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    Crowell Family Graveyard

    From Page 123 of the book:
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio by Joseph H. Bosserman

    This cemetery can no longer be found.  At least some of the bodies were removed to other cemeteries circa 1905/6. It was located about one and one-half miles west of Covington, on the north side of State Route 36, and was under what later became the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks.

    In a number of deeds, the first by the German Baptist Church, and the rest by the heirs of Daniel Crowel, the following land was deeded to the Pittsburg-Cincinnati-Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Co. as follows:

    "part of the northwest quarter of section twenty-five, township nine, range four, being that certain parcel of ground now fenced and used as a private burying ground, on the south side of a trace of land on the farm formerly owned by Daniel Crowl, late of Miami County, deceased." (from Miami County Deed Book #128, pages 313-318, dated
    18 July 1905.)

    Following is an abstract from a notarized statement made by William Crowl and dated at Ansonia, Ohio on 12 Sept. 1936:

    "The remains of my great-grandfather Devault Crowl 1st, Revolutionary Soldier, and my grandfather Devault Crowl 2nd, were re-interred into the older Harris Creek Cemetery, having been removed from the old graveyard on the Devault Crowl Homestead one and one-half miles west of Covington, Ohio. The bodies were placed in Samuel Crowel's lot in the north center part of the old Harris Creek Cemetery. The occasions of the removal of the bodies was the laying of a double track by the Pennsylvania Railroad. This encroached on the family burial plot. Both bodies were placed in the same casket. I was present and witnessed it. Both are now buried in the same grave, one tombstone only, that of Devault Crowl 2nd. The stone of Devault Crowl 1st was a plain slab, which was left in the old graveyard on the farm. I copied the dates from it. Later I tried to find it but failed. I do not know what became of it." UNQUOTE.

    The gravestone mentioned above as having been moved to the Old Harris Creek Cemetery is still standing (in 1985) and reads as follows: In memory of Devault Chrowl who died Dec. 15, 1847, age 67y 7m 13d. Beside it can be found: Saloma, wife of Devault Chrowl, d. Nov. 23rd 1871, age 93y 10m 26d.

    It is thought that the father-in-law of Devault Chrowl 1st was also buried in the Crowel-Chrowl Graveyard, and if so it is likely that the remains are still there. He was: Samuel Rudy, born 1770, died in Newberry Township of Miami County on 14 September 1847.

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