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    aka the Bloomer Cemetery and/or as The Stillwater Cemetery

From pages 125-131 of the book:
Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio
by Joseph H. Bosserman

    This cemetery (in 1979) is active and well cared for by the Church. It is located on the southwest corner of the Versailles & Bradford-Bloomer Roads approximately 1 mile south of Bloomer, Ohio and six miles northwest of Covington, Ohio. It is in Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio. It is in the northeast corner of the northeast quarter of section three, town nine, range four.

    Some years ago (about 1915) the Church Records were lost when the home of John Routson, The Church Secretary, burned to the ground. The following history has been abstracted from pages 42-44 of the book "Fruits of Faith Alone" published in 1977 by the Lutheran Social Service of the Miami Valley History Committee:

    "Tradition says that the church was founded when the young daughter of a German Lutheran settler, Adam Kleinschmidt, drowned while crossing the Stillwater River. There being no church for miles (Lutheran) where the people could assemble for divine comfort, brought to the attention of the German Speaking community the need and a log church was built on the present location in the year 1830. For a while it was known as the Stillwater Church. By 1833 the log church was replaced by a frame building and in 1837 they received a land deed for a one and a quarter acre plot of ground from Henry Brumbaugh, an early German Baptist settler. The cemetery takes up a part of this lot. The congregation decided to rename itself. The desire for autonomy and in thanksgiving for their free country, the determined to call it Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church. The present brick structure standing on the site was built in 1889.

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    The following tombstone inscriptions were copied on 18 May 1979 by Joseph H. Bosserman and Gale Edwin Honeyman. On 4 Sept. 1980 Karin Deneke, a native German, assisted with several of the "hard to read" German stones.

    Row one, north to south: (starting in the northeast corner of the cemetery)
    NICODEMUS, E.,  d. 28 March 1848, age 79y 4m 11d
    RADEFELD, Jacob, Geb in Sachs Meininger Deutshland 13 March 1778, Gest Alhier
        den 5 Oct. 1839 Im Alter von 61 Jahre, 6 monta, und 22 Tage
    MILLER, infant s/o L. & G. (no dates on stone)
    WOLF, Helaughter Luther, s/o E. & E.,  d. 15 Feb. 1861, age 1y 3m 20d
    MILLER, Hattie Caroline,  b. 11 Nov. 1871, d. 23 Feb. 1882, age 10y 3m 20d
        Nellie, d/o Jacob & Annie,  d. 20 Oct. 1879, age 3y 6m 26d
    RIEGLE, infant s/o A. & S.,  d. 15 March 1882
    FINFROCK, Mary, w/o James,  d. 2 Feb. 1863 "Darling mother"
    ACKER, Henry,  d. 24 May 1874, age 79y 5m 8d   GAR marker on grave
    MADER, George Christopher,  d. 27 May 1864, age 38y 4m 9d
        Mary Catharine,  d. 28 June 1865, age 70y 11d
        Mary,  d. 25 Jan. 1866, age 26y 2m 16d
    ALBIN, Hannah, w/o Andrew,  d. 2 Jan. 1879, age 33y 2m 29d
        Andrew   1849-1923
    RIEGEL, Louis, s/o A. & S.,  d. 2 Feb. 1889, age 1y 5m 7d
    LINGGIN, Mary,  b. 11 Sept. 1819, d. 22 Mar. 1891
    GANGER, Levi,  d. 9 Jan. 1892, age 55y 3m 29d
    RHOADS, Jacob,  d. 21 April 1891, age 62y 8m 11d   | s/s
        Sarah, w/o J.,  d. 2 Aug. 1900, age 69y 2m 8d  | s/s
        John S.,  d. 26 Sept. 1885, age 61y 9m 20d
        Elizabeth, w/o J.S.,  d. 20 Nov. 1896, age 65y 8m 22d
    Row two, south to north:
    SPILLERS, Chauncey J.,   1881-1916     Lydia E.   1885-1966   s/s
    MITCHELL, Emma M., w/o R.M.,  d. 20 May 1910, age 20y 2m 18d
    SPILLERS, Charles L., s/o C.J. & L.E.,  d. 17 June 1905, age 1y 1m 14d
    WORLEY, Peter   1859-1895    Catharine   1863-1958  s/s
    MOOCK, Jacob, Zun Andehen von Jacob Moock Geb. in Rheinkreis Barern
        Dutchland in der Stadt Bergzabern in the year 1790.  In 1832 kam er
        nash America.  Gest. allhier in Jan. ? 1848 (Translation: In memory
        of Jacob Moock, born in the Rhein District of the State of Bavaria,
        Germany, in the town of Bergzabern in the year 1780.  In 1832 came to
        America.  He died here in January ? 1848. (The day of the month is
    KLOTTER, Martin,  d. 23 Aug. 1847, age 81y 3d (stone printed in German)
    FESSLER, Christian,  d. 15 May 1847, age 8y 7m 10d
    SHERER, Eliza Ann, d/o E. & L.,  b. 10 Dec. 1840, d. 21 Feb. 1847
    GOLLY, Rachel, d/o Jacob & Lydia,  d. 7 Sept. 1846
    KELCH, Mary, w/o J.N.,  d. 5 Aug. 1847, age 44y
    MAEDER, J. G.,  d. 5 July 1846, age 28y 10m 17d (stone printed in German)
    FROEBE, J. Martin, Geb. in Cammerforst Deutschland 21 Aug. 1792, Gest.
        Alhier 27 Dec. 1845, in Alter von 53 Jahre, 1 Monate, Und 6 Tags.
        (Translation: Born in Cammerforst, Germany on 21 Aug. 1792, d. here
        27 Dec. 1845, age 53y 1m 6d)
    SPINTLER, Catharine, w/o Michael,  b. 30 Oct. 1780, d. 6 Sept. 1845,
        age 61y 11m 3d (stone printed in German)
    JONES, Henrietta,  b. 5 April 1824, d. 2 March 1845, age 20y 10m 25d
    SCHAFEREINE, Maria Magdalena, Gebor. ne Lasch.  Stadt 16 July A.D. 1844,
        Alter 74 Ta., 3m, 18Tage (Translation: the eine ending of her sur-
        name means that she was a single woman, never married, therefor her
        surname was SCHAFER.  She was born in Germany and d. 16 July 1844,
        age 74y 3m 18d)
    SCHAFER, See above listing
    FRITZLER, Nicolaus,  d. 16 April 1841, age 56y 11m 2d (stone printed in German)
    SCHAEFFER, Maria Mag., w/o M.G.,  d. 23 Feb. 1846, age 50y 6m 25d (stone
               printed in German)
    BRIELLHART, In memory of father, died ? Feb. 1842 (stone is badly chipped at
                edge and cannot be fully read)
    __________ fieldstone with name Pheby hand cut.  No other name or dates.
    MEYER, Charlotte F., d/o J.D. & E.,  b. 15 Feb. 1841, d. 21 July 1841,
           age 5m 6d
        Mary Mag., d/o J.D. & E.,  b. 15 Feb. 1841, d. 20 July 1841
        Dorothy L., d/o J.D. & E., b. 15 Feb. 1841, d. 19 May 1841, age 3m 4d
    PETERSIME, Lewis C., s/o R. & M.,  d. 14 Dec. 1862, age 1y 1m 22d
        Leander I., s/o R. & M.,  d. 13 Feb. 1865, age 1y 6m 13d
    FESZLER, Heinrick E., s/o M. & E.,  b. 4 March 1864, d. 4 March 1866 (German)
    FESSLER, Georg W., s/o Martin & Elizabeth,  d. 29 March 1872, age 11m (German)
    FINK, infant d/o H. & M.,  d. 23 March 1862
    Row three, north to south:
    ROUTSON, Mary E., d/o J.E. & E.,  d. 11 Oct. 1851, age 4y 9m 17d
        Harry W., s/o W. & S.,  d. 14 July 1880, age 1y 10d
    BREILLHART, Anton,  d. 10 Sept. 1851, age 52y 9m 22d (stone printed in German)
    FRITZLER, Susanna,  d. 16 July 1851, age 61y 5m 15d (stone printed in German)
    MACK, Noah, s/o J. & L.,  d. 19 June 1851, age 1y 2m 12d
    PETERSIME, Johan M., s/o J.A. & E.,  d. 18 July 1851, age 2y 1m 25d (stone
               printed in German)
    FRY, Soloma,  d. 25 April 1863, age 35y 11m 3d
    BISHOP, David,  d. 10 April 1906. age 82y 11, 3d
        Mary, w/o Frederick,  d. 4 June 1851, age 55y 2m 23d
    JAY, Samuel W. (stone has been broker off and reset in cement. Dates can't be
    SCHAFFER, Maria, w/o J.G.,  d. 1 Oct. 1850, age 41y 1m 29d (stone printed in German)
    HOEFFER, Catharine, d/o J.C.,  d. 25 Nov. 1849, age 7y 1m 8d
    HAEFFER, Sarah, d/o G. & E.,  d. 5 Nov. 1849, age 6y 10m 7d
    APPLE, Phillip, s/o Wm. & E.,  d. 7 Nov. 1851, age 3y 8m 10d
        Emanuel, s/o Wm. & E.,  d. 13 July 1849, age 1day
    WEHNEMAN, G.A.,  d. 3 July 1849, age 46y 6m 9d (stone in German)
    DERR, Rachel, d/o John & Maryann E.,  d. 19 Sept. 1848, age 20y 1m 17d
    Row four, south to north:
    ZIMMERMAN, Jacob   1842-1921     Hannah S.  1845-1922  s/s
    SIMON, Matilda S.   1858-1899
    LONG, Clara S.   1877-1899
    GANGER, Malinda E., d/o D. & C.,  1868-1894
        Margaret S., d/o D. & C.,   1865-1889
    MUTCHLER, Amanda, d/o J. & M.,  d. 27 Dec. 1887, age 17y 5m 4d
    ETTER, Mary D., w/o M.B.,  d. 5 May 1875, age 35y 2m 14d
    DERR, John,  d. 15 Sept. 1872, age 72y 4m 18d
        Maryann E., w/o John,  D. 9 July 1862, age 69y 7m 27d
    LINDSLEY, Hannah, w/o J.M.,  d. 16 May 1865, age 40y 3m 11d
    GOLLY, Jacob,  d. 13 Oct. 1852, age 52y 3m 6d
        Abraham, s/o Jacob & Lydia,  d. 27 Sept. 1852, age 8y 9m 6d
    ROUTZON, Isaiah, s/o George & Nancy,  d. 2 Aug. 1852, age 3y 7m 6d
        Mary E., d/o David & Catharine,  d. 19 Oct. 1860, age 5y 2d
        Marian E., d/o David & Catharine,  d. 18 July 1852, age 1y 5m 19d
        David J., s/o David & Catharine,  d. 27 Dec. 1860, age 2y 8m 11d
        Charles F., s/o D.B. & C.R.,  d. 3 Dec. 1867, age 7 months
        Nancy E., d/o Reuben & Catharine,  d. 3 Feb. 1865, age 2y 2d
    VOISARD, infant s/o Harrion (sic) & Isabell,  d. 9 Aug. 1893 (no age engraved)
    APPLE, Martha, d/o J.W. & E.,  d. 21 Nov. 1872, age 5y 1m 8d
        Henry J., s/o J.W. & E.,  d. 14 June 1865, age 3y 2m 9d
        Sarah Ann, d/o J.W. & Elvina,  d. 31 July 1864, age 18y 27d
        James Ullry, s/o J.S. & S.E.,  d. 18 Dec. 1860, age 2y 8m 8d
    GEPHART, Amanda Catharine, d/o Jacob & Catharine,  d. 24 Nov. 1860,
             age 4y 2m 16d
    ________, unreadable stone, broken and totally crumbling apart
    FINFROCK, Mary Ann, w/o Wm.,  d. 27 Dec. 1856, age 25y 11m 5d
        Fannie Forrester, d/o Wm. & Mary Ann,  d. 20 Oct, 1860, age 6y 7m 14d
    RISSOR, Sarah J., d/o J.H. & M.,  d. 4 Aug. 1854, age 7m 14d
    FINFROCK, Mary Ann, d/o G.H. & Maryann,  d. 11 Aug. 1854, age 9m 12d
        Mary Ann, w/o G.H. Jr.,  d. 6 Nov. 1853, age 22y 1m 22d
    JAY, Sam'l Wilson, s/o Sam'l & Hannah,  b. 7 Sept. 1850, d. 13 Sept. 1852
    BREILLHART, Martha Elizabetha,  d. 18 Aug. 1853, age 55y (stone printed
                in German)
    _________, sandstone monument, broken and unreadable
    STONER, Sarah Ann, d/o Paul & Christena,  d. 1 Oct. 1854, age 1y 4m 3d
    APPLE, Elias, s/o Henry & Catharine,  d. 30 May 1855, age 3y 6m 2d
    HEINLEIN, Georg,  d. 9 Sept. 1855, age 49y 9m 2d (stone printed in German)
    HUEGEL, Fredrich, s/o Jacob & Magdelena,  d. 24 June 1855, age 1y 8m 27d
            (stone printed in German)
    DE??, Johan,  d. 7 Feb. 1838, age 71y 1m 5d (Stone printed in German.  It
          has been badly broken, then pieced back together.  Surname almost
          unreadable.  May have been DERR.)
    MACK, Jacob   1813-1856
    RHOADES, Gussie B., d/o N. & L.,  d. 14 Nov. 1878, age 1y 1m 14d
    ROUTSON, Meranda, d/o T.E. & M.E.,  d. 14 Nov. 1878, age 3 weeks & 3 days
    GILLUM, infant s/o Cyrus & Sarah,  d. 4 May 1855 (no age given)
    Row Five, north to south:
    RHOADS, Lyda Ann (d/o*) D. & C.,  d. 1 March 1866 (*stone reads "son of" which
            surely is an error of the engraver), age 1y 4m 21d
    RHOADS, David Washington, s/o David & Clary,  d. 18 Oct. 1862, age 10m 8d
    REED, John, s/o C. & M.,  d. 20 Aug. 1867, age 7m 22d
    FINFROCK, infant s/o C.H. & E.M.,  d. 19 Aug. 1870, age 9 days
    GANGER, Emma A., d/o Joseph & Eliza,  d. 6 June 1873, age 6m 21d
    RHOADES, John A.,  d. 8 Sept. 1873, age 24y 1m 7d
        Marie E., d/o J. & G.,  d. 30 April 1862, age 8y 6m 11d
        Barbara, w/o John,  d. 30 May 1861, age 32y 6m 17d
    RHOADES, John,  d. 22 Nov. 1889, age 69y 4m 28d
    STONER, Paul,  d. 8 Sept. 1868, age 47y 2m 1d
    SHERER, Catharine Emiline, d/o Emanuel & Lydia,  d. 11 Dec. 1860, age 18y 4m 3d
    ______  "Mother" 52 years (nothing further)
    ROUTZON, Nancy,  d. 15 June 1895, age 88y 15d   | s/s
        George,  d. 10 Dec. 1860, age 52y 7m 17d    | s/s
    RISSER, Leander A., s/o J.H. & M.,  d. 9 Oct. 1859, age 10m 7d
    _______ small marble slab, no engraving.
    FINFROCK, Anna Mary, w/o George H. Sr.,  d. 10 Sept. 1866, age 74y 7m 7d
        George H. Sr.,  d. 2 July 1856, age 72y 22d
        daughters of Samuel & Sarah:                 | s/s
        Laura Bell,  d. 21 June 1856, age 3y 2d      | s/s
        Mary Ellen,  d. 21 June 1856, age 6y 10m 2d  | s/s
    ROUTZON, Jacob,  d. 22 June 1856, age 73y 9m 9d
    FULKER,  Barbara, w/o S.,  d. 30 Jan. 1857, age 21y 4m 14d
    HURSH, Albert William H., s/o Rev. J.E.,  d. 13 Feb. 1857, age 9m 1d
    SCHNEE, George,  d. 11 July 1857, age 72y 7m (stone has been broken off then
            reset in cement, then broken off again and leaning against cemented 
    _______ square marker with no engraving
    _______ square marker with no engraving
    _______ square marker with no engraving
    BISHOP, Anna, w/o David,  d. 15 March 1860, age 22y 4m 22d
    WEHNEMAN, Anna C., w/o John A., b. 6 Feb. 1800, d. 24 Sept. 1858, printed in
    RHOADES, John, s/o J.S & E. , d. 15 Nov. 1860, age 8y 4m 2d
    SCHERER, Mary Matilda, d/o Emanuel & Lydia,  d. 20 Nov. 1860, age 12y 10m 17d
    FESZLER, Heuru M., s/o C. & S.,  b. 17 Nov. 1861, d. 15 Dec. 1865 (German print)
    PETERSIME, Laura A., d/o John & Betty,  d. 7 Feb. 1867, age 1y 16d
    APPLE, infant s/o S. & E.J.,  d. 25 April 1867 (no age engraved)
    FOGLEMAN, Emma L. C.  1875-1951
        Benjamin   1897-1976  (Winteregg-Linn-Haggard funeral home marker)
    GALLEY, Lydia, w/o Jacob,  d. 13 Oct. 1862, age 56y 5m 25d
    FOGLEMAN, Benjamin F.,  d. 12 Aug. 1864, age 39y 14d
    KATHERMAN, Sarah, w/o M.,  d. 17 Oct. 1865, age 27y 5m 25d
    ______, large vacant area, room for three to five graves which seem to be 
    ______, there without stones. It is thought they are the graves of
    ______, KOONS, Henry and his wife Susannah
    ORTMAN, Clarence, sp. J.A. & M.D.,  d. 7 April 1895, age 2m 7d
    APPLE, Irma F.,  b. and d. 23 June 1895
    ______ very small stone with no engraving
    ROUTSON, Margaret, d/o L.L. & M.V.,  d. 30 April 1903, age 3 days
    _______, open space with or without grave
    ROUTSON, W. N.,  d. 3 July 1891, age 38y 10m 23d   | s/s
        H. W.,  d. 14 July 1880, age 1y 14d            | s/s
        R. R.,  d. 18 April 1890, age 11m 10d          | s/s
    RHOADES, Dorothy E., d/o W.F. & J.E.,  d. 3 Aug. 1911, age 1y 11d
    ______ large vacant area with room for three to five graves
    ______ two cement bases with no stone set upon them
    GANGER, Joseph   1841-1915     Eliza   1845-1926  s/s
    Row six, south to north:
    APPLE, Uriah S.   1875-1957    Sevilla J.   1877-1935  s/s
        Florence E., age 7m 12d (no date of death engraved)
    ROUTSON, Reuben   1833-1912   Catharine "wife"  1834-1916  s/s
    APPLE, infant s/o J.S. & S.J. (no dates are engraved)
        Leonard L., s/o J.S. & S.J.,  d. 3 Feb. 1910, age 1y 1m
    APPLE, Solomon,  d. 28 March 1900, age 70y 1m 20d        | s/s
        Eva L. "his wife"  d. 14 March 1911, age 76y 1m 29d  | s/s
    ORTMAN, Henry,  d. 11 Jan. 1899, age 48y 10m 3d   | s/s
        Mary L.,  d. 1 March 1939, age 84y 6m 9d      | s/s
    RHOADES, Uriah V.,  d. 17 Oct. 1904, age 57y 4m 16d        | s/s
        Doratha A., w/o U.A.,  d. 17 June 1892, age 45y 7m 15d | s/s
        infant s/o J.W, & A.C.,  d. 11 Jan. 1902 (no age at time of death shown)
    HARRIS, Emma H., d/o J. & S.,  d. 6 Dec. 1885, age 16y 6m 25d
    CLARK, Benjamin A.,  d. 16 Nov. 1884, age 72y 5m 15d
    FOGLEMAN, George,  d. 18 Feb. 1877, age 80y 6m 7d
    DETRICK, Elizabeth, d/o S.,  d. 6 Oct.1875, age 27y 11m 13d
    FINFROCK, John P.,  d. 4 May 1875, age 86y 10m 29d
        Barbara, w/o J.P.,  d. 22 April 1875, age 76y 7m 2d
    FESSLER, Maria Saloma,  d. 19 Oct. 1874, age 75y 6m 16d (stone printed in
    VOGLEMAN, Mary Magdalene, w/o Geo.  d. 26 July 1871, age 69y 7m 30d
    HOPPY, Frederick,  b. 30 Dec. 1823, d. 5 May 1871
    HILKER, John H., b. 22 Jan. 1799 in Germany, d. ?26 April 1852? (The stone is a
            soft-white Georgia marble that erodes easily and at this date cannot be
            properly read. While the date of birth is correct, the date of death
            may or may not be.  Also unreadable is the place of birth in Germany
            which is upon the stone, but unreadable.  The stone is printed in
    WEHNEMAN, Johann A.,  d. 15 April 1874, age 84y 20d (stone printed in German)
    ROADAFFER, Margarette, w/o David, d. 9 Oct. 1884, age 74y 9m 29d
    RODAHAFFER, David,  d. 23 Oct. 1873, age 67y 5m 13d
    PETERSIME, Hetty, s/o John,  d. 6 Dec. 1870, age 25y 9m 18d
    RHODEHAFFER, Clarissa J., w/o D.,  d. 10 Dec. 1871, age 27y 11m 16d
    SHAWVER, Elizabeth, w/o John,  d. 16 Jan. 1873, age 61y 7m 19d   | s/s
        John,  d. 16 Nov. 1882, age 68y 7m 25d                       | s/s
    PETERSEIM, John A.,  d. 22 June 1872, age 64y 4m 27d          | s/s
        Catharine E., w/o J.A.,  d. 9 Sept. 1885, age 80y 9m 18d  | s/s
    ROUTSON, Susannah, w/o A.M.,  d. 8 July 1869, age 23y 2m 1d
    SCHNEE, Rosannah, w/o George,  d. 18 Jan. 1864, age 76y 8m 14d
    KEISER, David,  d. 29 Aug. 1864, age 36y 5m 16d
    ORTMAN, Henry,  d. 6 June 1866, age 49y 3m 2d
    ROUTSON, Elizabeth, w/o Jacob,  d. 28 March 1876, age 86y 10m 24d
    PETERSIME, Mary E., w/o Mohn M.,  d. 3 May 1868, age 83y 2m 18d
    SCHAEFER, John G.,  d. 1 March 1863, age 63y 21d
    STEMBERT, Job O.,  d. 2 Feb. 1869, age 6y 1m 16d (stone printed in German)
    FINFROCK, Mary E., w/o George H., d. 24 Feb. 1868, age 36y 1m 5d
    STONER, Reuben, s/o R. & G.,  d. 17 Sept. 1873, age 22y em 4d 
        Christena,  d. 9 June 1895, age 66y 12m 24d
    ______ illegible stone
    RHOADES, Allen J., s/o John & Elizabeth,  d. 23 Dec. 1874, age 5y 6m 1d
    APPLE, Lydia Ann, d/o John & Lavina,  c. 6 Oct. 1874, age 4m 7d
    RHOADES, Suvilah, d/o John & Barbara,  d. 25 Oct. 1873, age 18y 1m 19d
        Matilda L., d/o John & Barbara,  d. 28 Nov. 1873, age 14y 24d
        Gurthy A., d/o J.A. & M.A.,  d. 10 Aug. 1874, age 1yr
    FINFROCK, "Our dear little Eddie" s/o F.P. & M.B.,  d. 13 Sept. 1874, age 9m 16d
        "Our dear little Edna May" d/o F.P. & M.B.,  d 24 Feb. 1877, age 7m 2d
    ______ Headstone with initials E.M.F.
    ROUTSON, Callie F., d/o J.O. & J.L.,  d. 17 Feb. 1878, age 1 week 2 days
    Row seven, north to south:
    ROUTSON, Alpha E., d/o J. & A.A.,  d. 5 Aug. 1880, age 8m 2d
        Albert L., s/o D.R. & G.B.,  d. 2 Sept. 1880, age 10y 11m 24d   
    FINFROCK, David C., s/o G.H. & M.E.,  d. 7 Sept. 1880, age 18y 4m 7d
    GANGER, Clara E., d/o L. & L.,  d. 26 Nov 1880, age 7y 6m 23d
    FINFROCK, Jennie F., d/o M.A. & M.,  d. 16 Aug. 1881, age 9m 23d
        Isaac,  d. 12 May 1882, age 64y 2m 4d
    RHOADES, Noah,  died May 1883, age 31y 5m 20d
    FINFROCK, Elizabeth, w/o Isaac,  d. 1 July 1884, age 58y 6m 7d
    SHEARER, Emanuel,  d. 16 March 1900, age 82y 5m     | s/s
        Lydia, w/o E.,  d. 14 Nov. 1904, age 84y 7m 5d  | s/s
    SHIMP, Raymond E., s/o W.H. & G.,  d. 29 Sept. 1889, age 8m 18d
    ROUTSON, Reuben C., s/o T.E. & M.E.,  d. 7 Sept. 1885, age 2y 9m 16d
    GANGER, Joseph,  d. 16 Dec. 1886, age 5y 6m 22d
    FINFROCK, Fannie F., d/o G.H. & E.M.,  d. 4 Oct. 1879, age 7y 20d
    VALENTINE, Uriah,  d. 25 Oct. 1903, age 83y 9m 29d    | s/s
        Harrietta,  d. 10 March 1885, age 61y 4m 19d      | s/s
    GANGER, Margaret E., w/o J.J.,  d. 20 Aug. 1893, age 31y 4m 1d
    FINFROCK, Wm.   1821-1881
    APPLE, J.W,  d. 11 Nov. 1886, age 61y 6m 19d            | s/s
        Elvina, w/o J.W.,  d. 12 Jan. 1905, age 77y 9m 25d  | s/s
    ROUTSON, Jacob E.,  d. 11 Nov. 1893, age 79y 10m 7d
    STEPHAN, Mary, w/o D.,  d. 26 Nov. 1888, age 34y 1m 15d
    HEINLINE, Julianna, w/o G.,  d. 25 Jan. 1881, age 76y 9m 2d (German print)
    APPLE, Catharine, w/o George,  d. 2 Feb. 1889, age 62y 7m 4d  | s/s
        George,  d. 28 June 1892, age 64y 3m 8d GAR market        | s/s 
    RHOADES, David,  d. 23 April 1891, age 68y 6m 9d    | s/s
        Clara, w/o D., d. 5 Nov. 1901, age 72y 3m       | s/s
        Emma J.   1862-1915
        Elizabeth, w/o J.   1831-1906
        Amanda J.,  d. 12 Jan. 1907, age 54y
    SHAWVER, Daniel,  d. 6 Sept. 1908, age 65y 7d            | s/s
        Harriet "his wife"  d. 27 Nov. 1922, age 76y 4m 27d  | s/s
    FESSLER, John J.,  b. 21 Feb. 1825, d. 28 March 1900, age 75y 1m 7d
       Catharine, w/o J.J.,  d. 10 Jan. 1895, age 63y 9m 10d 
    WORLEY, Catharine, s/o J.,  d. 20 Oct. 1894, age 38y 7m 4d
    DETRICK, Simeon,  d. 17 Dec. 1877, age 62y 8m 17d     | s/s
        Virginia,  d. 31 Aug. 1893, age 78y 3m 26d        | s/s
    FINFROCK, Samuel,  d. 27 June 1895, age 76y 2m 8d   | s/s
        Sarah,  d. 18 June 1912, age 90y 3m 11d         | s/s
    ROUTSON, D.   1816-1896      C.   1821-1902   s/s
        Zeldie M., d/o J.W. & J.V.,  d. 21 Dec. 1897, age 2y 8m 28d
        "our baby son Ashley & Myrtle" (sic)  1900-1901
    MARTT, Corinna M., w/o D.R., nee FINFROCK, 1877-1903
    FINFROCK, Josephine   1859-1917
        George H.   1826-1903    Maria E.   1846-1936   s/s 
    ORTMAN, Mary E., w/o H.,  d. 7 June 1904, age 87y 11m 26d
    McGREEVY, Mary, d/o Neal & Ida,  b. 2 July 1904, d. 5 Nov. 1904
    Row eight, south to north:
    FINFROCK, George H.  1883-1976   Fannie L.  1897-1958  md. 21 Feb. 1904  s/s
    PETERSEIM, Martin A.   1844-1931   Mary C.  1850-1934  s/s
    ROUTSON, Thomas,   1845-1931     Margaret E.   1852-1932   s/s
    RHOADES, Ira C.   1887-1963    Ida B.   1889-19(  )   s/s
        Chalmer D.   1896-1936    Minnie R.   1895-19(  )   | s/s 
        Peter M.   1873-1961    Bertha A.   1876-1957       | s/s
    WEHNMAN, John A.   1859-1935    Elizabeth K.   1865-1934   s/s    
        Albert L.,  b. 11 Dec. 1890, d. 7 June 1956, Ohio Pvt. HQC 5 Infantry WWI
                    military marker
        Oscar A.   1901-1939  
    SHIMP, Lena A., d/o W.H. & G., died 7 March 1882, aged 28y
    RHOADES, Donald Lee   1916-1931
    ROUTSON, Henry A.   1844-1926     Susan   1845-1930   s/s   
    RHOADES, Emery A.   1887-1918     Glenna A.   1888-1979
    KEISER, Mary M.   1832-1917    her daughter M. Alice   1864-19(  )  s/s
    VALENTINE, Lycurgus   1857-1943      Hannah   1858-1913   s/s
    DERR, Andrew   1852-1924    Laura Bell   1859-1919  s/s
    ODA, Elizabeth,  b. 24 May 1853, d. 21 May 1919
    SWANK, Daniel   1847-1936    Elisa   1851-1930   | s/s
    CROWEL, Wm. A.   1874-1940   Ollie   1875-19(  ) | s/s
    ROUTSON, Josiah   1841-1913    Abbie, w/o J.   1844-1909  s/s 
    Row nine, north to south:
    HAMPTON, Jesse   1924-1945
        Carolyn Ann, d/o Lowell & Barbara,  d. 24 June 1955 (no age engraved)
        Bruce H.,   1930-1959
        George W. "Father"   1875-1964
        Cathy E. "our beloved daughter"   1956-1975
    GANGER, William H.  1874-1948    Anna M.  1871-1942    Lizzie B.  1878-1941  s/s
    ROUTSON, Marion C.   1878-1963
    WEHNEMAN, Albert L. 1890-1956  Lottie A. 1893-19(  )  Bertha E. 1899-19(  )  s/s
    Row ten, south to north:
    RHOADES, Nolan R.   1905-1969
    WHITE, Ralph   1909-1969   Ruth  1911-(   )   s/s
    APPLE, Henry Wm.   1917-(   )  Ina Pearl  1920-(   )  John Jay   1954-1962  s/s
           (Photo of John Jay Apple attached to above stone)
    RHOADES, Waldo E.   1909-1949    Evelyn I.   1916-19(  )   s/s
    PUTERBAUGH, Forest   1885-19(  )   Hazel A.   1887-1960  s/s
         Paul T.   1913-1967    Helen M.   1926-(   )  s/s
    Row eleven:
    PUTERBAUGH, Ivan W.,  b. 24 March 1919 d. 5 Oct. 1971 WWII, Ohio Tec 4
       14 Fld Artyobsrbn.  Military marker

End of direct readings of Friedens Cemetery
as of 18 May 1979. JHB/GESH

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