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    Brumbaugh Family Graveyard

From page 84 of the Book:
Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio
by Joseph H. Bosserman

    Also known by some as the Bitner Cemetery, the Brumbaugh Cemetery and the Old Bloomer Cemetery (the later name sometimes being confused with the Freidens Lutheran Church Cemetery).

    This cemetery is along the south edge of a woods which lays a couple hundred yards north of State Route 185. It is in the northwest quarter of Section 11, Township 9, Range 4 east. This is in Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio. It is about one-quarter of a mile east of the Bradford-Bloomer Road and on the south bank of the Stillwater River, north of State Route 185.  It is south of a cliff overlooking the river.

    The cemetery has been inactive for over 150 years and is not cared for nor fenced. The entire area is overgrown in scrub trees and vines covering some of the stones which are no longer standing. It is likely that some stones are missing. Every effort was made to uncover and read all of the stones. The readings were taken on 17 August 1979 by Joseph H. Bosserman and Gale E. Honeyman and compared with readings taken on 8 April 1973 by Don Bowman.

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    Row one:  west side of cemetery, readings taken from south to north
    HOOVER, Isaac, d. 16 Jan. 1848, age 55y 6m 23d
       Catharine, d 23 May 1839, age 41y 7m 21d
    ZOOK, Christena, d. 18 May 1840, age 20y 3m 6d
       Mary, d. 27 July 1840 (no age on stone)
    BRUMBAUGH, Jacob, d. 27 Jan. 1843, age 40y 1Om 13d
       Susannah, wife of Jacob, d. 29 May 1852, age 44y 5m 28d
    HOOVER, Lydia, wife of Emanuel, d. 1 June 1844, age 20y 9m 17d
    BRUMBAUGH, John, d. 18 Sept. 1851, age 24y 9m 18d
       Conrad, d. 24 Sept. 1851, age 22y 9m 24d
       Ephraim, son of J. & H., d. 1 June 1854, age 4y 6m 28d
       Uriah, son of J. & H., d. 9 June 1860, age 4y 9m 2d
       Albert, son of J. & H., d. 10 Aug. 1864, age 11m 30d
    Row two:  readings taken from south to north
    C. B.,  d. 31 Aug. 1826, unreadable age, hand engraved stone
    BRUMBAUGH, John, d. 31 Oct. 1849, age 77y 11m 19d
       Christena, d. 31 Aug. 1826, age 63y
    _______, field stone with no markings
    SNYDER, John, son of J. & E., d. 15 Sept. 1847, age 1y 8m 23d
    Row three:  south to north
    HARTLE, Frederick, d. 14 Dec 1861, age 75y 1m 9d
       Catharine, wife of Frederick, d. 8 Aug. 1835, age 43y 11m 21d
    E. H., d. 26 Aug. 1835, unreadable age
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    Row four:  south to north
    HARTLE, Harrietta, daughter of A. & A., d. 20 Dec. 1847, age 10 days
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    SWANK, Elizabeth, d. 16 July 1851, age 17y 3m 21d
         George, d. 12 June 1853, age 10y 8m 17d
         Lucy, daughter of J. & R., d. 27 March 1854, age 3y 8m 25d
         John, d. 10 June 1854, age 18y 11m 1d
         Susan, d. 17 June 1854, age 7y 1m 4d
         Henry d. 23 June 1854, age 21y 8m 28d
         Rebecca, wife of Joshua, d. 3 April 1860?, age 47y 27d (crack through date)
         Mary, daughter of J. & R., d. 16 Sept. 1862, age 22y 7m 15d
         Joshua, nothing further on stone
         Sarah, daughter of J. & R., d. 15 April 1861, age 5y 9m 19d
    Row five:
    BRUMBAUGH, Angenetta, daughter of Samuel & Rachel Brumbaugh, d. 12 Dec. 1861,
               age 1y 22d
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    _______, limestone marker not engraved
    FURNAS, Henry, son of J. & A., d. 8 Sept. 1854, age 19y 6m 12d
         Abigal, wife of Jacob, d. 6 Oct. 1862, age 48y 6m 1d
    It is thought that Christopher Seas, aka Cease, Sease, etc was buried in this 
    graveyard when he died in 1821. He was likely the first burial here. 
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