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    Hartzell Family Graveyard
    (also known as SAMPSON Cemetery)

    From page 83 of the book:
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio
    by Joseph H. Bosserman

    In 1979 the remains of this cemetery are located atop a small hill in the northwest quarter of Section 36, township 9, range 4, which is in Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio. It is on the south side of the Covington-Gettysburg Road, some 100 yards east of Greenville Creek. When I first visited this location on 5 Aug 1977, there were no stones standing or in one piece. On this date, the late Louis Sampson, who then lived about 200 feet west of said burying ground, told me that when he moved there in 1911 or thereabouts, the cemetery was fenced but not cared for. The best he could remember there were from six to ten gravestones. He said that in the 1930's a bad windstorm blew two large pine trees down across the cemetery, breaking the stones. Persons sawing up the trees for firewood did further damage to the stones. On 15 Sep 1979, the pieces and scraps of the remains were fitted together and the following readings were taken by Joseph H. Bosserman and Gale E. Honeyman. jhb.

   HARTZELL, Elizabeth, w/o Philip, d: 10 Feb 1837 in her 42nd year
             Phil__, d: 2 or 7, likely Dec 1855
   ______, footstone P.H.
   ______, footstone C.B.
   HARTZELL, Sarah M., d/o __ilip  Ju-- )  same
   ____ZELL, _ary                 ) stone
   ____ZE___, David, ____Sept_______
   BOLLI____(nger), Cat______, w/o ________H. 1836 (note #2 below)
   HARTZELL, Mary (may read) d: 1 Aug 1844, age_y 1m _d
   ______, field stone

    Note #1: Six stumps of stones were found, still set in the ground

    Note #2: A Catherine HARTZELL married Rudolph BOLLINGER on 11 Apr 1839, therefore, if this is her gravestone, the date we copied can't be correct.

    Much time and every effort was made to read the remains of these stones, however, the small size of some of the pieces that were found and the fact that many pieces seem to be lost, made the work very difficult. jhb

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