Located in the southwest quarter of Section 33. Town 8, Range 6, on the North side of Swailes Road, (aka County Road 137), about 1/2 mile west of Old State Route 25 (now County Road 25A), just south of Troy. It is fenced and cared for and is back a short lane on a small hill. A compilation of the inscriptions were done by Ellen Pour, Mrs. Don Short (1968), and Raquel Kreider in 1999. Take Swailes Rd. and turn onto Creekwood Drive and go to the end.

    The public was invited:

    On Friday, August 31, 2007 at 10:30a.m., Thomas Cemetery will be dedicated with an Ohio Historical Marker.  Dedication ceremony will be at the Thomas Cemetery, 1825 Creekwood Drive Troy, Ohio.  Creekwood Drive is located off of Swailes Road, South of Troy.

    The Ohio Historical Marker is administered by the Ohio Historical Society; the Historical Markers program enables Ohioans to commemorate an celebrate local history and to learn more about the state.  Designed to be permanent and highly visible, the historic markers are large cast-aluminum signs that tell stories about aspects of Ohio History.

    The marker was funded by grants from the Troy Foundation, Miami County Foundation, the Milestone Committee, and the Ohio Historical Society in Celebration Of Miami County's Bicentennial year.

    There used to be a cemetery at the corner of Swailes Rd. and Peters Rd. and those graves were moved to Thomas Cemetery.

            Samuel; s/o Garnett & Mary, died 4-17-1841 aged 7y.
            Garnett; died 1-31-1848 aged 44y 11m 16d.
            Mary P.; w/o Garnett, died 1-10-1849 aged 44y 5m 4d.
      (note: small headstone marked W.K.)
            Sarra; w/o Harvey, died 8-25-1841 aged 38y 11m 15d.
      (note: small headstone marked M.C.)
    ______, Margaret; d/o______ (note: broken, bottom gone.)
      (note: old effaced stone.)
            Hamilton Jun.; died 5-19-1847 aged 25y 25d.
            Martin V.; died 2-12-1880 aged 43y 2m 23d.
                    (note: same stone as Johnnie & Ellen.)
            Johnnie S.; s/o M.V.& Ellen, died 8-12-1880 aged 15y 8m 1d.
            Ellen; w/o M.V., no inscription ever engraved.
            William J.; died 8-11-1888 aged 29y 9m 9d.
      (note: small headstone marked J.W.)
            William T.; s/o J.H.& M.J., died 10-12-1900 aged 26y 6m 7d.
            Joseph F.; s/o H.& E.A., died 1-17-1871 aged 5y 2m 8d.
            Elizabeth A.; w/o Henry, died 10-9-1876 aged 34y 6m 14d.
      (note: handmade cement stone inscribed "Father".)
            John J,; died 6-30-1899 aged 72y 5m 22d.
            ???, s/o J.J.& M.E., died 4-29-1883 aged 4y 6m 25d.
                    (note: no given name ever inscribed.)
      (note: small headstone inscribed T.C.W.)
            Charles E.; s/o J.J.& Mary E., died 2-17-1879
                    aged 18y 4m 21d.
            Holl; died 5-4-1888 aged 66y 20d. "Father" (GAR Flag.)
            Andrew J.; died 8-20-1900 aged 19y 3m 5d.
            John; 1826-1907.
            Anna M.; 1832-1875.
            George; 1862-1892.
            Charles; 1873-1874.
                    (note: all same headstone.)
            Maggie D.; d/o E.J.& B.A., died 3-5-1873 aged 1y 11m 8d.
            Dora E.; d/o E.J.& B.A., died 3-3-1872 aged 2y 10m 3d.
            James S.; s/o E.J.& B., died 7-17-1868 aged 1y 4m 23d.
      (note: stone with top gone, all that's left is 12d.)
            Ephriam J.; died 10-10-1874 aged 46y 2m 17d.
            Edward C.; 1837-1914. (GAR Flag.)
      (note: small headstone marked W.T.S.)
            Emily M.; d/o William & Ann, died 8-13-1856 aged 5y 3m 28d.
            Mary Ann; died 9-21-1843 aged 1y 8m 25d.
            Mary; w/o Rice, wid/o Abraham Thomas, died 10-3-1859
                    aged 83y 8m.
            Mary; w/o Michael, died 9-31-1863 aged 84y.
            Michael; born 1779  died 5-24-1818. (War of 1812.)
            James C.; died 7-11-1839 aged 39y. (note: broken stone.)
            Mary; w/o James, died 12-21-18__ (note: rest is illegible.)
            Samuel; died 7-28-1848 aged 75y 4m 28d.(War of 1776 Flag.)
            Abigail; died 9-23-1849 aged 70y 11m 18d.
    _______, ________ died_______ aged 31y 5m 1d. (note: top of stone
                    gone, footstone marked B.A.M.)
    _______, ________died 11-30-1854 aged 22y.(note: top of stone gone.)
            Henry; died 8-9-1848 aged 53y 3m 26d.
            Mary Jane; w/o Joseph, died 3-28-1862 aged 24y 4m 7d.
            Abigail; d/o Josias & Sarah, died 3-22-1849 aged 13y 6m 20d.
            Catharine D.; w/o William J., (note: rest of inscription
                    cemented into base.)
            Joseph; s/o J.R.& I., died 9-19-1850 aged 1y 2m 17d.
            Martha A.; d/o J.R.& I., died 8-31-1850 aged 20y 9m.
            Isabella; wid/o James, died ____(note: base cemented under.)
            William T.; died 9-23-1862 aged 56y 2m 24d.(1776 Flag.)
            Mary A.; died 11-13-1862 aged 47y 11m 23d.
            Laura L.; d/o W.& A., died 6-28-1866 aged 6y 1d.
            William; died 12-25-1897 aged 89y 1m 10d.(note: same stone
                    as Ann & William T.)
            Ann; w/o William, died 7-14-1897 aged 80y 8m 18d.
            William T.; s/o William & Ann, died 10-16-1864
                    aged 21y 7m 28d.(1812 Flag.)
            Henry; died 12-27-1898 aged 44y 11m 10d.
            Lydia; 1857-1932. (note: same stone as Henry.)
            Charlie; s/o A.F.& Susan, 1866-1868.(Same stone as Emma.)
            Emma; d/o A.F.& Susan, 1868-1869.
            Frankie; "Our Little Frankie" (Note: no last name or dates.)
            Isabella P.; w/o A.F., died 6-23-1861  aged 26y 2m 22d.
            Eva; d/o M.L.& M.H., died 10-15-1855  aged 1y 2m 2d.
    _______, ________  aged 18y 9m 8d.(Note: stone top gone.)
            Clary E.; d/o W.& L., died 1-27-1876 aged 16y 2m 17d.
    _______, ________ died (S)ept. 18, 1875 aged 14y 2m 15d.
                    (Note: top of stone gone.)
            William; died 12-11-1878  aged 48y 3m 13d.
            Lowery; 1844-1917.
            Jasper; died 12-27-1867  aged 26y 2m 10d. (GAR Flag.)
            John M.; died 4-2-1865  aged 29y 2m 3d. (GAR Flag.)
            James M.; died 12-3-1865  aged 22y 8d. (GAR Flag.)
            Martha E.; d/o J.W.& M.J., died 10-8-1864 aged 4y 11m 25d.
            James W.; died 12-25-1874  aged 38y 10m 7d.
            Samuel; born 2-23-1773  died 6-25-1858.
            Elizabeth; w/o Samuel, died 9-16-1848 aged 75y 5m 9d.
            Rebecca; w/o Thomas H., died 12-3-1865 aged 68y 8m 17d.
            Thomas H.; died 3-23-1888 aged 91y 10m 23d.
            J.T.; died 2-13-1841  aged 4y 8m 9d.
            Emiline; born 3-25-1848  died 7-13-1849.
            Henry; born 8-30-1774  died 5-13-1851.
            Mary; w/o Henry, born 8-30-1771  died 9-3-1850.
            Mahala; d/o J.D.& S.A. (Note: no dates.)
            Daniel B.; s/o J.D.& S.A. (Note: no dates.)
            J. William; s/o William & E.J., died 4-5-1863 aged 2y 1m 25d
            Martha; died 8-7-1870  aged 53y 4m 18d.
            David D.; died 1-21-1845  aged 39y 2m 13d.
            Harvy; died 3-3-1840  aged 27y 9m 23d.
            Abraham; died 4-5-1843 aged 88y. Stone reads:" A soldier of
                    the Revolution. It is my will that this lot shall
                    remain a burying ground forever." A. Thomas.
            Susanna; w/o Abraham, died 1-25-1821 aged 60y.(Note:Same^.)
            Harrison; died 4-16-1832 aged 19y 6m.
            Everson; s/o A.& M., died 10-17-1833 aged 10m 7d.
            Darias; s/o A.& M., died 10-28-1833 aged 2y 9m 20d.
            Joel; died 8-16-1847  aged 55y 4m 8d.
            John W.; s/o L.D.& Mary, died 7-17-1860 aged 2y 3m 14d.
            Thomas J.; s/o J.V.& J., died 1-22-186? aged 1y 10m.
                    (Note: effaced stone.)
            Hattie Miller; died 11-5-1893  aged 60y 14d.
            Cornelius; died 10-24-1878  aged 74y 1m 5d.
            Rogena; w/o Cornelius, died 5-14-1884 aged 75y 10m 8d.
            Martha W.; died 10-15-1879 aged 27y 5m 17d.
            James; died 7-12-1863  aged 66y 11m 2d.
            Sarah; w/o James, died 8-28-1883 aged 83y 4m 2d.
            Mary J.; w/o H.H., died 3-19-1862 aged 20y 1m 17d.
            Maranda; died 8-9-1847(Note: no age ever inscribed.)
            Shem; died 3-5-1847(Note: no age ever inscribed.)
      (Note: hand engraved stone) T.C.- 1841.
      (Note: two stones like the above stone, nothing engraved.)
            Infant; s/o R.J.& H.K., 1912.
            Maude E.; d/o Charles & Abbie, died 6-26-1876 aged 11m 14d.
            Lydia; w/o William, died 4-30-1874 aged 44y 4m 15d.
            Willie S.; s/o W.& L., died 4-20-1868  aged 1m 1d.
            Orrie; died 3-29-187? (Note: stone effaced.)
            James; 1827-1894. "FATHER"(Note: same stone as Susan.)
            Susan; w/o James, 1836-1914."MOTHER"
            Rudolph; died 3-1-1863 aged 68y.
            Tobias; died 10-20-1896  aged 86y 5m 2d.
            Sarah; w/o Tobias, died 4-14-1869 aged 58y 7m.
            Tobias B.; s/o T.& S., died 7-10-1861 aged 31y 6m 29d.
            Benjamin B.; died 4-21-1900 aged 65y 7m 10d."Come Home."
            Minor L.; 1818-1879.(Note: same stone as Maria,
                    Sallie & Walter.)
            Maria H.; 1820-1881.
            Sallie Krise; w/o T.S. Dye, born 1853  died 1886.
            Walter E.; 1878-1889.
            Jane; w/o Jacob Y., died 12-3-1873 aged 41y 2m 5d.
    _______, ______ died Aug.______ in her 39th year.
                    (Note: top of stone gone.)
            Betsy; w/o Samuel, died 9-29-1870 aged 74y 4m 14d.
                    (Note: same stone as Peter W. & Samuel.)
            Samuel; born near Lexington,KY. on 2-24-1790 died 7-3-1878.
            Peter W.; died 1-31-1870 in his 71st year.
            Josias; a native of Mercer Co.,Penn. died 7-29-1884
                    aged 77y 6m 19d. (Note: same stone as Sarah.)
            Sarah; w/o Josias, died 8-20-1892 aged 82y 11m 5d.
            Fidelia; w/o J.E., died 7-15-1875 aged 23y 3m 1d.
            Infant; s/o J.E.& F., born 6-24-1875 died 6-27-1875.
            Infant; s/o J.B.& M.J., died 11-23-1873.
            Ruth; d/o Joseph & Ruth, died 7-2-1876 aged 36y 7m 2d.
            Rhoda; wid/o Charles, died 10-29-1840 aged 64y 10m.
            Charles; died 10-28-1838 aged 63y 10m 28d.
                    (Metal Soldier Emblem.)
            Abigail; w/o John, died 12-6-1847 in her 62nd year.
            John; died 7-13-1860 aged 78y.
            Zimri B.; s/o G.M.& M., died 5-11-1858 aged 19y 10m 10d.
            ________; w/o ______Pearson, died 4-20-1862 aged__y 1m 6d.
                    (Note: stone weathered.)
            Francis M.; 1886-1945. (Note: same stone as Mary.)
            Mary M.; w/o Francis, 1888-1923.
            Rachel Anne; born 5-30-1883 died 5-7-1966 "MOTHER".
            Sylvester J.; Ohio Sgt. 387 Inf., 97 Div. WWII
                    born 9-8-1923  died 4-15-1945.
            Rosanna; 1842-1910.
            Haly; 1850-1878 "Across the River."
            Margery; born 3-7-1818  died 6-8-1883. "Our Mother."
            Jesse; died 10-9-1870  aged 53y 2m 7d.
            Enoch P.; died 8-28-1870  aged 30y 11m 4d.
            Sarah B.; d/o Jesse & Margery, died 4-18-1863 aged 4y 9m 22d
            William; died 12-4-1900  aged 58y 8m 12d.
            Mary E.; died 6-5-1936 aged 82y.(Same stone as William.)
            Sarah; died 1879  aged 85y. (Same stone as Rebecca.)
            Rebecca; w/o Preston, died 11-25-1888 aged 53y 10m 3d.
            Daniel; died 8-3-1890 aged 61y 6m 27d.
            Susannah; w/o Daniel, died 12-24-1893 aged 64y 11m 1d.
                    (Note: same stone as Daniel.)
      ?, ____(Note: just a base of a stone, top is missing.)
            Loretta; 1864-1901. (Note: same stone as Samuel &
                    Harriet Syler.)
            Martha Ann; d/o C.& M., died 10-23-1860 aged 4y 2m 10d.
            Aurthor F.; s/o D.S.& O.C., died 1-23-1861 aged 1y? 8m.
            Henry H.; s/o J.& S., died 3-12-1863 aged 2y 2m 9d.
            Emma; w/o Ernest, died 7-6-1880 aged 24y 3m 28d.
            Anna; w/o Silas, died 10-22-1877 aged 24y 28d.
            W.P.; 1858-1934.
                    (Note: same stone as Sarah.)
            Sarah; 1855-1895.
            Allen; born 11-10-1825  died 1-2-1898 "FATHER".
            Cynthia; 1836-1909. (Note:same stone as Allen.)
            Mabel C. Hackett; 1871-1933.
            James; 1864-1940.
            Catherine; 1834-1915.
            Ellen; 1860-1885.
            Emanuel; 1857-1927.
            Eva; d/o H.H.& Susan, died 11-10-1883 aged 3y 10m 21d.
            Henry H.; 1840-1909.
            Susan; w/o Henry H., 1847-1908.
            Claude Allen; born & died 1-2-1916.
            Joseph D.; died 12-19-1899  aged 68y 4m 8d.
            Peter; died 5-6-1883 aged 48y 8m 2d.(Note:same stone as
                    Leah & Levi Long.)
            Leah; w/o Peter, died 10-14-1896 aged 59y 6m 15d.
            Levi; died 8-8-1883 aged 49y 3m 25d.(GAR Flag.)"Our Brother"
                    (Note: same stone as Peter & Leah Brown.)
            Hiram W.; 1850-1916.
            John; died 8-15-1883 aged 74y 16d. (Soldier.)
            James S.; died 4-21-1882 aged 38y 5m 21d.
      ???, large pyramid type stone, completely sunken into ground.
            All that is left out is the very top.
            Harriet E.; w/o Ira, 1852-1917. "Mother".
            Ira; Co.G 196th Ohio Inf. (Flag on grave.)(GAR)
            Zan; born 1-29-1861  died 10-24-1903.
      ???, (Note: following stone has no names.) Mother 1865-1937.
            Cory; 1881-1945. "Father".
            Thomas; died 9-18-1875  aged 14y 2m 15d.
            John; 1854-1893.
            Ira B.; s/o D.& S., died 1-12-1866 aged 12y 3m 13d.
            William F.; s/o D.& S., died 8-3-1908  aged 57y 7m 27d.
            A.R.; (Note: rest of stone illegible.)
            George; died 9-17-1838 aged 70y 5m 7d.(1776 Flag.)
            Foot stone only; Census shows that a Kutcher Family
                    lived in the area.
            Wade; died____?  aged 11y 5m 15d.
            Jane B.; born 11-25-1843  died 12-3-1865.
            Alta; 1869-1905. (Note: All same stone \_/ )
            Harriet; 1841-1896.
            Jennie; 1865-1901.
            Mary A.; 1867-1906.
            Samuel; 1842-1873.
                    (Note: also a Loretta Kneisly on this stone.)
            David; born 1792  died 9-11-1859. (War of 1812 Flag.)
            Barbara A.; died 9-10-1873 aged 35y. (Stone broken-
                    source of info-census records & Death Book I
                    1867-1879 Miami Co. Probate.)
            George; s/o A.& C., died 3-22-1865 aged 4m 22d.
            James C.;  (Note: broken stone, illegible.)
            John Sr.; died 9-28-1868  aged 73y 1m 20d.
            Martha; died 8-7-1870  aged 53y 4m 18d.
            Caroline S.; 1841-1874.
      4 stones down on east side- illegible.
      2 child stones down, unreadable.

    Troy Daily News Sep. 20, 1937 - 
    Troy woman buried in Thomas Cemetery,  Funeral services for Mrs. Addie Grigsby, 77 wife of George Grigsby of 
    Pennsylvania avenue were held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon from the Irvin Funeral Home and burial was made
    in Thomas Cemetery south of Troy. Pall bearers included Norris & Elwood Hackett, Kenneth Babcock, George Frees,
    George Macy & Art Reed. 
    In 2008 the township trustees made arrangement for straightening the tombstones so the mowers could mow with little effort.  
    So now you don't know if the stone is over the grave exactly.  So keep this in mind when visiting.

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