This cemetery is a couple hundred yards from the Darke-Miami County line.              
    The burials consist of as many (if not more) Miami County Ohio people as        
    those from Darke County. The cemetery is associated with The Harris Creek
    Church Of The Brethren.   Their meeting house sets on the Miami Co side         
    of the line as does the newer Harris Creek Cemetery.  The location of           
    these three places is roughly two miles north of Bradford near Ohio
    State Route 721.
    The gravestone inscriptions found below were copied directly from the   
    stones on 2 July 1977 by Joseph H. Bosserman,  Diane Dunkle Schrader,   
    and Lois Ann Baker.  No new burials have been made in this cemetery     
    since that time.                                                        
    First known burial (from gravestone inscriptions) was S.D.ZERBY who died 
    on 3 Nov 1841 aged 5 months and 6 days.   The last known burial was of   
    Catharine J. SENSEMAN who died in 1907. She was buried beside her husband 
    Jacob Senseman who had died eighteen years before.  Later than Catharine's       
    burial there were graves moved into this place from at least two Miami
    County graveyards, both the CROWELL family and the WISE family and
    perhaps other small family graveyards.

    BECK, Joseph, died 2 Feb 1892 aged 65 yrs       |                                
    McFARLAND, B.F., died 18 Feb 1876, age 84 yrs   | s/s                            
    MILLER, Arthur, died 17 May 1887, aged 2 years  |                                
    RATZLER, Otto H., born in Berlin Prussia 14 Oct 1852, died 1 Aug 1880 age 27y, 9m, 17d.  
    GROSS, Maudie A.. d/o G. & E.J. Gross, died 27 Jan 181 aged 1 yr 20 days  
    HENLEY, John C/G?, s/o J.C. & M. Henley, died 10 Jan 1881 aged 3 yr, 2 mo, 12 days         
    HENLEY, Rosa M., d/o J.C. & M. HENLEY, died 20 Feb 1881 aged ?  -stone effaced-
    COPPOCK, Infant s/o B.F. & M.F. Coppock,  born 16 Dec 1880, died 20 Dec 1880
    IBAUGH, Edith W., d/o Wm. & E.J. Ibaugh, died 20 Oct 1879, aged 1 yr 17 mo, 18d
    RITTENBUSCH, Carl, died 10 Feb 1878 aged 41y, 2m, 21d
    WEAVER, Adam, b 5 Jan 1805, died 7 Oct 1877, 73y, 2m, 2d.
    LAVY, Minerva B., d/o G.C.R. & M.A.C. Lavey, died 2 Nov 1878 aged 1y, 1m.
    LAVY, Charles F.B., s/o G.C.R. & M.A.C. LAVY, died 2 Nov 1878, aged 2y, 5m, 22d.
    LAVY, David W.B., s/o G.C.R. & M.A.C.LAVY, died 6 DEc 1878, aged 1y, 5d.
    KEISER, Eva, w/o William S. Keiser, d 30 May 1882, aged 52y, 8m, 4d.
    KEISER, William, died 2 Jul 1882, aged 55y, 4m, 13d   GAR Marker
    KEISER, George M., died 3 Jul 1870, aged 15y, 4m, 22d.
    LAVY, Hariet G., w/o John G. LAVEY, died 17 Dec 1870, aged 23y, 8m, 28d
    LAVY, Margaret M., w/o Jacob LAVY, died 12 Oct 1868, aged 48y, 2m, 26d.
    BOYD, David K., died 11 Jan 1897, aged 86y, 8m, 20d.
    REIFF, Elizabeth, w/o John REIFF, d/o Henry & Mary SMITH, died 30 Aor 1872 aged 25y, 24d.
    SMITH, Barbara, d/o Henry and Mary Smith, died 5 Oct 1866, aged 24y, 7m, 9d.
    SMITH, Johnny, s/o Henry & Mary SMITH, died 4 Apr 1868, aged 10m, 1d.
    STOVER, Mary Ann, d/0 E.& A.J. Stover, died 19 Feb 1861, aged 1m, 19d.
    STOVER, Ruby M., s/o E. & J. STOVER, died 14 Dec 1881, aged 2y, 24d.
    ETTER, John E., died 21 Jan 1884, aged 68y, 6m, 1d.
    ETTER, Samuel W. died 29 Oct 1882, aged 22y, 7, 28d  | s/s
    ETTER, Elvinia, died 3 Mar 1876, aged 14y, 7m, 17d   | s/s
    BRUMBAUGH, Margaret, w/o Henry Brumbaugh, died 20/30 May 1871, aged 69y, 9m, 4d
    _______, rough salt stone effaced with age, unreadable, likely BRUMBAUGH
    BRUMBAUGH, Henry, died 17 Oct 1885, aged 86y, 7m, 5d
    MAURER, Catharine, w/o John Maurer, born 30 Nov 1842, died 12 Feb 1889, aged 37y, 2m, 13d "Our Mother"
    TURNER, Daniel W., s/o D. & S.A., born 15 May 1876, died 23 Mar 1881
    ROHER, Rebecca, d/o J.M. & B., died 1 Oct 1881, aged 21y, 2m, 19d
    HENLEY, Margaret, w/o J.C. Henley, died 9 May 1881, aged 30y, 4m, 17d
    BRUNNER, Edith M., died 23 Jul 1884, aged 1y, 2m.    |s/s  Children of Philip
    BRUNNER, James E., died 23 Nov 1881, aged 9m, 2weeks |s/s  and America Brenner
    LAIRD, Samuel, died 29 May 1881, aged 75 years
    CHRISTIAN, Elizabeth, d/o H. & C., died 24 Jan 1883, aged 5y, 8m, 8d.
    UNUM, James, died 20 Sep 1893, aged 83y, 6m, 11d.
    HOLLOPETER, Ada M.J., d/o J.W. & S.S. Hollopeter, died 15 Aug 1884, aged 1y, 6m, 2d.
    MILLER, Infant son of J. & M. Miller, died 23 Aug 1884.
    SWANK, Henry, died 27 Feb 1886, aged 77y, 4m, 25d.
    SWANK, Sarah Ann, died 16 Jun 1902, aged 87y, 21d.
    DEETER, Abraham R., 1811-1882        |s/s
    DEETER, Nancy, w/o A.R. Deeter 1824-1902  |s/s
    DEETER, William B.  1854-1880
    HELMAN, Harvy Olonzo, s/o S. & A. Helman, died 9 Oct 1877, aged 2y, 7m, 1d.
    ROHER, Mary Ann, w/o F. Roher, died 11 Oct 1879, aged 47y, 1m, 28d.
    HOLLOPETER, Anna, died 5 Jul 1903, aged 95y, 9m, 5d.
    HOLLOPETER, Simon P., died 15 May 1873, aged 67y, 6m, 29d.
    BRUMBAUGH, Daniel, died 27 Jan 1872, aged 64y, 7m, 12d.
    BRUMBAUGH, Susanah, w/o Daniel died 10 Apr 1882, aged 77y, 6m, 16d. "Mother"  
    LAVY, Mollie D. 1844-1913
    GROSS, Erie Earl, s/o George & Viola Gross, died 21 Apr 1877, aged 3m, 15d.
    LAVY, Daniel, s/o J.G. & F. Lavy, died 13 Dec 1874, aged 1m, 24d.
    WENRICK, Irillie A., d/o J.G. & Mary Wenrick, died 5 Sep 1868, aged 1m, 5d.
    GAUBY, Eli F., s/o Jacob & Christina Gauby, died 22 Apr 1869, aged 23y, 7m, 26d.
    GAUBY, Elizabeth, d/o C. & J. Gauby (stone effaced and very hard to read)
    ETTER, Levi, s/o L. & A. Etter, died 6 Jun 1873, aged 11y, 2m, 29d.
    FEICH, see entry below  
    GABI, Christina, w/o Jacob Gabi, and d/o M. FEICH, died 11 Jun 1873, aged 62y, 2m, 22d
    GAUBY, Jacob, died 16 Oct 1873, aged 70y, 6m, 21d.   
    GAMPER, Edward, born 9 Apr 1841, died 7 Jan 1874, aged 33y, 8m, 27d.
    GAUBY, Abigail, w/o Jacob F. Gauby, died 16 Jan 1874, aged 42y, 6d.
    MARTIN, Henry, s/o V. & P. Martin, died 30 Aug 1893, aged 2m, 23d.
    MARTIN, Martha G., d/o V. & P. Martin, died 4 Sep 1895, aged 3y, 10m, 17d.
    GAUBY, Nancy Ann, w/o Martin Gauby, died 9 JUn 1878, aged 68y, 1m, 9d.
    GAUBY, Martin B., died 29 Dec 1889, aged 84y, 8m, 18d.
    FULKER, Barbara, w/o Peter Fulker, died 27 JUn 1882, aged 88y, 9m, 5d.
    FULKER, Peter, died 21 Dec 1882, aged 80y, 6m.
    GULLERS, William E., s/o R.B. & M.E.Gullers, died 11 Sep 1882, aged 1y, 1m, 11d.
    WAIDE, Martha L., d/o J.E. & M. Waide, died 20 Mar 1886 aged 5y, 20d.
    MILLER, Miranda, w/o J. Miller, died 12 DEc 1886, aged 24y, 2m, 14d.
    ROUTSON, Elizabeth, w/o I. Rouston, died 30 Nov 1883, aged 49y, 5m, 22d.
    RARICK, Elizabeth, w/o Daniel Rarick, died 2 Oct 1883, aged 58y, 8m, 27d.
    RARICK, Daniel, died 6 Nov 1887, aged 59y, 6m, 26d.
    RARICK, David A.  1864-1926
    BRUMBAUGH, Christine  1838-1869
    YOUNT, Lucinda, d/o D. & E. Yount, died 29 Jan 1870, aged 14y, 7m, 14d.
    YOUNT, Elizabeth, w/o Daniel Yount, died 4 Feb 1882, aged 47y, 7m, 5d.
    YOUNT, Daniel, died 4 Mar 1871, aged 37y, 9m, 2d.
    BEANBLOSSOM, John, died 20 Jul1885, aged 92y, 7m, 2d.
    BEANBLOSSOM, Sarah, w/o John Beanblossom, died 22 May 1881, aged 80y, 6m.
    SENSMAN, Jacob 1831-1889                   |s/s   "Father"
    SENSMAN, Carharine J., w/o Jacob Senseman  |s/s   "Mother"
    WASSAM, Nettie G. SENSEMAN  1858-1880
    TURNER, David, born 30 July 1838, died 21 July 1889
    TURNER, William H., s/o D. and S.A. Turner,  born 5 Jan 1879, died 1 Dec 1889
    SMITH, Samuel J., s/o G. and C. Smith, died 21 Nov 1876, aged 2y, 5m, 16d.
    WILLIAMS, Infant d/o D.& R. Williams, died 16 Jan 1871
    MAURER, Ernest E., s/o J. & C. Maurer, died 21 Jul 1882, aged 11y, 3m, 7d.
    WARNER, Isaac Ortonville, s/o Moses & S.A. Warner, died 21 Fen 1866, aged 3y, 5m, 9d.
    BIGLER, John, s/o N.C. & Hanah Bigler, died 30 Aug 1860, aged 6y, 2m, 3d.
    RAIRAIGH, Lewis K., s/o S. & B. Rairigh, died 13 Nov 1860, aged 2y, 7m.
    HERSHNER, Margaret J., d/o John & Rachel Hershner, 18 Dec 1860, aged 2y, 2m, 18d.
    LINDERMUTH, Ida May,d/o D. & M. Lindermuth, died 1 Apr 1863 aged 7m, 24d.
    LINDERMUTH, Irwin, s/o D. & M. Lindermuth, died 22 Feb 1864 aged 19 days.
    LINDERMUTH, William L., s/o D. & M. Lindermuth, died 15 Oct 1874 aged 4y, 4m, 21d.
    LINDERMUTH, Andrew H., s/o D. & M. Lindermust, died 27 Oct 1875 aged 9y, 8m, 18d.
    LINDERMUTH, Sarah E., d/o Davie & Maria Lindermuth, died 27 Oct 1875 aged 9y, 8m, 18d.
    YOUNG, Aaron A., s/o F. & R.A. Young, died 26 Jan 181, aged 11y, 2m, 29d.
    NILL, Ellen, died 23 Jan 1884 aged 12y, 1m, 25d.
    BATTY, Maggie, d/o A. & B. Batty, died 8 Aug 1886 aged 4m, 18d.
    NILL, Milroy F., s/o D. & M. Nill, died 13 Mar 1892 aged 9m, 1d.
    NILL, Edna, d/o D. & M. Nill, died 17 Mar 1893 aged 1m, 8d.
    REISH, Hannah, w/o A. Reish, died 28 Apr 1902 aged 79y, 1m, 2d.
    REISH, Abraham, died 3 Jan 1890 aged 73y, 7d.
    NILL, Rachel, w/o C. Nill, died 13 Apr 1891 aged 64y, 8m.
    WASSAM, Nettie K., w/o A.L. Wassam, and d/o Jacob & Catharine SENSEMAN, died 26 Nov 1880 aged 22y.
    SENSEMAN, see above record. (Note: Nettie has two stones, one with parents)
    WARNER, David L., s/o J. & M. Warner, died 20 Oct 1884 aged 1y, 5m, 19d.
    FETTER, Samuel, died 19 Ec 1875 aged 37y, 3m, 28d.
    RODEHAFFER, Catharine, w/o D. Rodehaffer, died 11 Jul 1886, 52y, 6m, 19d.
    RAUCH, Elizabeth, w/o Noah Rauch, born 1 Nov 1840, died 6 Jul 1880 aged 39y, 8m, 5d.
    BALLINGER, Daniel, Co F 191st Inf., GAR
    BALLINGER, Jesse, died 9 Jan 1875 aged 75y, 14d.
    BALLINGER, Elizabeth, w/o Jesse Balinger, died 17 Jun 1873 aged 72 years.
    BALLINGER, Isaac, Co E. 40th Ohio Inf, GAR
    BALLINGER, Emanuel, s/o E. & E. Ballinger, died 22 Feb 1861 aged 3y, 11m, 10d.
    BALLINGER, Samuel, died 21 Jun 1859 aged 37y, 6m, 23d.
    HERSHEY, Rachel, w/o Levi Hershey, died 16 Jan 1864
    LEHMAN, Abraham H., s/o J.B. & S.B. Lehman, died 25 Mov 1881 aged 1y, 6m, 23d.
    BRANT, Clarence, s/o H. & M. Brant, died 25 Jan 182 aged 1m, 6d.
    MILLER, Jacob B., s/o A. & S. Miller, died 13 Nov 1880, aged 10y, 10m, 16d.
    BASHORE, Cyrus A., s/o M. & S. Bashore, died 5 FEb 1863 aged 17d.
    BRANT, Farry, s/o D. & C. Brant, died 6 Juy 1886 aged 5y, 2m, 10d.
    BRANT, Catharine, w/o D. Brant, died 29 Mar 1886 aged 34y, 2m, 12d.
    LAYMAN, Franklin A., s/o D. & S. Layman, died 27 Nov 1881 aged 18y, 8m, 16d.
    LAYMAN, Sallie, w/o Daniel L. Layman, died 5 Nov 1886 aged 40y, 5m, 11d.
    MOHLER, Infant s/o J.S. & M.H. Mohler, died 26 Nov 1862.
    LEHAMN, Daniel H., s/o D.L. & E. Lehman, died 30 Jul 1972 aged 6m, 10d.
    LEHMAN, Samuel, s/o D. & E. Lehman, died 20 DEc 1876 aged 5m, 19d.
    RISSER, Joseph M., died 31 Oct 1862 aged 26y, 8m, 12d.
    MUMMERT, David M., s/o J. & E. Mummert, died 2 Jan 1876 aged 10m, 15d.
    MUMMERT, Joseph C., s/o J. & E. Mummert, died 21 Jan 1874 aged 3y, 2m, 4d.
    MUMMRT, Infant s/o John and Eliza Mummert, died 9 Oct 1868 aged 4d.
    RISSER, William M., s/o J.H. & M., died 2 Dec 186(1-4?) aged 4y, 1m, 4d.
    RISSER, Jacob H., died 12 Feb 1864 aged 32y, 10m, 7d.
    RESOR, Martin, s/o Joseph & Mary Resor, died 12 Jan 1863 aged 23y, 16d, at Nashville Tenn (OVI GAR Marker on grave)
    YODER, Aaron, s/o A. & M. Yoder, died 29 Dec 1862 aged 20y, 2m, 7d, in the hospital at Nashville Tenn  (GAR Marker on grave)
    HARDMAN, David, s/o John & E. Hardman, died 26 Jan 1863 aged 16y, 9m, 2d., at Nashville Tenn, a member of Co.I. 91st Reg OVI  (GAR Marker on grave)
    HARDMAN, Emanuel, s/0 John and E. Hardman, died 18 Feb 1863 at Nashville Tenn, a member of Co I, 91st Reg, OVI  (GAR Marker on grave)
    ORRIS, John, died 6 Mar 1879 aged 84y, 9m, 19d.
    RISSER, "Elder" J., died 12 Mar 1879 aged 69y, 8m, 19d.          |s/s    (Joseph Risser was an Elder in the Dunker Church)
    RISSER, Catharine, w/o Elder J. Risser, died 7 Mar 1901 aged 76y, 22m. 28d.  |s/s
    BASHORE, Joseph, s/o J.M. & E.E. Bashore, died 32 Dec 1876 aged 3m, 20d.
    BASHORE, Henretta, d/o Jacob & Sarah Bashore, died 9 Feb 1861 aged 4y, 10m, 7d.
    BASHORE, Fanny, d/o Jacob & Sarah Bashore, died 6 Sep 1861 aged 1m, 3d.
    WEIRICH, Frances, d/o J. & C. Weirich, died 22 Mar 1873 aged 7m, 23d.
    WIRIECH, Mary, d/o J. & C. Wiriech, died 13 Feb 1863 aged 21d.
    WEIRICH, Jacob, s/o J. & C. Weirich, died 7 Jun 1864 aged 6m, 12.
    GAUBY, Samuel, s/o J.M. & E. Gauby  25 Aug 1864 aged 2y, 7m, 28d.
    GAUBY, Martha, d/o J.M. & E. Gauby, died 10 Sep 1864 aged 4y, 9m, 15d.
    ______, stump of broken off  stone, no names, no dates
    SMITH, Sarah, d/o S. & H. Smith, died 14 Sep 1873 aged 15y, 15d.
    BOOHER, Elizabeth, w/o John Booher, died 8 Nov 1871 aged 75y, 7m, 6d.
    WARNER, Elizabeth, w/o Henry, died 22 Jan 1869 aged 86y, 11m, 24d.
    WARNER, Henry, died 24 Feb 1860 aged 78y, 2m, 6d.
    BALLINGER, Jesse, s/o Jesse & Elizabeth Ballinger, died 53 May 1856 aged 21y, 11d.
    ______, effaced unreadable stone
    GARRET, Susannah, died 15 Sep 1859 aged 69y, 5m, 2d.
    RARICK, Elizabeth, w/o John Rarick, died 5 Jul 1864 aged 42y, 11m, 23d.
    FETTERS, Mary, w/o Daniel Fetters, died 17 Dec 1878 aged 69y, 1m, 16d.
    FETTERS, Daniel, died 21 Dec 1872 aged 63y, 8m, 24d.
    FETTERS, James, died 22 Jan 186__ (broken) aged 29y, 5m, 20d.
    FLORY, Hannah, d/o Solomon & Lydia, died 18 Dec 1867 aged 19y, 1m, 28d.
    RARICK, Elizabeth, w/o Jacob, died 16 Feb 1879, aged 63y, 5m, 10d.
    RARICK, Jacob, died 19 Nov 1879, 68y, 8m, 1d.
    HAGAN, John, died 25 DEc 1849, aged 23y, 7m, 29d.
    SMITH, Infant d/o S.K. and Elizabeth, died 25 Mar 1874
    SMITH, Pricilla Ann, d/o A.S. and Elizabeth, died 26 Oct 1862, aged 3y, 3m, 8d.
    LEHMAN, Sarah Ann, d/o J. and B., died 11 May 1861, aged 11y, 9m, 23d.
    RARICK, Jacob C., s/o J. and Elizabeth, died 1 Dec 1860, aged 18y, 11m, 1d.
    WHITE, Abraham S., died 26 Oct 1860, aged 26y, 6m, 23d.
    FLORY, Lydia, w/o Solomon, died 29 Oct 1860 aged 32y, 10m, 20d.
    DEETER, Elizabeth, w/o David R., died 25 May 1860, 34y, 1m 10m.
    BRANDT, Adam, died 10 Oct 1857, aged 53y, 6m, 18d.
    BRANDT, Elizabeth, w/o Adam, died 19 Mar 1885, aged 77y, 10m, 7d.
    KNEE, Sarah, died 25 Sept 1855, aged 19y, 11m, 10d.
    WIKEL, Henry, s/o G. and S., 5 Apr 1854, aged 13y, 1m.
    WIKEL, George, s/o G. & S., died 25 Mar 1854, aged 17y, 1m.
    SHELLER, Geoege, died 28 Aug 1852 aged 32y, 10m, 9d.
    BALLINGER, Stephen, died 25 Aug 1851, ages 31y, __m, __d  (Stone broken)
    GAUBY, Isaac, s/o Jacob & Christina, died 15 July 1861 aged 17y, 4m, 15d.
    WEINRICH, Anna Mary, d/o T. & E., died 28 Nov 1852 aged 32y, 6m, 12d.
    WEINRICH, Thomas, died 8 Oct 1852 aged 66y. 9m, 8d.
    WEINRICH, Esther, w/o T., died 11 Dec 1866 aged 78y, 10m, 5d.
    MILLER, John C.H., s/o S. & S.,  died 12 Aug 1863 aged 3y, 2m, 20d.
    MILLER, Effie L., d/o S. & S., died 1 Jun 1871 aged 3y, 2m, 20d.
    MILLER, Feyley, d/o S. & H., 7 Jun 1871 aged 4y, 10, 26d.             |Note: Proof exists that this grave was moved from the old |
    CROWL, Devault, died 15 Dec 1847 aged 67y, 7m, 13d. ----------------->|CROWL graveyard near Covington (Miami County Ohio and at  |
    CHROWEL, Saloma, w/o Devault, died 23 Nov 1871 aged 93y, 10m, 26d.    |the same time the grave of his father Devault CHROWL Sr., |
    CHROWEL, Samuel, died 29 Aug 1890 aged 81y, 9m, 4d.                   |1753-1838, was moved from the same place at the same time |
    CHROWEL, Elizabeth, d/o Samuel, died 21 Nov 1880, aged 66y, 10m, 23d. |and that the two (father and son) were placed in a common |
    MAURER, Newton, died 7 Apr 1886 aged 53y, 1m, 18d.                    |grave. Devault CROWEL Sr has been reported to have been   |
    MAURER, Salome, w/o Newton, died 25 Sept 1878 aged 36y, 8m, 10d.      |a Veteran of the American Revolutionary War               |
    CROWEL, Samuel L., s/o Samuel and Elizabeth, died 19 Mar 1871
    RARICK, David, died 9 Mar 1867 aged 61y, 3m, 1d.
    RARICK, Catharine, w/o David, died 26 Feb 1862 aged 67y, 5m, 23d.
    RARICK, Cora D., died 19 Aug 1879 aged 3 weeks       |s/s  Twin children
    RARICK, Infant son, died 17 Aug 1879 aged 2 weeks, 5 days. |s/s  of J.B.& M.C.
    RARICK, Ora C., s/o J.B. and M.C., died 15 Sep 1878 aged 7m, 2d.
    RARICK, Samuel B., s/o D. & E., died 17 Sep 1862 aged 3y, 11m, 22d.
    GABLE, Martin E., s/o Jeremiah H. & Rebecca, died 1 Oct 1862 aged 3y, 9m.
    GABLE, Rebecca, w/o Jeremiah, died 24 Feb 1868, aged 36y, 9m.
    GABLE, Infant s/o J.H. & A.M., died 25 Sep 1872 aged 27 days.
    GABLE, Jonothan W., died __ ___ ____, aged 1y, 2m, 25d. 
    WARNER, David R., s/o D. & H., died 8 Oct 1878 aged 7y, 1m, 12d.
    WARNER, Franklin J., s/o D. & H., 18 Feb 1878 aged 1m, 24d.
    SHOMBER, David E., s/o D.& M.H., died 2 Aug 1875 aged 8 months.
    SHOMBER, Infant d/o D.& M.H., died 6 Sep 1873
    MAURER, John, s/o H.& J., died 7 Nov 1864 aged 1m, 7d.
    ______, J.H., stone with initials only.
    KNEE, Elizabeth, d/o H.& S., died 29 Un 1848 aged 1y, 4m.
    ______, unreadable stone.
    ZERBE, M.A., died 11 Sep 1851 aged 1y, 5m, 8d.
    LANDES, John, s/o D.& S., died 16 Jun 1854 aged 1y, 5m, 9d.
    MILLER, Amanda, d/o H.B. & M., died 26 Aug 1854 aged 10m, 25d.
    RIGLE, Nancy J., d/o G.& M., died 20 Oct 1862 aged 2y, 2m, 25d.
    HOLLOPETER, Anna Belle Ullery, d/o Salone HOLLOPETER, died 26 Jan 1863 aged 2y, 2m, 17d.
    ULLERY, see above stone
    RARICK, Samuel, s/o G.& H.,  died 10 Mar 1863 aged 2m, 12d.
    HOLLOPETER, James W., s/o W.C.& S.J., died 1m, 21d.
    HART, Catharine, d/o Henry & Susan, died 21 Nov 1859 aged __y, 5m, 13d.
    RARICK, Lydia, 15 Nov 1862 aged 10 days.    |s/s Twin daughters of
    RARICK, Catharine, 20 Nov 1862 aged 20 days |s/s  J.& E. Rarick
    INMAN, John, died 10 ec 1863 aged 29y, 3m, 5d.
    REDINGER, George  1812-1899     |s/s
    REDINGER, Enna Ehrnstine 1828-1898 |s/s
    EHRNSTINE, see above stone
    ______, stone broken off and missing.
    WARNER, Susannah, d/o David & Esther, died 9 Jun 1856 aged  2y, 10m, 20d.
    FACKLER, George, died 1 Sept 1865 aged 64y, 9m, 8d.
    FACKLER, Elizabeth, w/o George, died 16 Nov 1855 aged 50y, 19d.
    LEHMON, Isaac, died 20 Feb 1855 aged 36y, 1m, 23d.
    ______, Elizabeth, w/o Martin ______, died 21 Aug 1854 aged 69y, 10m, 6d.
    KREIDER, Gartrude, w/o David, died 26 Apr 1851 aged 69y, 1m, 9d.
    MUMMIERT, Joseph, died 26 May 1850 aged 4m, 4d.
    MILLER, Sarah, w/o Henry, died 3 Aug 1848 aged 35y, 1m, 11d.
    ELLER, Joseph, 23 Apr 1864 aged 56y, 13d.
    ELLER, Barbara, w/o Joseph, died 9 Jun 1861 aged 51y, 11m, 20d.
    HOLE, Christena J., w/o J.B., died 7 Mar 1865 aged 21y, 2m, 2d.
    LEHMAN, Benjamin, died 1 Jan 1867 aged 27y, 8m, 6d.
    LEHMAN, Peter, died 20 Feb 1869 aged 65y, 5m, 15d.
    LEHMAN, Elizabeth, w/o Peter, died 2 Feb 1875 aged 67y, 4m, 29d.
    YORK, Nancy Ann, w/o E., died 26 Mar 1872 aged 35y.
    LEHMAN, Benjamin,  1840-1886
    STOVER, Nancy, born 26 Sep 1812, died 28 May 1900, aged 86y, 8m.
    STOVER, Jonathan, died 7 Apr 1870 aged 56y, 6m.
    McCREA, Elizabeth, w/o J.W., 9 Feb 1875 aged 27y, 6m.
    ______, R.C.  (stone with initials only)
    YERTY, Sarah, w/o John, died 19 Sept 1862 aged 44y, 10m, 8d.
    ______, Jonathan, s/o  J.H. and A.______ (stone broken)
    THOMPSON, Justina, died 20 Jan 1867 age 57y, 29d  "My Mother"
    FINFROCK, Clement C., s/o S.G. and Janey, died 11 Feb 1877 aged 2y, 7m, 27d.
    KAHLBAUGH, Sarah E., d/o A.J. and E., died 25 Oct 1878 aged 9y, 19d.
    KAHLBAUGH, Infant s/o A.J. and E., died 1 Aug 1880.
    KAHLBAUGH, Rebecca M., d/o A.J. and E., died 25 Sept 1883 aged 18y, 2m, 12d.
    KAHLBAUGH, Cora M., d/o A.J. and E., died 29 Mar 1885 aged 5m, 13d.
    KAHLBAUGH, Andrew, 29 May 1890 aged 49y, 11m, 28d.
    WISSINGER, William H., died 23 April 1867 aged 49y, 6m, 11d.
    HILE, George A., 29 Mar 1869 aged 61y, 4m, 11d.
    HILE, Susannah, w/o Adam, died 23 Sept 1864 aged 48y, 10m, 5d.
    MILLER, Aaron, died 14 Aug 1846 aged 15y, 4m, 15d.
    BASHORE, Jacob, died 3 Sept 1879 aged 77y, 6m, 14d.
    RADABAUGH, Elizabeth, w/o Peter, died 22 Nov 1850 aged 59y, 10m, 19d.
    RADABAUGH, Peter, died 1 Dec 1854 aged 66y, 1m, 14d.
    KEPNER, Margaret, w/o A.B., died 24 Nov 1855 aged 40y, 3m, 7d.
    MILLER, Infant son of H.B. and M., died 15 July 1855.
    KEPNER, Absalom B., died 7 Feb 1881 aged 67y, 3m, 13d.
    KEPNER, George W., s/o A.B. and M., died 27 DEc 1857 aged 18y, 4m, 12d.
    KEPNER, Mary, w/o A.B., died 13 Feb 1861 aged 29y, 10m, 27d.
    HOOVER, Susannah, d/o Emanuel and Rachel, died 25 Nov 1859 aged 8y, 6m, 20d.
    HOOVER, Mary, d/o Emanuel and Rachel, died 25 Nov 1859 aged 7y, 9m.
    WARNER, Samuel s/o J. and S., died 29 Sept 1864 aged 2y, 6m, 21d.
    HOOVER, Lovina, d/o E. and R., 18 Jan 1867 aged 4 months.
    OVERHOLSER, Jacob, s/o Tobias and Rebecca, died 8 May 1862 aged 7y, 4m, 9d.
    CROWEL, Orra E., s/o A. and C.E., died 7 May 1873.
    WARNER, Laura B., d/o M. and L., died 30 Apr 1877 aged 6m, 10d.
    WARNER, Frory D., d/o M. and L., died 27 Apr 1873 aged 6m, 7d.
    KATHERMAN, Infant d/o M. and S., died 7 Oct 1865 aged 17d.
    HARDMAN, Margaret, d/o John and E., died 10 Sep 1860 aged 2y, 11m, 8d.
    OVERHOLSER, Elizabeth, d/o Tobias and Rebecca, died 28 Apr 1860 aged __y, 9m, 22d.
    OVERHOLSER, Mary, d/o Tobias and Rebecca, died 13 Apr 1860 aged 6y, 5m, 24d.
    MILLER, Infant son of I.N. and H., died 7 Jan 1871.
    GAUBY, Mary, d/o J.M. and E., died 30 Nov 1859 aged 4 days.
    KOTHERMAN, Frances, d/o M. and S., 22 Aug 1858 aged 6m, 6d.
    BASHORE, Catharine, d/o B.M. and C., 23 Jan 1857 aged 3y, 9m.
    BRANDT, July Ellen, d/o J.C. and mary, died _____ (stone broken)
    BRAND, Davis, s/o D. and D., died 6 Jul 1856 aged 7 months.
    WARNER, Jacob, s/o David and Esther, died 22 May 1852 aged 5 months.
    BASHORE, Sarah, d/o Henry and Mary, died 10 DEc 1851 aged 2m, 2d.
    BRAND, ______, s/o A.C. and M., died 14 June 1856 aged 2y, 17d.
    MILLER, Joseph, s/o S. and S., died 12 Sept 1845 aged 1y, 1m, 16d.
    MILLER, Elizabeth, d/o S. and S., died 1 Oct 1845 aged 1m, 6d.
    MILLER, Benjamin, s/o A. and S.B., died 18 Sep 1846 aged 2y, 17d.
    ZERBY, S.D., died 3 Nov 1841 aged 5m, 8d.|s/s
    ZERBY, W.D., died 17 Oct 1853 aged       |s/s
    R___N, Joseph, s/o N. and S., died 2 Sep 1865 aged 4m, 14d.
    OVERHOLSER, Martha, _________ (stone unreadable)
    OVERHOLSER, Sarah, w.o D., died 29 July 1871 ahed 3y, 10m, 9d.
    OVERHOLSER, David, s/o D. and Mary, died 22 Apr 1882 aged 46y, 8m, 6d.
    MAURER, Daniel, died 26 Apr 1867 aged 22y, 6m, 26d.
    VANTILBURG, Rachel, w/o W.N., died 18 Sept 1882 aged 23y, 1m, 8d.
    MAURER, Susannah, d/o H. and J., 30 Jul 1885 aged 24y, 2d.
    MAURER, Maudie, d/o A.B. and Fannie, died 27 Jan 1880 aged 3m, 3d.
    KATHERMAN, Charlie, s/o J. and L.C., died 7 Feb 1873 aged 4m, 25d.
    KATHERMAN, Martha Ann, d/o M.D. and S.J., died 11 Feb 1858 aged 11m, 16d.
    SIMON, Solomon C., s/o V. and A., died 27 Aug 1864 aged 3y, 19d.
    KATHERMAN, Joseph, s/o Jeremiah and Ann, died 23 Feb 1859 aged 6m, 6d.
    KATHERMAN, John, s/o Jeremiah and Ann, died 21 DEc 1856 aged 4y, 10m, 19d.
    CHRISTIAN, Infant d/o S.R. and Mary, died 19 Nov 1856.
    BOYD, David, s/o D. and S., died 18 Aug 1851 aged 5 ays.
    HOLLINGER, Barbara  w/o Isaac, died 21 Oct 1842 aged 20y, 1m, 20d.
    CHRISTIAN, Mary  w/o Solomon, died 26 Sepy 1859 aged 65y, 6m, 22d.
    CHRISTIAN, Solomon, died 10 Feb 1862 aged 72y, 1m, 16d.
    MILLER, Jones, died 22 Dec 1849 aged 21y, 9m, 17d.
    MILLER, John, died 14 Dec 1853 aged 54y, 1m,1d.     |s/s
    MILLER, Mary Ann, died 8 Jul 1895 aged 88y, 3m, 23d |s/s
    MAUK, Mary E.  w/o William, died 4 May 1889 aged 31y, 9m, 6d.
    HERSHEY, Margaret  w/o Joseph, 21 Sep 1885 aged 87y, 6m, 2d.
    HERSHEY, Joseph, died 17 May 1883 aged 84y, 8m, 25d.
    HERSHEY, Christian, died 4 Jan 1880 aged 84y, 6m, 27d.
    HERSHEY, Sarah  w/o Christian Jr., died 15 JUn 1876 aged 78y, 5m, 2d.
    LINDEMUTH, Maria M.  w/o David  1837-1875
    HERSHEY, Jacob Sr., died 12 Apr 1874 aged 67y, 4m, 17d.
    HERSHEY, Sarah, d/o Jacob and Elizabeth, died 14 Oct 1870 aged 28y, 5m, 2d.
    HERSHEY, Elizabeth, w/o Christian, died 23 Dec 1856 aged 90y, 5m, 2d.
    HERSHEY, Christian Sr., died 12 Oct 1854 aged 96y, 10m.  
    WARNER, Susan, d/o H. & L., died 25 Nov 1888 aged 10y, 21d.
    WISE, Mary, d/o J. & S., died 25 Mar 1854.
    BOYD, Daisy May, d/o Lovina Boyd, died 2 Aug 1885 aged 8y, 5m, 1d.
    BRUMBAUGH, Samuel M., s/o A. and S., died 9 Aug 1868 aged 2m, 15d.
    BRUMBAUGH, George S., s/o A. and S., died 31 Aug 1873 aged 7m, 21d.
    BRUMBAUGH, Charles E., s/o A. and S.D., died 2 July 1880 aged 1m, 9d.
    BRUMBAUGH, Mary L., d/o A. and S., died 17 Oct 1884 aged 1 month.
    KEISER, Mary E., d/o J.A. and S., died 8 Dec 1884 aged 1y, __m, 5d.
    ZERBE, Elizabeth, w/o S.B., died 28 Oct 1853 aged 35y, 7m, 5d.
    ZEIGLER, John, died 2 Sep 1892 aged 20y, 1m, 21d.
    BURGESS, Clara, w/o A., died 28 Jun 1889 aged 31y, 11m, 23d.
    ZEIGER, Catharine  1827-1919
    VANORMER, Rasie, d/o E. and M., born 28 Aug 1860 aged, died __ ___ 1889
    VANORMER, Edwin, died 30 Jun 1878 aged 31y, 1m, 17d.
    MAURER, Moses, died 3 Feb 1875 aged 59y, 1m, 13d.
    FULKERTH, Martin, died 28 Jan 1869 aged 72y, 3m, 22d.
    FULKERTH, Lidia w/o M., died 7 Jan 1890 aged 92y, 26d.
    LOUCK, Hettie M., d/o D. and M., died 27 Mar 1875 aged 6 days
    GELTZ, Alta Mary, d/o J. and J.A., 23 Nov 1889, aged 4y, 7m, 23d.
    GELTZ, Infant og W. and M., died 26 Apr 1883
    GELYZ, John F., s/o J.G. and J.A., died 4 Nov 1874 aged 1m, 8d.
    ZEIGLER, Louis, died 26 Apr 1875 aged 46y, 7m, 28d.
    ZEIGLER, Daniel, s/o L., died 17 Feb 1886 aged 22y, 2m, 8d.
    ZEIGLER, Lewis, died 7 Mar 1889 aged 28y, 1m, 10d.
    CROFT, Miley Ann, died 12 Feb 1882 aged 81y, 4m, 5d.
    CROFT, Joseph A., s/o Francis & Jennie, died 21 Oct 1872 aged 6y, 4m, 22d.
    CROFT, Willy G., s/o Frances & Jennie, died 19 Nov 1870 aged 2m, 27d.
    FALKNOR, Infant s/o J.W. and L., died 7 Oct 1869.
    PATTERSON, Susanna, w/o David, died 4 Feb 1869 aged 35y, 6m.
    PATTERSON, James, died 10 Feb 1895 aged 77 years.
    BASHORE, Elizabeth, d/o B.R. and M., died 20 Nov 1863 aged 13 days.
    BASHORE, Catharine, d/o Benjamin and Mary, died 14 Dec 1859 aged ____.
    MILLER, Catharine, d/o A. and S., died 1 Jan 1857 aged 3y, 9m, 5d.
    BASHORE, Michael of Lebanon County Pa., died 25 Jun 1843 aged 29y, 6m, 26d.
    BASHOR, Jacob V., born in Lebanon County Pa., died 17 Oct 1872 aged 61y, 4m, 29d.
    FETTER, Hannah, died 6 Jan 1846 aged 67 years.
    FETTER, Samuel, died 4 Dec 1845 aged 68y, 9m.
    MORGAN, Susan, w/o Daniel, 31 May 1862 aged 72y, 3m.
    MORGAN, Daniel, died 28 Jun 1848 aged 66y, 28d.
    MILLER, Aaron, died 5 Ec 1849 aged 27y, 7m, 11d.
    MILLER, Esther, w/o Emanuel, died 25 Jun 1850 aged 54y, 5m, 23d.
    MILLER, Emanuel, died 28 Mar 1853 aged 65y, 9m, 25d.
    HARDMAN, Elizabeth, w/o John C., died 29 Aug 1853 aged 31y, 11m, 8d.
    MILLER, Sally, w/o S., died 12 Jun 1851 aged 31y, 1m, 16d.
    HARDMAN, John, died 3 Apr 1863 aged 48y, 4m, 19d.
    BOSSERMAN, Mary E., d/o D.E. and H.G., died 28 Aug 1865 aged 3m, 10d.
    BOSSERMAN, Hetty G., w/o David, died 5 Sep 1866 aged 24y, 7m, 28d.
    BOSSERMAN, Frances, w/o J.E., died 2 May 1864 aged 32y, 6m, 26d.
    BOSSERMAN, Hannah, d/o S. and E., died 9 Aug 1857 aged 24y, 19d.
    BOSSERMAN, Amos, s/o J.E. and F., died 14 Jul 1851 aged 6m, 19d.
    BOSSERMAN, Esther, w/o S., died 13 Dec 1849 aged 52y, 2m, 3d. (nee Eiker)
    BOSSERMAN, Solomon, born 19 Apr 1797, died 19 Feb 1878
    WARNER, Iva, d/o H. and L., died 9 Mar 1895, aged 1y, 6m, 5d.

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