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    Shellabarger Graveyard
    (also known as the PRIEST Cemetery)

    From page 81 of the book:
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio
    by Joseph H. Bosserman

    This cemetery is fenced in and maintained by the Newberry Township Trustees. It is located in the southwest quarter of Section 21 and is along the east side of McMaken Road, north of State Route 36, and just north of the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks (RR now gone). According to dates on the stones the first burial was in 1848. The cemetery is still active, the last burial being in 1977, The first burial was that of an infant son of David and Sarah (nee Rudy) Shellabarger. The following readings were taken on 27 Jul 1979 by Joseph H. Bosserman and Gale E. Honeyman. The readings were updated in September 2003 by Michael Supinger.

  Row one (east side of Cemetery)
  DRAVING, Abraham L., 1898-1964
  DRAVING, Iva Mae, May 12 1903 - 26 Jun 1976
  Row two:
  DRAVING, Forest E. 1894-1968   | four
  DRAVING, Flora B.  1884-1977   | on
  DRAVING, Lucille A.  1924-( )  | same
  DRAVING, Basil R.  1921-2000   | stone, plus Military Marker (below)
  DRAVING, Basil R., U.S.Army Air Force WW-2, 19 Nov 1921 - 2 Jan 2000

  DRAVING, Gust   1866-1935  "father"
  DRAVING, Susie V. 1860-1939 "mother"
  PRIEST, Hiram  1848-1926   Rebecca  1854-1928  s/s
  SHELLABARGER, Albert H.  1878-1969
  SHELLABARGER, Jacob  1857-1942   Alice 1869-1916    s/s

  Row three:
  SHELLABARGER, Elizabeth, w/o Rudy D., died 25 Jan 1888, age 26y 7m 17d
  SHELLABARGER, Rudy D., died 21 Dec 1881, age 23y 2m 18d
  SHELLABARGER, Julian,  died 12 Jul 1874, age 24y 6m 22d
  SHELLABARGER, Fannie, d/o David & Sarah, died 31 Jan 1860, age 1y 4m 6d
      ______, blank stone with nothing carved on it.
  SHELLABARGER, Samuel, s/o D. & S.A.  d: 6 Jan 1848, age 3 weeks, 1d
  SHELLABARGER, David, died 24 Mar 1903, age 78y 11m 19d
  SHELLABARGER, Sarah, w/o David, died 27 Sep 1887, age 56y 6m 5d
      ______, broken stone
      ______, foot stone, initials F.S.

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