Union Church Cemetery
in Newberry Township, Miami County Ohio

From The Book:
Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio by Joseph H. Bosserman
Published by The District History Committee of The Southern Dist of Ohio Church Of The Brethren

Photos are online at  findagrave.com  and there is a copy CD of the photos at the Local History Library in Troy compliments of Debbie Jacks.

This cemetery is three miles north of Covington and two miles south of the Miami-Shelby County line. It is a couple of hundred yards west of State Route 48, on Union Church Road. The old Union Church once stood on the site. It was a joint Christian and Presbyterian Meetinghouse.

Although the first burial at this place was in 1822, it was not legally set aside as a cemetery until 1837. At that time it was turned over to the Newberry Township Trustees and placed in their care.

Deed: "Moses Mitchell and wife Isabella, to the inhabitants of Newberry Township, Miami Co., Ohio, dated 6th July 1837, recorded 13th Sept 1837, in Book 15 page 340, conveying to said Township, it's citizens and assigns forever as follows: Commencing on the South line of Section Six, Township eight, Range five East, and running North twelve poles on the
State Road leading from Cincinnati to St. Mary's, thence West thirteen poles, thence South twelve poles to the South Line of the Section, thence on said South line East, thirteen poles to the place of beginning, containing one acre."

On May 3rd 1884, the Township Trustees appointed a "Cemetery Board of Trustees" for the Union Church Cemetery." On August 21st 1885 the superintendent of the graveyard was ordered to procure suitable stones and place one at the head of each unmarked grave.

A public announcement was made for all interested citizens to meet at the cemetery at one o'clock, Friday, 28 Aug 1885, and assist the trustees in identifying the unmarked graves. This was done and those records are now reflected in this work by an * asterisk.

An asterisk * placed before any of these records indicates that there is no gravestone or only a fieldstone without markings, and that the record was taken from a book in The Newberry Township Office. If no asterisk is shown the information was taken directly from the stone on the grave. If the Township Record shows more than what is found on the gravestone the asterisk * will be found farther back in the record indicating what data was added to that found on the stone.

The information from the stones was copied directly from the stones on 10 Sept 1978 by Joseph H. Bosserman, and compared against the Township's Records during a few days that followed.

Starting on the far west side of the graveyard:

Row one, south to north: ----------------------------------------

* RHODEHAMEL, infant, s/o S., died  1824
* TEMPLETON, infant, child of William
  TEMPLETON, Joseph C., born  25 Dec 1809, died  12 Mar 1895
  TEMPLETON, James G.,  died  21 Jan 1865, age 38y 1m 15d (*s/o Lemuel)
  TEMPLETON, Buleah, d/o Lemuel, died  6 Oct 1822, age 11y (1st burial in cemetery)
  TEMPLETON, Buleah G., born  20 Feb 1821, died  8 Jun 1896
  TEMPLETON, Lemuel, died  27 Oct 1836, age 62y
  TEMPLETON, Elizabeth, w/o Lemuel, died  29 Jul 1843, age 58y
  JOLLY, Leonadus, s/o Rev. David & M., died  20 Jul 1853, age 1y 1m 5d
  HART, Ebenezer, died  14 Dec 1884, age 78y 1m 11d
  HART, Mary, w/o Ebenezer, died  26 Jun 1892, age 75y 4m 24d
* HART, Joseph L., s/o Ebenezer, died  6 Mar 1857, age 9y 12d
  HART, Maria, d/o Ebenezer & Mary, died  9 Jan 1858, age 13y 11m 21d
  HART, Hugh Sr., died  26 Oct 1864 (*age, 63y 11m; brother of Ebenezer)
  HART, Hugh A., died  27 Fe3b 1878, age 37y 7d (*s/o Ebenezer)
* HART, Walter F., s/o Hugh A. & L.J., died  23 Oct 1876, age 4m 21d
  HART, Viola G., d/o Hugh A. & L.J., died  19 Oct 1876, age 4m 17d
* LEVERING, Mary A., w/o Robert, d/o Ebenezer Hart, died  29 Dec 1880, age 39y 1m 9d

Row 2, south to north: --------------------------------------------

  TEMPLETON, David, died  11 Sep 1858, age 66y 1m 8d
  TEMPLETON, Eliza,  w/o David, died  28 Sep 1857, age 59y
  TEMPLETON, Lucetta, d/o David & Eliza, died  15 Feb 1855, age 32y 4m 27d
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* DAVIS, Hannah, mother of Eliza Templeton
  TEMPLETON, Eliza, d/o David & Eliza, died  2 Aug 1837, age 22y
* TEMPLETON, Nancy, d/o David & Eliza, died  16 Jul 1842, age 23y
  TEMPLETON, Carolina, d/o David & Eliza, died  21 Apr 1858, age 27y
  TEMPLETON, William Lafayette, s/o David & Eliza, died  19 Jun 1855, age 19y 1m 14d
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* BLACKBURN, Thomas      袍ownship records show  "Old English
* BLACKBURN, Mrs. THOMAS 逍eople who died about 1860"

Row three, south to north ------------------------------------------

* ELLIOT, M.J. (child, among the earliest graves in the cemetery)
* ELLIOT, G.W. (child, among the earliest graves in the cemetery)
  BRANDON, Allison, died  30 Sep 1842, age 31y 5m 22d
  KNOX, William, died  10 Jul 1837
  KNOX, Margaret, died  6 Aug 1838
  PERRY, Mary, w/o James, died  28 Dec 1842, age 29y 6m 18d
  KNOX, Miles, died  2 Mar 1852, age 44y 7m 8d
* BRANDON, Margaret, w/o Allison, died  27 Jan 1854, age 38y 5m 27d
  MANNING, Margaret, w/o S.L., d/o Allison BRANDON, died  25 Nov, 1869, age 31y 4m 1d
  PRENTICE, David, died  18 Oct 1842, age 39y  (*suicide by hanging)
  PRENTICE, Ephraim, died  20 Jul 1834. in the 61st year of his age
* PRENTICE, Mary, no stone on grave, name only in cemetery records, no age or dates
  THOMAS, Martha, w/o Amos, died  24 Mar 1843, in the 74th year of her age
* THOMAS, Amos, an old man who accidentally drown about 1849
  MILNER, Mary, died  16 Nov 1843, in her 65th year
  CHILDRESS, Mary, w/o James, died  6 Oct 1857, age 24y 3m 8d
  CHILDRESS, Infant d/o James and Mary, died  23 Dec 1850
  CHILDRESS, Jacob, s/o Henry, died  12 Jun 1850, age 6y 2m 7d 
          (*killed by being thrown from wagon in runaway)
  HUGHES, Sarah Jane, d/o William & F., died  27 Aug 1850, age 4y 9m 12d
  HUGHES, Rachel Ann, d/o William & F, died  9 Sep 1850, age 6y 9m 24d
  HUGHES, William Sr., d" 2 Sep 1850, age 76y 5m 13d (*age from cemetery records)
* HUGHES, David, no stone located, name only in cemetery records, no age or date)
  CHILDRESS, Joseph R., s/o H & M., died  at Mt. Vernon, Ky. on 13 Jun 1863, age, 24y 10d.
      44th OVI. Co B  marker on grave.
  CHILDRESS, Henry, died  16 Dec 1868, age 69y 1m 28d
  CHILDRESS, Mary, w/o Henry, died  9 Mar 1871, age 66y 4m 8d
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone

Row four, south to north: ---------------------------------------------

* DOWELL, infant c/o Martin
  ______, an infant, name unknown
* DUNHAM, David, "a young man"  son of J.B.Dunham
  ______, an infant, name unknown
  BARBOUR, Thomas, died 25 Feb 1829, in the 79th year of his age 
           (REV WAR VET; he served as a Captain in the 6th Virginia 
           Regiment of the Continental Line, American Rev. War: Ref.  
           " Miami County Soldiers of the Revolution" 1976,  
           by Virginia G. Boese
* BARBOUR, John, grave marked with field stone,cemetery records show John Barbour,nothing further.
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* MANNING, c/o Ed, stillborn 10 May 1913
  RANKIN, Joshua born  12 May 1809, died  3 Apr 1856 (gravestone is of newer type)
* UMHOLTZ, Jesse, name only in cemetery records, no date, field stone located
  FULKER, Peter L. 1853-1927 (*buried 14 Nov 1927, age 75)
  FULKER, Henry Sr., 1826-1909 (*died 8 April 1906, age 79y 9m 6d)   連ame
  FULKER, Margaret A., 1819-1916 (*buried 25 Jul 1916, age 96y 9m 6d 連tone
* McDOWELL, Luke C., s/o Luke, name only in cemetery records, no dates.
  McDOWELL, Luke, died  15 Aug 1849, age 69y 6m 10d
* McDOWELL, Elizabeth, died  30 Jan 1851, age 60y 11m 25d
  FULKER, Samuel J., s/o Henry & Margaret, died  23 Mar 1858, age 2m 6d
  SNOW, Mary Elizabeth, d/o J.B. and S.A., d 28 March 1859, age 2y, 11m
     Sarah Ann, 1st w/o John B., d 28 March 1859, age 31y, 5m, 14d.
  FULKER, infant child of Henry and Margaret, nothing further in cemetery records.
  SNOW, John B., died  21 Dec 1872, age 55y 3d
* SNOW, Mary, 2nd w/o John B., name and grave shown in cemetery records, nothing more
  SHAFER, Elizabeth, w/o Henry, died  12 Aug 1861, age 36y 11m
  SCHAEFFER, Henry, born  1794, died  8 Apr 1892 (*cemetery records spell name Shafer)
  BOYER, Mary J., died  10 Nov 1895, age 22y 3m 10d (same type stone as Shafer)
  MANCHAMER, David, died  about 1865, about 25y old, s/o Jacob
* McCLOUD, Eliza, w/o William, d/o Jacob Manchamer, died  about 1865, age 24y,
           grave marked with field stone.
* McCLOUD, William, s/o Eliza, nothing more in cemetery records, field stone only
* MANCHAMER, Jacob, died  9 Sep 1885, age 79y 6m. Grave marked with field stone
* MANCHAMER, Margaret, w/o Jacob 25 Mar 1889, Grave marked with field stone
* MANCHAMER, C.W., s/o Joseph, g-s/o Jacob, died  11 Jan 1887, age 2y 9m 25d  Field stone
* MANCHAMER, Mary Belle, w/o Joseph, died  17 Dec 1913, age 64y 4d  Field stone only
* MANCHAMER, Joseph, died  27 Dec 1914, age 65y 4m 18d.  No stone located 1978
* MANCHAMER, Samuel Jacob, died  12 Apr 1929, age 60y 2m 2d,  No stone located 1978
* MANCHAMER, Ida May, died  21 Jun 1933.  No stone located 1978
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone

ROW five, south to north: ---------------------------------------------
* NEEPER, Debora, name and grave shown in township record, nothing further
* NEEPER, William, name and grave shown in township record, nothing further
* NEEPER, ______, surname and grave shown in cem. records, nothing further
* NEEPER, ______, surname and grave shown in cem. records, nothing further
* NEEPER, ______, surname and grave shown in cem. records, nothing further
* BOULDEN, William, name and grave only in cemetery records. Field stone on grave.
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
  ULLERY, Alsey, w/o David, died  8 Apr 1856, age 44y 26d
  ULLERY, David, died  5 Jan 1842, age 32y 11m 7d
  GIBBINS, Mary, w/o James, died  27 Feb 1853, age 90y
  ULLERY, Mary E., d/o David and Alsey, died  8 Apr 1873, age 32y 2m 7d
  GORRELL, Frederick, s/o Abram & S., died  12 Dec 1874, age 15y 5m 5d
* GORRELL, Infant of Belle and grand daughter of Abraham (*no stone found,
listed in cemetery records as illegitimate infant)
  HIPPLE, Frederick J., s/o William & J., died  7 Jan 1859, age 4y 1m 5d
  HIPPLE, John W., s/o William & J., died  3 May 1859, age 1y 1m 12d
  HIPPLE, Joseph, died  6 Jun 1885                           連ame
  HIPPLE, Sarah, w/o Joseph, died  7 Jun 1873, age 50y 6m 7d 連tone
  HINELINE, Margaret Ann, d/o George & Rosetta, died  17 Jul 1859, age 4y 10m
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
  ARNETT, Wesley K., Co G. 142 Ind. Inf GAR (*26 Feb 1927, age 82y 7m 26d)
  ARNETT, Nancy Ann GAUBY, 1850-1927 (*died  5 Sep 1927, age 77y) 
* HARP, Lucinda, died  10 Sep 1905, age 80 years, 8 months.  Field stone on grave.
  HARP, Oscar A. 1861-1897           連ame  (*died  16 Oct 1897, age 37y)
  HARP, John L., s/o Oscar 1893-1894 連tone (*age 14 months)
  HARP, Grace R., inf d/o Oscar  1892-1892 (*died  4 Apr 1892)

Row six, south to north: ---------------------------------------------

* DUNHAM, infant d/o J.B.  Field stone on grave
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
  McDORMAN, Isaac, died  6 Aug 1830
  McDORMAN, Mary Ann, died  9 Apr 1839 (*cemetery records state: died  1833, likely in error)
  McDORMAN, James, died  11 Mar 1835, age 22y 6m 27d
  BUCHANAN, James Harvey Jr., s/o James H., died  15 Sep 1848, age 16y 8m
  PERRY, William H., s/o N.W. & I., died  7 Sep 1834
  McCLARY, Oliver P., s/o John & Eliza, died  17 Feb 1840, in the 11th year of his age
  McCLARY, Mary Jane, d/o John & Eliza, died  23 Nov 1836, in the 17th year of her age
  McCLARY, Eliza, w/o John, died  7 Jul 1836, in the 43rd year of her age
  NICHOLSON, Fannie, w/o Samuel, died  13 Jul 1832, age 30y
  NICHOLSON, Samuel, died  22 Apr 1964?, age 71y 10m 13d
  McCLARY, John, died  22 May 1847, in the 59th year of his age
  MEENACH, Jefferson, born  23 Mar 1816, died  23 Jun 1859 (aka MINNICH)          連ame
  MEENACH, Mary, w/o Jefferson, born  7 Sep 1822, died  9 Dec 1884(*died in Iowa) 連tone
  NICHOLSON, John 1820?-1909, age 77y 8m 29d        連ame   (*John buried on 22 Oct 1910)
  NICHOLSON, Heretta B.  1892-1908, age 77y 8m 29d? 連tone 
(*Henrietta w/o John, d/o J. Harvey BUCHANAN)
  BUCHANAN, George Preston. died  24 Dec. 1856. age 33y 2m 15d         same
  BUCHANAN, Mary E.  w/o George P., died  20 Aug 1861, age 29y 3m 11d  stone
* ______, pre 1885 grave. No stone nor fieldstone
* ELLEMAN, Joseph, died about 1862.  No stone on grave
  ELLEMAN, Anna, w/o Joseph. died  22 Jan 1860, age 50y 7m 29d
  NICODEMUS, Anna Belle, d/o Valentine & Mary Jane, died  8 Feb 1860, age 6m 2d
* NICODEMUS, Infant of Valentine. No stone on grave
* NICODEMUS, Infant of Henry, No stone on grave
* NICODEMUS, Mary, d/o Joseph & Anna Elleman, w/o Valentine. Field stone on grave
* MARTIN, Martha, w/o Thomas, d/o Joseph & Anna Elleman, no stone on grave
  ELLEMAN, John, Co B. 44th Ohio Inf (*s/o Joseph & Anna died about 1863, age abt 25y)
* ELLEMAN, Joseph, s/o Joseph & Anna, died  Nov 1865, age abt 20y. Field stone on grave
  SHEARER, Mary, w/o George, died  17 Dec 1865, age 71y 7m 11d
  BABYLON, Lucinda, d/o D & E, born  7 Aug 1842, died  223 Aug 1905, age 63y 16d   three name
  BABYLON, Daniel, born  9 Oct 1806, died  24 Apr 1865, age 58y 6m 15d             on the same
  BABYLON, Eliza,  w/o Daniel. born  17 Jun 1814, died  1 Feb 1905, age 90y 7m 14d   stone
* SHANER, Helen Marie, 6 days old, No stone on grave, No dates in cemetery records
* DUNN, c/o A., died  7 Mar 1889.  No stone on grave
* BABYLON, Infant died  10 Sep 1889.  No stone on grave

Row seven, south to north: --------------------------------------------

* WORLEY, Susan, field stone on grave, name from township records, no dates
* WORLEY, James, field stone on grave, name from township records, no dates
* WORLEY, Nancy, field stone on grave, name from township records, no dates
* WORLEY, Phoebe, field stone on grave, name from township records, no dates
* WORLEY, Samuel, field stone on grave, name from township records, no dates
* LITUREL, Fielding, 
  BUCHANAN, Cynthia Ann, d/o George & Nancy, died  18 Oct 1848, age 25y 5m 3d
  BUCHANAN, Rachel A., d/o D.J.&M. died  29 May 1850, age 3y 2m
  HARSHBERGER, John, died  4 Mar 1858, age 69y 7m 28d
  HARSHBERGER, Rachel, w/o John, died  6 May 1859, age 69y
  HARSHBERGER, James C., died  9 Mar 1860, age 38y 10m 27d (*s/o John)
* HOLLOPETER, Elizabeth. died  1848. no stone on grave
* HOLLOPETER, infant, d/o Elizabeth, no stone on grave
* HOLLOPETER, daughter of Mathais, died  1848, no stone on grave
  HARSHBERGER, Mark, died  14 Oct 1871, age 20y 7m 10d (*s/o James)
  BUCHANAN, Levi H., 1849-1922 (*died  11 Jan 1922, age 72y 10m 29d)連ame
  BUCHANAN, Susannah, 1850-1932 (*died  14 Feb 1932, age 81y 10m 2d 連tone
* BUCHANAN, infant of Levi, died  1881, no stone on grave
* McCLARY, James, died  15 Apr 1905, age 84y 1m 21d. Field stone on grave
* McCLARY, Laura M., d/o James & Nancy, died  25 May 1924, age 74y. No stone on grave
* McCLARY, Winfield W., died  23 Jun 1925, age 77y. No stone on grave
* NORRIS, Cora Houshel, died  5 May 1926, No stone on grave
* HOUSEL, Belle, died  31 Oct 1925  Large cemetery urn on grave
  HOUSEL, John G., 1849-1920 (*buried 26 Jun 1920, age 71y 2m)
* EUBANK, infant of Earl, stillborn 16 Oct 1918. No stone on grave
* HOUSEL, child of Cora, died  12 Sep 1898.  No stone on grave
* MAST, infant of Samuel, died  13 Jun 1888.  No stone on grave

Row eight, south to north: -------------------------------------------

  HAYES, Susannah, d/o Daniel & Susannah, died  27 Jun 1863, age 1y 3m 11d
* HAYES, child of Daniel & Susannah, field stone on grave
* HAYES, child of Daniel & Susannah, field stone on grave
  WORLEY, John, died  23 Apr 1878, age 95y (*father of Aker WORLEY)
* WORLEY, unnamed infant of Albert, premature birth, buried 27 May 1909, age 12 hrs.
  WORLEY, Barbara, d/o Aker & Lydia, died  12 Sep 1881, age 25y 6m 15d
  WORLEY, Huldia, d/o Aker & Lydia, died  25 Mar 1879, age 15y 10m
  MILLER, Susannah J., d/o Samuel & Mary, died  20 Apr 1847, age 13d (*28 April)
  MILLER, John W., s/o Samuel & Mary, died  7 Feb 1850, age 1y 10m 12d
  BUCHANAN, James E., s/o D.J.&M.H., 1855-1910 (*died  16 Jun 1910, Toledo, Ohio)
  BUCHANAN, Col. George, died  20 Jul 1862, age 81y 2m 27d 
(War of 1812) He had Fort Buchanan built near the site Fort Rowdy, now site of Covington Ohio
  BUCHANAN, Nancy, w/o George died  9 Jul 1870, age 87y 6m 23d (nee CASSIDY)
  BUCHANAN, Minerva, died  16 Oct 1885, age 66y 11m 16d 連ame  (*age 66y 11m 17d)
  BUCHANAN, David J., died  18 Jul 1899, age 81y 9m 13d 連tone
  McCLARY, Nancy, w/o James, died  15 Nov 1886, age 70y 6m 29d
  WEST, Eliza Evaline, d/o James and Nancy McClary. w/o John M., died 14 Apr 1869, age 26y 2m 12d
  McCLARY, Cemilda, died  11 Jan 1889, age 41y 9m 25d (* wife of George)
* McCLARY, George Dallas, bur: 12 Dec 1919, age 75y.  No stone on grave.
* McCLARY, Ed. s/o George, no stone on grave.
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
  BUCHANAN, Robbie, s/o J. Darsey & Emma C., died  9 Jan 1879, age 2 weeks 1d
* FESSLER, J.J., died age 73y, no dates given, no stone on grave.
* FESSLER, Pearl, died 16 Jun 1886, age 1y 4m.  No stone on grave.
  RENCH, Sarah Belle, 1871-1896 (*died  13 Feb 1896) (nee BISHOP, 2nd w/o Joseph M. RENCH )
* FANSLER,  Nona Eliza, d/o Adam, died  27 Jun 1886, age 7m 7d. Field stone on grave
* FANSLER, Infant, d/o Adam, died  6 Jan 1885, age 1y.  Field stone on grave.

Row nine, south to north:---------------------------------------------
* Hay, d/o John. Field stone on grave.
* HAY, Infant, d/o John.  No stone on grave.
* HAY, w/o John, No stone on grave.
* HAY, John, died 12 Jul 1897. No stone on grave.
  WORLEY, James W., s/o Aker & L., died 26 Apr 1887, age 23y 9d
* WORLEY,Infant, c/o Henry, died 8 Sep 1886,  Field stone on grave.
  WORLEY, Akey, died  15 Feb 1886, age 63y 10m 23d (*grand daughter of Noel L. JOHNSON, stillborn 21 Apr 1953)
* JOHNSON, infant of Noel., stillborn 3 May 1917.  No stone on grave
* JOHNSON, infant of F.W., died  1890. No stone on grave.
* JOHNSON, s/o F.W., died  1 May 1884. No stone on grave.
  MEENACH, Sarah, w/o William, died  10 Feb 1871, age 83y 11m 27d 連ame  aka MINNICH
  MEENACH, William, died  11 Jul 1870, age 89y 7m 19d             連tone
  HALL, Hannah, s/o William & Mary, died  10 Oct 1869, age 62y
* KING, Mamie, infant d/o A.J. & Nancy Jane  No stone on grave
  PIERCE,  Sarah Jane, w/o John, d/o William & Mary HALL, died 12 Mar 1874, age 60y
* PIERCE, Sarah Ann Pierce, d/o William & Mary HALL 
  BUCHANAN, Joannah, w/o James H., 1799-1878 (*d/o William HALL)
  BUCHANAN, James H., 1804-1891 (*died  27 Sep 1891, age 86y)
  DICKERSON, Ann Eliza, w/o James D., died  4 Sep 1877, age 36y 2m 11d
  (*d/o David & Eliza Templeton)
  TEMPLETON, Sally, s/o A.J.&N.J. died  28 Oct 1864, age 1y 6d
* ALEXANDER, infant of Samuel, died 12 Dec 1885. age 2m 26d, Field stone on grave.
* ALEXANDER, Grace, d/o Samuel, sister of Sarah, 
g-d/o Henry, died  12 Dec 1885, age 2m 26d. No stone
* ALEXANDER, d/o Samuel, died 8 Oct 1896, age 4y.  No stone
* ALEXANDER, Catharine, w/o Henry, buried on 26 Apr 1914, age 91y.  No stone
* ALEXANDER, Henry, died 23 Aug 1885. Field stone on grave.
  ALEXANDER, Sarah M., d/o H. & C., died  18 Feb 1863, age 1y 6m 4d

Row ten, south to north: ----------------------------------------------
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
  ______, remains of eight bodys. See below eight listings
* CONNER, child of Luke                                        
* CONNER, child of Luke                                         Eight persons in one common grave.  No further information 
* KINDEL, Benjamin                                              in Township records other than what is shown here.  In 1936 
* KINDEL, Mary, w/o Benjamin, d/o Aaron Boggs                   the road running along the south side of the cemetery was widened.
* KINDEL, Elizabeth, old lady, mother of Benjamin               At that time these eight graves were moved into one common grave
* PEAK, Charles Clifford, inf grandson of Jesse Peak, died 1886 and marked only with a field stone. The remains of the eight                          
* PECK, Grant, child of Jesse                                   persons shown to the left of this note are in this common grave.                       
* CROWELL, Walter Lee, s/o J.C. stillborn 
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone      
* HERSHEY. Robert. s/o Marley & Dora, bur: 8 Feb 1922, age 11d. Field stone on grave.
  BUCHANAN, W.W.V. "father" 1826-1910 (*died  18 May 1910 age 83y)
  BUCHANAN, Phebe D., w/o W.W.V., "Mother" 1824-1903(* died  9 Jan 1903)
  DYE, Leonard, 61st Ohio Inf. Co. I (*Token grave only, died in Army, body in some unknown grave in the south)
  DYE, Andrew, died  18 Oct 1857, age 57y, 1m 4d
  DYE, Catharine, w/o Andrew, born 12 Aug 1802, Rockingham Co., Va., died  11 Aug 1866 in Covington, Ohio, in the 64th year of her age.
  BUCHANAN, Eve, d/o W.W.V., & P.D. (*born 27 Jun 1859, died  14 Feb 1861 連ame
  BUCHANAN, Anna, d/o W.W.V. & P.D. (* 6 Apr 1856, died  7 Dec 1859)      連tone
  STANLEY, W.A., died  13 Dec 1841, age 1y 8m 7d
* WENRICK, Inf. of Harvey, died  13 Apr 1891, age 1 week. No stone on grave.
* WENRICK, Inf, d/o Harvey, died  20 Apr 1893, age 1m 14d. No stone on grave
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
  HART, Emma, w/o William, died  22 Jul 1878, age 26y 1d (*nee NICHOLSON)
* HART, William A., s/o Ebenezer, bur: 20 Nov 1914, age 61y
  HART, Fannie, w/o William, d/o D. & S. Brumbaugh, born 11 Nov 1845, died  17 Mar 1889
  HARRY, John 1810-1890, (*died  21 Jan 1890, about 80yrs old)
  HARRY, Esther V., w/o John 1816-1896 (*died  27 Aug 1896, age 80y)
  HARRY, John W., 1883-1885 (*Willie, s/o Jacob & Molly died  23 Feb 1885, age 1y 2m 26d)

Row eleven, south to north: ------------------------------------------

* DOWLER, Sarah A., small stone with initials S.A.D., no dates
* DOWLER, James L., small stone with initials J.H.D., no dates
* DOWLER, Huldah, small stone with initials H.J.D., no dates
* DOWLER, Mary E., small stone with initials M.E.D., no dates
* DOWLER, Ellen, small stone with initials E.D., no dates
* DOWLER, William, small stone with initials W.D., no dates
  DOWLER, Hannah M., 2nd w/o William, died 18 Apr 1881, age 74y 2m 26d
  DOWLER, Sarah C., d/o Joseph C. & D.S., died 11 Jan 1859, age 14m
  DOWLER, James L., s/o Joseph C. & D.S., died 18 Oct 1853, age 6m
  DOWLER, Dorothy S., w/o Joseph C., died 21 Oct 1855, age 27y
  BOYER, Lutie G. MITCHELL, w/o J.S., died 28 Jun 1869, age 19y 11m 9d
  MITCHELL, Fernando, died 16 Apr 1884, age 32y 4m 29d (*s/o Samuel, bro/o Lottie G.)
  SNOW, Margaret, w/o G., died 28 Dec 1909, age 86y 11m 11d
* KEPNER, Mrs.,  grave listed on 1885 map. No stone on grave.
* KEPNER,  F. McClean, died 1 Jul 1912, age 43y.  No stone on grave.
* HALL, child of Enos.  No stone on grave.

Row 12, south to north: ----------------------------------------------
  ADDINGTON, Margaret  1846-1933
* BOYER, Mrs. Simon,  Stump of stone on grave.
  RIGLE, Adam, died 4 Apr 1867, age 76y 11m 25d
  RIGLE, Philip, died 13 Sep 1861, age 32y 9m 9d
* BOYER, Catherine, w/o Stephen.  No stone on grave.
* RIGLE, Elizabeth, died 4 Jun 1845, age 54y 9m 19d No stone on grave
  NOLL, inf. s/o George & S., 15 Sep 1851
  RIGLE, John, died 17 Apr 1841, age 13y 11m
* RIGLE, Elizabeth, died  19 Apr 1843, age 28y 11m 22d. No stone on grave
  NOLL, George, died 26 Feb 1854, age 41y 20d
  BOYER, Amanda, d/o Stephen & Catherine, died  4 Dec 1855, age 5y 9m 17d
* ZIMMERMAN, Adam  No stone on grave
  KRALL, Hannah, w/o Joseph, formerly widow of William R._____(*died  13 Feb 1851)
  KRALL, ______, age 44y 11m) Stone broken thru surname of 1st husband.
* BOYER, Stephen, died  28 Sep 1902, age 89y
* ______, pre 1885 grave marked only with a fieldstone
* BOYER, inf/o Stephen.  Field stone on grave
* BOYER, child of Simon & grandson of Stephen.  No stone on grave.
* ZIMMERMAN, Susannah, d/o Isaac.  Field stone on grave.
  NICODEMUS, Charles D., s/o Samuel S. & L., died 16 Mar 1875, age 4y 11m 21d
  FRITZ,  Lucy E., d/o William H. & R., died 11 Sep 1881, age 36y 8m 16d
* NICODEMUS, Oren, s/o Henry, died  7 Jul 1877, age 21d. Stump of stone on grave.
  ADDINGTON, infant s/o David V. & M.C., died 6 Jun 1876
  NICODEMUS, John, died  29 Oct 1979, age 76y 19d
* NICODEMUS, Sarah, w/o John, died  17 Feb 1888, age 83y
  NICODEMUS, Paulena, w/o Harrison 1849-1882
  WALLACE, John, died  29 Aug 1873, age 66y 4m 29d
* WALLACE, Ann, w/o John, Field stone on grave.
* PASSAGE, W.O. Peter, died  6 Feb 1904. No stone on grave.
  PASSAGE, Peter, born 11 Dec 1836. died  13 Aug 1897  Co. A 4th Ohio Inf.
* WYON, child of Tom, 1893, no stone on grave.
  PASSAGE, Henry, 1858-1882 (*died  31 Aug 1882, a young man)
* GARRETT, c/o Sally. No stone on grave.
  GARRETT, Sally BOWERS, w/o James, died 10 Jan 1885, no stone on grave.
  DRAKE, Rebecca C., w/o J. William, died  8 Feb 1886, age 33y 6m 26d(*Rebecca C. Sprague Drake)
* WYON, child of Tom, died  4 Jun 1887, age 8m 21d. No stone on grave.
* WYON, Mary, w/o Thomas, died  16 Oct 1881, age 27y 4m 3d. Stump of stone on grave.
  WYSONG, Charles A.  s/o J.& F. died  18 Jul 1874, age 2y 1m 25d
* WYON, infant of Tom -1900-. No stone on grave.
* WYON, two infants of Tom, twins -1904-  No stone on grave.
* WYON, infant of Tom -1901-.  No stone on grave.
* WYON, Thomas Henry, buried 16 May 1924, age 67y.  No stone on grave.

Row thirteen, south to north:-----------------------------------------
* HUGART, Mrs. "a colored woman".  No stone on grave.
* KENDALL, 3rd w/o Alex., died  1904, age 54y.  No stone on grave.
* GORREL, child of William.  No stone on grave.
* GORREL, child of William -1892-  Field stone on grave.
* KENDALL, 1st w/o Alex, died  1890, age 38y 3m 22d. Field stone on grave.
* ZIMMERMAN, Isaac, died Jul 1903, age 85y.  Unreadable, broken stone on grave.
* ZIMMERMAN, Mrs. Isaac, died 1899 age 62y. No stone on grave.
  NICODEMUS, Samuel S., died  16 Sep 1886, age 53y 7m (*died  17 Sep 1886)
  NICODEMUS, Louise  1843-1930
* NICODEMUS, James, died 9 Aug 1902, age 35y  Field stone on grave.
* HARTMAN, infant of Arthur, died  12 Feb 1905, age 4m. Field stone on grave.
* HARTMAN, infant of Arthur & Elsie, died  19 Aug 1907, premature birth. No stone on grave.
* HARTMAN, Chester Arthur, bur: 11 Mar 1912, age 30y 1m 18d. Field stone on grave.
* HARTMAN, Mary Francis, d/o Arthur & Elsie, buried 17 Jan 1913.  No stone on grave.
* HUNNAMAN, Mrs. Harrison, died  1899, age 62y. No stone on grave.
  HUNNAMAN, Harrison, born  16 Jul 1836, died  12 Oct 1897 (*age 61y 3m)
  HONEYMAN, see above entry
* CAUDLE,  Enoch, died  1863, "brother of Nancy Butt"  Field stone on grave.
  BUTT, Nancy, w/o Jacob. died  4 Jan 1869, age 54y 5m 16d
  BIXLER, Therman L., s/o Eli D. & S.E., died  4 Nov 1873, age 1y 23d (*g-s/o Jacob & Nancy Butt)
* BIXTER, infant daughter of E.D., died  1895.  Stump of stone on grave.
  BUTT, Noah, s/o J.&C., died  17 Aug 1872, age 16y 5m (*g-s/o Jacob & Nancy Butt)
  BUTT, Jacob, s/o J.&C., died  18 Aug 1872, age 17y 10m 10d
* BUTT, child of Eli D., died  4 Jul 1898, age 15m.  Small stone on grave, initials A.D.
* LINK, d/o D., died  18 Sep 1898, age 1y. Stump of stone on grave.
  BUTT, William H.., (*died  17 Dec 1901)
  HARDESTY, Jacob Jr., Co. I, 8th Ind. Cav.  GAR marker (*died  1902)
* HARTESTY, w/o David, d/o Jonathan Butt, died  21 Jan 1887
* HARTESTY, infant grand-daughter Jake, died  21 Jul 1881.  Field stone on grave
* HARTESTY, Jacob, died  2 Aug 1879, age 56y.  Field stone on grave.
  STUMP, Rosannie, w/o S.S., born  1 May 1861, died  14 Apr 1908
(*Rosanna, 2nd w/o Sanford, d/o Jonathan Butt)
  STUMP, Simon Sanford, "father"
  STUMP, Barbara Ellen, w/o S.S., died  6 Nov 1887, age 34y 7m 17d
  STUMP, Colema, d/o Standord? & Barbara E., died  23 Sep 1902, age 17y 8m 22d
  BUTT, Grandma (*Clementine, w/o Jonathan, died  18 Mar 1908, age 84y)
  BUTT, Grandpa (*Jonathan, died  3 Jun 1914, age about 85y)
  STUMP, Sanford Jr. 1886-1916(*s/o Sanford and Barbara, born  1 Oct 1916, age 30y 4m 11d)
  STUMP, Susie.  1895-1917 (*Susan d/o Sanford & Rosanna, died  1 Sep 1917, age 22y)

Row fourteen, south to north:------------------------------------------
  KINDEL, Charles, 1886-19(  ) (* "reserved for Charlie Kindel"  no burial as of 1978)
* NICODEMUS, Felt, bur: 15 May `939, age 84y. Cement urn on grave.
* NICODEMUS, Nancy Belle, w/o Felt, bur: 15 May 1939, age 84y. Cement urn on grave.
  NICODEMUS, Samuel, Co F 147th Ohio Inf. (Note: while there is a military stone for Samuel, 
he is not listed in cemetery records.  He may be one and same as Felt Nicodemus)
  NICODEMUS,  William 1847-1936 (*bur: 4 Feb 1929, age 89y)      連ame
* NICODEMUS, Nancy, 1848-1929 (buried 14 Jan 1929, age 55y 7m 7d)連tone
   (Note: age at time of death in cem. records in error as stone indicates about 81y)
  SOTELL, Dora E. "mother" 187901934 (*buried 11 MAr 1934)            連ame
  SOTELL, Francis E. "father" 1876-1919 
(*buried 23 May 1928, age 51y)連tone
  GANGER, John 1844-1919 (*bur: 23 Nov 1919, age 75y 4m 25d)  連ame
  GANGER, Amanda, 1845-1916 (*bur: 4 Dec 1916, age 71y 9m 16d)連tone
  BIXLER, Elias, Co B 44th Ohio Inf (*died  5 Dec 1913, age 71y 1m 26d) 
  BIXLER, Sarah E., w/o Elias 1846-1906 (*died  19 Nov 1906, age about 60y)
  STUMP, Infant s/o Levi & E., 22 Dec 1865, age 1m
  GANGER, Margaret, d/o J.&A. , died  10 Aug 1871, age 1y 7m 17d
  STUMP, Edward F., s/o Levi & E, died  28 Aug 1872, age1y 3m 17d
  WYSONG, Valentine, s/o E.N., died 23 Apr 1888, age 2y 1m 6d
  WYSONG, Harriet, w/o Anderson, died 11 Sep 1889, age 28y 10m 25d(*age 28y 8m 10d)
  WYSONG, Marion M., s/o Anderson & R(?)., died 18 Jan 1902, age 15y 5m 27d)
  WYSONG, Emanuel Nelson  1833-1915 (*bur: 18 Jan 1915, age 81y 9m 29d)  連ame
  WYSONG, Hulda, w/o Emanuel, 1838-1919 (*bur: 5 Feb 1919, age 80y 3m 4d)連tone
  WYSONG, Lavina, born  20 Nov 1840, died  4 Feb 1916 (*bur: 6 Feb 1916, age 75y 2m 14d

Row fifteen, south to north: ------------------------------------------

* MONNIER, "Mooney" died 1854  "found dead in woods"  Stump of stone on grave.
* LEHMAN, John   No stone on grave
* ______, pre 1885 child's grave marked only with a fieldstone.
  MEENACH, William E. M.., s/o R. B..&C., died 22 Jan 1851, age 2y 4m
* YOHE, s/o Jacob. No stone on grave
  BARLEY, infant, s/o Christ & A., died 2 Jan 1852, age 17d
* ______, pre 1885 grave. No stone on grave.
  DOSS, Ella Cora  1870-1885 (*died 24 Mar 1886, age 16y 5m 18d)
  DUNLAP, Samuel, Co H, 8th Ind. Inf. GAR marker (*bur: 4 Apr 1909, age 71y)
* DUNLAP, Hannah, w/o Samuel, died  20 Jul 1890  No stone on grave.
  FRITZ, Sarah Ohrbach, 3rd w/o Daniel, died 3 Apr 1865, age 43 y 6m 11d
* FRITZ, infant of Daniel & Lavina, died  1868  Stump of stone on grave.
* WAGONER, infant of Benson, stillborn 3 Feb 1905.  Field stone on grave.
* FRITZ, Emma. d/o Joseph, died  4 Sep 1889, age 4m 4d.  No stone on grave.
  FRITZ, Michael, died  23 Jan 1888, age 70y 11m 12d (*bro/o Daniel)
  WAGNER, Mary C., w/o William A., died  6 Jan 1903, age 53y 4m 6d (*Mary Catharine Fritz Wagoner)
  FRITZ, Lavina, 4th w/o Daniel, died  9 Feb 1903. age 64y 6m 4d 連ame
  FRITZ, Daniel, died  17 Mar 1903, age 81y 2m 16d               連tone
* WAGONER, William A., d" 9 Dec 1937, age 90y. No stone on grave.
* NICODEMUS, Sarah Jane, d/o John, died  8 May 1923, age 93y No stone on grave.
* NICODEMUS, Anna, w/o Henry, bur: 6 May 1921, age 87y  No stone on grave.
* NICODEMUS. Henry, died  21 Dec 1905, age 74y 2m.  No stone on grave.
  HOEFFER, Rev. Henry G., 1877-1903 (*"of Clayton" died  23 Feb 1903)

ROW sixteen, south to north: ------------------------------------------

* ______, pre 1885 grave. No stone on grave.
* LONG, Thomas, died  14 Jan 1893, age about 50y. No stone on grave.
* HARP, Mrs. Jacob, no stone on grave.
* HARP, child of Jacob.  No stone on grave.
  MEENACH, Eliza, d/o Jefferson M.& Mary, died  20 Aug 1857, age 9m
* MANCHESTER, John, s/o Richard.  No stone
* PETTYJOHN, Oscar. s/o Frank.  No stone
* MARTIN, Thompson L., buried 27 Nov 1911, age 84y
  MARTIN, Hannah, w/o Thompson, d/o W. & S. Davis, died  4 Apr 1874, age 46y 10d
* DRIVER, infant, no stone on grave
* DRIVER, infant, died 4 Apr 1874, no stone on grave
  DUNLAP, Rachel I., died  18 Nov 1872, age 20y 1m
  DUNLAP, William W., s/o S. & H. M.. died  7 Dec 1871, age 1y 2m 21d   速hree names 
  DUNLAP, George G., s/o S. & H. M.. died  3 Dec 1871, age 2y 8m 20d    這n the 
  DUNLAP, Charles E., s/o S. & H. M.., died  2 Dec 1871, age 3y 11m 28d 連ame stone
* CASSEL, d/o Mesh, died  30 Sep 1895, age 2y 11m 2d  Field stone on grave.
* BENNING, Bertha, d/o Jon, died  8 May 1888, age 8y.  Stump of stone on grave.
* WAGONER, c/o Christopher, died  24 Nov 1860, age 2y 2m 9d. No stone on grave.
  WAGONER, Elizabeth J., d/o Christopher C. & Lucinda, died  24 Nov.1860, age 2y 2m 9d  No stone
  WAGONER, Elizabeth, d/o Christopher & Elizabeth, died  26 Mar 1862, age 16y 9m
  WAGONER, Christopher, died  29 May 1863, age 78y 3m 10d
  WAGONER, Elizabeth, w/o Christopher Sr.  died 29 Sep 1868, in the 67th year of her age.
  WAGONER, Mary, d/o Isaaz & S., died  3 Oct 1865, age 2y 4m 18d

  ------ End of the Union Church cemetery as read in September 1978 ------
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