Newton Township of Miami County Ohio

 It is part in the southwest quarter of Section 5 and part in the southeast quarter of Section 6. Most of the early burials were of Dunkers. The old Church Building and Brethren Campground is just to the west of the graveyard. The graveyard is well cared for and active. The gravestone inscriptions have been copied by several people over many years, but not published.

Located on Sugar Grove Road, west of State Route 48. It is on a sharp curve, next to an old Brethren church . Many of the tombstones are no longer legible. Most of the burials are those of Brethren church members or their families. The first burial seems to be Susannah Moore in 1817.

Compiled from existing copies, 1999, by Juda M. Moyer.  Prepared for website by Judy Hemmert.

Photo looking north at the Sugar Grove Cemetery       Photo stones within the Sugar Grove Cemetery


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