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    Wesley Chapel Graveyard

    Orange Township, Shelby County Ohio
    (included here because it is very near the Miami County Line)

    Old Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Orange Township, Shelby County, Ohio. Located southeast of Kirkwood and very near the Miami-Shelby Co Line. Many of the burials are Miami County people.

    WINANS, Robert died 10-21-1873 age 61y 129d.
    WINANS, Mary w/o Robert died 12-1-1868 age 54y 5m 19d.
    WINANS, Mary Jane d/o Robert & Mary died 3-6-1847 age 8m 1d.
    MOORE, William C. died 4-9-1882 age 71y 7m.
    MOORE, Hannah died 8-14-1889 age 71y 3m 25d.
    MOORE, Jacob  died 8-28-1856 age 78y 4m 25d.
    MOORE, Isabella w/o Jacob  died 9-20-1877 age 94y.
    MOORE, Isaac F. s/o Jacob & Isabella, died 12-5-1815 or 1846,age 25y.
    VORESS, George E. s/o Holmes & Elizabeth, died 7-22-___?
    ESTERBROOK, Clatus Theodore  s/o G.A. & M.E., died 1860 age 1y.
    ESTERBROOK, Elenor w/o W.J. died 10-28-1870 age 20y 6d.
    ESTERBROOK, William J.  died 1-31-1919 age 89y 23d.
    ESTERBROOK, Emma  d/o Wm.J. & Elenor D.  died 11-12-1862 age 1y 7m 27d.
    POLING, Archibald  born 8-12-1827 died 11-8-1899.
    COOPER, Edmond  died 1-6-1859 age 65y 2m 23d.
    COOPER, Mary w/o Edmond  died 4-30-1865 age 74y 2m 22d.
    COOPER, William Henry s/o Edmond & Mary died 6-9-1850 age 27d 3m 5d.
    COULTER, Berlinda w/o John A. died 10-9-1888 age 72y 4m 27d.
    COULTER, John died 4-19-1850 age 81y.
    CHESTNUT, John  died 4-19-1850 age 81y.
    MARTIN, James W.  died 5-30-1877 age 64y 2m.
    MOORE, John J.  died 12-13-1912  age 89y 1m 24d.
    MOORE, Maria w/o John J. died 7-29-1808 age 86y 9m 4d.
    MOORE, Ellen  w/o J.E.  died 5-2-1876   age 22y 2m 11d.
    LAYMAN, Rev. John M.  1826-1907.
    LAYMAN, Lydia  consort of John M. died 4-8-1849 age____?
    LAYMAN, George  died 8-21-1870  age 74y 10m.
    LAYMAN, Mary w/o George died 8-23-1868  age 73y 4m.
    LAYMAN, Sarah Jane d/o George & Mary, died 3-15-1857 age 37y 11m.
    LAYMAN, Martha Ann d/o George & Mary, died 3-15-1857 age 37y 11m.
    JOHNSTON, Elizabeth d/o T.J. & E.V. Statler, died 7-19-1854 age 1y 6m.
    BLUE, James L.  s/o C.G., died 8-30-1863 (stone was reset and the years were hidden on the age.)
    TULLIS, Eliza C.  died 2-7-1862  age 30y 4d.
    TULLIS, Addie  d/o N. & E. died 5-19-1860 age 2y 2m 29d.
    MCKEE, Samuel s/o John & Maria, died 10-10-1873 age 3m 25d.
    MCKEE, George H.  s/o Samuel & Barbara died 1873 age 2y 10m 19d.
    MCKEE, Samuel  died 10-20-1872 age 30y 2m 22d.
    MCKEE, James  1803-1849.
    MCKEE, Sarah w/o James  born 11-21-1806 died 2-13-1896.
    LYON, Mattis w/o J.D. died 3-2-1866 age 25y 4m 25d.
    MCKNIGHT, Sarah  died 9-14-1858 age 93y.
    MCKNIGHT, Robert  died 10-7-1880 age 77y.
    MILLHOUSE, Charles R.  born 2-7-1832 died 10-9-1895.
    MILLHOUSE, Sarah A. w/o Charles R., born 10-16-1834 died 8-19-1903.
    DOAC, Ester  died 2-13-1881  age 71y 9m 23d.
    DOAC, Samuel  died 5-4-1845 age 47y 2m 24d.
    MCKNIGHT, John  died 1-23-1882  age 90y.
    MCKNIGHT, Mary w/o John, died 12-1-1851 age 70y.
    DUNCAN, James  died 2-5-1853  age 47y.
    DUNCAN, Martha  died 11-30-1883 age 76y.
    DUNCAN, Alleva  born 5-18-1847 died 12-30-1862.
    DUNCAN, Florence d/o Thomas & Sarah died 12-11-1855 age 1y 5m 5d.
    MARTIN, Forest Hershel s/o George B. & Lydia, died 7-29-1865 age 1y 9m 12d.
    WINANS, Anthony  died 4-16-1843  age 71y 6m 28d.
    WINANS, Hannah F. died 2-17-1851  age 73y 5m 11d.
    HART, Rhoda Ann d/o John & Nancy died 10-15-1860 age 21y 2m 5d.
    HART, Robert
    HART, Isaac
    MILES, Ann  died 9-24-1869  age 78y 10m 21d.
    MILES, James  died 3-22-1857  age 65y 10m 18d.
    RUSSELL, William G.  s/o J.W. & Mary died 11-22-1860 age 1y 3m 29d.
    RUSSELL, Mary w/o J.W.  died 7-15-1867  age 33y 1m 4d.
    LINDSEY, William  s/o Wilson & Helena born & died 8-6-1878.
    LINDSEY, Frank s/o Wilson & Helena died 4-12-1866 age 1m 9d.
    LINDSEY, Clark s/o John & Bessie  1907-1909.
    LINDSEY, John C. Jr.  died 6-23-1869 age 35y 1d.
    LINDSEY, Eleanor  widow of Samuel born in SC 1771  died 12-23-1849 age 78y.
    LINDSEY, Mary J. w/o David Field, d/o J.C. & E. Lindsey died 5-2-18_ age 31y 7m.
    LINDSEY, David Field  died 9-13-1858 age 32y 5m 19d.
    PORTER, Cintha J.  w/o L.B. Bailey died 3-11-1819 age 25y 1d.
    GEORGE, E. Caroline born 11-16-1839 died 10-29-1821(as is)
    GEORGE, Henry F.  born Gettysburg, PA 1-5-1841  died 8-17-1871, Private Co. KY., enrolled 2-25-1864, dis. 7-26-1865.
    CAMPBELL, Eliza C.  1840-1912.
    CAMPBELL, Sarah Jane  w/o Joseph  died 12-1876 age 57y 6m 15d.
    CAMPBELL, Joseph  died 3-8-1892  age 82y 1m 18d.
    CAMPBELL, Mary E. d/o J.& S.J. born 9-11-1838 died 3-29-1857.
    GEARHARD, William Benjamin s/o James & Emaline died 7-19-1847 age 5m 23d.
    GEARHARD, William  died 3-28-1847  age 69y 8d.
    GEARHARD, Elizabeth  died 5-22-1753  age 67y 5m(as is).
    COFFING, Laura E. w/o William  died 11-30-1878 age 30y 1m.
    COFFING, Nellie M. d/o Wm.F.& H.F. 1896-1906.
    BERRY, Martha  born 8-6-1806  died 1-30-1896.
    YOUNG, Thomas  died 8-29-1854  age 89y.
    YOUNG, Mary w/o Thomas, died 9-26-1856  age 82y.
    YOUNG, Rebecca d/o T.& M.  died 9-184? age 64y 1m 13d.
    YOUNG, Charles E. s/o W.& M.J. died 1-28-1857 age 2m 17d.
    YOUNG, Isaac  born 3-17-1810  died 5-2-1896.
    YOUNG, Williameth w/o Isaac, born 7-15-1812  died 7-29-1894.
    BERRY, Alfred  died 5-14-1868  age 18y 2m 21d.
    BERRY, A.  died 7-13-1847  age 47y 4m 28d.
    BERRY, Nancy M.  d/o Wm.H. & Nancy, died 9-8-1852 age 1y 1m 1d.
    BERRY, Catherine G. w/o Josiah Terrell or Ferrell & d/o G.& N.B. died 12-14-1852(date of age buried in ground.)
    BERRY, Mary w/o Wm.H.  died 1-25-1853  age 22y.
    BERRY, Nancy D. w/o______(stone sunken in ground.)
    BERRY, George  died 7-27-1870  age 82y 10m 15d.
    BERRY, Infant s/o M.G. & ___?  died 2-20-1861
    LINDSEY, John C., Sr.  born in Lincoln Co., NC 10-19-1804, died 12-8-1849.
    SNODGRASS, Thomas  died 12-8-1869  age 74y 10m 29d.
    SNODGRASS, Lucinda  w/o Thomas, died 3-7-1885  age 79y 10m 13d.
    SNODGRASS, Infant  s/o Wm. & ______?
    BAILEY, Anna M.  d/o Wm. & Catherine died 8-28-1866 age 2m 9d.
    RASOR, Mary E. w/o James A.  died 5-1873 age 36y 9m 17d.
    LINDSEY, Leander G.  1839-1921.
    LINDSEY, Missouri  1839-1876 bur. in McKinley Cemetery.
    STEENROD, Cornelias  1834-19--
    STEENROD, Minerva  w/o Cornelias  1841-1910.
    DENMAN, George  Co.A. 110th Ohio Infantry.
    WEBSTER, Francisca A. Denman born 10-11-1848  died 9-11-1895.
    WEBSTER, Hiram C.  died 2-22-1870  age 79y 10m 17d.
    WEBSTER, Hipkins  died 2-22-1870  age 79y 10m 17d.(as is.)
    COX, Anna Isabelle d/o John & Lydia, died 1-28-1868 age 11y 10m 24d.
    MAXWELL, Mary w/o Peter, died 1-30-1854 age 25y 6m.
    MAXWELL, Joseph Legh s/o Peter & Mary, died 5-16-1859 age 5y 4m 9d.
    MAXWELL, Infant s/o Peter & Eliza, died 12-29-1856.
    MAXWELL, Hiram s/o Robert & Mary, died 3-29-1851 age 10d.
    MAXWELL, Joseph s/o Samuel & Eleanor, died 11-20-1849 age 9y 11m 20d.
    MAXWELL, Eleanor w/o Samuel, died 11-24-1859 age 61y 26d.
    MAXWELL, Thomas died 4-7-1877  age 47y 6m 10d.
    LYON, Belle M. d/o M.G.& G.A., died 3-18-1887 age 37y 10d.
    ROGERS, Margaret A. born 9-1832  died 2-12-1900.
    Two unnamed stones.
    LYON, Cynthia A. w/o M.G., born 11-2-1808  died 11-23-1895.
    LYON, Mathias C.  born 10-2-1808  died 7-2-1893.
    DENMAN, John G. died 11-28-1877  age 62y 3m 4d.
    DENMAN, Rebecca w/o John G., died 2-19-1883  age 65y 2m 11d.
    WILES, John    tombstone buried.
    WILES, Rebecca F. d/o John & Mary, died 8-12-1858  age 2y 20d.
    DENMAN, David s/o J.G.& R., died 10-16-1856  age 2y 6m 16d.
    DENMAN, Moses s/o M.& B.E., died 3-11-1850 age 1y 3m 20d.
    LINE, Harriet w/o Jesse C., died 8-17-1849  age 28y 11m 7d.
    SHERWOOD, Peter R.  died 2-23-1849  age 29y 1m 9d.
    MITCHELL, Rebecca E.  d/o W.B.& Mary A., died 9-6-1853 age 16y.
    EVANS, Rebecca M.   died 9-16-1846  age 11y.
    EVANS, Eleanor G. d/o L.& R., died 8-16-1848  age 12y 1m 11d.
    CRON, John  died 7-10-1883  age 81y 4m 26d.
    CRON, Matilda w/o John  died 9-29-1867  age 65y.
    CRON, Squire s/o John & Matilda, died 4-15-1860  age 21y 11d.
    CRON, Ann Elizabeth d/o John & Matilda, died 8-29-1858 age 17y 7m 21d.
    CRON, Elmira d/o J.& M., died 11-22-1854  age 21y.
    BRADING, Elizabeth A. d/o J.B.& M.A., died 2-10-1855 age 10y 4d.
    BRADING, infant  s/o J.B.& M.A.
    BRADING, infant s/o J.B.& M.A.
    BRADING, James  died 4-25-1845  age 60y.
    BRADING, G.W.  died 8-21-1853  age 23y.
    LANE, Mathew T.  died 6-7-1877   age 34y 10m 15d.
    FOLGER, Sue or Gue w/o T.R., born 11-27-1842 died 7-30-1883.
    PURCELL, Benjamin S.  died in Cincinnati 11-29-1860 age 47y 12d.
    LYON, Samuel  died 1-14-1860  age 79y 7m 8d.
    LYON, Margaret w/o Samuel, died 11-4-1863 age 78y 5m 18d.
    LYON, CarrieP. d/o James & Carolin, died 9-6-1868 age 2y 2m 8d.
    LYON, Bennie s/o T.R.& S.G. Folger, died 6-26-18__,   age 69y 1m 11d(as is).
    LYON, Anna M. d/o J.& Carolin, died 3-21-1853 age 3m 21d.
    BALES, Theodore & Nancy, born 1-28-1846 died 7-4-___? in memory of Jehiel s/o Jehiel & Sarah B. Day died 7-26-1819
            aged 1y(as is).
    LYON, Samuel B. s/o M.C.& C.A., died 7-1-1845 age 4y.
    LYON, William M. s/o M.C.& C.A., died 6-3-1849 age 3y.
    CRON, Annie w/o William L., died 6-15-1855 age 23y 10m 15d.
    ROBINSON, Infant s/o Alexander & Maryia.
    RODGER, Clarissa d/o B.& M., died 5-10-1856 age 5y 2m 2d.
    ROBINSON, Willie s/o Alexander & Maria, died 6-22-1859 age 6y.
    DAY, Margaret N. d/o J.& S.B., died 8-4-1856 age 19y 17d.
    DAY, David H. died 12-3-1859  age 19y 7m.
    DAY, Mary F. d/o Jehiel & S.B., died 12-22-1863  age 21y 3m 21d.
    DAY, Jehiel  died 1-2-1868  age 55y 4m 20d.
    LYON, Jamima R. w/o John  died 7-4-1869  age 62y 4m 1d.
    LYON, Mary Ann F. w/o James Hinkle, died 10-7-1851 age 24y 10m 22d.
    LYON,  John N.  died 3-26-1867  age 25y 4d.
    SMITH, William N.  1859-1859.
    SMITH, Henry M.  1858-1858.
    SMITH, Janetta M.  1849-1853.
    SMITH, Margaret H.  w/o F.R. died 1-31-1851  age 45y 11m 1d.
    SMITH, Lucinda M.  1823-1903.
    BOAK, Elizabeth  died 1-5-1842  age 72y.
    BOAK, Robert  died 9-14-1840  age 56y.
    BOAK, Patrick  died 12-10-1848  age 86y.
    SCOTT, Elen w/o John, died 5-24-1866  age 29y.
    HIGGENS, Mary  w/o Francis, died 9-29-1887 age 80y 7m 26d.
    HIGGENS, Francis  died 2-17-1876  age 67y 5m 22d.
    HIGGENS, J.E. d/o J.V.& S.E., died 8-7-1878  age 10m 26d.
    CROY, James  born 9-27-1812  died 4-18-1862.
    WINANS, Anthony  died 4-16-1843  age 71y 5m 28d.
    WINANS, Hannah  died 2-17-1851  age 73y 5m 11d.
    LANE, Mathew  died 6-7-1877  age 34y 10m 15d.
    TABLER, Julia Ann w/o Jacob, died 3-31-1869 age 74y 3m 28d.
    TABLER, Jacob  died 12-4-1867  age 77y 2m 24d.
    HIGGENS, James  died 9-3-1850  age 24y 1m 3d.
    HIGGENS, Ann w/o John V., died 9-23-1861  age 70y 4m 16d.
    HIGGENS, John V. Esq.  died 12-17-1839  age 47y 2m 15d.
    HIGGENS, William M. s/o A.P.& T., died 1-27-1849  age 7m 15d.
    HIGGENS, Robert s/o Thomas & M.J., died 9-9-1853 age 3m 22d.
    HIGGENS, Frederic H. s/o J.G.& E., born 6-7-1889 died 12-19-1890.
    FISH, Ralph J. s/o L.S.& Iva, died 2-3-1857  age 6y 7m 6d.
    FISH, Isabelle V. w/o L.S., died 6-11-1857  age 28y 8m 22d.
    FERREE, William H. s/o Peter & Carolin, died 3-5-1882 age 41y 2m 27d.
    FERREE, Sarah w/o Josiah, died 4-11-1874 age 76y 7m 26d.
    MILLER, Rachel M.  died 4-22-1839  age 1y 1m 1d.
    MILLER, Abraham s/o John R. & Sarah, died 9-19-1838 age 27y 8m 8d.
    MILLER, Sarah w/o John R., died 3-21-1811 age 15y 9m 1d.(as is.)
    MOTTER, Margaret E. d/o Henry & Lydia, died 8-22-1858 age 1y 10m 7d.
    MOTTER, George W. s/o J.& Elizabeth, died 12-1858  age 3y 1m 24d.
    WALKER, John  died 5-4-1840  age 42y.
    WALKER, Margaret d/o J.& M., died 4-3-1842  age 6y 10m.
    WALKER, Nancy M. d/o J.& M., died 3-10-1842  age 17y 2m 12d.
    STOKER, Elijah  died 1-11-1852  age 56y 7m 19d.
    VALENTINE, Nancy w/o D., died 9-1-1894  age 80y 1m 28d.
    VALENTINE, Lewis s/o D.& M., died 3-17-1875  age 28y 18d.
    VALENTINE, David  died 12-31-1857  age 56y 7m 19d.
    VALENTINE, Richard W.  died 4-12-1882 age 75y 3m 19d.
    VALENTINE, Anna Eliza
    VALENTINE, Cynthia  w/o W.B., died 5-5-1853 age 31y 26d.
    VALENTINE, Harriet d/o W.B., died 9-3-1849 age 1m 2d.
    VALENTINE, Infant s/o Richard & Anna Eliza, died 12-9-1847.
    VALENTINE, Infant s/o Richard & Anna Eliza, died 9-1848.
    VALENTINE, Joseph M. s/o Richard & Anna Eliza, died 5-29-1849 age 3y 7m 26d.
    VALENTINE, William A.  s/o W.B.& C., died 6-19-1853 age 3m 3d.
    VALENTINE, Lewis s/o W.B.& A., died 2-19-1863 age 5y 7m 4d.
    VALENTINE, Sarah Jane  d/o W.B.& Amanda, died 5-26-1877 age 21y 11m 28d.
    VALENTINE, John W.  died 5-16-1880 age 29y 9m 16d.
    VALENTINE, William  died 1-24-1883  age 89y 5m 29d.
    LUCAS, Sarah (V.)  1832-1877.
    LUCAS, William N.  1831-1901.
    LUCAS, Edward Granville s/o W.N.& S.,  1831-1901.
    LUCAS, James H. s/o R.W.& Anna Eliza, died 1-27-1853 age 2y 9m.
    LUCAS, Elizabeth  d/o R.W.& Anna Eliza, died 10-26-1850 age 20y 3m 4d.
    LUCAS, Joseph M.  s/o R.W.& Anna Eliza, died 5-29-1849 age 3y 7m 25d.
    LUCAS, Isabelle  d/o Daniel & Isabelle, died 3-10-1848 age 15y 9m 25d.
    LUCAS, Franklin  s/o D.& N., died 11-11-1840  age 1y 4m 4d.
    LUCAS, William C. s/o D.& N., died 7-21-1839  age 1y 7m 18d.
    LUCAS, Esther  d/o D.& Isabelle, died 10-19-1834  age 5y 9m 6d.
    LUCAS, Hamilton s/o R.& Anna Eliza, died 8-3-1834 age 6m 11d.
    LUCAS, Infant  s/o J.W.& Rebecca, died 8-24-183_?
    LUCAS, Daniel  died 2-21-1849  age 72y 1m.
    LUCAS, Rachel  w/o Daniel, died 8-23-1823  age 43y 1m 30d.
    LUCAS, Sarah  d/o Daniel & R., died 11-1-1834 age 19y 2m 25d.
    LUCAS, Jonathan M. s/o D.& R., died 10-20-1838 age 29y 8m 23d.
    LUCAS, Pamelia C.  w/o Philip Weight, d/o D.& R. Valentine, died (stone sunken, couldn't read).
    LUCAS, Samuel M.  s/o Samuel & Nancy D., died 4-17-1855 age 2y 1m.
    LUCAS, Delbert J.  s/o Samuel & Nancy, died 4-14-1865 age 3y 6m 17d.
    LUCAS, John R. s/o Samuel & Nancy, died 9-24-1861  age 1y 4m 14d.
    WISE, James  died 1-31-1861  age 28y 6m 7d.
    WISE, Mahaley  d/o Thomas & Sarah, born 12-9-1853 died 11-8-1857.
    WISE, Mariah  w/o Thomas, died 4-19-1850 age 46y 1m.
    WISE, Thomas  died 9-18-1867  age 68y 3m 15d.
    WISE, Delia  d/o T.& S.A., died 6-12-1876  age 18y 22d.
    WISE, Infant  d/o T.& M.,  died 6-18-1845.
    WISE, Harriet  d/o T.& M., died 10-29-1834 age____?
    WISE, Infant  s/o T.& M., died 9-29-1843  age 17d.
    WISE, William T. s/o Joseph & Sarah, died 9-6-1865 age 1y 3m.

    Below is the inscription on Monument of Lewis Boyer:

    Sacred to the memory of Lewis Boyer, who died September 19, 1813 aged 87 years. He was a soldier of the American Revolution and by the side of the Great Washington fought many a hard battle for his country's independence, served as a life guard to the Commander in Chief during the War and was honorably discharged December 10, 1783 by special certificate signed by General Washington. Here Boyer lies, who Britain's arms withstood. Not for his own but for his country's good. Through victors oft on famed Columbia field. To death at last the aged hero yields.

    WINANS, John  died 8-15-1833 age 51y 8d.
    HOLLIS, Rev. William  died 5-11-1849 age 65y 9m 11d.
    METZER, Isabella w/o William, died 6-13-1879  age 36y 2m 21d.
    METZER, William  died 10-15-1887  age 52y 7m 8d.
    METZER, Jacob E.  s/o W.& E.J., died 12-3-1885  age 20y 2m 25d.
    METZER, Quintella B.  d/o Wm.& Isabella, died 7-6-1878 age 3m 27d.
    METZER, Charles S.  s/o Wm.& Isabella, died 9-9-1867 age 2y 1d.
    STONE, Elizabeth  died 12-11-1863  age 72y 3m 15d.
    MONROE, Sarah C.G.  d/o H.H.& E., w/o Joseph Duffy, died 7-9-1869 age 37y 4m 21d.
    MONROE, Henson H.  died 6-12-1855  age 56y.
    MONROE, Eliza  w/o H.H., died 3-12-1883  age 78y 6m 9d.
    MONROE, John W.  s/o H.H.& E., died 12-24-1879  age 36y 7m 11d.
    JORDON, George W.  died 6-10-1864  age 39y 1m 27d.
    JORDON, Danuel  died 6-22-1862  age 72y.
    JORDON, Danuel  s/o D.& Catharine, died 3-26-1862 age 22y 5m(as is).
    JORDON, Neza  d/o D.& C., died 9-8-1858  age 21y 3m 6d.
    ANDERSON, Jermima w/o Samuel T., died 3-30-1865 age 30y 5m.
    ANDERSON, Harriet  w/o S.T., died 11-30-1876  age 46y 5m 7d.
    ANDERSON, Franklin  s/o Joseph & Abagail, died 8-7-1850 age 2m 2d.
    ANDERSON, Martha Abagail  d/o Wm.& E. Snodgrass, died 7-10-1855 age 1y 15d.  

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