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Copied 1974. According to Mary Helen Pemberton, there were 27 stones in 1953. This reading was taken in the summer and some may have been grown over.

BYRKETT, Nancy wife of Solomon, May 2, 1845 42y 8m 18d

EVANS, Susan, consort of Joseph Evans, July 11, 1810 aged 32y 6m 15d

EVANS, Joseph, on the first day of the 12th month AD 1837, 64y 10m 20d

JAY, Walter 9-9-1865 78y 11m 24d

Mary, 8-6-1868 80y 7m 29d

IDDINGS, the infant dau. of Samuel & Sarah born 2-28-1848

KELLER, Mary Jane died July 17, 1839

PICKERING, Burrill, died 1-7-1873 66y 3m 29d

Lurana w/o Burill, died 1-5-1898

Glabenge, died 4-13-1873 21y 9m 27d

TATE, Rebecca w/o Dr. H. died 12-23-1838 aged 33y

WILEY, Sophia Ann, d/o ?? & Hannah died 9-9-1853 10m 20d

S.E.P. initials only

R.T. initials only

POTTER, Susan Evans w/o Joseph, d. 8-11-1840 32 yrs

This cemetery is located over the hillside, continuing East from the alley that lies to the south side of the West Milton Nazarine Church. A number of stones were broken into numerous pieces, rendering them unreadable.

Source: GAB Spring 1975 and Summer 1975 Vol V No. 1 Contributed by Gale E. Honeyman 

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