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    Murray Graveyard
    also known as the JOHNSON cemetery

    From page 122 of the book:
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township of Miami County Ohio
    by Joseph H. Bosserman

    This cemetery is located eight-tenths of a mile east of Covington, Ohio on State Route 41 (Old Troy-Covington Pike). It is on the south side of the road in plain view of traffic. It is in the northwest quarter of Section 32 of Newberry Township, Miami Co., Ohio. The cemetery is not fenced in but it is well cared for by the Newberry Township Trustees. According to the stones the first burial was in 1832 and the last in 1871. The following readings were taken on 27 July 1979 by Joseph H. Bosserman and Gale E. Honeyman.

  Row one: (Northwest corner of graveyard)
  MURRAY, Hanah, w/o David  died 20 Nov 1832, age 25y 6m 18d
  MURREY, Solomon, s/o David & Elizabeth died 31 Oct 1837, age 1m
     Inf., d/o D. & E., AD 1848
  MURRAY, Elizabeth  d: 22 Dec 1849, age 19y 5d
     Hannah, d/o S.& M., died 6 Aug 1862, age 5y 11m 20d
     Martha, d/o Samuel & Mary, died 26 Sep 1856, age 2y 2m 26d
  ELLER, Elizabeth d/o J.& A. d: 26 Oct 1849, age 8m 20d

  Row two:
  ULREY, Sarah, w/o Daniel  died 13 Jul 1849, age 28y 5m 28d
  ULLERY, Catharine, w/o Daniel died 12 Nov 1841, age 33y 5m 11d
  MURREY, Lydia, d/o J.& E., died 2 Sep 1845, age 2y _m 17d (stone broken)
     Susanna, d/o J.& E. died 31 Jan 1850, age 3y 11m _d
     Mary, d/o J.& E. died 2 Feb 1850, age 15y 5m 2d
     Rebekah, d/o J.& E. died 17 Nov 1850, age 2y 1d

  Row three:
  M.M.  -1835- (hand cut stone)
  SHELLABERGER, James E., son of S.& E. died 22 Sep 1839, age 3y 17d

  Row four:
  MARKLAND, Mary A., wife of T.J.  died 20 Apr 1851, age 31y 11m 12d
  WESTCOTT, Ellen, died 23 Sep 1852  age: 19y 8m 18d
  FAHNESTOCK, John, died 28 Feb 1842 in his 68th year
  LONGENECHER, Sarah C., d/o John & Elizabeth died 18 May 1838, age 1y 2m 14d

  Row five:
  GROW, Samuel, s/o Michael & Salloma, died 24 Dec 1836, age 2y 10m 2d
        Salloma (sic) wife of Michael  died 19 Jul 1838, age 25y 8m
  GROWN, anoymous, son of M.& E. died 17 Oct 1840, no age given
  GROW, Michael, died 8 Aug 1841, age 30y 2m 4d
  LONGENECKER, Susannah, wife of J., d: 2 Aug 1843, age 45y 5m 7d
        Sarah, daughter of J.& S., died 5 Aug 1843, age 15y 0m 0d
  RUBLE, Mathais, died 10 Aug 1846, age 28y 11m 28d
  _____, Catharine, daughter of M.& S., died 16 Jul 1853, age 17y 9m 11d
  SHELLABERGER, Abraham, died 25 Nov 1852, age 22y 10m 27d

  Row six:
  STRINGFELLOW, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, died 14 Jun 1841, age 31y 2m 0d
  WILLIAMSON, Newton I., died 2 Sep 1841, age 18y 1m 12d

  Row seven:
  NILL, Mary, died 22 Feb 1850, age 21y 1m 14d

  Row eight:
  FLEMING, George W., son of J.A., died 22 Sep 1853, age 15y 7m 25d
  WILHELM, Nancy Jane, wife of Percivel, died 5 Apr 1871, age 34y 11m 7d

  Row nine:
  KELLY, Catharine A., daughter of  W.& E.A., died 15 Oct 1852, age 1y 7m 2d
  ____,(name gone from stone)  died 25 Oct 1858, age 59y 8m 16d
  ____,(name gone from stone)  died 8 Apr 1862, age 64y 1m 11d
  WILLIAMSON, Geneva I., daughter of  M.J.& N.I.  no age or dates

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