It is in Bethel Township of Miami County Ohio. It is in the west 1/2 of Section 26, in a farm field, on the east side of Wildcat Road (aka Township Road 181).

Puterbaugh-Freeman Cemetery information, has been provided by  Cynthia Nichols Russell, Traverse City, MI  c.russell@charter.net  

David Puterbaugh is her 3rd great-grandfather.

David Puterbaugh was the owner of the land when it became a cemetery.  There may be more burials in the cemetery, but the gravestones have been broken and some may be missing.  There has been considerable damage to the enclosed iron-fenced cemetery by groundhogs and other animals.

David Puterbaugh
(original owner of the land)
b. 5 Feb 1786  d. 16 Sep 1868
Hannah Studebaker
(wife of David Puterbaugh)
b. 21 Apr 1792  d. 20 May 1881
Mary Puterbaugh Freeman
(dau of Hannah/David Puterbagh, wife of Robt M Freeman)
b. 30 Dec 1809  d. 10 May 1869
Elizabeth Puterbaugh Ward
(daughter of Hannah/David Puterbaugh)
b. 27 Mar 1812    d. 2 May 1834
Isaac Puterbaugh
(son of Hannah/David Puterbaugh)
b. 18 Aug 1824   d. 30 Aug 1830
Robert M. Freeman
(husband of Mary Puterbaugh))
b. 29 Aug 1803 - d. 22 Jan 1883
Hannah Freeman
(dau of Mary/Robt M Freeman)
b. 14 Jan 1841   d. 31 Mar 1843  
Minerva Freeman Wright
(dau of Mary/Robt M Freeman; wife of Calvin D. Wright)
b. 1 Dec 1845     d. 6 Aug 1870
Freeman Wright
(son of Minerva/Calvin D Wright)
b. 3 Aug 1870  d. 3 Oct 1870
Unnamed Child
(dau of Wm. Henry Deam and his wife, Henrietta Shoaff Freeman,
g-dau of Mary/Robert Freeman)
b. 3 Dec 1870  d. 3 Dec 1870

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