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    Saylor Graveyard

    BURROUGHS, Sarah, died Feb. 8, 1864, age 68 yrs.10 mo. 5da.
    WALLETT, Mary Margaret w/o of Daniel, died Nov. 20, 1853, age 66yrs. 1mo.12da. 
    LWAS, Emma G., d/o  F.M. & E.H., died Jan. 27, 1854, age 5yrs. 11mo. 27da.
    BILLETT, Rudolph 1821-1900
    BILLETT, Sarah A. 1830-1869
    BILLET, Ellen E. 1864-1864
    BILLETT, Joseph R. 1861-1876
    SMITHLEY, Charles A. s/o G.W. and M.E., died May 9, 1874, age 11 mos. 27 da. 
    SMITHLEY, Warren J. s/o J.W. & C., died July 28, 1872, age 2mo. 23 da.
    SMITLEY, Solomon, died Dec. 25, 1895, age 87 yrs. 3mo. 9da.
    SMITLEY, Mary M. w/o Solomon, died Apr. 2, 1873, age 62yrs. 6mo. 9da.
    STAFFORD, Margaret, w/o G. J., died Sept. 13, 1844, age 22yrs. 6da.
    STAFFORD, Martha, d/o G.J. & M., died Sept. 6, 1844, age 2yrs. 2 mo. 6 da.
    STAFFORD, Catherine w/o Ralph, died Jan. 19, 1853, age 69yrs. 8mo. 3da.
    STAFFORD, Ralph, died July 31, 1839(?) in the 64 yr. of his age
    BILLET, Samantha B. d/o Rudolph(?) and S. Billet died Nov. 16, 1860, age 3y
    MORRIS, David H., Sen. a native of New Jersey and pioneer of the Western Country.
              He was one of the very first white men that traversed the Miami Valleys which he did as a soldier under General Harmar and as a hunter. In his youth he was a soldier of the Revolution.  Previous to 1800 he settled amid the Forests in this vicinity and married Eve Ann Sailor with whom he lived happily for more than forty years. On the 3rd of April 1843 he departed this life in the 71st (?) year of his age, in full assurance of a blissful  Immortality leaving a large family to inherit his name & remember his many virtues. 

    MORRIS, Eve Ann w/o D. H., died Nov. 9, 1838 age 61(?) yrs. 11 mo. 24 da.
    SAYLOR, Jacob, died Nov. 23, 1838, age 94yrs. 7mo. 20da.
    STAFFORD, Mary w/o Joseph, died Aug. 16, 1846, age 67yrs. 9mo. 20 da.
    STAFFORD, Joseph, died Dec. 30, 1838, age 66yrs. 4mo. 24da.
    STAFFORD, Nancy d/o Joseph & Mary 
    STAFFORD, Daniel s/o James and S., died Jan. 16, 1815, age 2mo. 2 da.
    STAFFORD, Sarah w/o James, died Jan. 30,1842, age 61yrs. 11mo. 19 da.
    STAFFORD, James, died Dec. 13, 1855, age 77yrs. 8mo. 26da.
    STAFFORD, Alonzo D. s/o Edward & S.A., died Mar. 3, 1849, age 3mo. 19da.
    STAFFORD, Henry Galvin, s/o Edward & Sarah A., d. Aug.29,1853,age12yrs.7mo.1da
    STAFFORD, Albert H. died Sept.16,1852,age 9yrs. 11mo. 16da., s/o W.H. & M.E.
    STAFFORD, Sarah E. died Sept. 16, 1852 age 1yr. 1mo. 13da., d/o W.H. & M.E.
    STAFFORD, Wm. E., died July 3, 1849, age 38yrs. 8mo. 12 da.
    STAFFORD, Harriett N. w/o Wm., died April 19, 1848, age 32yrs.
    HARLESS, Jacob, died Aug. 25, 1870, age 70yrs, 7mo. 7da.
    HARLESS, Rebecca w/o Jacob, died April 7, 1889, age 81yrs. 7mo. 7da.
    NEAL, Clarence s/o J. K. & M.A., died Sept.30, 1899, age 7yrs, 1mo.
    SCOTT, Thomas "father", Oct. 1, 1847 - (  )
    SCOTT, Charles E., June 8, 1880 - Aug. 12, 1896, age 16yrs. 2mo. 4 da.
    SCOTT, Elizabeth "mother", Jan. 15, 1851 - Jan 20, 1907, age 56yrs. 5 da.
    SAYLOR, William W. s/o J.P. & Hannah, died Aug.7, 1861, age 18yrs. 8mo. 8da.
    SAYLOR, Abram, s/o J.P. & H., died Mar. 18, 1849, age 18 da.
    SAYLOR, John P. s/o J.P. & H., died Mar. 1, 1849, age_____
    SAYLOR, Margaret w/o J.P., died Sept. 17, 1846, age 69yrs. 8mo. 6da.
    SAYLOR, John P. died Mar.4, 1857, age 82yrs. 3mo. 12 da.
    _________(stone dated 1806(?) rest of inscription illegible)
    SAYLOR, George, b. May 16, 1846 died___   The name on this typed sheet is x'd out.
    ARMSTRONG, John P. husband of Emma S., died Sept. 6, 1863, age 34y. 11m 19d.
    SAYLOR, John, died Jan.8, 1859, age 44yrs. 6mo. 22da. The name is x'd out on the typed sheet.

    These added by Sandi Evilsizer Koscak March 2008

    ARMSTRONG,James d1863 62y3m7d b 1800 in VA
    ARMSTRONG, Hannah, wife of James d1877 71y4m21d b 1805
    ARMSTRONG, Manoah son of J & H d 2/5/1854 19y 3m 21d  b1843
    BURROUGHS,William d 1851 58y
    DAVIS,Stephen d1864 66y 6m 18d
    DAVIS Joseph d1869 (1860?)61y 5m 16d
    HAWN, John d1865 70y9m16d Soldier War of 1812
    HAWN, Catherine wife of John d1855 54y
    HAWN,Jonathan d1909 70y5m
    HAWN, Hannah,wife of John d1867 27y 8m
    POLLARD,Joseph d 3/1/1863 36y
    POLLARD, Jane (Ramsey) wife of Joseph d1893 74y 7m 15d
    SAYLOR,Hannah, wife of John d1849 34y8m
    SAYLOR,Harrison son of J M & Catherine d1854 19y 4m 8d
    SAYLOR, Joseph d 2/1838 b 1772 War of 1812
    SAYLOR, Jacob Sr d1860 79y 6m 28d (emigrated 1800 married Rachel McPherson)
    SAYLOR, Rachel wife of Jacob Sr d1854 68y 6m 5d
    SHANK, laura, wife of Jacob d1853 69y 8m 3d
    STAFFORD,William E d 7/3/1849 38y 8m 12d
    STAFFORD, Mary, wife of James d 1879  b 4/7/1837
    STAFFORD,William R 1835-1907
    STAFFORD,Harriet, wife of Wm R d1864 20y 8m 22d
    STAFFORD,Sarah W d 1867 30y 8m 18d
    STAFFORD,Sarah A d 1867 30y 8m 18d
    STALEY, Elias d1866 76y 5m 26d
    STALEY,Hannah wife of Elias d 1880  b 1800
    STALEY, John d 1895
    WALKER,William B d 9/5/1861 37y 8m 1d
    WALKER, Margaret, wife of Wm B 1831-1919

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