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Wright Cemetery
Union Township, Miami County, Ohio

Located on what was the John Mattis farm 1 1/2 miles South of Laura on State Route 721. The site is more easily accessed from Wright Road than from the State Route 721.

These inscriptions were taken by Gale Honeyman.

HATFIELD, Mary M. died 10-18-1867 aged 37y.
          Henry  died 10-4-1863 aged 75y 4m 23d. 
          Catherine died 28 Nov 1879  90y 11m 28d
FISHER, Eliza A. d/o S.& G. Fisher, died 11-29-1873 aged 2y 6m 29d.
POE, Matilda d/o B. & Sarah, died 11-26-1873 aged 17y 6m 1d.
WRIGHT, Salomie d/o R.& M., died 2-8-1872 aged 12y 10m 6d.[given name spelled Salomi]
        Clara M.  d/o R.& M., died 4-25-1872 aged 4y 6m 4d.
        Joshua  s/o R.& M., died 5-9-1873 aged 3/8?y 7m 22d.
        Benson C. s/o R.& M., died 1-29-1870 aged 10m 20d.
        George  died 6-28-1880 aged 69y 9m 28d.
        Barbara   died 7-30-1900 aged 89y 1m 3d. s/s
        Jerome  s/o John & Susanna, died 7-19-1863 aged 2y 5m 17d.
        Infant  s/o John & Susanna, (died 6- rest efaced)
        Infant  d/o John & Susanna, died 4-18-1858 aged 1d.
        Alice  d/o John & Susanna, died 12-6-1872 aged 8m 29d.
        Sarah E.  d/o A.& S., died 10-19-1867 aged 8m 29d.
        Mary E.  d/o Alexander & Sarah, died 12-7-1863 aged 1y 4m 4d.
        Barbara A.  d/o Alexander & Sarah, died 1868 2y 9m stone broken, partial missing
        Barbara; d/o Robert, (rest of stone missing)
        Alexander; s/o J.& R., died 9-14-1866 aged 1y 4m 11d.
        Rachel; w/o Jacob, (partial stone found nearby which fits break 35y 1m 7d)
FESS,Frederick h/o Elisabeth born 7-23-1832  died 9-26-1865
        Floyd s/o H. & M. J. died 3-20-1875 aged 8d
        George s/o George B. died 5 April 1855  25y 10m 12d (first known burial in this cemetery)
        John s/o George B. died -- aged 6m
[P]OE, ..rtholomew died 9-15-187(3?) aged 41y 9m 14d broken and chipped
WRIGHT, Engeline d/o Alexander & Sarah  died 7-21-1860 aged 1y 9m 16d [Engeline is clearly engraved]
        Hettie d/o Jacob & Rachel died 10-3-1873 aged 15y 10m 12d
surname missing Cat [rest broken away] died 11-18-1879  aged 90y 11m 28d

     B. W.
     M. M. H.
     H. H. 
     S. W. 
     C. W. 
     J. W.
     B. C. W. 

Speculation from Gale E. S. Honeyman, Feb. 24, 2008:

I do not think it was a family cemetery. It was located on the farm of Robert Wright and very likely used by 
the Brethren in Christ who had a meeting house on the opposite side of the road at the south end of that farm.
The building is still there, now a residence.  Robert Wright was a minister in this denomination and the 
meeting house was built on Robert's brother George's farm. There was some intermarriage between the 
Hatfield-Wright families but the remainder of the surnames were not related to the Wrights.  George Ludwig
Fess and his wife Louisa Barbara Hussong were German emigrants arriving in Montgomery County in 1833 where 
George died.  Barbara remarried the widower John Root and brought the family to Union Township in 1838.  
There is a biography in the 1880 History of Miami County, Ohio for son Henry Fess which states he was a
member of the Brethren in Christ church.  I draw my conclusion from this knowledge.
Thanks to Sandi Evilsizer Koscak for help in getting this listing updated.
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