton Township        P625 
Turner, Jerimiah           452  Newton Township        T656 
Hale, John                 452  Newton Township        H400 
Rich, Samuel               452  Newton Township        R200 
Cow, Michael               452  Newton Township        C000 
Willhillman, John          452  Newton Township        W445 
Murray, John               452  Newton Township        M600 
Willamson, James           452  Newton Township        W452 
Thompson, Samuel           452  Newton Township        T512 
Wilson, Jonathan           452  Newton Township        W425 
Johnson, David             453  Newton Township        J525 
Furness, John              453  Newton Township        F652 
Coppock, Elizabeth         453  Newton Township        C120 
Coppock, Joseph C.         453  Newton Township        C120 
Cotharan, Hannah           453  Newton Township        C365 
Coats, Susan               453  Newton Township        C320 
Miller, George             453  Newton Township        M460 
Hill, Joseph               453  Newton Township        H400 
McCool, Elisha             453  Newton Township        M240 
Hayworth, David            453  Newton Township        H630 
Iddings, Davis             453  Newton Township        I352 
Hill, John                 453  Newton Township        H400 
Williams, Mary             453  Newton Township        W452 
Williams, John             453  Newton Township        W452 
Moon, John                 453  Newton Township        M500 
Williams, Isaac            453  Newton Township        W452 
Williams, John Jr.         453  Newton Township        W452 
Long, William              453  Newton Township        L520 
Shoe, Phillip              453  Newton Township        S000 
Williams, George           453  Newton Township        W452 
Deeter, Jacob              453  Newton Township        D360 
Ferguson, Elizabeth        453  Newton Township        F622 
Hill, Nathan               453  Newton Township        H400 
Deeter, Jacob              453  Newton Township        D360 
Long, Christian            453  Newton Township        L520 
Deeter, David              453  Newton Township        D360 
Mikesell, John             453  Newton Township        M224 
Miller, John               453  Newton Township        M460 
Iddings, Jacob             453  Newton Township        I352 
Lohman, Christopher        453  Newton Township        L550 
Deeter, Abraham            453  Newton Township        D360 
Longenecker, Henry         454  Newton Township        L525 
Longenecker, Benjamin      454  Newton Township        L525 
Saunders, David            454  Newton Township        S536 
Weddel, Isaac              454  Newton Township        W340 
Tysen, Austin A.           454  Newton Township        T250 
Hayworth, Thompson         454  Newton Township        H630 
Miles, William             454  Newton Township        M420 
Faulker, Abraham           454  Newton Township        F426 
Faulker, Samuel            454  Newton Township        F426 
Iddings, William           454  Newton Township        I352 
Jinks, Saban               454  Newton Township        J520 
Miles, William             454  Newton Township        M420 
McCool, Elisha             454  Newton Township        M240 
Thompson, Richard          454  Newton Township        T512 
Tucker, Nicholas           454  Newton Township        T260 
Marshal, Charity           454  Newton Township        M624 
Marshal, John              454  Newton Township        M624 
Elleman, Joseph            454  Newton Township        E455 
Anderson, Abigal           454  Newton Township        A536 
Scott, Robert              454  Newton Township        S300 
Conaway, L.N.              454  Newton Township        C500 
Cote, Samuel               454  Newton Township        C300 
Cote, Henry                454  Newton Township        C300 
Day, Huttin                454  Newton Township        D000 
Meirs, George F.           454  Newton Township        M620 
Coat, Mary                 454  Newton Township        C300 
Coat, Josiah               454  Newton Township        C300 
Miles, Samuel              454  Newton Township        M420 
Miles, David               454  Newton Township        M420 
Miles, John                454  Newton Township        M420 
Jay, Insco                 454  Newton Township        J000 
Hillderand, John           455  Newton Township        H436 
Niles, Jonathan            455  Newton Township        N420 
Lowry, Jacob               455  Newton Township        L600 
Iddings, John              455  Newton Township        I352 
Inman, George              455  Newton Township        I550 
Stickly, John              455  Newton Township        S324 
Coates, Abigah             455  Newton Township        C320 
Hoover, Eli                455  Newton Township        H160 
Brown, Robert              455  Newton Township        B650 
Coppock, George            455  Newton Township        C120 
Coppock, Isiah             455  Newton Township        C120 
Embry, Ann                 455  Newton Township        E516 
Penny, Thomas              455  Newton Township        P500 
Jones, Jesse               455  Newton Township        J520 
Jones, Alexander           455  Newton Township        J520 
North, William M.          455  Newton Township        N630 
Rodenmaugh, Samuel         455  Newton Township        R352 
Hall, Isaac C.             455  Newton Township        H400 
Brandon, Isaiah P.         455  Newton Township        B653 
Freshour, George           455  Newton Township        F626 
Favour, Mary               455  Newton Township        F160 
Bittleman, Jacob           455  Newton Township        B345 
Caldwell, James            455  Newton Township        C434 
Suegar, Benedict           455  Newton Township        S260 
Fiers, Frederick           455  Newton Township        F620 
Grow, William              455  Newton Township        G600 
Grow, Samuel               455  Newton Township        G600 
Hillman, Jacob             455  Newton Township        H455 
Lovell, Robert             455  Newton Township        L140 
Levil, Harrison            455  Newton Township        L140 
Levil, Robert              455  Newton Township        L140 
           ....end of 1840 census of Miami County Ohio....