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is in Staunton Township in Miami County Ohio. It is in northeast quart of Section 11, on the south side of the Troy-Concord Road (aka State Route 55), 1/8 mile east of the Troy-Dayton Road (aka State Route 504). This was the site of the Staunton Baptist Church where Samuel Deweese once preached. Two of the three Deweese Pioneers, who first came to Miami Co. in 1807, and their wives, are buried here (James buried in Shelby Co., Ohio).

This list is a compilation completed by Jim and Deanna Peterson, Wichita, KS, from a variety of lists which were made over the years beginning in the early 1900's and going through 2003.  The original lists are held by the Troy Historical Society at the Local History Library in Troy, Ohio. An attempt has been made to compile the most accurate information available. When discrepancies could not be resolved, they have been noted.  Comments provide additional information or research results.

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                                                                       Birth Date     Death Date                                      Inscription                        Comments

Bane Jemima 20 Aug 1844 43Y-4M-12D Wife of McCraven Bane; surname also found Bean
Bane McCraven 13 Aug 1860 63Y-22D Earlier records show surname BEAN, later records show BANE.
Bane Theressa 15 Jul 1835 4Y-2M-3D dau of McCraven &  Jemima  
Blue Jacob K. 23 July 1810 19Y born 1791 Alternate death date 1840 age 19ys, 8 or 3 months.
Blue Michael 21 Dec 1854 79Y 1M 26D born 25 Oct 1775 Lot 141 Grave 4  War of 1812
Blue Sarah 7-7-1840 26y-10m-0d  
Clyne Barbara 1812 9Y 26D born 1803 Daughter of Ingram & Mary
DeWeese Catharine 26 Aug 1830 5y-20d dau. of J.M. & Elizabeth  
DeWeese Elizabeth 12 Sept 1851 54y wife of J. M. DeWeese  
DeWeese Isaac 13 Sept 1824 infant Son of Lewis & Hannah  
DeWeese Jacob 18 Mar 1833 1y-1m-16d son of Lewis and Hannah DeWeese  see Jacob below
DeWeese John M. 9 Feb 1857 57y Sources also show first name as James but census records and probate records indicate the J. M. who died in 1857 was John M. *****
DeWeese Jacob 18 Mar 1833 1y-1m son of Lewis and Hannah DeWeese Age also shown as 2 yrs
DeWeese Joshua 25 Jan 1819  born 8 Aug 1742 American Rev;  Stone gone
DeWeese Lewis 27 Aug 1840 70Y-9M-16D  
DeWeese Lewis 7 Sept 1848 35y-9m-1d son of James Aternate information d. 7 Apr 1848, aged 35 yrs 9 mos 4 das
DeWeese Mary Ann 31 Aug 1839 3y-1m dau of Joshua M. & Mary Ann (Gerard) DeWeese Info received from DeWeese researcher Dora Smith
DeWeese Mary 14 Aug 1847 75Y-3M-26D Widow of Lewis
DeWeese Olive 3 Sep 1850 21Y Dau of Lewis & Hannah
DeWeese Samuel 25 Mar 1819 47Y Pastor of the first Baptist Church Lot 136 Grave 3 War of 1812
DeWeese Sarah 10 Apr 1821 46y wife of Samuel DeWeese Estate probated 20 May 1822
DeWeese Thomas 17 Feb 1838 37Y 11M 9D Alternate death date 7 Feb 1838.
Dye David Reason 1849 7m son of Nathan and Lucretia Dye  
Dye Elizabeth 29 Mar 1885 84Y 10M 11D wife of James  
Dye Elizabeth 6 Jan 1852 76y-5m-18d wife of John M. Dye  
Dye James 25 Apr 1870 72Y Co. Death Records aged 69Y 9M 5D
Dye John Minor 1 Apr 1842 68Y 7M 7D Lot 89 Grave 4; War of 1812
Dye John 2 Jul 1850 1y-8m son of John C. and Eliza Dye  
Dye Lavina 26 Oct 1849 25Y 5M 15D wife of Thomas Dye  
Dye Mary 12 Dec 1840 53Y b. 1787 2nd wife of Stephen Dye
Dye Mehetable 21 Mar 1827 52Y 1st wife of Stephen; Mother of 16 children
Dye Merlie 18 Jun 1889 1Y dau of I & L  
Dye Michael 21 Mar 1859 3m son of James Madison and Rebecca Dye  
Dye Rebecca J. no dates
Dye Rebecca 30 Aug 1880 46y-5m-17d wife of James Madison Dye  
Dye Simon 12 Feb 1840 29Y  
Fauquier Mary 17 Apr 1852 5y dau. of E. and M. Fauquier  
Fauquier Phebe 13 Sept 1850 50y wife of Thomas Fauquier Land records show surname Farquier, Farquire
Fauquier Rebecca 1837 2y dau. of Thomas and Phebe Fauquier  
Fauquier Thomas May 1850 12y son of Thomas and Phebe Farquier Listed as age 10 in 1850 census; guardian appointed for him 17 July 1851
Fauquier Thomas  2 Feb 1845 54y Land records show surname Farquier, Farquire
French Susanna 10-12-1842 36Y Consort of Aaron Daughter of Stephen & Mehetable Dye
Green Abbott 1848 10y son of William and Priscilla Green  
Green Abbott 1839 10y son of W. U. and Mary Green  
Green Abel (?) 2 Feb 1838 10Y son of Geo. & Mary  
Green Cassie 1838 27Y wife of William  
Green Clarissa 1852 15Y daughter of William  
Green Eliza 23 Sept 1838 7Y-11M-13D dau of Joseph & Ann  
Green George W 12 Oct 1836 55Y-6M-14D  
Hamer Rebecca 10 Aug 1840 73y-4m-27d wife of John Hamer  
Hathaway Cordelia 1 Dec 1842 1Y dau. Of E.G. & G.  
Hathaway Nancy 29 Nov 1834 25y wive of Enos Hathaway  
Heston Rachel 12 May 1856 41Y-5M-17D wife of Thomas Surname also found in some records as Huston
Heston Warren 17 Sep 1851 6Y son of Thos. & Rachel  
Hutchens Anderson 15 Mar 1841 b. 1781 Surname also found Hutchins
Hutchens Eddy Apr 1846 b. 1798 Wife of Anderson
Jackson Elizabeth 23 Sept 1854 72Y-6M-10D wife of William Jackson  
Jackson William 5 Dec 1843 74Y 11M 26 D Lot 52 Grave 2  War of 1812; Alternate death date 9 Dec 1843
Kerr Catherine 15 June 1847 75Y 9M 29D wife of Jesse Research indicated correct age at death 45 yrs 9 mos 29 das.
Kerr Jesse 1796 7 May 1850 Lot 144 Grave 1 War of 1812; Alternate birth date 5 Mar 1797
Kerr Joshua  D. 10 Jun 1817 9y-5m son of Jesse and Catherine Kerr  
Kerr Mary Ann 12 Jun 1817 11y-1m dau. of Catherine and Jesse Kerr  
Knight Priscilla 29 Feb 1832 77Y wife of William Death dates given are 28th, 29th Feb 1833 & 11 March 1833 but by magnifying a picture of her tombstone, it appears to read "died Feb 29, 1832 in the 77th year of her age."
Knight William 30 Apr 1820 69Y  
Leming Elizabeth 1872 Wife of Warren; alternate death yr 1876
Leming Warren 1850 59y Surname also found Lemming
Lloyd David 20 May 1833 78Y b. May 1755 Lot 70, Grave 2; Rev War; War of 1812
Lloyd Isabella 3 Feb 1839 78Y Wife of David; alternate death date 9 Feb 1839
Lloyd Samuel D. 20 Mar 1849 9M 6D s/o David & Sarah J. 
Luker Ralph 30 Aug 1870 77Y-9M-18D Age also given as 77 Y 7 M & 8 or 18 D 
Marshall John 1791 19 Jan 1847 Lot 104 Grave 2; War of 1812
Martin Delilah 10 Jan 1839 64Y 7M 11D b. 28 Feb 1775 Wife of Levi, Sr.
Martin Levi Sr. 22 Mar 1835 71Y b. 1764 Chester Co. PA Lot 114 Grave 8; Rev. War; some sources also show War of 1812
Martin Levi Jr. 11 Feb 1834 36Y b. 1798 Killed by a saw log
Martin Michael 30 Aug 1861 37Y 7M  
Martin Samuel 5 Oct 1869 74Y  
Martin Sarah 10 Oct 1833 38Y Wife of Levi, Jr.; alternate death date 7 Oct 1833
McCoy Maria S. 20 Oct 1824 10m  
Ravenscroft Catherine 20 Jan 1851 50Y 1M 19D b. 1 Dec 1800 Wife of George
Ravenscroft George 9 Jun 1849 42Y-5M-19D  
Sayers Frances M. 6 June 1852 5Y-5M-27D dau of Thos. J & Margaret Middle initial also shown as H.
Sayers Frances 1853 76Y Tombstone reads wife of Thos Sayer.
Sayers Thomas 1844 73Y Records show this surname as Sayre, Sayer, Sayers
Slusser Martha 17 Feb 1831 infant dau of Henry & Mary  
Slusser Polly 7 Aug 1843 35Y-2M-14D wife of Henry  
Smalley Martha 30 Sept 1850 60Y-7M Wife of Amariah  
Spencer Amos Jr. 8 Aug 1849 50Y 9M 6D b. 2 Nov 1799  
Spencer Amos Sr. 21 Sept 1847 88Y 4M 13D b. 8 May 1759 Lot 128, Grave 5; Rev War--served 3 yrs in VA State Line Troops
Spencer Ruth Rush 19 Oct 1811 44y-6m-1d wife of Amos Spencer, Sr.  
Spencer Thomas 8 Aug 1849 50Y-9M-6D  
Stinchcomb David 11 Apr 1850 74Y Lot 51 Grave 3 War of 1812--2 Reg (Prices) Ohio Militia
Stinchcomb Sarah 12 Mar 1794 2 Dec 1839 Wife of David Stinchcomb
Tullis Sarah Ann 23 May 1851 27y-3m-4d wife of T. B. Tullis  
Venamon Edward 24 Jun 1849 4d son of John and Matilda Venamon Surname possibly Venemon; Family in Staunton Twp. 1850 Census; siblings James, Margaret, Martha Ann, Sarah Jane, & Asa
Webb Lizzie J.     25 Oct 1884 32y wife of John A. Webb John A. & Lizzie J. Webb were in Clark Co., OH in 1880 Census

***** John M. Deweese one s/o Lewis the pioneer; one s/o Samuel - same generation; one grandson of Lewis son of Wm.

Records from Ohio State Library list J. M. Deweese d. Feb, 9, 1857 age 57 y

Local History Library listing says James Deweese d. Feb. 9, 1857 (b. 1800) (War of 1812 at age 12 ??)

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