Miami County, Ohio Genealogical Researchers -- Sponsored by the Computerized Heritage Association

    Union Township, Miami County, Ohio
    also known as LAURA CEMETERY

    This cemetery is on rare occasion refered as the Laura Cemetery. It is located in the Northeast quarter of Section 10, Town 7, Range 4. It is on the North side of Coppock Road, a quarter of a mile West of Wright Road, less than one mile East of Miami- Darke County Line.

    (Starting at west side of the old part)
    FIRST ROW- south to north
    (no surname given), Myra-Corilla(Note: no dates, just two names
                            on same stone.)
    WRIGHT, Harley; s/o William & S., died 1-9-1877 aged 5m 18d.
            William; 1840-1876.
            Susannah; 1842-1912. (same stone as William.)
    WINTRO, Collin J.; died 4-12-1870 aged 24y 4m.(GAR)
    PENNY, Mary A.; w/o T.W., born 4-27-1818 died 10-15-1863
                    aged 45y 5m 18d.
    CORNOR, Augustus; s/o S.& E., died 2-18-1863 aged 22y 19d.
    TUCKER, Sarah A.; d/o H.& O., died 8-11-1860 aged 1y 12d.
    HILL, Mary; w/o Jonas, died 8-3-1875 aged 80y 6m 25d.
          Jonas; died 2-18-1859 aged 71y 11m 18d.
    SANDO, Harvy; s/o S.& C., died 8-13-1856 aged 1y 7m 11d.
    DUNCAN, George W.; s/o J.B.& E.P., died 7-15-1855 aged 1y 3m 19d.
    OLDHAM, George W.; 1857.
    THOMPSON, Minerva A.; d/o R.L.& P.J., died 1-8-1859 aged 5m 19d.
    HAHN, Adaline; w/o Samuel, died 10-22-1858 aged 28y 3m 16d.
    LICKLIDER, Jacob; died 1-29-1875 aged 86y 6m 18d.
               Susannah; w/o Jacob, died 2-12-1881 aged 90y 9m 19d.
    HARSHBARGER, Eliza; w/o Jonas, died 9-28-1884 aged 74y 13d.
                    (Note: same stone as Jonas.)
                 Jonas; died 10-4-1858 aged 16y 8m 5d.
    PENNY, Newel; s/o _.D.& E(?), died 11-5-1858 aged 12d.
                    (Note: stone partly effaced.)
    SHAFFER, Arobell; d/o F.& M., _____(Note: completely underground.)
    KELLY, Orodine; s/o Elam & Sarah, died 10-30-1854 aged 20y 7m 5d.
    (Note: large stone that is almost totally underground, only about
                    2 inches of top showing.)
    HAMSBARGER?, Mary; d/o George & Mary, died 1-136-1861 aged 3y 2m 3d.
    HANSBARGER, Infant; d/o George & Mary, died 12-24-1860 aged 1d.
    RICHARDSON, Ausborn E.T.; s/o Henry & Mary, died 8-13-1860
                    aged 1y 1m 4d.
                Mary E.; died 9-4-1860 aged 3y 7m 5d.
    WRIGHT, Corilla; 1869-1906. (Note: this stone is broken off at base)
    SECOND ROW- north to south
    HANSBARGER, John; s/o George & Mary, born 1-23-1844 died 8-29-1849.
    McCOOL, John; died 6-7-1862 aged 42y 3d.
    HALL, John P.; s/o J.& P., died 1-12-1857 aged 1y 1m 18d.
    McCOOL, Susanah; d/o J.& I.(or A.)J., died 11-16-1857 aged 1y 6m 16d
    (Note: old stone- nothing on.)
    PECK, Elias; s/o W.& E., died 9-27-1852 aged 1y 10m 25d.
          Eliza; w/o W., died 3-15-1854 aged 40y 23d.
    CAPRON, Mary Jane; d/o Seth & Elizabeth, died 8-23-1860
                    aged 1y 7m 2d.
            Eli; s/o Seth & Elizabeth, died 9-14-1860 aged 3y 9m.
    MOYER, Paul; died 10-14-1861 aged 41y 6m 29d.
    SHUFF, Samuel Harrison; s/o E.S.W. & Sarah Jane, died 1-5-1862
                    aged 3y 2m 13d.
    ______, _______; died 1-11-1862 aged 7y 4m 9d.(Note: stone with
                    top gone.)
    OLDHAM, Susan V.; 1858-1861.
    BYER(LY), Elizabeth; d/o David & (Mary), died 3-16-(1863)
                    aged 13y 7m (25d).(Note: stone broken and placed
                    in ground sideways.)
    BYERLY, Mary; d/o D.& M., died 9-27-1863 aged 16y 7m 5d.
            Mary; w/o David, died 5-21-1881 aged 62y 10m 4d.
    DITMER, Corilla A.; 1846-1879.
            John R.; 1845-1923.(Note: same stone.)
            Ransom E.; s/o J.& C.A., died 8-15-1879 aged 7m 6d.
    (Note: stone with top gone.)
    THIRD ROW- south to north.
    PENNY, Jasper; s/o Daniel & M.J., died 4-19-1879 aged 6m 21d.
    HAWORTH, Sampson; born 7-21-1819 died 11-10-1901 aged 82y 3m 20d.
    McCOOL, Samuel H.; died 4-10-1864 aged 23y 6m 22d.
    WRIGHT, Eliza A.; d/o J.& S., (Note: no dates ever engraved.)
            Susannah; d/o John & Sarah, died 8-1-1863 aged 1y 7d.
    JONES, Isaac W.; s/o H.H.& Jane, died 4-1-1863 aged 1y 1m 1d.
           Sarah; w/o Ahijah, died 3-21-1862 aged 26y 11m 9d.
           John W.; s/o A.& S., died 2-25-1862 aged 21y 10m 11d.
    PENNY, Harvey H.; s/o Thomas W.& Mary A., died 1-5-1861
                    aged 3y 7m 5d.
    JONES, Horace M.; s/o Harvy H.& Jane, died 5-26-1861 aged 5y 2m 20d.
    PENNY, Henry; s/o T.A.& S., died 2-16-1860 aged 1y 9m 9d.
    PECK, Elizabeth; w/o Abraham, died 6-27-1855 aged 27y 10m 20d.
          Manerva; d/o A.& E., died 12-2-1855 aged 2y 10m 25d.
          Sarah C.; d/o Abraham & Elizabeth, died 10-23-1857
                    aged 6y 11m.
          Susannah; d/o A.& S., died 10-20-1858 aged 1y 2m 9d.
    PENNY, Susanna; d/o John & R., died 12-4-1854 aged 13y 5m 18d.
           Commodore; s/o Liberty & Sarah Ann, died 12-13-1860
                    aged 11d.
           Eunice; d/o H.& R., died 10-3-1854 aged 8y 8m 23d.
    THOMPSON, Lucinda; d/o I.& Nancy, died 4-10-1843 aged 16y 4m 5d.
              Nancy; w/o Israel, died 4-14-1842 aged 41y.
    DAVIS, Rebecca; w/o Isaac, died 3-17-1840 aged 18y 11m 13d.
    DITMER, Infant; d/o G.W.& E., died 12-31-1859.
    RICHARDSON, George J.; died 9-23-1848 aged 19y 11m 14d.
                John; s/o G.& M., died 6-24-1847 aged 51y 7m 11d.
    MARCUM, Catharine M.; w/o Valentine, died 6-15-1866 aged 20y 2m 12d.
    MOTE, Rachel; w/o E., died 3-16-1855 aged 32y 6m 4d.
    RICHARDSON, Mary; d/o Richard & Rachel, died 9-25-1859
                    aged 16y 1m 8d.
                Richard; consort of Rachel, died 4-20-1847
                    aged 37y 8m 5d.
                George; died 7-25-1843 aged 70y.
                George; died 9-21-1850 aged 20y 2m 15d.
    FOURTH ROW- north to south
    BROOKINS, Henry; died 9-11-1848 aged 60y.
    HARSHBARGER, Naomi E.; d/o Jonas & Elizabeth, died 10-2-1847
                    aged 15y 9m 13d.
                 John; s/o Jonas & Elizabeth, died 12-21-1854
                    aged 17y 1m 16d.
    McCOOL, Thomas; s/o Riley & Mary Ann, died 3-9-1845 aged 1y 1m 13d.
    MILES, Margaret; w/o William, died 2-12-1847 aged 53y 6m 27d.
    HUNT, Susanah; w/o Elijah, died 1-29-1841 aged 35y 2m 26d.
          Elijah; died 11-25-1858 aged 57y 11m 7d.
          Sophia; w/o Ralph, died 4-26-1859 aged 34y 7m 26d.
    MOTE, Mary; w/o William, died 8-17-1849 aged 27y 7m 3d.
    PENNY, Thomas; died 11-19-1851 aged 68y 10m 4d.
           Christianna; w/o Thomas, died 1-20-1851 aged 77y 2m 14d.
    MOTE, Ahijah; s/o E.& R., died 5-6-1854 aged 1y 4m 23d.
    ANTHONY, Martha J.; died 3-9-1855 aged 20y 8m 9d.
    ______, (RI?)____;died 1-9-1858 aged 35y 3m 23d.
                    (Note: stone with top gone.)
    BYERLY, Levi S.; s/o D.& M., died 3-3-1858 aged 2y 26d.
            (Note: stone effaced.)
    MOTE, Rhoda; w/o A., died 8-11-1853 aged 29y.
    BYERLY, Sarah Ann; d/o David & Mary, died 3-9-1858 aged 14y 8m 5d.
    BROWN, _______; ___Elias & Elizabeth, died 10-8-1860 aged 8y 5m 28d.
                    (Note: stone broken in three places.)
           John Henry; s/o Harvey & Jane, died 7-5-1861 aged 4y 17d.
    (Note: stone with top gone all that is readable is:)
            _____4y __m 20d.
    JONES, Erwin; s/o A.& S.,  died 7-31-1861.
    WRIGHT, Jenie; d/o William & S., died 11-30-1874 aged 1y 1m 18d.
            Albert; s/o William & Susanna, died 3-6-1867 aged 1y 6m 3d.
            Caroline; d/o William & S., _____(Note: rest of inscription
                    cemented under base.)
    PENNY, Hariet (Y.?); d/o (Abraham?) & Sarah, died 9-30-1862.
                    (Note: rest cemented underground.)
    (Note: large stone completely sunk into ground all that can be seen
            is decoration of open Holy Bible at top.)
    PENNY, Infant; s/o M.& L.E., died 3-7-1864 aged 28d.
           Mary E.; d/o M.& L.E., died 2-21-1863 aged 6m.
    JONES, Infant; s/o H.R.& J., died 4-19-1876.
           Bascom H.; born 8-2-1866 died 4-8-1884.
    WHITE, Charles A.; 1863-1960.
           Amanda E.; 1863-1904.(same stone.)
    Stones of base along church
    DITMER, Corllia? Ann; w/o John, died 2-6-1879.(Note: stone broken.)
    THOMPSON, Israel; died 3-11-1863 aged 63y 2m 2d.
    FIFTH ROW- south to north
    TUCKER, Lydia; w/o Isaac N., died 7-1-1887 aged 45y 5m 20d.
    NORTH, William; born 2-25-1807 died 2-22-1899.
    HALL, Elsie Huddleson; w/o James T., died 9-23-1876 aged 43y 4m 29d.
    (Note: hand made small stone- nothing on.)
    THOMPSON, Elisabeth E.; w/o Israel, died 3-25-1876 aged 22y 17d.
    ANTHONY, Amos; s/o J.& R., died 2-6-1863 aged 4m 13d.
             Lorenzo; s/o J.& R., died 2-5-1863 aged 2y 2m 4d.
    HAWORTH, John; died 11-13-1878 aged 71y 6m 8d.
             Hester; w/o Sampson, died 8-7-1878 aged 55y 5m 15d.
             Sarah; w/o John, died 5-17-1870 aged 60y 1m 21d.
    PENNY, John; died 3-31-1870 aged 53y 2m 16d.
           John; died 3-1-1864 aged 84y 5m 25d.
           Esther; w/o John Sr., died 12-5-1860 aged 75y 9m 4d.
    (Note: small stone almost completely underground) Susannah____
    MOTE, Richard; s/o E.& R., died 7-22-1854 aged 5y 4m 29d.
    RICHARDSON, Sarah; d/o William W.& E., died 3-7-1841 aged 6m 9d.
                Sarah; d/o John & Mary, died 7-24-1849 aged 1y 10m 4d.
    JONES, Susannah; d/o H.& R., died 2-9-1850 aged 10m.
    SWINGER, Rebecca; d/o C.& M., died 7-17-1849 aged 1y 9m 13d.
    RICHARDSON, Laban J.; s/o William W.& E., died 7-14-1849
                    aged 2y 5m 20d.
    PENNY, _____; s/o____, died 9-26-1847 aged _y __m 2d.
                    (Note: stone is effaced.)
    HARSHBARGER, Anna; d/o G.& M., died 8-22-1850 aged 6m 8d.
    FESS, Sarah;d/o H.& M.J., died 2-8-1861 aged 20d.
    HAYES, Nicholas; died 3-27-1842 aged 40y.
    THOMPSON, Richard; died 3-25-1847 aged 30y 4m 23d.
    SIXTH ROW- north to south
    OGAN, William; died 6-25-1857 aged 46y 9m 11d.
          Rachel; w/o William, died (unengraved) aged(unengraved.)
          William H.; s/o William & R., a member of Co. H. 99th Reg.
                    O.V.I. killed at the Battle of Chickamauga
                    9-19-1863 aged 20y 3m 18d.
          Thomas J.; died 9-10-1843 aged 5y 7m 29d.
          Sarah A.E.; died 9-8-1849 aged 2y 11m 11d.
          (The above inscriptions are all on same stone.)
          Thomas; died 6-6-1845 aged 66y.
          Sarah Ann E.; d/o William & R., died 9-8-1849 aged 3y 11m 11d.
          Thomas J.; s/o Wiliam & R., died 9-10-1843 aged 4y 7m 29d.
    (Note: stone with initials used as head stone) C.P.
    UPTON, Martha; w/o William, died 2-15-1835 aged 28y 1m 28d.
    MARCUM, Beverly; died 9-5-1834 aged 60y 7m 28d.
    HILL, _at_ar; s/o J.& W., born 10-19-1829 died 7-15-1833
                    aged 3y 9m 4d.
          Asa; s/o J.&M., born 10-29-1831 died 7-17-1833 aged 1y 8m 18d.
    PENNY, Susannah; d/o E.& R., died 10-19-1832 aged 9m.
    (Note: old stone- no inscriptions.)
    PENNY, Margaret; d/o E.& R., born 1-23-1837 aged 4y.
           William H.H.; s/o E.& R., born 11-24-1842 aged 2y.
    THOMPSON, Israel; s/o Jonas & Rachel, died 1-15-1847 aged 22y 6m.
              Sarah C.; w/o R.I., died 9-12-1847 aged 27y.
    COPPOCK, Hannah; w/o John, born 11-29-1820 died 3-27-1853
                    aged 32y 3m 28d.
    WELBAUM, Harvy; s/o Aaron & Esther, died 9-17-1854 aged 1y 29d.
    NEWMAN, Walter C.; s/o Daniel & Mary A., died 9-5-1852
                    aged 1y 7m 17d.
    CAPTRON, Peter; s/o O.& S., died 1-31-1855 aged 3y 8m 24d.
    THOMPSON, Armina; d/o L.& M., died 1-7-1854 aged 4y 5m 23d.
    SIGAFOOS, Charlotte Violia; d/o Dr. J.& M., died 6-17-1853
                    aged 2y 6m 6d.
    THOMPSON, Isaac; s/o L.& M., died 1-31-1854 aged 7y 23d.
              Samuel; s/o L.& M., died 6-1-1854 aged 12y 27d.
    WINTERROWD, Samuel; s/o D.& _., died 9-24-1853 aged___?
                    (Note: stone effaced.)
    HAWORTH, Emma V.; d/o John & Martha, died 1-17-1875 aged 3m 9d.
    (Row ends at church.)
    SEVENTH ROW- north to south.
    FOCKLER, Lydia J.; d/o J.D.& S., died 10-25-1866 aged 1m 15d.
             Amelia; d/o J.& S., born 6-1-1868 died 8-9-1868.
    NORTH, Jane; w/o Laton M., died 11-19-1858 aged 2(6)y (2m).
                    (Note: bottom covered with cement to attach to base)
    NORTH, Rollin Wade; s/o L.M.& J., died 9-8-1859 aged 10m 9d.
    JONES, Sarah; d/o A.& S., died 6-25-1822 aged 1m 16d.
    CAPRON, Laban; s/o William & D., died 1829 aged 1y 6m.
            Alfie; d/o William & D., died 1829 aged 4y 9m.
    PENNY, Infant; d/o ___, died 3-17-185_? aged 1d.
                    (Note: partly effaced.)
    NORTH, Thamer D.; d/o William M.& E., died 8-4-1833 aged 11m 4d.
           Alpha; d/o William M.& E., died 3-22-1834 aged 2y 9m 23d.
    PENNY, Racheal; w/o Thomas, died 9-1-1829 aged 21y 10m 19d.
    NORTH, Daniel; s/o William M.& E., died 3-1-1839 aged 4d.
    PENNY, Thomas; died 12-28-1876 aged 72y 3m 23d.
    NORTH, Infant; s/o William M.& E., died 9-18-1843.
    CAPRON, Mary h.; d/o William & D., died 1842 aged 4y 5m.
    PENNY, Susanna; w/o Thomas, died ___(Note: rest cemented in base.)
                    (d. Dec. 5, 1865 aged 53y 10m 1d.?)
    ALEXANDER, Amos; died 7-3-1846 aged 65y.
    THOMPSON, Labon; s/o L.& M., died 11-14-1848 aged 4y 3m 6d.
    ZEIGLER, Susan; w/o Philip, died 1-4-1849 aged 20y 2m 3d.
    CARRELL, Hester; w/o S., died 8-23-1853 aged 26y 7m 24d.
    JONES, Adaline V.; d/o Hiriam & Sirena, died 7-25-1856 aged 3y 8m 2d
    WINTERROWD, Abigal; d/o _____, died 11-21-1856 aged 4y 11m 24d.
                    (Note: stone chipped.)
                Anna E.; d/o ____, died 3-11-1856 aged 7y 2m 14d.
                            (Note: stone in bad shape, hard to read.)
    McCARTY, Cynthia; w/o Cornelius, died 1-21-1858 aged 22y 10m 21d.
    (Row ends at church.)
    EIGTH ROW- south to north-beginning at church.
    SHARP, Alpha; w/o J.A., died 3-17-1866 aged 26y 9m 9d.
    (Note: stone with top broken off and gone.)
    PENNY, Daniel; consort of Penny, died 4-5-1861 aged 28y 11m 5d.
           Daniel; s/o D.& E.A., died 6-25-1863 aged 1y 8m 7d.
    JONES, Hiram; died 3-29-1856 aged 26y 25d.
    PENNY, Mary; died 12-13-1853 aged 72y 5m.
           Henry; died 4-16-1841 aged 87y 3m 5d.(Rev. Soldier.)
           Hannah; w/o Henry, died 8-3-1829 aged 70y.
    ALEXANDER, Sarah; w/o Amos, died 9-1829 aged 38y.
    YOUNG, Lucinda; d/o J.W.& Susanna, died 9-11-1849 aged 11m 4d.
    SWINGER, Moses E.; s/o C.& M., died 9-15-1853 aged 1y 1m 20d.
             William H.H.; s/o C.& M., died 6-15-1851 aged 1y 5m 29d.
    NINTH ROW- north to south
    MOTE, Isaac R.; s/o William & M., died 9-17-1852 aged 1y 4m 10d.
    WICK, Sarah Ann; d/o John & Elydia, born 3-20-1853 died 10-9-1860
                    aged 2y 4m 19d.
    OGAN, Sarah; w/o Thomas, died 1-30-1861 aged 78y.
                    (Note: rest effaced.)
    BROWN, James; s/o Messer & Elizabeth, born 7-23-1857 died 11-7-1859
                    aged 2y 3m 15d.
    ANTHONY, John; 1828-1905 aged 77y 2m 24d.
    (Note: bottom of stone crumbled, nothing on.)
    (Note: stone used as head stone)  T.P.
    MOTE, Ezekiel;  5-18-1885 aged 77y 2m 26d.
          Grace; w/o Ezekiel, died 4-24-1845 aged 37y 9m 3d.
    JONES, Loid N.; s/o Hiram & Sirena, died 2-8-1853 aged 2y 8d.
    PENNY, Esther; d/o T.& S., died 3-21-1853 aged 4y 3m 1d.
           Calvin C.; s/o T.& S., died 3-31-1853 aged 2y 4m.
    HARSHBARGER, Nathan; s/o G.K.& M.I.,  4-22-1858(Note: no age given.)
                 Rosannah; w/o G.K., died 1-31-1855 aged 17y 5m 18d.
                 Rosannah S.; d/o G.K.& M.I., died 8-29-1857 aged 7m 5d.
    RANK, Rachel; w/o Henry, died 10-27-1855 aged 20y 4m 19d.
    _____, Maria L.; ________(Note: rest cemented inbase.)
    TENTH ROW- south to north
    PENNY, Infant; d/o T.W.& M., died 10-26-1879.
    (Note: stone with no apparent inscription.)
    HUNT, A.D.; died 6-23-1871 aged 6m 10d.
          V.M.; died 3-3-1874 aged 6m 23d.
          Infant; d/o A.J.& M., (Note: A.D.& M.V. on same stone.)
    (Note: stone used as head stone with initials)  T.R.
    WINTROWD, ______; w/o Adam, died 7-18-1851 aged 25y
                    (Note: Stone broken.)
    THOMPSON, Jonah; died 8-3-1828 aged 24y.
    ELEVENTH ROW- north to south
    TODD, Douglas M.;  1964-1966.
    (Note: stone used as head stone with initials)  S.H.
    KELLY, Lucretia M.; d/o Elam & Sarah, died 7-22____
            (Note: rest of inscription cemented into base.)
    MOTE, Penuel; s/o Ezekiel, died 5-7-1833 aged 1y 7m 6d.
    HALL, Sarah; d/o Isaac C.& Anna, died 7-23-1849 aged 19y 19d.
          Anna; w/o Isaac C., died 7-25-1849 aged 40y 5m 25d.
          Isaac C.; died 5-2-1882 aged 75y 10m 18d.
          Anna; w/o I.C., died 7-25-1849 aged 40y 5m 25d.
                    (Note: same stone as Isaac C.)
          Sarah; w/o Amos, died 11-16-1849 aged 71y 10m 5d.Born in S.C.
          Amos; died 6-6-1850 aged 84y 2m 11d.(soldier)
          James; died 3-4-1865 aged 93y.
          Ruth; w/o James, died 4-30-1863 aged 84y.
    ANTHONY, Ruth A.; w/o John, died 4-7-1865 aged 41y 2m 13d.
             Ruth M.; d/o J.& R., died 9-27-1872 age 8y 6m 9d.
    PENNY, Clara E.; d/o T.W.& M., died 8-13-1875 aged 2y 2m 22d.
    GLUNT, Collin J.; s/o Peter & Jane, born 12-1-1852 died 8-12-1876
                    aged 23y 8m 11d.
           Susan; d/o Peter & Jane, born 12-16-1845 died 9-19-1875
                    aged 29y 9m 3d.
    TWELFTH ROW- south to north
    JONES, Infant; s/o R.K.& A.K., died 7-20-1879.
           Leotta M.; d/o R.K.& A.K., died 1-10-1881 aged 3m 12d.
    ANTHONY, Mary; died 1-21-1878 aged 81y 5m 15d.
    (Note: small stone, no inscriptions.)
    PENNY, Adaline; d/o J.W.& S., died 12-31-1875 aged 8y 9m 22d.
    STRICKER, Elisabeth; w/o John, died 3-21-1875 aged 34y 8m 28d.
    NORTH, Esther; w/o W.M., died 3-8-1879 aged 69y 8m 20d.
           Ella; w/o William M. Jr., died 3-30-1881 aged 24y 6m 17d.
    HALL, Ella Maria; d/o Samuel & Mariah, born 7-14-1857
                    died 12-9-1871 aged 14y 4m 25d.
    THOMPSON, (Ja)s. P.____(Note: rest of inscription cemented in base.)
    ______, ______ aged 22y 11m 18d.(Note: stone with top gone.)
    CLEMM, Ann; w/o William W., died 1-6-1865 aged 25y 2m 24d.
    HALL, Emily V.; d/o J.H.& M.M., died 7-16-1871 aged 6y 7m 18d.
    MOTE, Cora A.; d/o D.& L., died 5-16-1867 aged ____
            (Note: stone effaced.)
    ________,____________ 1865 aged 54y 11m.(Note: stone with top gone.)
    NORTH, Ida Maggie; d/o E.M.& M., died 9-19-1871 aged 1y 2m 2d.
           Martha J.; 1843-1875
           Elliott D.; 1863-1879.
           Loura; 1871-1872.
           Willie C.; 1873-1874.
           Adda Z.; 1870-1870
           Annie Z.; 1870-1870.
                (Note: inscriptions from Martha J. to Annie Z. on same
    TODD, Arthur John; 1924-1957.
          Arthur J.; 1899-1961.
          Viola M.; 1902-1959.(Note: same stone.)
    THIRTEENTH ROW- north to south
    COATS, Bethany; 1836-1899.
    PENNY, Agnes S.; w/o H., died 11-1-1827 aged 73y 11m 5d.
    CAPRON, Welcome M.; died 11-15-1879 aged 83y 11m.
            Delana; w/o W.M., died 4-21-1885 aged 83y 9m 9d.
                    (Note: same stone as Welcome.)
    JONES, Callie; w/o E., died 7-3-1882 aged 17y 1d.
           Lorenzo; s/o E.& C., died 2-22-1881 aged 2m 11d.
            (Note: same stone as Callie.)
    WRIGHT, John Jr.; died 12-20-1881 aged 48y 5m 15d.
            Calvin R.; died 11-17-1880 aged 22y 11m 4d.
            Sarah; died 11-17-1895 aged 50y 1m 27d.
    ______, _______ 1873 aged 2m.(Note: broken stone.)
    (Note: stone broken with top gone.)
    PENNEY, John; died 7-3-1873 aged 68y 21d.
    FOURTEENTH ROW- south to north
    COPPOCK, Calvin; s/o Sampson & Elmyra, died 9-28-1871
                    aged 17y 7m 14d.
             Elmyra; w/o Sampson H., died 1-24-1873 aged 38y 8m 11d.
                    (Note: same stone as Sarah Wright.)
    WRIGHT, Sarah; d/o William & Susannah, died 1-24-1873 aged 3m 13d.
    (Note: stone used as head stone with initials.)  C.C.
    NETZLEY, Eunice A.; w/o Jesse, died 6-29-1888 aged 26y 7m 20d.
    HUNT, Arthur B.; s/o R.M.& S.A., died 1-19-1888 aged 7y 7m.
          Leona M.; d/o R.M.& S.A., died 7-24-1888 aged 2m 3d.
          Dora E.; d/o R.M.& S.A, died 11-29-1884 aged 14y 9m 28d.
          Naoma C.; d/o R.M.& S.A., died 11-30-1884 aged 3y 1m.
            (Note: inscriptions for Arthur B. through Naoma C.
                    same stone.)
          Martha A.; d/o R.& L., died 11-5-1884 aged 17y 10m 17d.
          Ralph; died 3-6-1888 aged 63y 11m 9d.
    (Note: stone broken with top gone.)
    HUNT, Richard; died 7-10-1889 aged 52y 2m 2d.
    FENNER, Teresa Ann; d/o Albin & Virginia, born 11-14-1958
                    died 12-13-1958.
    FIFTEENTH ROW- north to south
    KESSLER, Jesse T.; died 2-11-1894 aged 20y 8m 23d.
    NEWPORT, Nancy; w/o Jesse, died 8-16-1891 aged 90y 4m.
                    (Note: same stone as Jesse Kessler.)
    (Note: stone with initials)  M.D.W.
    HAWORTH, William L.; died 3-17-1893 aged 30y 10m 22d.
    BLACKBURN, Elmira; d/o M.& L., died 8-15-1879 aged 36y 2m 22d.
               Lydia; w/o Moses Sr., died 6-5-1883 aged 72y 2m 10d.
               Moses; died 3-31-1877 aged 64y 6m 9d.
    PEARSON, Abel; born 10-16-1799 died 2-2-1878 aged 78y 3m 16d.
    PENNEY, Messer; Co. B. 8th Ohio Cav. (GAR)
    (Note: stone used as head stone with two sets of initials)
            E.G. & S.W.
    McCOOL, Richard Jr.; died 8-15-1874 aged 23y 1m 5d.
    HUNT, Lyddia; w/o Ralph, died 5-1-1874(or 1) aged 35y 5m 29d.
    HENDRIX, ____; w/o William, died 2-14-1874 aged 80y 1m 24d.
                    (Note: stone broken.)
    OAKES, Rachel; w/o David, died 11-22-1873 aged 26y 3m 21d.
    SWANK?, Elizabeth; w/o Eli,(Note: rest of inscription cemented into
    LASURE, Joseph R.; died 5-30-1870 aged 70y 6m 7d.
    TUCKER, Susan C.; 1845-1936.
    SIXTEENTH ROW- south to north
    SHUFF SISTERS, Elizabeth; 1834-1909.
                   Nancy C.; 1841-1917. (same stone)
    SHUFF, Delila; w/o Samuel, died 12-29-1869 aged 62y 9m 12d.
    OLDHAM, Rachel; died 1-5-1870 aged 39y 7m 27d.
    WICK, John H.; died 8-7-1870 aged 54y 4m 5d.
    HAWORTH, Catharine; w/o Isaac, died 5-24-1872 aged 35y 6m 28d.
    HUNT, Mary E.; w/o John W., died 6-16-1872 aged 25y 10m 3d.
    THOMPSON, Ezra; died 2-24-1873 aged 27y 7m 14d.
    PEARSON, Sarah; w/o Abel, died 7-18-1873 aged 68y 7m 22d.
    HALL, Elizabeth; w/o Amos, died 8-4-1873 aged 34y 3m.
    (Note: small stone- nothing on it.)
    HUNT, Caroline E.; w/o A.J., died 2-7-1879 aged 28y 5m 2d.
          Otto Dallie; s/o T.& H., died 7-24-1876 aged 6d.
    HENDRIX, William; died 7-3-1877 aged 93y 8m 21d. A Veteran of
                    the War of 1812, U.S.A.
    HALL, Annice May; d/o J.& M.J., died 12-5-1875 aged 2y 3m 16d.
          Joseph; died 6-1-1881 aged 72y 4m 9d.
    HAWORTH, William L; 1863-1895.
             Isaac; born 9-16-1834 died 12-3-1901.(same stone as Chas.)
             Charles E.; born 5-1-1872 died 8-26-1896.
    RUSSELL, Richard G.; 1910-1930.
             Harvey; 1876-1961."Father."
             Cora Penny; 1876-1955."Mother."(same stone as Harvey.)
    SEVENTEENTH ROW- north to south
    ALBERS, Frazier Walker; born 9-14-1916 died 10-19-1943 in the
                    action over the Himalayen Mountains. S/Sgt.
                    A.S.N. 13049440.
    PAFF, M.Jean; 1881-1961.
    GRAHAM, Warren H.; 1870-1937.
            Claudia M.; 1875-1937.(same stone as Warren.)
            John W.; Co. G. 44 Ohio Inf. (GAR)
    OAKES, David; 1839-1915.
           Heeter; w/o David, 1842-1915.(same stone.)
    HALL, Mandy M.; d/o D.M.& Mary E., born 12-22-1883 died 1-2-1884.
    STANFIELD, Elwood; s/o H.C.& M., died 10-8-1883 aged 1y 1m 14d.
    CAPRON, Charles W.; s/o C.J.& S.M., died 1-15-1887 aged 8y 2m 26d.
    WINTROW, Riley; 1855-1928.
             Della; 1857-1930.(same stone as Riley.)
    (Note: stone used as head stone with initials)  A.P.
    (Note: stone used as head stone with initials) D.E.H.- N.G.H.
    DUNLAP, George A.; died 11-29-1871 aged 26y 24d.
    HUNT, Susannah; d/o Ralph & Sophie, died 11-21-1871 aged 19y 3m 3d.
            (Note: rest of inscription cemented into base.)
    NEWCOMER, Esther; w/o John, died 10-9-1869 aged 28y 8m 2d.
    OAKES, Delilah; w/o David, died 4-28-1869 aged 31y 5d.
    SHAFER, John; died 12-9-1863 aged 22y 10m 3d.
    EIGHTEENTH ROW- south to north
    RICHARDSON, Nancy; d/o John & Mary, died 9-22-1865 aged 44y 1m 27d.
    HUNT, Rebekah; w/o Richard, died 12-24-1865 aged 25y 10m 21d.
    HILL, Sarah; w/o William, died 1-27-1866 aged 29y 10m 17d.
    DERR, Minerva; w/o W., died 5-27-1885 aged 25y 9m 25d.
    GARDNER, Mollie; w/o _____aum, died 5-13-1867 aged 25y 1m 12d.
                    (Note: stone effaced.)
    HALL, Sarah; w/o Joseph, died 1-11-1869 aged 59y 5m 14d.
    RICHARDSON, George A.; s/o H.& M., died 12-26-1870 aged 23d.
    HALL, Emma J.; d/o J.& R., died 7-13-1878 aged 7m 11d.
          Cora J.; d/o J.& L., died 9-18-1878 aged 21d.
    STANFIELD, Manuel; s/o H.C.& M.M., died 9-18-1878 aged 7y 3d.
               Florence; d/o H.C.& M.M., died 10-19-1882 aged 1m 25d.
               H.C.; Co.C. 110th Ohio Inf.(GAR)
    NEWMAN, Walter C.; 1882-1960.
            Clara E.; 1888-1964.(same stone as Walter.)
            Timmy; born 8-3-1942 died 12-21-1943.
    NINETEENTH ROW- north to south
    WORLEY, Emma; 1892-1917."Mother."
            Swan L.; 1879-1949."Father."
            Mary E.; 1896-19__."Mother."(same stone as Swan.)
            Virginia M.; 1924-1925.
    PENNY, Osa; twin sister of Ola, died 12-31-1950.
    GUNCKEL, Ola Penny; 1879-1944.
    PENNY, Liberty S.; 1838-1916.
           Sarah Ann; 1843-1916.(same stone as Liberty.)
           Sampaon H.; died 7-16-1888 aged 21y 1m 14d.
           Dosha; d/o Liberty & Sarah, died 6-1-1887 aged 3y 3m 23d.
                    (Twin daughter.)
    (Note: stone with initials)  T.N.
    COPPOCK, Ira D.; s/o D.& M., died 9-25-1873 aged 21d.
    PENNY, Arthur B.; s/o Liberty & Sarah, died 6-2-187_? aged 1y 5m 5d.
                    (Note: stone chipped.)
    JONES, Adaline; d/o H.H.& Jane, died 1-24-1872 aged 3m 29d.
    HART, William E.; s/o A.J.& M., died 9-16-1868 aged 1y 4m 26d.
    PENNY, Elmyra Alice; d/o Liberty & S.A., died 12-27-1867
                    aged 4y 1m 23d.
    HEATH, William J.; s/o T.& E.A., died 2-21-1871 aged 19m 18d.
    SHUFF, John M.; s/o E.& S., died 7-9-1867 aged 4y 8m 28d.
    WELLBAUM, Harvey; s/o Solomon & Amanda, _______.
    ADDINGTON, Delmont; s/o W.J.& S., died 8-16-1869 aged 3y 4m 5d.
    SHELL, Henry H.; s/o B.F.& C., died 1-3-1867 aged 4m 5d.
           Susannah C.; d/o B.F.& C., died 11-28-1866 aged 1y 6m 14d.
    PENNY, Rosanna; d/o Liberty & S.A., died 7-12-1866 aged 4y 8m 28d.
    OAKES, Norval; s/o D.& D., died 6-25-1866 aged 9m 2d.
    PENNEY, Alzada; d/o Harvy & N., died 4-5-1866 aged 11m 1d.
    HUNT, Daniel M.; s/o A.& E., died 12-13-1865 aged 3m 14d.
    CAPRON, Harriett; d/o D.& S., died 8-5-1865 aged 1y 1m 2d.
            Joseph; s/o L.& E.J., died 12-4-1864 aged 3y 4m 12d.
    SANDO, Ulysses; s/o S.& C., died 10-22-1864 aged 1y 3m.
    JONES, Losin; died 10-3-1864 aged 4y 11m 28d.
    OLDHAN, Bety A.; 1860-1864.
    OAKES, Darleny; d/o D.& D., died 9-18-1864 aged 1y 5d.
    JONES, Cora Ellen; d/o A.& H., died 8-21-1864 aged 7m 23d.
    HILL, John H.T.; s/o W.M.& S., died 5-2-1864 aged 1y 2m 20d.
    TWENTIETH ROW- south to north.
    LOWRY, Infant; d/o W.& R. (note: same stone as Jamima)
           Jamima, Armina & Lavina; all born 11-18-1879 aged 14d.
    HART, Harvey; s/o A.& E.C., died 3-27-1880 aged 3y 8m 9d.
    NETZLEY, Wilbert; s/o _.& P.J., died 1-18-1878 aged 8m 16d.
            (note: stone effaced.)
    OAKES, Sophia; w/o David, died 3-13-1879 aged 34y 10m 21d.
    SWISHER, Sylvia
             Harry O.

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