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    West Branch Cemetery,
    Union Township, Miami Co.,  Ohio

    This cemetery is located in the north-east corner of the north-east quarter of Section 32, Township 7, Range 5. By road it is south from West Milton on State Route 48 to the Garland Road, east on Garland Road to its intersection with Mote Road. The cemetery is passed by Garland Road on the north and by Mote Road on the east. The cemetery has a brick wall surrounding it facing both roads. The wall has two plaques on it, one on each side of the gate:

    Plaque #1 reads: "West Branch Burial Ground"

    Plaque #2 reads: "Erected 1948 in memory of Samuel & Anna Jay Jones. This wall contains brick from the Friends meeting house which stood across the road in active service from 1804-1906."

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    A description of the West Branch Cemetery written in 1880

    The cemetery is well taken care of. There are numerous pieces of stone marking graves which apparently have never had any inscription on them. Many of the stones are hand-engraved. Inscriptions taken 1964, rechecked 1968 by Mrs. Don Short-Inscriptions begin with west side, working eastward.

    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    CAPRON, Lorenzo; s/o W.M.& D., died 1824  aged 2y 3m.
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    JONES, Anna S.; (nothing else engraved.)
           Anna Simpson; w/o W.B., died 1-12-1847 aged 35y 9m 5d.
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    MOTE, Oliver P.; died 8-9-1846 aged 12y  2m.
    KELLY, Mary Ann; w/o Seth, died 8-5-1852 aged 44y 9m.
    ALDRICH, Caroline M.; w/o Wm. A., died 9-18-1858 aged 28y 9m 20d.
    MOTE, Rhoda T.; died 6-5-1855 aged 16y 3m 28d.
          Hannah W.; died 4-14-1855  aged 21y 7m 6d.
    YORTY, Nancy M.; died 4-12-1854  aged 43y 5m 2d.
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    YOUNT, Frederick; died 3-5-1864 aged 85y 11m.
    KELLY, Seth; died 9-19-1852 aged 57y 11m 14d.
    MOTE, Mary; died 8-8-1838(?) aged 40y 21d.(Note: could be 1858,
            but looks more like 1838.)
    WAGONER, John; died 6-3-1857  aged 82y 4m 11d.
    WAGINER, Mary; w/o John, died 11-27-1850 aged 78y 8m 7d.
    ELLER, Rachel C.; w/o D.S., died 3-9-1850 aged 21y 11m 7d.
    MOTE, Daniel; died 3-20-1839 aged 31y 3m 12d.
    (Note: two crumbled stones, may never have had any inscriptions.)
    JONES, Anna;____of(?)TR____._____th 1817.(Note: hand engraved,
          this is all that can be made out, even with the use of flour.)
    JONES, Elisha; 1840.(Note: this is all that has ever been engraved-
            stone is hand engraved.)
    (Note: three crumbled stones, then a black slate stone, may never
            have had an inscription.)
    MOTE, Synthia An; died 7-24-1840  aged 7y 9m.
    (Note: two crumbled stones, may never have had inscriptions.)
    WEDDLE, Rebecca A.; died 8-16-1908 aged 70y 9d.
            Hiram; died 6-6-1886 aged 54y 6m 17d.(GAR Flag.)
            Jacob; died 6-5-1857 aged 59y 8m 16d.(same stone as Susanna.) 
            Susanna; w/o J., died 1-8-1874 aged 75y 11m 28d.
    CHILDERS, Amanda C.; w/o Daniel, died 3-20-1866 aged 30y 2m 12d.
              Daniel; Co. D, 94th Ohio Inf. (GAR)
    PEARSON, Sarah; w/o William, died 6-14-1877 aged 73y 7m 15d.
             Rhoda; died 11-26-1894 aged 81y 10m 4d.
             Susannah; born 12-29-1807 died 8-7-1889 aged 81y 7m 9d.
    JONES, Asa; died 5-5-1857 aged 58y 4m 9d.
    HOOVER, Oliver R.; died 10-1-1824.(no age has ever been inscribed.)
    (Note: two crumbled stones, may never have had inscriptions.)
    (Note: hand engraved stone)A.M. aged 2y  died 1833.
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    (Note: hand engraved stone.) W. aged 21y 3m 20 died 8d 2m 1816.
    MAST, J.; died 9-2-1832  aged 78y.(Revolutionary War Emblem-
                    Note: stone is hand-engraved.)
    (Note: 1 slate field stone which tree has grown over- also a
            gray slate stone with nothing on it, may never have
            been inscribed.)
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have been inscribed.)
    ABBOTT, S.; died 6-22-1819.(Note: hand-engraved, no age ever
    YOUNT, E.; 1826 (Note: hand-engraved, nothing else has ever
                    been inscribed.)
    HOOVER, Mary;______ (Note: this is hand-engraved and there is
                    more there, but cannot read even with flour.)
    FOUTS, Henry; died 12-26-1822 aged 17y 1m.(Note: can find no
                    visible mark that would make this 47y.)
           Susanna; w/o Henry, died 7-11-1830 aged 55y 7m 11d.
    (Note: hand engraved stone, this is all that has been inscribed)
            W.M.- 1816.
    CREW, Dr. Benjamin; born 11-16-1799  died 10-4-1833.
    PEARSON, William; infant s/o W.S.& M.(Note: effaced.)
             Laura E.; d/o W.S.& M., died 4-9-1863 aged 8y 6m 1d.
             Robert; born 4-22-1815  died 9-8-1850 aged 35y 4m 16d.
             Mary S.; died 10-30-1858 aged 19y 6m 15d.
             William S.; died 5-12-1871  aged 37y 8m 5d.
             Mary J.; born 8-14-1816  died 9-3-1853 aged 37y 13d.
    KENDALL, Joseph W.; s/o J.& M.J., died 9-3-1873 aged 6y 1m 16d.
             Willie E.; s/o J.& M.J., died 9-3-1873  aged 10m 15d.
             Orren; s/o J.& M.J., died 8-27-1873 aged 15y 11m 15d.
    TURNPAUGH, Hannah; w/o Simon, died 8-14-1862 aged 80y 9m 2d.
               Simon; died 5-27-1851  aged 88y 25d.
    HOOVER, Abram; died 2-3-1846  aged 52y 9m.
    BOLINGER, Ruth; w/o David, died 5-20-1864 aged 57y 5m 2d.
    KENDALL, Liet. J.M.; died 4-6-1864_____(Note: broken- GAR.)
             Flora; d/o J.& M.J., died 8-23-1873 aged 4y 11m.
             J.T.; s/o J.& E., died 3-9-1863 aged 23y 2m 21d.
    MENDENHALL, Rachel; w/o Joseph, died 2-13-1860  aged 88y.
                Joseph; died 9-27-1850  aged 78y 5m 9d.
    McDONALD, Lydia; w/o Mark, died 11-2-1848  aged 46y 1m 21d.
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    (Note: hand engraved stone.) D.W.-1836.
    (Note: two crumbled stones, may never have had any inscriptions.)
    RILEY, Ann; died 2-6-1832.(Note: no age ever inscribed.)
    FIMNEY, Rhoda; died 1-13-18(2?)___(Note:hand engraved, is partly
    COPPOCK, William; s/o Elijah & Mary D., died 6-14-1861
                    aged 21y 6m 1d.
    HOOVER, Elizabeth; died 9-11-1835 aged 1y 7m 24d.
            Caroline; died 4-9-1839 aged 10m 4d.
            Sarah; died 1-16-1844  aged 30y 5m 4d.
    JONES, Sarah; w/o J., died 11-18-1844 aged 59y.
           John; died 10-25-1834 aged 54y 9m 6d.
    YOUNCE, Mary A.; died 10-22-1847 aged 24y 2m 6d.
    YOUNT, Sarah Ann; w/o Elam, died 1-27-1843 aged 25y 5m 29d.
                    (Note: broken.)
    KELLY, H.; 1835(Note: hand engraved-nothing else ever inscribed.)
    JONES, John; s/o S.& A., died 8-13-1854 aged 6y 9m.(Note: stone
                    is broken off at base and along brick wall.)
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    WEAVER, Emila; born 9-4-1844  died 7-31-1865.
            Hannah L.; born 6-17-1848  died 12-25-1854.
            Robert; died 8-27-1852 aged 20y 9m 2d.
    (Note: hand engraved stone.)  E.H.
    HOOVER, Frederick(Note: nothing else ever inscribed.)
    (Note: crumbled stone, may never have had an inscription.)
    ALBAUGH, Elizabeth; w/o Z., died 7-5-1849(Note: hand engraved
                    and badly effaced.)
    (Note: broken stone- unreadable.)
    THOMAS, Sarah Jane; w/o Milo, born 4-16-1834 died 4-3-1858
                    d/o Jonathan & Sarah Tucker.
    JAY, L.; (Note: hand inscribed, no other inscription.)
    BROWN, Mary; w/o Samuel, died 5-30-1865 aged 88y 10m 24d.
    (Note: base- rest of stone completely gone.)
    HASKET, Rebecca; w/o I., died 3-25-1866 aged 85y 9m 7d.
            Rebecca; d/o I.& R., died 2-28-1842 aged 21y 3m 4d.
            Robert; s/o I.& R., died 10-2-1838 aged 26y 7m 20d.
    MILLER, Sarah; died 5-1840  aged 21y.
    (Note: stone- hand engraved.) S.M. died 1-31-1841.
    COMMONS, Mary Elizabeth; d/o David B.& Sarah, born 10-17-1848
                    died 8-24-1849.
             Sarah; w/o David P., born 4-16-1828 died 6-18-1850.
    PEARSON, Benjamin R.; died 12-10-1892  aged 87y 4m.(same stone
                    as Mary.)
             Mary A.; w/o B.P., (Note: dates and age unengraved.)
    McDONALD, Kezia; died 2-19-1883  aged 65y 1m 7d.
    DUNCAN, Mary; w/o Jesse, died 7-7-1881 aged 46y 11m 12d.
    HOOVER, Harvey Alonzo; s/o J.& K., died 4-6-1876 aged 27y 4d.
            Joseph; died 9-7-1849 aged 41y 6m 12d.
    HART, Mary; w/o Manning F., died 8-25-1849 aged 26y 16d.
          Elizabeth E.; d/o M.F.& Mary, died 8-21-1849 aged 5m 16d.
    HOOVER, Laurence; died 9-17-1853 aged 10m 23d.
            Grace; w/o Joseph, born 7-20-1818 died 7-24-1843
                            aged 25y 4d.
    JAY, John; s/o W.D.& M., died 2-6-1840  aged 27y 6m 8d.
         Rebecca; w/o John, died 9-11-1837 aged 22y 11m 24d.
         Mahalah; w/o John, d/o Noah & Michel Hoover, died 3-7-1841
                    aged 24y 4m 4d.
    MANN, Samuel; died 10-16-1842  aged 76y.
          Amey; w/o Samuel, died 4-17-1839  aged 69y.
    HOOVER, Henry; s/o J.& E., died 9-19-1853  aged 8y 1m 3d.
            Mary; born 8-20-1799 died 11-17-1844.
            Mary-  1853.(Note: no other inscription.)
            Eunice-  1853.(Note: no other inscription.)
    MILLER, Sarah; w/o Jacob, died 3-20-1853 aged 28y 4m 12d.
    HOOVER, John B.; died 11-11-1864  aged 26y 8(or 3?)m 29d.
    KINSEY, Noah B.; died 2-20-1865 aged 25y 11m 5d.
    HOOVER, George; died 6-1-1863 aged 29y 1m 11d.
    (Note: hand engraved stone, no other inscription.)M.E.- 1819.
    HOOVER, John; died 5-7-1867  aged 63y.
    MOTE, Daniel; s/o Z.& D., died 6-26-1848 aged 1y 6m 19d.
    PEMBERTON, Mary M.; w/o Enos, died 5-2-1872 aged 32y.
    (Note: the following Hoover inscriptions are all on a metal
            plaque which is set in cement.)
    HOOVER, John; 1760-1831
            Sarah Burket; 1767-1843."Reads Great-great-grandparents
                    of the honorable Herbert C. Hoover- Placed by the
                    Fort Greenville daughters of the American
                    Revolution- 1957."
    COMPTON, Mary; d/o Henry & Rachel, died 2-16-1860 aged 11y 11m 21d.
    DAVIS, Riley; born 5-16-1809 died 1-11-1885 aged 75y 7m 25d.
           Phebe M.; died 11-11-1866 aged 13y 10m 7d.
           Joseph; died 8-15-1866 aged 20y 2m 11d.
    (Note: two crumbled stones, may never have been inscribed.)
    YOUNT, Elizabeth J.; w/o Andrew, died 4-2-1853 aged 17y 5m 15d.
    McDONALD, Joseph; died 2-11-1849.
    (Note: crumbled stone- can not decipher.)
    McDONALD, Enos;  1824-1853.
    KRISE, Ahijah; s/o Abel & Sarah, died 5-25-1855 aged 17y 22d.
    HOOVER, Michal; w/o Noah, died 6-15-1863 aged 64y 4m 7d.
            Noah; died 8-8-1866 aged 71y 1m 15d.
            "Our Willege" Willis A.; s/o J.& C., died 3-24-1864
                    aged 4y 10m 3d.
            "Our Clyde" John Clyde; s/o J.& C., died 8-20-1875
                    aged 4m 17d.
            Little Maud; d/o J.& C., died 9-12-1877 aged 9m 11d.
    ___LLER, _____ _____ -___nuar_ _4, 1864 aged _3y 9m 2d.
                    (Note: stone is badly effaced.)
    (Note: completely effaced stone.)
    YOUNT, James; s/o Elam & Mary J., died 2-9-1837 aged 2y 23d.
           Infant; s/o Elam & Mary J., died 1-11-1853
    HOOVER, Ferdinan; s/o A.& B., died 6-27-1849 aged 3m 21d.
    COMPTON, Rachel E.; d/o P.& D.A., died 12-7-1855 aged 5m 5d.
    HOOVER, Olive E.; d/o S.& M.S., died 10-17-1855 aged 1y 1m 23d.
    THAYER, Anna; died 7-10-1839 aged 10y 10m 2d.
            Enos; died 7-7-1839 aged 15y 6m 3d.
            Jane; died 6-28-1839 aged 3y 2m 10d.
    MACY?, Jonathan; s/o J.& ___ (Note: effaced.)
    COMPTON, Samuel; s/o Henry & Rachel, died ___(Note: effaced.)
    MAST, Mary; w/o Absalom, died 8-23-1846 aged 47y 5m 18d.
          Absalom; 1796-1877
          Mary; 1797-1846
          David; 1829-1850 (same stone.)
    MACY, Thomas W.; s/o A.& M.H., died 9-25-1855 aged 5y 3m 18d.
          William; s/o A.& M.M., died 3-18-1840 aged 3m 17d.
    BAILEY, Corwin; s/o A.A.& A.E., died __-19-1862 aged 1m.
                    (Note: badly effaced.)
    THAYER, Mary; died 8-11-1839 aged 8y 10m 2d.
    MOTE, Margaret; d/o E.& S.J., died 5-9-1857 aged 2y.
    JONES, Sarah; died 1848(Note: no other inscripton.)
           Miriam; died 1848(Note: no other inscription.)
    JAY, John; s/o T.& S., (Note: no other inscription.)
    YOUNT, Alvin; s/o David & Sarah, died 1-15-1853 aged 3y 10d.
    SPONSELLER, Mary Elizabeth; d/o John & Rebecca, died 2-5-1851
                    aged 1y 10m 15d.
    JAY, Henry W.; s/o T.& S.(Note: no other inscription.)
    NILES, Fanny; w/o Ephraim, died 9-1-1863 aged 62y 11m 2d.
           Ephraim; 1797-1839 aged 42y 6m 22d.(same stone as Fanny)
    STAUFFER, Anna E.; d/o J.& E., died 8-22-1875 aged 10m 13d.
    YOUNT, Jesse; s/o Enos & Esther, died 7-16-1860 aged 3y 7m 22d.
           Henry; died 7-19-1863 aged 69y 10m 15d.
           Elizabeth; died 9-12-1871 aged 78y 8d.
    HARLEY, Isaiah; died 2-11-1887 aged 70y.
            Rebecca; died 1-18-1902  aged 80y.
    MOTE, David; Ohio Pvt., Co. D., 147 Regt. Ohio Inf., Civil War,
                    10-10-1844    4-27-1922.
          Miriam; w/o David, died 10-25-1873 aged 81y 4m 15d.
          David; died 9-23-1862 aged 69y 9m 15d.
          John J.; s/o Z.& D., died 8-26-1859 aged 23y 4m 5d.
    (Note: crumbled stone- no inscription readable.)
    MOTE, Enos; died 8-14-1856 aged 28y 9m 28d.
          Martha Ann; died 4-17-1856 aged 30y 10m 18d.
          John; born 12-31-1797 died 10-28-1859 aged 61y 9m 28d.
          Lydia; w/o John, died 9-3-1854 aged 49y 11m 18d.
    JONES, Susan E.; 1865-1870.
    THAYER, Elizabeth; w/o D.W., died 2-6-1873 aged 72y 10m 17d.
            David W.; died 10-4-__? aged 60y 8m 25d.(Note: no year
                    of death.)
    JONES, Peter; Co. F, 55 Mass. Inf. (GAR)
           John; died 6-19-1859 aged 15y 5m 8d.
    NEUMAN, Mary; died 5-18-1806(Note: this stone is broken off and
                    laying against fence, date is very plain, but
                    would appear to be a newer type stone than
                    would have been used in 1806.)
    McDONALD, Elizabeth; w/o John, died 6-10-1872 aged 76y 10m.
    VORE, David; s/o Henry & Isabell, died 12-28-1866 aged 15y 4m 7d.
    (Note: small stone used as head stone with initials.) D.M.
    JAY, Walter D.; died 9-9-1865 aged 78y 11m 24d.
         Mary; died 8-6-1868 aged 80y 7m 29d.
    HASKETT, John; died 9-12-1880 aged 66y 7d.
             Mary; w/o John, died 12-12-1900 aged 79y 3m 3d.
    McGIFFIN, Rebecca; w/o Dr. McGiffin, died 7-31-1889 aged 47y 9m 4d.
    FINNEY, Hannah; w/o R., died 1-3-1869 aged 83y 6m 15d.
            Robert; died 7-10-1866 aged 82y 7m 2d.
    MOTE, T. Clarkson; s/o Z.& D., died 6-24-1872 aged 30y
          Hannah L.; w/o Linus, died 3-31-1881 aged 60y 1m 5d.
          Linus; died 9-12-1887  aged 68y.
    HASKETT, Louvenia; 1815-1912.
             Thomas; 1819-1897.
             Charles L.; s/o T.& L., died 5-9-1864 aged 23y 13d.
             Thomas E.; s/o T.& L., died 3-16-1867 aged 18y 2m 2d.
             William L.; s/o T.& L., died 6-8-1867 aged 12y 2d.
             Lydia Alice; d/o T.& L., died 12-3-1870 aged 11y 8m 11d.
             Alvin; died 5-25-1890 aged 42y 11m 23d.
    APPLEGATE, Hannah; w/o John, died 3-10-1884 aged 78y 4m 22d.
                    (Note;same stone as John.)
               John; died 12-17-1871 aged 67y 5m 12d. (GAR)
               Frances E.; died 12-3-1906 aged 65y 4m 15d.
               Charles R.; 1838-1929
               Lucinda C.; w/o Charles R., 1840-1909.(same stone.)
               Clark A.; 1876-1955.
    (Note: stone used as head stone) A.K.     D.V.
    (Note: stone used as head stone, nothing inscribed.)
    (Note: stone with initials) W.C.
    WRIGHT, Warren;  1859-1926.
            Orilla E.; w/o Warren, died 7-2-1884 aged 31y 10m 11d.
    (Note: stone with initials.)  A.G.
    GREGG, Smith; died 1-24-1890 aged 69y.
           Wilbur S.; died 7-10-1881 aged 22y 5m 19d.
           Charles H.; born 1-18-1866 died 7-18-1884 aged 18y 5m 26d.
           Margaret; w/o Smith, died 4-2-1879 aged 44y 23d.
           Anna E.; born 3-6-1853 died 3-19-1869
           Birdia; died 2-25-1877 aged 15y 5m 17d.
    BRIDENBAUGH, Christina; w/o Paul, died 7-1-1877 aged 34y 4m 9d.
    COMPTON, Alice H.; d/o Isaac & R.J., died 11-8-1878 aged 3y 6m 1d.
    MENDENHALL, Joseph Jr.; died 1-22-1880 aged 66y 11m 8d.
    COMPTON, Rachel; w/o Henry, born 12-6-1810 died 1-23-1884
                    aged 73y 1m 17d.
             Henry; born 9-2-1806 died 4-10-1886 aged 79y 7m 8d.
    COATE, Martha C.; w/o Jonathan C., died 3-24-1887 aged 58y 3m 2d.
    (Note: stone with initials)  M.J.
    JAY, Thomas; died 4-14-1890 aged 76y 4m 22d.(same stone as Anna,
                    Sarah, Rhoda, & Mary.)
         Sarah; w/o T., died 2-14-1901 aged 81y 2m 29d.
         Anna M.; d/o T.& S., died 10-23-1871 aged 17y 6m 22d.
         Rhoda B.; d/o T.& S., 1856-1946.
         Mary M.; d/o T.& S., died 9-24-1891 aged 40y 16d.
    WEAVER, Mahala; w/o Harrison, 10-25-1830  5-3-1902.
            James; died 1-17-1880 aged 76y 7m 21d.
            Elizabeth; w/o James, died 10-31-1880 aged 70y 3m 19d.
    APPLEGATE, Myra; _____d/o R.C.&____died 10-30-1870 aged 2m __d.
                    (Note: stone badly effaced.)
    HOOVER, Alfred; died 5-8-1869 aged 59y 8m 29d. (GAR)
    SOWRY, William; born in Leeds Yorkshire England 1823, served
                    during Rebellion in 110 Regt. O.V.I.
                    died 4-5-1881. (GAR)
    MOTE, L. Smith; died  11-27-1898 aged 86y 3m 6d.(same stone as
          Charity Jones; w/o L.S., died 6-22-1894 aged 81y 9d.
    WARWICK, Infant; s/o A.G.& M.M., born & died 7-30-1869.
    MOTE, Georgianna; w/o M.B., died 6-30-1881 aged 28y 1m 3d.
                    (Note: same stone as M.B.)
          M.B.; died 8-29-1891 aged 41y 5m.
    MACY, Alice; d/o G.& M.L., died 2-1-1877 aged 2m 16d.
    MOTE, Elmira; w/o David, died 4-26-1880 aged 32y 7m 6d.
    MACY, Aaron; died 11-3-1880 aged 71y 8m 17d.
    GEBHART, Annie; d/o D.& R., died 5-3-1882 aged 10y 6m 3d.
    (Note: marker with nothing on.)
    GEBHART, Rachel; w/o D., died 10-24-1882 aged 41y 9m 24d.
    HOLLER, Elie F.; died 10-27-1880 aged 22y 11m 27d.
            Infant; s/o E.F.& C., died 3-12-1891.
    ANDERSON, Leroy; s/o Charles & Mary, died 8-28-1886 aged 11m 3d.
              Clyde; s/o Charles & Mary, died 4-4-1884 aged 1d.
                    (same stone as Leroy.)
    BOWERS, John S.; s/o H.D.& M.E., died 8-29-1883 aged 1m 4d.
    KENDALL, Eunice; died 12-23-1890 aged 82y 20d.
             Cyrus; died 2-26-1884 aged 34y 2m 15d.
    COMPTON, William; died 10-1-1893 aged 60y 11m 21d.
    FETTERS, George;"Father"
             Clara;"Sister" (Note: all the same stone, no dates.)
             Clara; d/o G.& F., died 9-22-1894 aged 5m 9d.
    BERRY, Thomas L.; died 4-5-1929 aged 76y 4m 9d.
           Rachel J.; died 12-23-1936 aged 79y 1m 3d.
           Sarah J.; d/o T.L.& R., died 3-19-1889 aged 5y 2m 7d.
           Thomas M.; s/o T.L.& R., died 7-4-1885 aged 1m 12d.
           Frank Y.; s/o T.L.& R., died 3-14-1899 aged 2y 7m 11d.
           Charles O.; s/o T.L.& R., died 3-19-1889
           (Note: above Berry stone inscriptions all on same stone.)
    ERVEN, William; 1812-1892.
           Margaret; 1818-___?(Note: unengraved.)
    WARD, W.E.; 1860-1936. (Spanish War Emblem.)
          Amos; born 6-2-1831 died 2-1-1920 aged 88y 7m 29d.(GAR)
          Elizabeth; w/o Amos, died 10-4-1901 aged 53y 2m 29d.
            (Note: same stone as Amos & Lorena C.)
          Lorena C.; d/o A.& E., died 2-2-1883 aged 13y 3m 14d.
    FURNAS, Aaron; 10-17-1826  11-24-1909(Note: same stone as Lucy &
                    Zeno & Deborah Mote.)
            Lucy J.; 3-17-1835  10-11-1907.
    MOTE, Zeno  5-5-1814   5-17-1893.
          Deborah J.; 3-15-1812  4-10-1896.
    PICKERING, Barton; 1828-1908
               Cynthia A.; 1827-1885.(Note: same stone.GAR.)
    COPPOCK, Elijah; died 2-28-1892 aged 83y 7m 1d.(same stone as Mary)
             Mary D.; w/o Elijah, died 2-4-1893 aged 73y 25d.
    PEARSON, Anna; w/o Benjamin, died 6-11-1888 aged 84y 2m 12d.
    MOTE, Ledru Rollin; 1855-1884.
          Mary Olevia Dean; 1853-1938.(same stone as Ledru.)
    JONES, William Jay; 1852-1931.
           Anna Alice; 1861-1890.
           Anna Jay; 1816-1883.
           Samuel; 1815-1898.(Note: all same stone.)
    PARSONS, Rhoda Jones; 1843-1933.
    COFFIN, Sarah Jones; 1845-1926.
    JONES, Mary Eleanor; 1855-1940.
    PEARSON, Elizabeth; born 6-20-1818  died 7-25-1881 aged 63y 1m 5d.
    HICKMAN, John; died 7-9-1891 aged 72y 7m 29d.(same stone as Mary.)
             Mary E.; died 9-14-1883 aged 59y 6m 18d.
    JAY, Anna Maria; d/o T.& S., died 10-23-1871 aged 18y.
    (Note: unmarked grave with GAR emblem.)
    KUNKELMAN, Michael; died 1-13-1889 aged 76y 9m 22d.
    HASKET, Joseph; died 9-20-1889 aged 81y 10m 9d.
    HOOVER, Andrew; died 5-1-1891 aged 68y 6m 9d."Father."
    JONES, David; 1815-1896.
           Eunice T.; 1826-1895.
           Carleton E.; s/o Wm.A.& L., died 3-6-1898 aged 7y 7m 27d.
           William Allen; 1-21-1854  12-31-1840 (same stone as Lydia)
           Lydia Ellis; 3-4-1859  10-27-1921.
    MOTE, Lottie J.; 1844-1931.
          Kirk L.; 1840-1916.
          Elisha; 1859-1911.
    DAVIS, Charlotte T.; died 1-9-1900 aged 86y 5m 12d.
    POLING, George W.; 1844-1921.
            Phebe L.; 1846-1927.(same stone.)
    SWANDER, Infant; d/o C.W.& Etta, died 8-15-1901.
    YOUNKIN, Sabastian; died 8-17-1865 aged 45y. (same stone as Louisa)
             Louisa; w/o S., died 2-21-1892 aged 74y.
    WARD, Daniel H.; 1854-1930.
          Margaret Ann; w/o Daniel, 1854-1927. (same stone.)
    WEAVER, Rose E.; 1878-1934.
    (Note: unmarked grave.)
    JONES, Enos Thayer; 1849-1933.
    MENDENHALL, Everett; Pvt. 3 Ohio Inf., born 3-10-1875 died 7-7-1945,
                    Spanish War.
                Cora E.; 1867-1934.
                Della G.; 1868-1925.(same stone.)
    The following inscriptions were found by Mrs. Lindsey Brien ca.
    1935/36, but were not found when these inscriptions were taken
    and rechecked.
    MOTE, Capt. Ledrue; died 8-28-1864 age 21y 2m 6d.
    McDONALD, Dennis; illegible.
    PEMBERTON, Dorsey; s/o Enos & Mary, born 12-1-1866 died 2-15-1877.
    HASKETT, Isaac; died 7-16-1849 aged 71y 7m.

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