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The cemetery is located adjacent to the Center Friends Church on state route 571 at Markley Rd., between Laura and West Milton. Copied 1973

ALDRICH, Albert A., 1861-1888

BELSTON, Henry d. 10-30-1905, 68y 1m 3d

COATE, Nancy L., w/o Marcus T., d. 1-5-1892, 25y 2m 20d

FOWLER, Susan Ann, w/o Jacob, b. 10-10-1828 d. 10-4-1887

Martha M. d/o J. & S.A., d. ?-10-1828 (question this date) 19y 1m 13d


HUNT, Anna, 1865-1943 (on same stone as Richard McClothin—mother & father)

JAY, Sarah, w/o Dennis, d. 5-22-1885, 27y 0m 9d

LYON, Mahala P., 1838-1922

Thos. E. Co. C 8th Mich. Inf., Civil War

MILLS, {Elmer E. 1862-1935

{Emma J. 1868-1947

MOTE, {Anson 1860-1929

{Lina 1865-1955

McCLOTHIN, Richard, b. 9-15-1859, d. 4-19-1896

NEWPORT, Jason G., d. 8-19-1890, 37y 7m 1d

PEARSON, Benjamin, b. 6-26-1806, d. 2-4-1880

      "         Dorcas, b. 12-4-1806, d. 9-26-1880

Laurent, s/o H. & M.C., d. 3-2-1871, 15y 1m 11 d

PEMBERTON, Isaiah, d. ?-2-1874, 0y 8m 24d

Henry, Co. A 71st Ohio Inf., Civil War

David, Co. B (Stone buried)

Freddie, s/o Aldus & Anna (stone broken)

ROBERSON, Sandra L., d. 8-8-1971

SHORES, Joseph M., 1842-1911

       "      Jemima E. 1848-1940

THOMAS, Susan M., w/o Calvin W., d. 4-4-1884, 27y 7m 27d

     "         Joseph, d. 2-23-1905, 69y 11m 20d

     "        Elizabeth, d. 10-24-1900, 64y 5m 9d

              Elvira, d/o D. & H., (stone buried)

              David, d. 11-26-1899, 83y 8m 18d

              Esther, w/o David, d. 8-5-1872, 60y 8m 20d

              Martha A., d/o D. & E., d. 1-23-1884, 28y 2 m (11d?)

              Susannah, d/o David & Ester, d. 6-16-1900, 49y 2m 7d

              Martha E., w/o Henry, d. 9-2-1895, 32y 11m 27d

              Rhoda, J., d. 9-23-1899, 83y 8m 18d

              Ella, 1863-1938

             {William, 1863-1936

             {Minerva J., 1866-1900

              Stella Lucile, 1899-1900 

              {John, 1856-1939

              {Ada J., 1861-1931

WEAVER, Thomas C., b. 6-17-1847, d. 9-16-1900

YOUNT, {Harvey, L., 1863-1939

             {Emma T., 1865-1933

             {Leroy F., 1897-1966

             {Goldie C., 1901-

Dolliw Mildred, 1908-1910

?????? Lorain, J, s/o ? d. 3-27-1887, 0y 10m 11d (unreadable)

foot stone: T.E.S.

NOTE: According to M. H. Pemberton, many of the tombstones are gone from this cemetery.

SOURCE: Spring 1975 GAB Contributed by Gale E. S. Honeyman

Thanks to Barb Graef for preparing this for the site. 

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